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Snowflake2 rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
March 10, 2018
Status: c352
First of all I must say that it's currant rating of 3.4/5 is pretty much what it deserves.

If you want an incredible story likely to become your favorite, what you would describe as a masterpiece, this novel is not for you. I will try to list what the some features in as a nuanced way as I can see them, good or bad.

  • The main weakness: This novel has a major weakness: it is unbelievable. Not in the sense that it is awesome, but in the sense that you don't believe it. This makes the story more fantastic than futuristic. This touches on a couple of aspects:
    - The MC is too talented in too many things. Imagine a very talented chef which is a genius chess player because you have to be smart to be a chef, a great musician because he likes music, a great swimmer because he became muscled cooking, and so on. The MC does the something similar. It doesn't ruin everything, but it does makes the MC less plausible and more like an MC.
    - The universe is a futuristic intergalactic setting. But apart from the important or powerful people, the rest are "the crowd". It just makes the universe seem extremely empty, a waste as it could just have been earth with futuristic technology and it wouldn't change much. To give an idea, imagine going into the street and seeing only people you know. The billions of other people existing don't seem to exist.
    With this out of the way, I will get to be more objective about the better aspects of the story.
  • Plot: It draws you in. The plot is average. It has competitions, training and combat, in true Xuanhuan fashion. But the author does manage to hook you and make you forget the numbers of chapters you've already read.
  • Romance:The romance is one of the strong points of this story (this might just be personal taste, I guess). We see a romance that doesn't go into the harem and is believable, reminding me of Coiling Dragon. People actually have emotions other than rage, anger, humiliation, a thirst for strength.... (Too many novels really give the impression emotions are like a checklist, a plot justifier). Here we actually have have more humane people.
  • Enemy: The most disappointing thing for me were the Zergs mentioned in the synopsis. I was hoping for an interesting, challenging enemy that threatens humanity. They are not. They are just bugs, an enemy like any other which at best can be said to give up a good fight for the MC. Then again, they do play a rather minor role in the plot (so far) (which is part of my disappointment).
  • MC: The MC actually seems to evolve (I read Keklel's review which gives a negative if not inaccurate portrayal of the MC, but only up to c20). It actually gives a better than average coming of age story that makes a boy mature into an adult. I found this aspect enjoyable.
    The MC isn't without a fault however: his actions are sometimes justified weirdly (he is optimist=>he doesn't worry about that), but that is pretty much the only thing.
  • The pacing of the story is unique. Sometimes an ellipse happens out of nowhere or an event is here without us expecting it. Some would say unpredictable while others would say chaotic.
I hope this will have been of use. This was my first review even though I have read a... more>> fair number of novels. I will remind everyone that this is my nuanced and subjective opinion. <<less
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