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SomeBow rated it
Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no Eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》
August 1, 2016
Status: c7
This is a huge dissapointment.

Well placing any hopes upon this novel was a fool's errand in the first place.

There's not much to say honestly, besides that this is a mothereffing huge rip-off of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou.

... more>> 9/10 of the general development so far has been the same as Nagumo Hajime's from Arifureta.
Furthermore to list a few negatives:
The story being written in an extremely dull way. Short chapters and nothing elaborate about worldbuilding or characterbuilding (including the MC). In short; there's an extreme lack of characterdepth.

The MC is overpowered from the start,

but he actually turns into a god in chapter 7. What a development, huh?

I read the casual/slice-of-life-ish Death March novel to get my fill of OPness. If I wanted braindead plotarmor-MCs I'd however read any xianxia- or wuxia-novel rather than Kami Sumeragi Yuusha No Eiyuutan, but my ethics and morals keeps me from reading that inhumane so-called "litterature". In other words, I'm not reading any of it. I'll stick to my Death March.

To any person reading my comment, take my advice: Read Arifureta rather than this tr*shy ripoff. <<less
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SomeBow rated it
Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person
March 31, 2016
Status: --
EDIT: I’ve been editing this along the way as the chapters progressed.

(4th of April)

Right... The buzz was kinda killed after he acquired a wand at Ollivander’s waaayyy before the usual age of 11... I’m not sure if the philosophy of “let the child play with the matches, he’ll learn once he’s burned his hands – even if this in the wizard-world means potentially incinerating Muggles” was common in the 1980’s, or if this is just your typical plot-armor.

I had expected a least a little responsibility from the surrounding... more>> characters... seems like I had forgotten this is a Chinese reincarnation novel.

The familiar characters and newly introduced side-characters are more s*upid than your average doormat (doormat because the MC steps all over them intellectually with his superior charms... this guy is obviously a Machiavellian) with a degree of naivety, lack of worry or suspicion and one-dimensional character description which I’ve seen again and again throughout most of the terrible light novels. Apparently, besides from what we already know from the original series of Harry Potter, they have no more depth than a tiny cup.

Not to forget the author’s portrayal of the MC’s happy-go-lucky and loving parents, who seem to have no idea of what their child is doing. There’s no signs of parental worries in sight. Only incomprehensible worship and endless love from your typical light novel parent who is intended to be forgotten as soon as the MC leaves the nest.


Despite what you would expect from a child who is far from the teens, the MC manages to defy physical and mental abilities of focused concentration, e.g. such as reading the entire Hogwarts curriculum in 1 year and 6 months, just because the MC is this freaking awesome.

But hey, the MC got an awesome kitty and owl. Although, to my huge confusion, he feeds the cat with meat. Just because...

My initial interest was quickly shot down, as already in chapter 7 the usual MC plot armor and “awesomeness” has been the major part of the story. As other reviewers have said, this is just your usual Author-insertion, Mary Sue / Gary Stu garbage.

What initially piqued my interest was how the fan-fiction author would portray the familiar world from a new point of view, but... yeah...


Also, chapter 7 seems to be the introduction of one of the future, typical one-dimensional future harem-members. By now I only anticipate a fanfiction where the MC completely breaks havoc in the original series with his thick plot-armor and the typical Chinese MC charisma+seductive abilities of “being nice, and then being a ruthless psychopath”

So, 1/5 from me now. I consider speed reading through the following chapters, but I doubt I’ll truly enjoy it.

(31st of March)

Definitely, definitely interesting!

If you’ve read Harry Potter, give this a try. The chapters are short and a light read, however they catch you immediately.

The only downside to this fanfiction, is the remnants of the Chinese culture. The author is Chinese, and the interactions between the few introduced characters so far (reviewed up to chapter 3) has had a lot of Chinese expressions (e.g. calling strangers “big sister”) unique to Chinese novels embedded in dialogues, which is kind of odd, considered the MC voiced he has spent many years on integrating himself in England’s culture.

This downside is purely my own subjective opinion, as I’ve come to detest Chinese light novels after reading too much xianxia and wuxia.

So despite my bias, I still give this a 5/5 based on the few chapters translated so far. <<less
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This is a lighthearted story with a mediocre plot and mediocre worldbuilding. The settings however are very interesting, and the first couple of volumes are quite interesting, as the MC's approach to the story's unfolding is interesting and original.

The first 7-ish volumes are great with a lot of progression. But afterwards it falls off a lot! I definitely recommend reading up to volume 7, but anything from that point on is downhill.

The main character has little to no control over the story's plotline, as in he's being directed a lot... more>> from the side characters. Volume 8 and 9 especially grossed me out, due to some of the side-characters being especially dominative and harmful of the MC while going against his own wishes. This isn't even a dark story, quite the opposite. The MC takes all the abuse send towards him with no repercussions or change in character. The MC is completely whipped into subordination at this point.

I'm mainly a fan of Japanese LNs, and I usually find 95 % of all Chinese LNs absolutely distasteful. But volume 8 and 9 in "Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World~" definitely gave me a taste of the useless, spineless Japanese MCs with no personal boundaries and lack of character. <<less
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SomeBow rated it
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
May 2, 2017
Status: v2c3
The author writes well. Long chapters. Lots of stuff to have you spend your time on, in a good way.

Translation is at best 4/5. I give credit to the translator for sticking to the story though, as the story is quite extensive and long-drawn-out.

The story however I'd give 3/5. If you prefer some simple novels that can keep you occupied for a couple of hours per volume, while not taking too much mental strain, this genre and the specific novel may be something for you.

I'll go in depth here with... more>> what I find detrimental, but read at your own risk:


The MC is not likeable at all. In fact you can only come to dislike him. His specs are completely plain, his personality non-existent besides the redundant tsukkomis he keeps spewing. He is portrayed as if hating everything around him. Meanwhile he keeps going with the flow, accepting everything that happens as a matter of course, while not setting personal boundaries. The MC has no influence on what's happening in the story at all.

The sidecharacters are boorish as well. The main heroine, Ayame Kotoko, is interesting but due to the story's premise she turns into a shallow shell of what she could have been if portrayed differently. The other heroine, Yuuka Hatsushiba, is just plain one-dimensional. So far she's been portrayed as a "cutesy"-type, but that type is just plain obnoxious, as no girl besides in rom-com shitty mangas would behave like that. Some times some foreshadowing and mystery is stuffed in here and there in the story to deepen her character, but so far in the story it hasn't been explored. With the development speed the author has I doubt it'd be until volume 4 or 5 before you'd get to see different aspects of the heroines, while the MC will stay as "Template"-ish throughout the entire story like all other rom-coms, where a MC with any more than skin-deep personality-traits seem to be frowned upon.

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