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Against the Gods
January 2, 2016
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This is one of the must read novel.

The way this MC deals with all of his enemies is very impressive. He thoroughly torments them and makes them suffer in many ways. Not just psychical torture, mental and financial as well. He will provide you with hope beyond belief just so that it is even more soul shattering for you to watch your hopes and dreams crumble in front of you.

With his previous life knowledge and experience he knows how to make use of these in interactions with other people. Judge... more>> their personality, hostility and has considerable knowledge about medicines and poisons. The way he acts and words he says has role to play with his enemies. He also pays attention to all actions and words of others to use it against them.

The characters around the MC also has depths which is really nice. The plot is well played, the way MC feels for each of his girls feels real and not being forcefully developed. Every woman in his harem went through a proper courtship which rarely exists in the vocabulary of other harem novels. In overall, the story is elaborate. Even the small trivial info mentioned in story can develop to be a very important thing. Try it out, It’s very enjoyable read. <<less
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