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SomebodyUnown rated it
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
January 12, 2018
Status: c1950
I've read 95%+ of the raws so I think I have pretty good idea of what this novel is like.


World building: The in game world is way more extensive, balanced, and engaging than any other. This and the huge guild conflicts are the only reason and good enough of the reason to read this.

Game Mechanics: Players would never be able to completely experience everything even if given a lifetime, because anything you want in real life exists in game. They can fight and grind, taking 10 years to get to... more>> the top tier of level 200 or 250, smith armor, cook delicacies, maintain a business, etc. There's an actual dark camp of players that are ruthless player killers and cause all sorts of trouble. There is a main story and world events that are triggered only when players do a specific action or enter a certain area.

Balance: Currency seems more balanced than other game novels. Even though the protagonist seems to be nearly always richer and has a higher income than those top tier enemy guilds that are always purchasing gold, he is always running into budget problems, never able to fund every single project he can build. Enemy guilds are not going to be 10 levels on average lower than the protagonist's guild even though he holds all the knowledge of best leveling spots and strategies. The OP weapon the protagonist holds has repercussions, anything good will have a high cost. Also, rare things are actually rare. The protagonist might have the guild either be forced to obtain first clears or actually lead hundreds/thousands of people to grind an area a whole day for few drops. Hidden classes are actually rare as heck and broken but since all fights are guild fights, they are beatable.


Characters have absolutely no personality. Enemies are 100% vicious and selfish, subordinates are 100% obedient and hardworking. No in-between at all. They even say the same things. If not for the different tasks players were given previously, names could be switched around and we wouldn't notice.

Writing is repetitive. Before a fight, everyone thinks the enemy is better even after 100% win rate against several guilds supposedly dozens of times stronger and richer. Every single time some new tide-changing equip/weapon/item is revealed during guild fights, someone comments "So that's xxx's true ace/power" + "haha, they revealed all their cards now, we can deal with them now" even though the protagonist keeps showing new stuff like every two minutes.


Slow paced book. The game leading to the protagonist's pre-reincarnation level took 10 years. Even though the new timeline has game events updating several times earlier, the book probably won't end without like 6-8k or even more chapters...

No/ slow romance. All except one of the vice-guild leaders are all beautiful girls, but no romance in sight. I suspect that there might be something going on with the protagonist's classmate though. <<less
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SomebodyUnown rated it
Reverend Insanity
May 5, 2018
Status: --
I believe this is a very well written story (I started reading the raws)

Although the hero has 500 years of knowledge about the future, this is not a super powerful advantage (Heck, he has to fight with the Will of deceased almost-immortals with thousands and thousands of years of experience). It only brings him opportunities. What he gets out of the opportunities is very dependent on his own current strength and well planned manipulation of people. He does not always get all the prizes or the best prizes. Sometimes,... more>> he even takes heavy losses. In addition, his actions are not on a whim, they are all rational choices in his best interest. Even though he has no qualms about killing people, there is a reason for killing them. Eg keeping secrets, loot, prestige, etc. Of course, if the enemy is too powerful, he would run away.

As for world-building, I think it is exceptional compared to most stories. Although a Gu world is a little strange, it is done very reasonably. In addition, there is a powerful Creation story/myth within the world that not only explains the world in the novel, but also has many life lessons and philosophical thinking that can be applied to our life as well. I believe the only thing that is weak in the novel is the economy, but it is really hard for authors to get a reasonable/realistic economy in their stories, so I dunno.

I would recommend this story as long as you don't find magic drawn from bugs weird and have no problems with a anti-hero protagonist. <<less
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