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Steinhart rated it
I’m OP, but I Began an Inn
February 7, 2018
Status: v5c4
To summary this novel, its just typical isekai, a cheat like ability but the MC choose to live peacefully, well I do agree the title and description is realy interesting. But after read it, it just really biased and confusing story. But man, those first chapter is really..... Like "hey, I'm God.... and sorry you're dead... because of my fault... but your death had been writen in the book of life since begin with, so its not like mine fault.... lol" and its like "kay you're dead, lets ressurect you... more>> in different world.... and I give you cheat, so donas you like... lol" and the MC is like "oh waow I'm dead... lol, I want to live again as a girl plz..... lol" <<less
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Steinhart rated it
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
February 11, 2018
Status: c10
This story is slow paced and relaxed (maybe) I read the manga too, its really good tho. I really like this kind story, lets hope the author didn't rush the story like adding this adding that and etc.

It is an typical isekai story, MC dead and God gave him some power and some help. But this one is different, because MC choose to be Farmer. And he basicly do some minecraft sh*t, like destroying thing at first then realize he need to build a shelter or home or house whatever... more>> u call it. Then he got dog or wolf after that he got some spider and then he met a girl that actual bloodsucking B... Is this story created based on minecraft?? It does realy takes minecraft reference tho. <<less
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Steinhart rated it
As the Spirit-sama Says
February 15, 2018
Status: --
I think the author is just release his inner fantasies of s*x, while the author is realy hold grude to women and even a child/little girl. Yeah and I think the author is realy on super horny mode while writing this novel or should I say an essay. There is no novel element in this erowebnovel, just an essay. The story lack of origin. Lack of action, lack of intensified, lack of scheme, and many other lack of ero things, despite this one tagged as erowebnovel. I read many eronovel,... more>> and this one is no good, but the author fantasies is huge, but he presentase it bad as the MC is being viewed as 3rd person and the story it self lack of s*x action. <<less
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Steinhart rated it
Isekai C-mart Hanjouki
February 13, 2018
Status: c15
First of all, as light warming novel, it is good. Second, I like when an MC in isekai do business. Third, as an business man too, the way MC do business is shi*. That ain't the way about do business. Its BS if you take and learn business at college too. There is no such thing as perfect market, thats why I can presumably BS and the author only knew business is only about "i sell, you buy, I'm profit". There's no business mechanism in this. Well, I know this... more>> is just a fantasy base novel and you can expect some too much reality shi* on it. But if the author want to make this novel more interesting, he should add the business problem then how the MC dealt it with some supply, demand, store aspect (like arranged the item as the lower self is for low price and upper as high price, and etc) by all means, read a god damn store marketing/marketing books will ya. Then again this only my opinion. If yours is differ then so be it. I gave 3 star because I like this kind of novel. 2 star minus because strange business mechanism, but it should not affect you if you read it without logic or without business knowledge. <<less
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