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StillHere rated it
The Defeated Dragon
January 9, 2019
Status: c126
There are alot of reviews saying this is a boring and dull novel and the MC is a coward trying to discourage people from picking up this novel... to that I would like to

1st- point out that there aren't alot of kingdom bulding novels with game elemants and high chapter counts being translated

2nd- I mean come on man you guys complain when MC is LUCKY and gets cool stuff and have exciting moments and being overpowered but when MC that is still Lucky but just get moderate stuff and just... more>> relaxes and doesn't have some heaven defying power... what do you do, still complain.. its dull boring wtf do you even want (and I know that different people have differing tastes but just cause it does not suit you palate doesn't mean you have to knock it down)


This novel takes a different route than most novels of the same genre.. like how the dragons aren't just the figting type but also the creating resource type.. although there are some novels with this but the dragons aren't usually part of society its more of a hunt or sneak into dragon lair kind of thing but in this story almost all major countries and some states have dragons or different mythical creatures.. and there is also worm sprite thingy that have their own evolution chances and new types of plants


4th- Mc's cultivation has just started and I have confidence that the author won't disappoint us with the name of the novel being The Defeated Dragon and all <<less
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