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I am honestly disappointed by the lack of attention this has. The plot is intriguing enough and the first chapter showed lots of potentials. They managed to set up a villain that isn't so evil that he just becomes annoying but just evil enough as to make us the audience hate him and want to see him dead. The story does also set up intrigue. I genuinely want to see the MC become powerful and beat the hell out of everyone that wronged her and eventually reunite with her family.... more>> I hope we get more of this. I see this as being a great story with more chapters. Hell, It even has Yuri so how can it go wrong?

Edit: 1-7-19

Chapter 8 has been out since the second of January, I am very happy that the story was picked up. As of now, This is the only Light Novel that I am invested in.

I do like Flamm, I'd defiantly say she is a tragic protagonist done right and after rereading "The Story of Drifted Girls in Different World ~The Adventure of Claire~" That also has a tragic protagonist but done poorly, I can't help but admire this story that much more. The story doesn't have anything over the top tragic like mutilation or societal abuse. But I do feel for Flamm as she suffers due to Jean and his massive ego, Resulting in Flamm's current position.

Even though we got a part I believe around an interlude with the rest of the hero party that seemed a bit rushed, The story manages to keep a really nice pace going for the most part.

I will admit that the MC only escaping the situation she's put in due to luck kind of annoyed me, I have always been of the Mindset that characters only managing to do something cause of X happening is kind of annoying.


Flamm just so happens to have been sold to a s*aver that holds a cursed weapon and with Flamm's special skill that is one of a kind to be a benefit when using cursed items is kind of obnoxious


I am loving the relationship between Flamm and the escaped s*ave (I can't remember her name) I find it kind of funny, interesting, charming and a bit sad as Flamm has to deal with a s*ave that is so used to being a s*ave that she isn't used to not having a master or not taking abuse. I honestly love it that you can see the seedlings of the girl starting to trust Flamm bit by bit. I completely recommend this story if it is any part of a genre you like. <<less
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Can Someone Please Explain This Situation
October 4, 2018
Status: c30
I'm not even kidding when I say this. But I can't remember a single time where I was this baffled by how little reason there is for the two characters to be romantically involved.

The Duke is not a nice guy, At first, he seemed like he was. But then it's revealed that this is just a fake marriage to get other people off his back and while he has his Fake wife living by herself, He will be in a separate building with some other girl. The Duke is just... more>> not fun and as soon as he is tired of the Misstress he immediately goes to chasing the MC. I honestly feel bad for the Misstress. We have no real reason to be rooting for this parring. We've barely even seen the Duke tell out of the blue he decides to eat dinner with his fake wife. Then he tries being so concerned for the MC when I just can't help but feel it's fake. It's also kind of annoying how the story portrays the Misstress as the Evil one when she has every right to be upset.

I feel the romance is so unneeded and is what really ruined the story in the end. The structure of the story is also kind of weird. The pacing tends to be all over. We sometimes get these interesting moments but the story goes through them too fast and then we get an entire chapter talking about the MC and dresses. The first two or so chapters I was actually really intrigued.

It can also be annoying how the MC turns situations way more complicated then they need to be. The Duke mentions that she can do whatever while. So I am not entirely sure why the MC is freaking out cause the Duke might see her doing manual labor. Even at the start of the story, he didn't care for the MC. So I doubt he'd even really care.

It's just weird. A potentially fun story ruined by multiple factors. <<less
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Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again
January 5, 2019
Status: c1
Read the first chapter and man, I feel like I'm gonna be in love with this story once more chapters are out. It's a Chinese story that manages to have names that are distinct and recognizable so I'm not getting confused as to who's talking, The story is even self-aware about Chinese cliche's such as people just casually beating or being rude to the Protagonist. I honestly love seeing the MC whither in cringe at seeing her cliche first story, I feel like if I had made a story and... more>> I looked back at it 10-Years from now I would also find it cringy, Hell, I even read a book report of mine from the 6th grade and it was quite embarrassing at seeing my old writing and whatnot, So the story is kind of relatable to me on some level

Really, I'm just wanting more of this story. <<less
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Quick Transmigration: Fate Trading System
November 28, 2018
Status: c9
I say there is potential for this to be a really fun story. But usually, these types of stories end up getting dropped by the translator. So hopefully this one will continue for a while at least.

I like the main character. She is fairly fun and I feel the story manages to have a nice balance between her being calculating and smart. Usually these types of stories we will have these character be overly calculating or smart and kind of takes you out of the story. This one manages it... more>> in a more natural way.

I'm not sure if I like that there are two people that have transmigrated. It might be interesting and I do like that the MC is hiding it from the other women in the story. Kind of funny how the other girl is assuming the MC is just someone from this place while the MC is just plotting behind the girls back.

I'm also not a fan that the MC was already apart of the system at the start of the story and how it's setup. I think I'd prefer it more if the MC had died then we got introduced to the system. I also kind of dislike and like that the MC will be on Earth tell she accepts a quest. On one hand, I dislike that she is still a mortal and bound to those rules but on the other, I like that it's not just her stuck in some empty void tell her next mission.

The story also has a nice slow burn type of pacing, unlike most Chinese novels. Nothing seems rushed or premature. I do hope it doesn't take too long though for the Yuri to actually come into action though.

Overall I like this story and hope we get more some time. <<less
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From the first chapter alone it does grab my interest. I thought this would be some woman on the streets coming across someone big. But it's even more interesting with the female MC and Male MC sleeping together. The female's sister (Although the story said she's an orphan so maybe a Nun of sorts) booked her a room. The Male MC is in the room that was booked and thinks the Female MC is meant to be the surrogate.

I think I can really get into this once more chapters are... more>> released <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c34
I normally don't like female romance stories. But I do like female MC's and always have issues find stories with Female MC's that aren't all about love and romance.

This story is no different sadly. The story has lots of nonsensical things happen and the one trait that always appears in female Romance stories is in this, Of course I'm talking about having a Douche Male Lead.

Don't know why. But this is so easy to find that it's annoying. This dude isn't really nice. You get moments when it's just him... more>> and the MC and you might think " Oh that's sweet" or " Aw he's not that bad of a guy" Then you start remembering that he is an as*hole that will just use a girls body and throw her away as soon as he's done with her or shows the slightest bit of affection to him. He kills families without mercy. A Nobel that did something he doesn't like not only loses his life. But so does the Wife and Children and it's not needed.

I honestly don't get this. Is this something that woman actually enjoy? Having a d*ck of a man being your lover? Cause I know my friends that are girls wouldn't even associate with someone like that.

The thing with the MC reliving her life seems interesting. Except it's so badly done. It's shown as a dream making it feel a lot less special or cool. It would've been so much better if we got a chapter or two of her spending her days in her original life. Showing her regrets or anger, Then one day she wakes up in the body of her 12 year-old-self. The story doesn't even do anything of interest like having the MC react in a funny way or her having issues just keeping balance after suddenly turning into a 12 year old with such a different body such as the Center of Mass or that her muscles aren't as developed or that her legs are shorter. There is potential here for funny or interesting stuff. It's just the story takes this scene as nothing more then a passing moment

to escape her previous fate. She never tries doing anything differently like trying to be more social (Remember she has the mind of at least a 40+ Now) She does little to nothing with this knowledge. In fact, She doesn't even seem like she's lived through a life of trials and errors. She has no hate for the Count that bought her. She doesn't want to get back at anyone that wronged her or even take care of people with malicious intent that she knows from her previous life. It get's to the point where it doesn't seem human. She doesn't even really have that much of a motivation to do anything besides just live somewhere else and is even willing to marry to a Duke she knows to be a dick. Kind of defeats the entire purpose of wanting to escape her previous fate.

I think the son of the Duke should've been a girl instead.

Hell, I think the idea is fairly interesting. But have her instead of just reliving her life almost the exact same tell she's 18. Have her have a little sister that was killed in her previous life due to whatever reason. But in this life she stops that from happening and is able to live with her sister she wasn't able to do before. I think the story should've started before the mother died and the MC saves her mother. She still ends up being entangled into politics but now she's taking care of her mother and making sure she lives a nice life for the struggles she's gone through

. It's just eh. I feel the story has potential to be good but is just so generic. Kind of a disappointment. Hell, I thought the story was pretty good tell the love interest appeared. I like the idea of a not wanted Princess sneaking out and socializing with commoners. I like the Norman Character and wish we got more of that. I can even see a different story where Norman moves away and has the MC come with her. Both Norman and the MC now live together and as time goes on. Have her have to be careful and not have the Royal family find her otherwise she will be taken back. Hell, it'd work best if she was actually wanted by the Royal family. I really just like the Norman character and if this was a Yuri novel then I'd put them together. <<less
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Disappointment is the best way to describe this. Well also, Really annoying in the choices the story makes.

The MC is just a Mary Sue with no flaws. Like maybe being socially awkward from her years of being hated and rarely talked to. Maybe her having a personality void of character and just a neutral tone from her learning to be as neutral as a way to avoid scrutiny. Nothing like this is a thing and the story purposely makes the world evil so we like her more.

I won't lie, I... more>> did enjoy maybe the first 10 or 12 chapters. The first 10 or so chapters are around the 5th chapter of the Manga. But when I compare it to the manga. I do feel the manga is much better. The story tends to kind of take itself and this absurd tagline way too seriously. In the manga, it tends to be really comedic which is why it is much more bearable seeing the world be so cruel and doesn't seem so fake.

The author seems to not know or just not think too much about it. But the way the world is set up isn't great. You take more than a minute and think about things then you will notice lots of flaws. Like this being a fantasy Medieval era setting yet we have the " DragonKingdom" Trying to make things like the UN. If you think of it, It doesn't make much sense for such a setting. Let alone some dumb law they have where they can't oust a Government even though said government is driving the people into hell and is constantly declaring war.

Once the MC leaves the Hut/Forest. That's where the story takes a sudden nosedive. The romance is so badly made and does nothing more to insist my idea that most female Romance stories tend to have the worst type of romance. I completely forgot about this one character trait you can find in Female Romance stories. They will either be a massive douche, Pansy, Blanksleight or be an idiot. The Male lead in this is leaning more towards a Blanksleight and an idiot. He besides the awful plots, Then the Romance lead is probably the worst thing.

I am genuinely disappointed how it ended for Ashai and the MC. I like their relationship together. I imagine that even though the MC dislikes how she's treated by everyone in favor of Ashai. That she realizes that she actually dislikes being away from Ashai. I imagined it as a comedy skit.

One of the dumbest issues I have is this [ Spoilers] It's revealed that the MC's mother and grandfather actually have magical power. But... IT'S NEVER EXPLAINED! Like honestly. We are told about how they are well versed in this yet we are told that you can't return to Earth so it should be impossible. Hell, There's another issue! It makes no sense why she can't return to Earth but can be summoned to this world. It's just haphazardly explained. We are told the Fairies can go to Earth and back whenever. So why not just send the spell incantation to the Mother and Grandfather and summon them back? You start seeing these big problems and the story tries looking past it like throwing a blanket over an Elephant. You aren't doing it well.

I do find it kind of sad that the MC can't return to Earth along with everyone else. I think this story would've been better if it was the MC going around the world and gathering stuff to return to Earth while also having the MC take care of Ashai as a companion. Also, Get rid of the romance and that annoyingly obvious harem of guy the MC has.

A disappointment. I even cut out a lot of other issues I have with this for the sake of time. If you read it on Novelplanet then you will most likely find my comments complaining about the stuff happening. <<less
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I Was Reincarnated but I Don’t Know Why
January 5, 2019
Status: c4
The biggest issue being the grammar. The story has kind of an interesting start and plot from what little I've seen. The story manages to pull off multiple POV's wells and the relationship between the MC and the friend is kind of nice. I do like that the MC to the rest of the world is a bit special or maybe autistic, To the world, the MC has trouble Talking and understanding words while not being able to read at all, Even though the MC is 9-Years old. But in... more>> actuality, the MC just has issues understanding a brand new language. It's kind of setting this nice relationship between the MC and the friend where the Friend is like the MC's translator. MC barely talks but the friend is able to tell what the MC is saying. I am finding it to be really good.

Edit: 5/25/2019 9:31PM

The second attempt of editing this after writing for like 6 or 7 minutes and the page refreshes making me rewrite this.

The story is an improvement in my opinion. The Relationship between the MC and Rikka is cuter and more adorable than ever. The addition of the 12th Demon Lord's Reincarnation is also a nice addition and I am excited to see her in the story later on.

I originally wrote this review when there were only 4 chapters, Now there are 32 and I love every minute of those chapters.

Only thing I'd say I dislike about the story is the addition of the people doing stuff you'd see in an Evil Secret Organization. I love the idea the story proposed. The DL obtaining a new body so that she isn't stuck in a non-corporeal form. I like the idea that somehow, Rikka or the MC get pregnant and that the DL takes over the baby before it gains any type of spirit inside it or conscious. I like the idea that Rikka, MC, And the DL somehow stay together as a family. I even like the idea of the MC taking Rikka away and living in modest luxury with the MC doing all the dangerous stuff and Rikka being the book author that is mentioned. Overall, The story was better than I originally thought it'd be and I even thought that it'd be pretty awesome with more chapters. The grammar can be an issue but starts becoming less noticeable the more chapters in. At times it'll be weird cause the MC is meant to talk in Broken dialogue. Other than that this is a good story. <<less
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Lazy Dungeon Master
September 18, 2018
Status: c72
I don't get the praise for this. I'm hesitant to say it's decent and also hesitant to say it's bad.

MC is an unlikeable brat. Sure, We sometimes get some decent moments. But that's about it. He will watch a poor little girl around the age of 9 I believe, Get raped daily by a Bandit leader that he is rewarding and encouraging to kill more adventures. He doesn't bat an eyelash and literally went to take a nap while a little girl is sexually assaulted. Its even past the point... more>> that he has the ability to kill the Bandits without worry. It's annoying cause we also get scenes as the MC just watches them drag Adventures into the cave and brutally kill them, There was a scene where they bring in a crying woman and she gets stabbed and the MC doesn't even seem to care. It's honestly baffling. We also get a scene where he hears about the horrors that s*aves go through and the next chapter he even admits he's too lazy to do anything about it. He is so bad. But his biggest character trait of being lazy is just boring and uninteresting. It's not like it's cute, Charming and funny like "The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap" Later on around chapter 30 or so, The MC isn't even lazy at that point, He's just sleeping a lot then does lots of manual labor.

There is some Yuri stuff happening between two of the Dungeon cores and I actually like it. Do wish we got more of that and like that the main girl isn't going after the MC it seems.

The story really loses what it's even about. At first, it was about struggling to survive, Then to make a proper Dungeon. But now we have a bunch of stuff about Adventuring, Inn building and a ton of talk about food (It gets kind of ridiculous with them talking about food so much)

The story is just kind of a mess to put it simply. <<less
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I am being honest when I say that I am a bit sad with how this novel turned out. I love the idea, A mother hated and exiled out of her country, Her Fiance hates her and tortures her. Then having to live while taking care of two children with their father being your Ex-Fiance. It sounds like the start to an awesome story, right?

Well, it is a pretty good start of the story. I find it interesting seeing the MC's childhood and the hate and disdain they were shown... more>> by their own family. But the issue is that this ended way too fast and we are immediately getting time jumps with the Mother now being accused by her fiance of being disloyal and being a scummy person. Then she's being tortured into getting a false accusation. The issue here is that the King and Queen are said to love/Like the MC. So they are perfectly fine letting this happen. I do kind of wish we got two or three more chapters of this though. It was a nice build up that ended really soon.

Then we get some scenes after the torture arc of the story and then we get a sudden time jump of 10-Years. I really am not a fan of this. I was and would've loved seeing the mother travel, Find a place to live, Have the kids then raise them. But now we already have the MC being an established OP Adventurer and the two kids have really basic and one-note personalities. One girl is a more serious girl that doesn't act her age and the other girl is more of a laid back character. Kind of cliche but not the biggest deal.

I am now gonna tell the two biggest issues for me and what resulted in me dropped this story sadly.

The first one being the really bad Guild system. There are so many issues with their system that it's a wonder it even works. Things like for some reason the Countries allow them to exist even though they go against a countries law. Why doesn't the country make their own guild system so they can still enforce these laws I really don't know. But then there is the fact that if you are a rank A or S class adventurer then you basically give up your freedom as the guild can declare an emergency for anything and you HAVE to respond for some dumb reason. They even bring up the fact that so many adventurers that are really OP but are stuck at Rank B because they want to keep their freedom. I can't see any reason why they would have a system to discourage people from ranking up. They don't even say what benefits exist besides a nameplate color change. All this and it doesn't even include all the scummy and annoying things they do and also did to the MC.

Now we have what I would say is probably the most annoying part. Anyone that has read this will probably know what I am talking about. I am of course talking about Kyle. I... Why? This is one of those stories where they decide to add a thing/person into the story that tends to be pointless and ruins the atmosphere of the story and in the result tends to ruin the story. Not even kidding when I say that Kyle might be one of the most pointless characters I've come across in these stories. He has a bear bones personality and comes across as nothing more then a horny teen that is obsessed with the MC. And, Yes, The story suggests at a romance between this 15-Year-old annoying boy and the 30-Year-Old Mother. Kyle is just not likable. The story insists on having entire chapters dedicated to him but it's boring. I don't feel like I can properly explain why wetting himself Kyle is a bad character and ruins the story for me really.

It's just a disappointment really. The Mother and Daughter relationship feels really shallow and we don't get much time just being a family. The two daughters I kid you not, They're barely in this. Whenever they are it's just the Mother talking about them. It doesn't feel nice and cozy watching this family together but feels more like side characters appearing every now and then to get the plot going.

Sad to drop this but what can you do? I probably would've given this a 2.5 - 3.4 <<less
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Funnily enough, there is at least one other story like this (My Disciple wants to tease me every day) The difference between the two is that "My Disciple" is easier to understand and hasn't been updated in a while. This isn't a bad story and I, in fact, started getting into it just for the next chapter to be the last one currently out. The first chapter I barely understood what was happening and I'm still not 100% on what's happening. I believe it's about a woman reincarnating into... more>> this world. That's about all I understood from the first chapter. The second chapter was a lot easier to understand and it started getting me interesting. The relationship between the MC and the Disciple is kind of adorable from what little I've seen of it. I'm not gonna spoil it but the MC said the girl has something wrong with her. I hope it turns out the girl is kind of just trapped in her own body tell the MC does X and free's her. It's a fun story none the less and If you can get past the first chapter then I think people would enjoy it more.

Edit 8-10-19: It is chapter 22 now (Although weirdly on the TL page it is only 18) I am very glad the story has continued.

It is adorable for the first half. But the issue is that the Disciple gets to be a lot less charming, I was hoping that the disciples coming out of her shell would be more gradual. Also not sure what exactly is happening, Cause it turns out that the disciple is not exactly how she appears. I'm not sure if she is scheming, a transmigrated individual or just autistic. Overall I feel it's good the story has continued and I am enjoying it. This was just to give a bit of an update. <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Every Day
November 26, 2018
Status: c7
Read this back when Chapter 07 came out and I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention. The idea I feel is quite unique and I do love the relationship forming between the two main characters.

I am a sucker for these types of stories where someone helps some little girl out of a bad life and what not. I just hope we get more really soon.
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It's kind of interesting. There are too few chapters available right now to give a good handle on it.

I am not a big fan of this being set in the future and that it's in a world where it's common for women to marry. I feel it kind of takes away the draw of Yuri at least for me.
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I Favor the Villainess
October 6, 2018
Status: c7
I love this story really. I just love how the story kind of jokes about the genre and the relationship between the Villainess and the MC is my favorite. I've wanted a story like this for a while. I always think it'd be more interesting instead of the cliche harem of guys around the MC If the MC decides to go for the girl like the Villainess.

I don't really like Mish, She's not funny how she will Real In the MC. Even looking past how annoying she is. Her type... more>> of character is best reserved for MC's IMO. It's funnier seeing the MC real in an overly energetic character than the other way around.

Overall it's a pretty fun story.

Edit: October 13th, 2:21 AM

I unintentionally started a readthrough of this story again one year after I wrote this review. It may have even been a year exactly when I started this second readthrough. I had stopped keeping up with the releases of this story about right after Claire and Rei go to Rei's village and returns.

I finally finished reading all 119 pages and... I'm disappointed. I was a big fan of this story, and I just can't say I liked it that much on my second readthrough.

The story tends to lose itself it seems. While at first, the story was light-hearted and more energetic; The latter half became overly serious and started broaching topics ranging from dark to why is this in the story?

The author also doesn't seem to be able to make the commoners/civilians seem likable or relatable. The revolution that happens is so weird and doesn't really fit with the story either. This kingdom is quite generous with what they do for the people. The king is an obviously pro-commoner man, but the story has this revolution appear almost out of nowhere due to the civilian's dislike for the government. It seems shoddy to me and I think this could've been so much better or just not in this at all.

The author at times also seemed to strawman arguments; either to make Rei look smarter or for a tad bit of extra drama as Rei obliterates their question. Instead of the author either avoiding it or going for a more level argument.

Then there are other things that are more minor. Such as the motivation for Claire's father, Dor. Then the fact that the government is in need of a new king but won't put Yuu as the leader. Reason being that they're now a chick. Was initially born a female but got cursed into a man by her mother tell Rei fixes it. Instead of just putting in a Queen regnant in charge, they'd rather have a revolution happen with the noble's livelihood on the line.

There are just various things that don't fit or work well with the story for me. Quite sad for me since I did initially love this story. But the story seemed to start taking itself too seriously despite the setting being more tuned for a slice-of-life and comedic storytelling.

Now I'm just hoping what I said makes sense, it is 2:39 AM as of finishing this and reviewing it. <<less
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Haunted Duke’s Daughter
July 8, 2018
Status: c33
I really enjoy this to be honest. It's been awhile since I found myself liking a story this much.

Lilia (MC) And Ghost-Kun (Can't be bothered to remember the name so I'm going with this for the chick that talks to the MC) I really like. I like how Lilia doesn't just have a complete 180 in a personality change. The fairly nice paced transition is still going on. I love Lilia (MC) I like seeing her be nice for the first time to Maids and School classmates.

Tina... more>> is an adorable girl. Normally I see in stories with a Villainous and some girl stealing the love interest, That the girl that usually doesn't do anything wrong besides some dude catching her in their eyes, They're usually treated like shit. In this she seems like a really nice girl that is too naive for her own good. I do like seeing Lilia start being nice to her and slowly start to grow more protective of Tina.

There is also the Maid. I kind of like her story. As a kid she and her parents went on a trip. She got lost and ended up walking onto Lilia's Noble house yard. She got caught and was just about to be executed when Lilia (Only a year older then the maid) Got mad at the guards saying it will make the house lose face. The girl ended up idolizing Lilia and wanted to serve her. So she ended up becoming a maid and the Father of Lilia assigned her as Lilia's personal maid. Turns out that Lilia wasn't what the girl thought she was. But she still felt gratitude and continued to serve her. So it's really nice seeing her start being treated really well and become friends. I like the start when Lilia starts taking Ghost-Kun's advice. She see's the Maids personal flowerbed and ended up saying that the Flower bed Is now hers. Everyone thought it was just her being selfish. Then she comes back and we find out Lilia did this so that the Maid can actually spend time on the Garden that she never got to do with her always being busy.

I've always wanted to see more stories like this. Instead of someone just taking full control of the body. Have it so someone possesses a girl but can only talk to the girl she possessed. Normally it's always that they possess someone that just died or is in a coma. So I really like seeing this and I feel the story did it really well.

Only issue i'v come across, Is the romance. I don't know if there will be a romance. There is a tag that saids it but I'v seen some stories only have that for the romance at the start. That would be the Prince and Lilia. I honestly think that any romance with this would do nothing more then hurt the story. There is some dude named Ray. I'd be happy if he just becomes a friend. But I can already tell I won't like it if he is the romance partner. Normally I really only like Yuri romances as that I don't like watching a romance from a females view as she falls in love with usually a douche or pansy guy and I don't like watching a romance from a guys view because he usually is a d*ck and I don't feel he deserves the girl. Yuri is really one of the only romance ways I like in stories.

I really love watching the Prince be shitted on. That's always fun for me. In stories when the Hero or Prince gets destroyed by words and even violence. I like how both Lilia and Ghost-Kun just start shitting on him. I like the idea that one night Tina will be spending the night with Lilia like a sleepover in the dorms. Have it somehow be brought up and both Tina and Lilia start talking about how annoying he is and how self-righteous he can be. I'd even love it if the friendly and nice Tina admits that she doesn't have any feelings for him and only talks to him cause she is too kind in heart.

Overall I think this story is awesome. I wish we already had more of this. Hell, I think this would be an awesome manga or Anime. <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
The Ice’s Yearning
December 4, 2018
Status: c3
The 3rd (Or 2nd if you don't count the Prologue) chapter came out on November 17, And I finally got around to going back and rereading the story and reading the 3rd chapter.

I like this story a fair amount. Just the setting is so interesting to me and a certain type of charm to it. I find it interesting that the little girl was massively burned and mutilated in the sense that she is now all healed. She went through all that stuff and was on the verge of... more>> death. I think there is potential for this to be interesting such as a PTSD of sorts or nightmares of the pain that she felt.

From what little we've seen of the Main adult character. She seems interesting and I like the way it's portraying the emotionally-void person. Normally stories would portray characters that don't have emotions in kind of an eh way and will just have the person be a complete idiot to social cues or a straight-up murderer. I like that this MC is emotionally-void but we do see hints of her showing some emotions such as her little chuckle as the kid MC calling her a goddess.

The chapters are nice and long with a really good translation. I feel like the translator is able to portray the story how the author originally meant it to and it wasn't lost in translation. The only issue with these long chapters is that they take a while to come out.

Overall I think this is an awesome story and I hope it starts gaining more traction soon. <<less
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Female General And Eldest Princess
November 14, 2018
Status: c16
I like this surprisingly. I thought it would just be a weird and random mess of a story. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Unlike most Chinese stories, It's actually more of a slow burn pace instead of the really fast type of pacing I see in most Chinese stories. We are just now having the Princess meet the MC and it's chapter 16.

Some parts of it I find confusing and hard to follow along. Mostly when it's talking about the royalty side of the story. It being Chinese I also have... more>> issues keeping track of characters names.

It's really a fun story and I hope it can get more attention. <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
Didn’t Know General Was Female
January 5, 2019
Status: c2
The story is early on with only two chapters out. I think it is interesting so far, The pacing is nice and it's even a bit interesting that the MC was more of what you'd say a snobbish noble before she choked on a melon.

I am really disliking the father as of now, I keep on hoping something happens to him to get him out of the story. I like the idea that this is gonna be a story between the MC, Mother and the now Sister.
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SovietWeeb rated it
Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon
August 27, 2018
Status: c18
Disappointment is the best way to describe this.

I was originally kind of interested in this because I noticed it didn't have any mention in the description and not tags of romance. Finding Romanceless Female MC stories is rare. But as time progressed in the story. I realize it has both Romance and a harem of guys. So I was annoyed by that.

There's also the fact nothing really happens. The MC doesn't really seem to progress in becoming powerful and there isn't any notable character development. The story is more focused... more>> on the guys saving the MC and showing off to her.

I originally thought this story was gonna be about the MC becoming powerful and turn become the Demon King or so. But it's filled with cliche's of female stories and nothing of interest happens. I'm dropping this as off Chapter 18 <<less
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I read this on TL's website. Someone's comment brought up a good point. It's an issue I've had with lots of Gender Bender stories. That is, what is the need for it being a GB? Most stories could easily of had the MC be female from the start. If you are wanting Yuri in it that bad, they have the MC either like girls from the start or grow an attraction for them due to some mystical stuff. This story has that issue. The story also does something I hate... more>> when stories do for no reason. The MC is a blank sleight. They lost all their memories but have enough retention to remember their original gender. The MC in this story immediately gets over gender change.

The grammar and writing structure is good. The MC isn't an idiot from the 10 chapters I read. But the story just doesn't grab my interest in any way. I thought the Vampire Princess girl the MC meets at the start was interesting. I'd rather have her as an MC. Just kind of eh. <<less
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