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Stomper621 rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
January 18, 2018
Status: c131
This is a very exciting book. Essentially combining Wuxia cultivation concept with futuristic sci-fi technology. The great thing is that it isn't normal wuxia cultivation where people spend years at a time isolated to gather energy. It also is some sci-fi novel all about mechs and robotics and crap. Combining the best parts of wuxia matial arts and sci-fi technology, it managed a perfect balance between the two that I never thought would happen so perfectly. Though I have to admit, the author clearly has a foot fetish that he... more>> made sure to have the MC have. He is always talking about how ever person would be mesmerized by the girls snow white feet. Rather gross if you ask me. <<less
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Stomper621 rated it
Super God Gene
February 1, 2018
Status: c170
This novel was great in the beginning, killing monster and absorbing genes and using their souls as weapons and suck. But then it really fell to sh*t when he starts driving robots. Now the story has nothing to do with Genes at all and are completely pointless when in the mech. Would have been a great novel if the author didn't suddenly make it into a mecha and completely change the story from the intended. I mean, the title and the description is about the Genes. Not garbage mecha that... more>> ruins the point of getting genes and killing monsters to get stronger. <<less
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