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Remarried Empress
June 25, 2019
Status: c11
The first chapter caught my attention right away.


Because it's satisfying seeing a slag man put in his place. I hope to god the author meant the ML be the other guy propose to the empress.

... more>> Our FL is obviously the Empress. Her relationship with the Emperor was amicable. They are good partners. Until a vixen messes with their relationship.

The vixen acts so cutely, naively, and innocently. Because of this persona she portrays in front of people, they chalk it up to "oh she's just an innocent and naive woman.", whenever she acts rude, says hurtful things, clinging to the emperor in public, grabbing attention of the other males, and keep calling the empress "Sister because we share husband."

Not to mention the amount of cries she happens to summon whenever the Emperor happens to came across her and the Empress. It makes it looks like she's being bullied by the Empress.

Let me tell you my opinion : if a woman uses her body to wreck someone's else marriage, she's definitely not an innocent and naive woman, okay. Am I right or am I right?

I like the novel, really. But I'm torturing myself reading the Empress getting such injustice until she's finally met the one that matters. Ugh.. I want to hug her and comfort her so much.

There is nothing worse feeling for her than a wife who been battered by a mistress acts then the husband comes along and gives her a finishing blow. This is what happens almost all the time.

PS : Having a sad background doesn't justify trampling other woman feeling for your own happiness. Not to mention the said woman HAVE NOT DONE anything to you. <<less
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Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Our MC is Murong Qi Qi, daughter of main wife but not favored because she doesn't know martial arts. This world is where people who know martial arts are very valued. Everything based on power/ability of your martial arts. The usual happened to MC original soul; framed, beat up, and died then our MC transferred into the original body.

Being a person from another world off course the story gives MC a cheat; she's a genius in martial arts now and got adopted by a powerful sect leader master in art... more>> of poison. Thus she is called by the name Du (poison) Xian (fairy) Er in the martial art world. From here on she has two personas Du Xian Er and Murong Qi Qi since that's the best course of action so you can revenge all you want. Lol

The revenge story happens as usual but this time she could schemes and fight back to all the people who mistreated the original soul.

I like that she is powerful so she doesn't need to worry about the fights. <<less
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The saying "curiosity kills a cat" never been so true until now in my case. Reading the translated chapters, I was eager to read more as the female MC has an awesome attitudes/personalities. It's practically drained me as I read on. I'm the type that really don't like reading tragedy as it will give me a depress feeling afterward. I guess I'm a crybaby cause I was crying a river reading the raws.

Well the beginning arc, there is comedy but as you go on hardly there is comedy anymore, it's... more>> concentrated more on romance.

Starcross lovers is the very definition of the two main characters.
The story is full of misunderstandings, bad choices that mc/characters regretted afterward, so much angsts, not to mention the mandatory amnesias.

It has what I would call sub stories too for the supporting characters. They have their own stories to tell too as their fates intertwine somehow or another with the mains. Some characters only introduced during the arc and hardly or never heard again.

The story crosses time and space and reincarnations.

The newest chapter is like 2300 ish I'm not sure if the author going to make it happy ending or tragedy but there are a lot of tragedies already in the arcs. <<less
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I’m Really a Superstar
June 1, 2016
Status: c44
A transported style story with game AI element added to the mix in a modern setting world.

Our MC, Zhang Ye holds good attitudes, imo.
He wants to be famous and suddenly an AI function transported him to a new world and treated him as a main character/player in a game setting. Just imagine, instead of you as a gamer plays a game, you got transported into a world that so similar to modern world (there are differences here and there which MC takes advantage) and try to achieve your goal.... more>> In Zhang Ye case, he wants to be famous/a celebrity. He even has a screen like interface that only him can see.

Hilarity ensues, the comedies are good. I find it funny. And MC character isn't a snob. He treats people the way other people treat him. If they treat him bad, he too treat them bad, and vice versa. He takes no bullsh*t from others. He is an educated person. By educated I mean, not college graduate although he did graduate from college. He knows a lot of stuff that related to literature; be it poems, essays, folk tales, etc. He uses all his knowledges from earth (just about anything) that aren't in this world to gain advantages, closer to his goal.

I was so glad when I read this, the translator made a crazy unending post after another, otherwise I would gone crazy in wait to read the next chapter. I'm sulking in the corner now waiting for next one as I caught up. <<less
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Return of the Female Knight
July 4, 2019
Status: c55
The title and synopsis give me a high expectation.

The execution is a bit lacking though. Here she has an amazing ability to fight plus with the knowledge of past live she will know events that will come ahead of everyone. But she didn’t utilize these two major cheats to the best of her abilities. Sadly.

Instead she has to spend her time dealing with this so called “female nobles cliques”. Isn’t that boring? She was one of the best Knight in her past life!

Her decision to “hug a golden tigh” could... more>> be awesome had she went to the route of the said title. “Return of the Female Knight”. We only see her occasionally turn into this knight.

I wish to see her investigate heavily: what power and affiliation do the evil guy have? Why the evil guy aim for her family? Why? What purpose? How did he do it? How to avoid it? How to weaken the guy so he couldn’t hurt her family again? How to block him from gaining allies?

Shouldn’t this be priority for one these second chance trope??

I feel like she works in slow motion toward her goal ; the safety of her family.

The one that made me disappoint : Despite portray as a powerful female (scratch that, she is powerful fighter), she chose a man to protect her and family. I meant here she has two fork road; one go Mulan, one go Princess style. She chose princess style.

The title turns a bit meaningless because of this.

Now even with all that, I still enjoy the novel. <<less
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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
November 6, 2017
Status: v3c10
I have been searching for an ancient setting novel (be it fantasy, middle ages, or historical) where the MC didn't come from/experience our modern earth (be it past life, transported, transmigrated, reincarnated, and all that stuff).

Maomao, our female main character is a genuine person of her world. Her personality and knowledges come from years of her experiences growing up with her dad and her living environment.

The story is good, the mystery keeps you coming back for more, make you wondering and guessing especially our MC background story while she... more>> is unraveling the royal intrigues that's happening in the palace. Through these cases we can see glimpses of her own story too.

It's the first time I read a Japanese novel that uses a Chinese ancient setting. We see terms like Inner Palace, Consorts, Concubines, King, Royal Families, and all the other terminologies from chinese ancient setting. But the influence in the novel is just that. The author just uses that to make a story and personally I find it refreshing.

Maomao has a mind of a detective. She is sharp and thorough, always try to keep in mind; "don't just assume/guess but prove it".

It's quickly become one of my favorite novel for female main character.

I haven't got the chance to read the raw even though I'm itching to do because the novel is really good but from what I skim through mtl it's really hard to understand (maybe cause the author uses old languages like if you see 'thy' in English). <<less
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Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau
June 28, 2019
Status: c61
What a charming romance story with the theme of second chance (for FL).

It reminds me alot of "A Slight Smile is Very Charming".

That kinda adult/mature love. There is no aggressive confrontation. Even the reluctant ex acted realistically. Some people who likes reading face slapping story may find this boring but I personally find their slice of life story of their love is very charming.

I love it when I read a romance story that both leads slowly but surely going forward with their growing love. Misunderstanding resolve quickly because both of... more>> them make an effort to actually communicate to find out what is wrong with him/her. Like I said "adult/mature love".

The FL has such commendable spirit. The ML at first is awkward but he is a steadfast person. The supporting characters add depth to their world/lives. Some of messages the FL conveyed carry deep meaning in life which is nice to read.

IMO, her actions and advices may seem to her as "another day in the office " but it gave a lasting impression to others (on the receiving end of it) and ultimately changed their life. That's why I like her spirit very much. <<less
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Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man
January 4, 2018
Status: c75
It's a mix and match of themes. You have a 24 years old female MC from our current earth who died from sickness she endured for as long as she lived. Then an AI that's bound to her took her soul/spiritual energy to a new world. She's basically reincarnated not transmigated cause she is a fetus in her new mom womb, she didn't take/occupy anyone's body.

The new world she's in now is 10, 000 years after. So this world full of futuristic sci fi stuff; hover cars, virtual reality, mecha,... more>> wormhole, planet wars. It's quite interesting that the story is a mix of everything.

Our MC is an interesting person; makes funny monologues, cute dream/goal, tenacious, ruthless and decisive when she wants to (she kicked a monster skull straight into its brain), sly, smart, cautious.

She is forced to live a life as a boy due to family/clan difficulties that threaten her immediate family.

The story is entertaining so far, personally I like it. It's quite hard to find an agreeable female MC for me so far she fits the bill. ;) I usually stir away from mecha theme cause I don't like the theme but the MC draws me in.

The one I enjoy the most is her monologues/antics especially when she was in her mom womb, I find it quite hilarious. <<less
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Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife
December 10, 2017
Status: c30
It’s a cookie cutter story of a transmigrated female main character. It’s not much to say for now as there’re only 30ish chapters when I reviewed it.

The template goes like this :

Female MC (in this one she was a military medical officer died in explosion).

... more>> Promise for revenge in name of the original soul.

Magical space (in this one is an office full of medical items and equipments).

Fallen/low position in the family.

Forced engagement to disabled prince.

Royal intrigues/Evil relatives schemes.

I personally like a transmigrated female story so the story is still enjoyable for me even if it’s done in a cookie cutter way although I’m kinda tired reading the growing herbs magical space so this magical space a bit more interesting since it looks like she will continue her medical stint using modern way. <<less
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The Promotion Record of A Crown Princess
November 11, 2018
Status: Completed
It’s a satisfying gender bender historical story for me.

The story started quite abrupt with the way we suddenly were presented with a guy soul flying with Heavenly Lord to find him a new body to occupy.

He himself didn’t realize that the Lord meant to give him a women body. He feels so miserable since he is surrounded with beauties in a harem but he can’t do anything about it cause he is one himself being a Crown Princess.

Not to mention he is caught in awkward situation as her husband, the... more>> Crown Prince loves a woman who is the wife of his fifth brother (Prince). The woman loves the Crown Prince too. The fifth Prince loves the woman too. So it’s a love square. Crown Princess loves the Crown Prince. Crown Prince and fifth Prince love the same woman. The woman loves the Crown Prince. And she is the wife of the fifth Prince. Yea so mess up.

The story has a good amount of comedies mix in it which I like so we don’t get bored with the heavy politics stories. Through out the story the comedy is kept up good to lighten the mood a bit surrounding the real story of the novel.

It reminds me a lot of To Be Virtuous Wife but add a touch of comedy in it and the original soul is a guy.

Definitely worth to read for people who likes historical female transmigration/reincarnation story. <<less
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The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband
July 19, 2016
Status: c10 part1
This is like reading a trashy harlequin book.

Here I thought I'm going to read an awesome female MC based on the desription, but no, as soon as she met the male MC she turn stupid.
Never mind about the author ranting she ventured the world with her master to perfect her medical knowledge, etc (all the good natures crap). Her brain stop fnctioning when she interacts with him.

The male MC is an as*hole with capital A. A warning to reader that there is a dubious consent if not r*pe (I... more>> would call it rape).

He sealed her pressure point, you can guess the rest what happen next..

I was reading hoping she smarten up and give this a hole a lesson, sadly I have to look for another novel for that. <<less
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Jiang Hu’s Road is Curved
March 29, 2016
Status: c56
Our MC, PangWan likes to daydream being the center of the attention. She carries a naivety attitude although she is very good at martial art. But after reading more, she is actually quite an observant person, just that her daydreaming make her seemingly naive. One word stick out when I think of her is cute. I guess that's why people underestimate her too because her outer appearance fools people thinking she is just a dainty girl. The story follows her going out in the world trying to finish her assignment... more>> from the sect leader.

I like the story, I find it quite funny, it's a light hearted story. The romance so far keep you guessing who is the male lead.

Additional notes :
At the end of the first arc, the story took a darker turn. More serious as the storyline goes on telling the conflict between the sects and MC caught in it because of her position in her sect.
Because of what happen at the end of the first arc, MC grew up as a character which I applauded so much. <<less
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I love MC attitude. She is a trained law enforcer who got transported to this world.

In the ancient world, she uses the strategies, combat knowledge she knows to mold her own squad. She's just badass, enough said. ^_^

Being a woman in ancient military hierarchy is unheard of I guess, but her result speak for itself.
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Mei Gongqing
June 3, 2016
Status: c95
A romance story with a war looming over the horizon as a backdrop for the story.

Chen Rong, our MC was given a second chance as she travelled back to the past after her death. While she committed suicide, I would say she died of heartache. That's why she vowed she will not make the same mistake ever again. Everything is difficult for our MC. Being a woman in a common class family plus she is alone (family is missing cause of war), she has only herself to rely on. Her... more>> family (clan) sucks, never on her side. The second time around her goal is to find a husband that will treat her right while trying to avoid all these life trials that she has to endure. Given that she experienced it before (in her last life) she knew what to do on some of the events. Off course things are changing due to her attempt to change her fate. Will she able to change her fate? Will she still fall in love with the same man and bear the same heartache? Will she love another man this time around ? <<less
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Ze Tian Ji
February 17, 2016
Status: --
Chen Chang Shang, our MC is stoic, smart (walking encyclopedia), and tenacious.
He's been living with his master and senior brother since baby, social interaction only with these two, hence he's socially awkward when he set out to cure his illness.

He is the most calm MC I have ever encounter. At some point even I wish someone smack down these jerks from jeering him but he's either just taking it in or talk to them logically. I'm at chapter 143 we can finally see him in action after long suffering... more>> of ridicules and threats.

Romance, so far we have 2 girls, 1 is his arranged marriage partner, the other is student from the same academy. But his stance on romance is neutral for now though since he's more concentrated on getting rid of his illness first.

There is political schemes working in the shadows and our MC got drag in.
Downside, you need to get used to the new terms/lingo when the series switched translator. <<less
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Empress with no Virtue
February 16, 2016
Status: --
It’s quite funny.

The main lead is Ye Zhen Zhen. She’s coming from powerful family, her grandfather is the Emperor teacher. Their wedding been set when the emperor was the crown prince. She doesn’t want to be wed to the emperor. Her thinking is rather modern.

The male lead is the Emperor, Ji Wu Jiu. Chapter 1 he’s 20 y/o. He has several concubines. 1 is his favorite from his crown prince days, another 1 is from the Fang, the other powerful family to counter Ye family in the inner palace. The... more>> rest of the concubines aren’t worth mentioning. In the court Ye and Fang are rivals. This rivalry off course happen in the inner palace too.

Ye Zhen’s dealing with the vicious methods of these concubines are rather funny. The one made me laugh is the toad. She’s quite generous too, give rewards left and right. Lol <<less
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It’s a fluffy story about a mother who adores her stepdaughter.

She was a designer of children clothing who died in her world and woke up in a coffin.

Now she is Abigail, the evil Queen, mother of snow white (Blanche). The original Abigail died of poisoning. Everyone doesn’t trust her turning a new leaf. Abigail is a very pretty woman but when she smiles, everyone scare shitless cause it’s an evil smile. She keep giving the daughter gifts and wanted to design and make cute clothes for her.

... more>>

The new favorite scenes for me is the mirror. Yes that infamous mirror in Snow White. When she saw the mirror, she automatically says “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?” 😂👍 And the mirror says “Are you stupid? Beauty is subjective.” I laughed. Her interaction with the mirror is refreshing. I kinda hope he’ll be the male lead or something.


There is still a mystery surrounding who poisoned the Queen though. Since it’s not solved so it will a sword hanging on her head now. <<less
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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife
November 27, 2018
Status: c404
I like reading this novel, at first. The FMC is quite likable, she has cold personality however insanely protective toward people she cares.

She's ruthless and unfeeling though. For example there's one instance where she saw a horse with carriage run full speed about to hit 4 years old girl. The only reason she saved the kid cause she felt something from the little girl otherwise she won't bother doing the saving.

The more I read the more bored and pissed I became. There is no plot, no excitement at all. Everything... more>> that happen is rinse and repeat events after events. The main characters turn flat the only improvement they have is their cultivation.

The plots always go like this :

- Side character introduced.

- If female, she would be going googly eyes for ML and pissed at FMC for being unworthy for him (only she is worthy). Thus scheming like crazy until she either dead or, cripple cultivation. And if her family helped out then the family facing disaster too.

- If Male, he would be going ga ga for FMC which make another insignificant female side character who loves this side male character acts with vengeance against FMC cause the one they like won't even look at them. Again same thing happen; scheming, result either dead or cripple. Same thing with their family too.

- The amount of sentences of 'I only love her in this life past, present and future. Blah blah. Some more devoted love announcements words.'

- The amount of sentences describing godlike good looking ML. The same for FML.

- The one that irk me, there's a lunatic bit*h aiming to destroy FML and this couple dare to go seperate ways almost all the time. Geez, talk about a forced way to make the bit*h aim at them one at a time.


The one that pissed me off the most is the over used plot of this crazy bit*h that's like a parasite soul hopping for thousand years since she can't have the ML she destroyed their whole family/clan including FML and ML and chopped off all limbs of their 5 years old son.

She then keep waiting on the prowl for their reincarnations so she can do it all over again causing disaster cause she still can't get the ML this time around too.


Honestly, I'm exhausted reading this story. I just want to move on from that plot cause it turn the story flat despite promising premise. Often I skip cause I just want to continue with the story. <<less
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Shadow Rogue
December 29, 2017
Status: c118
The logic behind the MC background story is thrown out of the window.

MC decided to become an assasin at the age of 15. In the spand of 3 years he managed to become the supreme assasin everyone awe and fear. 3 years? All it tooks to stand on the top of the world of murders/cold blooded killing? Seriously? He is a superman with stealth.

Afterward the story consists of him slaying the game with his godlike assasin skills cause the game takes on real life potentials of the gamers (scanning gamers... more>> body when making character), saving damsels in distress (mind you the story for now 100% females he meets fit this category) which prompts him fighting /killing scumbags who think with their dicks (so far real life guys seem to be only consist of this category).

And all the females following him like ducklings cause of his "don't care if you're drop dead gorgeous/sexy" attitude.

So far the theme is rinse and repeat the above. I would probably be bored soon if the story has nothing to offer beside this. <<less
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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Another story about MC ended up in an otome game being a villain.

The only different is she entered the villain body at the end of the story where she is supposed to be "defeated". But she turned it around and the novel starts from there.

It's a new take on otome game novel, we don't have to worry about the 'end' because she avoided it already in the so called prologue of the novel.
Another thing I like, she started implementing modern things she knows into her action to influence the... more>> society/area. It's hard to find a novel which MC took modern knowledge and applied it in the alternate world.

Our MC is quite a level headed person, I like her attitude. <<less
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