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I Don’t Like The World, I Only Like You
January 29, 2016
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Truly heart warming, sweet and funny but can mix it up with some deeper segments. You'll know if this is for you if you read a few of the stories. This is a book with small anecdotes of a woman using the name Joey as her pen name. The short stories contain lots of scenarious, primarily with her husband Mr.F, but also with her friends and family. Basically about her and the people she has around.

She and Mr.F bicker a lot, with him ending on top. He... more>> looks stoic and calm but reveals his true nature with Joey. She also lets herself be more silly around him. Mr.F sly, cunning and smart, but he is also the most loving husband. He loves her with his whole heart and she loves him back.

While the stories are generally very light with a slice of life feel (since it's basically slice-of-life), it also made me cry several times. Some contain diabetes inducing sweetness, while others are describing the hardships of the characters.

I highly recommend it if you like a funny, somewhat silly, not dumb and realistic female lead with a deadpan, genius, loving husband. It's a healing book with lots of smiles. <<less
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