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StaticHD rated it
October 6, 2015
Status: --
The story is pretty interesting. It's sad that NovelCow (previous translators) who introduced Spectator to us has abandoned this series for some lame Chinese Wuxia novel. It's totally ridiculous, but I'll bear with it because Spectator is worth waiting for and you can grow attached to it because it's actually a POV of sorts of our main character. Even with the summary's sense of humor, you'll need to check the 1st chapter for yourself in order to get a good feel of the story. Just be aware that the previous... more>> translation group's leader (Kista - Novelcow) isn't reliable with updating their viewers about what's going on with the lack of releases. So I would ask you guys to wait till chapter 10 is out. Instead of waiting in pain, like I'm doing. <<less
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StaticHD rated it
Martial God Asura
June 25, 2016
Status: c792
At first, I was quite hesitant to read this story because of how intense the negative reviews were. Some of the reviews even had a strong sense of righteous insults, as if to mock the intensely gratified readers - claiming them to be addicted masochists - and also claiming them to be readers who love reading stories of no substance. But I have something to say to those haters - all stories are unique in the eyes of the beholder. A story can be enjoyably addicting & interesting in one's... more>> eyes and terribly horrifying & boring to someone else's eyes. Only smart people can grasp the true essence of this story. And yes, I consider myself not only smart & righteous, but also very intelligent & royal. Because for me, not only do I like this story - I love it allot. It's a truly interesting story. The main reason I liked it was the fact that I had the opportunity to keep on reading for almost 3 days straight - none stop. OVER SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY CHAPTERS! The amount of chapters I read was like an overload of information. The narration the author relinquishes in this novel is very cunning and humorous. It amazes me that the translators haven't even translated half of the currently recent chapters by the time I am writing this review, and I finally caught up at the moment. I can tell that Martial God Asura has even more surprises on its way. I, simply, can't wait.

I would only suggest to first time readers to not read this if you have a time consuming project to do or taking an extremely difficult course. Better have your priorities straight because - you will get addicted. <<less
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StaticHD rated it
Star Martial God Technique
August 17, 2016
Status: c1
I've only read one chapter so far; but, I can already tell (and there is no doubt) that it has "generic" potential. The MC isn't a reincarnation or an older guy who managed to time-travel into his younger self. No! This MC's beginnings is very similar to the MC from "Coiling Dragon."

The only difference is that this MC doesn't start with innate abilities of a DRAGON (body strength). He starts out with the abilities of a STAR (energy control).

There are three types of martial arts. But, students don't pick what... more>> kind of abilities they want. They have to be born with their innate affinities.

The first chapter already introduces an arrogant antagonist, so I'm certain that the MC will endure some intense bullying and will be forced to show some defiance. This author knows how to write a popular series, so I hope this story lives up to its potential. <<less
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StaticHD rated it
LV999 Villager
January 1, 2016
Status: --
I like the concept very much... but I think I’m getting bored of the story so far. I may have to postpone reading the future translated chapters until it gets to chapter 90 (+).

I just feel that even I can write a better story than this. The beginning was pretty interesting, but now its like “okay, we get it, he’s super powerful with a demon girl who wants to experience human d*ck for the first time." Like please, get on with the story, what’s the MC’s next move? And all... more>> this downtime... it’s like I’m reading filler.

Because I have a feeling these story updates are better read when there are no delays – so that you don’t forget what actually happened in the last chapter. And considering how the chapters are released in parts, I may have to wait till 2020. It would probably be worth it if the story doesn't run stale by then. <<less
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October 7, 2015
Status: --
This is the first Japanese LN I've read. I'm really addicted to the story. It's like a diary of a person's life, who was reincarnated into a continuously evolving monster, that experiences different circumstances in a fantasy world. The MC (Rou) becomes too OP, but I'm always surprised how all his skills are used for future circumstances. His new powers are always needed for a particular purpose in future scenarios, which makes this story even more interesting.
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StaticHD rated it
Shura’s Wrath
December 28, 2017
Status: c639
First of all, let me make this clear, this novel will be much different than any of other "VRMMORPG" from Korea or Japan. Also, don't even compare it to Ark/LMS, because they are much worse. Ark/LMS are still great stories, but Shura's Wrath is on an extremely higher level.

And a piece of advice, treat the whole RPG as an adventure instead of a game despite the focus of the early chapters was (a bit too much) on the RPG aspects.

The story was one of the most interesting stories I've ever... more>> read, the real world is often neglected in other novels but it was very well developed, shocking even. The Real-Life was very focused on the novel and had a very interesting story that played out very well in the end. The author also didn't shy away from having the MC getting some action (explicit even) with his harem which is very rare in Japanese mangas/novels. Each harem member has a purpose.

Let's have a bit of spoiler about his harem, the number of his harem was around


50+ but of course, many of them are only minor characters - that were a part of his past organizations that work behind the scenes - and only mentioned once. The main harem was about 7-9. And you'll even get a canon best girl at the very last chapter.

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StaticHD rated it
Virtual World: Conquering the World
July 5, 2016
Status: c22
A poor regular guy saves an unconscious girl in the most daring way from a group of muscular thugs. The girl seems to be extremely rich since she was heavily sleeping in a luxurious car and the doors were unlocked. Luckly our MC didn't seem too out of place with his fake "boyfriend" acting or things wouldn't have ended well at all. The whole situation turned out pretty funny and this unusually risky action of his actually turns out for the better.

This novel is highly engaging and is capable of... more>> being addictive ~ but seeing how slow the release frequency is, kinda defeats the enticement of the story. I'm internally grateful to the translators, I just wish it could be translated faster. Anyways, if you like Virtual Reality stories like Legendary Moonlight Sculptor & Ark then you'd most definitely not be disappointed with this novel. You'd just want faster releases. <<less
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