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Laws of the Other World
August 13, 2018
Status: Completed

This novel is actually a bl version of Avatar film. In Avatar, there is interaction between the plants, animals and the humanoids. The humanoids respects the other species.

However, in Nibelugen it is more of control between the species. Meaning that higher rank organism (either plant or animal) can control the organism of rank below. S is the highest and the only rank where the organism can take a human form.

To the organism of Nibelugen, humans are nothing but a nutrition container for breeding. So beware, the beautiful the organism, the more dangerous they are. Coz you will be seduced and next thing you know that you are dead.

About the characters,

1. Zhou Yu x his hubby (hehe... you guys find yourselves who is he)

They are a cute pair. You may see a different part of Zhou Yu whenever he interacts with his hubby. MC is a man with principle, loyal to those who matters to him and not easily swayed which is also why he had attracted the attention of he - you - know - who.

2. Zhou Qing x his hubby

Actually this is my favourite pair although there is not too much of interaction between then when compared to MC and his hubby. You will get the feeling that they are an 'old couple' when you read the novel. Coz their relationship is intense in emotional wise. Well... Tats what I think.


Just one thing don't ever... EVER judge the characters in this novel. One moment you think he is a good guy then he become a bad guy.

It is a worth read. I give 5 stars.

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I just started reading the novel but can already grasp that a really big misunderstang is going on btwn these two. Obviously both are in love with each other in their previous life but one is too stubborn (tsundere) & the other is feeling guilty over his method of obtaining his love. Cannot wait to see how their love will progress this time around since the MC's love interest will confess first. (&Gt;_<)

Love the translation. Glad they picked this up.
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
June 24, 2018
Status: v2c13
In my opinion this novel is like BL version of XXX Holic. It quite predictable (if you read this after watching xxx holic I say) but I like where it is going. There is a mystery to it and obviously MC and ML has a past (previous life) relationship (which differs it from xxx holic and more to 'Betrayal Knows My Name'). It seems that in prev life MC is a woman?

I really love novels that focuses on their traditional beliefs, reincarnations, painful waiting for their loved ones and etc...... more>> Oh and don't forget about ghosts and devils. You can learn new things about ghosts and devils when MC is given new tasks by the ML.

I have high expectation for this novel especially about the MC and ML relationships about how they met, what happen to them previously and all.


The ML is really cold to the others than the MC [ T.T ] And has a lot of secrets.

Thank you translator for translating this novel. I really regret didn't learn Chinese. If not I will just finish it in one go. T.T <<less
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Dominion’s End
August 9, 2018
Status: v3c10
Love the novel. Especially when it comes to the interaction between the MC and his siblings. MC really tried his best to make sure his family can survive the apocalypse and become stronger so that the thing that happen to him in his past life? Which eventually led to his death won't happen. And at the same time he is having an identity crisis because of his past life memories. Well that is what me and MC's siblings are thinking.

And it also made me in a dilemma weather to call... more>> the MC 'he' or 'she'. Yeah...I mean physically MC is male but her/his inner monologue more towards female thinking. Like how sometimes 'she' drools over the big bro and wants to marry the sister coz she is so cute and call Shuyu pervert for that. I mean like woman/man! isn't all your thoughts! Why in the world you want blame the guy. No doubt the MC is funny. Even when fighting zombies.

There is comedy, betrayal, love, companionships and so much more. All these elements hooked me up. So imma giving a big 'LIKE' to this novel. <<less
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Soleus rated it
Kaleidoscope of Death
August 6, 2018
Status: Completed
What I want to really say is that...
... more>>

Sh%@... this novel is so dang awesome. I totally did not expect the twist at the end. I was like... what? Seriously??馃槰

This also made me realize how precious our MC is.

I suddenly felt like waking up from a dream after completing the novel. Like wow... I accompanied ML and MC trough the horrors and suspense and then its finished? That's all?

But I love the ending, love their unconditional love and all.

Gosh... just want to say the twist, the twist at the end. I cannot take my mind of it. I was shockingly SHOCKING!

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