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Strident rated it
Atelier Tanaka
May 9, 2017
Status: c131
I've read the entirety of the web novel and I can confidently say that everyone who says the MC gets his girls NTR'd, or that after girls fall in love with him they go and have s*x with other men, have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

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Every girl who sincerely falls in love with him are entirely uninterested in other men, the only exception being Sophia who, by the end of the web novel, has just begun to fall for Tanaka. None of these characters have s*x behind Tanaka's back, and no one gets NTR'd from him. The first s*x scene absolutely does not count because the girls were already in a s*xual relationship with Allen by the time Tanaka even meets them.


What makes Atelier Tanaka so good is how it turns the traditional Isekai genre into a satire on the audience's carnal desires. Traditional isekai novels emphasize being young and unwanted in modern Japan and thus given a new life to exceed at and realize their true potential. Along the way, these self insert protagonists who are unusually handsome (Ikemen) and good natured collect virgins to add to their harem and become renowned across the land adls an unparalleled hero. It's entirely wish fulfillment. Atelier Tanaka turns this trope on its head by inserting a dirty old man who is butt ugly (busamen) and Japanese in a medieval European setting where nobles abuse the hell out of peasantry. He is a Wizard in both senses and from his inner thoughts you can tell he loves every genre of hentai there is no matter how weird it is, except traps. He obsesses over losing his virginity with another virgin and collecting a harem, but at the same time represents traditional Japanese values on the outside through humility, kindness, and polite speech, and he's very introverted around around new people. He is a manifestation of the desires of people who eat wish fulfillment right up. Instead, Tanaka has to deal with the reality of his life and is almost never offered an easy way out of his predicaments without the help of his overpowered magic stat. He is a tragic protagonist, and a true societal underdog who bonds with deep, female characters that have their own desires unrestrained by wish fulfillment or a petty sense of censorship. <<less
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Strident rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
July 7, 2018
Status: c11
This novel is actually horsesh*t. Repetition of a details is an understandable mistake, but when it's already happening in the first two chapters, you know something is wrong. In Tales of Demons and Gods, the MC is actually an author insert and the story is written for the express purpose of jacking him off. From that perspective, this novel is literally the wuxia equivalent of Mahouka, except Mahouka isn't 'quite' as badly written. Mahouka really likes to jack its readers off about how Miyuki is just soooo beautiful, but Tales... more>> of Demons and Gods literally goes back and forth between saying how this love interest is beautiful and talented to how she's from a great noble family, and then back to how beautiful and talented she 'really' is, and then back to how she's from a REALLY great noble family!!

But even putting aside this novel's 7th grade level of writing, the actual characters themselves are beyond garbage. Not only is everyone a stereotype, but everything the main character does warps the details around him into jacking him off through fantasy technobabble. Character reactions and world details make no f**king sense because the author wrote the scene with the reaction in mind and then invented the method, and the MC himself is about as mature as his age when his soul is supposed to be old as sh*t. At least some of the other characters in Mahouka are allowed to be 'kind of' smart, but in Tales of Demons and Gods, everyone is just an idiot in comparison to the MC who wins all of his arguments by spouting Meaningless Meaningful Worlds. "Oh wow, this cultivation method is so much better! How do I know this? Because for some reason, I do!"

In short, don't read this novel. I can already see from the reading the other 1 and 2 star reviews that this series never gets better, it's literally just an author jacking himself off, and not in way that would be entertaining for you. <<less
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