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SnoopyGM rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: epilogue part2
God kill me, the harem character its stupid, the premise of making it also stupid, and the premise of maintaining it is also stupid.

The protagonist is like a vegetable/potato, weakling boy who coward against female, if you are female or vegetable male maybe you can read it with smile all the times

The protagonist is basically a boy even until he dead he is a boy, afraid of woman but strangely can fight against enemies who is far scarier. And the author keep making this kind of stories, he/she want to... more>> make a comedy with the male protagonist but the female have more strong personality. The comedy is overused, the joke is good at the beginning but become more and more unbearable at the end. The only way the main protagonist can dominate the all female is when there is a "growth" thing, but its f**king doesnt make sense, what is it anyway. After it happen the male always depressed, yes at the start its funny, but until the end he keep doing that? Just kill me.

I only keep reading to know what is the ending, yes the story is developing from very trash to trash thats funny. If people question why I said all of this, its because this f*cking story doesnt making sense, the protagonist is strong in war and battle etc, but afraid of his harem even his maid robot, kill me please, he cant say one damn thing that show he is the husband/leader/male in front of his harem, he always afraid, run, cowering like a pu*sy until he dead! Can you believe that? If this is comedy, then dont make a serious story goddamit, and also the author keep making this kind of feeling story.

Also the premise of the people saying its zero to hero is stupid, is hero always the shinning one who have harem but strong in your mind? ITS A FU**KING BOY FOR GODSAKE, he cant make a serious decision about his woman and keep running like a baby, a man? You mean a sissy maybe, yes its develop from zero to boy no hero, you want to read someting about kingdom, hero, and other real serious story read dungeon defense or genjitsushugisha, saying those who rate low is dont know anything show that you the one that dont know anything. The only people who rate this high maybe woman, vegetable man, or a boy/child who doesnt know what a 'real' serious story. Pffft and they say the story is masterpiece, master of half-ass story you mean, even Harry Potter personality is 5 times better than the MC, and thats what you call form zero to hero dumbass. Why not 1 star? Cause the development is good and the character is quite nice (different and unique) but still trash plot, trash protagonist, and trash ending. If you want good story dont read this, if you want to read a comedic+action+harem+stupid romance+whatever you want doesnt make sense story read this <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
Possessing Nothing
October 16, 2017
Status: c47
One of the best setting of the time travel theme novel

If you like a talented/genius/very smart/easy going/positive/cheat/dense MC dont read this

Read this if you want growing personalty/logical/hardship story/normal MC (no BS kind of weak to strong)

The MC is not a genius and dont have a cheat, he just a normal people who got so many experience in his previous life and using it to become better. No high goal, just be better than his previous life. In his past life he got so many bad experience like a lackey.... more>> This time by remembering all those experience he using it to become better.

For people who badmouthing the MC cause he think like a pessimist, you all cant feel the story, can you imagine got into a different world where everybody stronger and you just a trash, and do all thing just to become better trash but die in the middle? I bet you cannot, the MC way of thinking is very logical and not annoying at all, he still face enemy normally, he still kill people and monster normally, and not a coward. He just think he cant be as good as a genius, and that is VERY LOGICAL. He also doesnt think everything negatively, he sometimes hope to become a genius by getting a great skill, but still his talent is lacking. No its not a story about some BS talent/genius people but a story of hardship and unshakable will of a person. He isnt some kind of crazy murderer, crazy money seeking or any crazy something person who become good because they have an insane mind. He just want to become better as a normal person, and he did it step by step.


At first he just want to be better than his previous life, but in the way he meet a genius (friend) who challenge him to become more than that. The MC is so humiliated by the genius words and promise he will beat the genius. In that way, the MC way of life change, and he has a new goal. On the way he doing the unthinkable training and face so much hardship and got help by so many people. Then his story as a real magnate begin. His personality as an individual grow more and more as the story goes. No he dont do it himself, he got help by other individual stronger that himself and by their advice, he grows.

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I think SimonsaysLOL got some issues about liking to write bad comment to any kind novel because he got many like at other comment that is all about negative, his comment is purely only about the "early" part about chapter 1, and he keep rambling about it. Yes at the start the MC is the loser but are you really read this or just skipping all the story? The MC change pretty fast and become more dependable, and definitely not a loser and become quite a personality. Nobody is a... more>> perfect character, character grows and that is what story or novel about you twat (and no the MC is changing his personality and become a real man in just a few chapter dont listen to the twat). Judging in chapter early chapter is so amateur, plz dont be like this people.

As now the story have good potential, and as I look the raw at chapter 30+ the story is quite interesting, its like grimgar but more rugged and raw. The MC is not a loser, he just have a bad time, realizing you got some trash skill (its general knowledge=everybody know its trash) and your childhood friend/crush got cheat like skill is depressing you know. And remember its lifetime so its very depressing experience Im sure, and he still want to grow (the best part) and become strong not using his skill but others art (like magic skill).

The story maybe not very exciting and the MC is not the strongest, but he is the fastest growing person in the story in character or skill. So this is not some bs novel where the MC is strong and become more stronger, its about a MC that got trash skill for life and is still trash (no roundabout way like its actually a cheat, no its trash), and how he cope with it and grow stronger step by step. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!
September 27, 2019
Status: c60
Seeing a webnovel like this got a 4, 6 rating really sent tears to my eyes. Why? Because it sends a message that readers have become more and more primitive.

Ok, let make it simple, this webnovel is the same kind of misunderstanding bullsh*t. I give a 'bullsh*t' there because the novel is full of inconsistencies and idiocies. The MC is idiot, and the people around him also idiot, the villain is idiot, and the plot also is idiotic. Let me explain why, first the MC died full of resentment because... more>> a cheating wife, you may think he learns his lesson of becoming more careful with people. But instead, he just believes his parent's lies, just because he thinks it was all magic and they are stupid. Second, he believe a scammer teacher for more than 50 years (until the end of ch 60), he believe his 'master' like an idiot, there are many more examples but let's stop, as they are many more things to say. Don't even mention the MC's personality, some compare this story to CN novel, well at least in those CN novels, the protagonist has a personality, here the MC is a joke, I repeat a JOKE!

The people around him all idiot, they just follow the 'plot' with simple logic like a merchant believed the MC like gold because he is humble, for information gold is cheap here. Instead, the MC is just an idiot because he thinks gold is expensive like on earth, and the merchant just believes bullsh*t of 'humble' MC for years! And this merchant is a space merchant with a lot of power, he should travel around galaxies not trade good but find more brain cells instead. Also, the author's writing skill isn't growing at all since the Sevens, all the character personality is one dimension! So don't expect you can relate to any of the characters, they all seem like just a 'characters', just created for the sake of one big joke. The main villain here is the 'guide', which should be like a devil, you should think he at least has good brain. But instead, we got a brainless villain with one job in the story, become a punchline joke to the MC. He wants to make the MC's life miserable but his method is full of holes and so simple, in a word, stupid. All his plot against MC will eventually fail or backfire, while the MC always thanking the 'guide' because he thinks the 'guide' is an angel. Even so, you may think, "hey how can all his plot fail and backfire", which will get us to the last point.

The plot armor is so transparent and stupid in the whole story. The whole plot is so simple you can even see it coming in the first 10 chapters, its all about the villain or any mob antagonist try to hurt the MC then the MC actually become better because of them, he then 'thanks' them. Plus the MC tries to become 'evil' and do all sort of scheme but in the end, because he is stupid and the 'earth' misconception, people love/respect/adore him. There its all this story all about! The character is so one dimension and shallow that I pity those who rate this above 3. It's just like the whole story is a joke, oh wait it is! This whole 'novel' is a long joke with repeated joke lines like the sevens, with the joke become drier and drier each passing moment. As such personally I don't acknowledge this as a novel, but a story about a loooooooong joke.

My last point is about the 'misunderstanding' genre which becomes more and more popular lately, especially since the Overlord. Overlord is not the first novel with that kind of genre, but it definitely one of the most successful, why? Because it was done right! The plot is solid, with no plot armor bs. The character is complex and grows. All of this creates one of a kind great read. Compared to that, most of the 'misunderstanding' novel is trash, while this novel is like a child play!

So for those who want to just read because of reason such as hilarious/funny/slapstick comedy, or bs like those go ahead and read this.

But for those with a brain let me remind you to prepare losing brain cells reading this half-assed 'novel'. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
Apocalypse Meltdown
November 24, 2017
Status: c300
I already read until 300 ch, the concept is nice and interesting

The setting is apocalyptic world with 80% of people become zombies, 10% died of it and the rest either become something else, died of hunger or kill each other for food. The MC is not a dense guy, he is very quiet and not at talker type. He have power but never show off, and only fight the people who attack him. No he is not beta type MC, in fact he is very alpha, he dont want to... more>> kill other without reason because duh kill the zombie not the human.

One of the point of this novel is because he has the memory of future, he help other who he cant help and gather strong people.

The downside is maybe the slow pace of the story, 300 ch is no more than 6 month, but thats is not too bad though. The other downside maybe is the plot of how he met the 'future' top zombie killer, and he befriend many of them, in no more than 3 month! Thats kind of rubbish plot doesnt it, but maybe thats why he got the cheat power or something (god will maybe), dunno. And other big downside is the quality of the translation, personally I can even read the machine translation so I dont have problem reading it, but the translation is bad, you can read it yes, but I start to think the one who translate using machine after that fix it to his style, readable but bad, some point got missing in the translation, some point become confusing and some even become downright "what...", for example when the story reach climax the MC sound very fierce and cool, but after the translation its just become little cool, maybe the translator is new after learning english/chinese, even I can use machine translator and edit it better than them, it just that bad.


The cheat skill is in a way is cheat, but in other way is not. In the past live he dont have 'supernatural' power but in this live he got this cheat skill or cheat 'supernatural' skill. After apocalypse human can become stronger and stronger, and they name it type 1 as the start (already as strong as best athlete) and stronger as the type number goes. The MC growth in his type is strongly influenced by his cheat so he cant advance fast enough as other 'top' zombie killer. But because the cheat also have other function like strength up, agility up etc, because of that he can win against people at higher type. But as the 'type' thing significance power, people always belittle him and always mock him, its kind of become his routine, where they mock him, insult him etc until they attack him, and he mow them all (this happen often).

And of course warning, many people died lol, lots of blood, human parts, and other gruesome thing.

I recommend this for people who like the apocalyptic theme with ruthless/smart/calculative/cool headed MC. For those looking beta/comedy/dense MC you may not like this.

And below is my rant for special snowflake and crybaby who rate this below 3 star without logic cause they want to know everything and want everything happen to be what they think


Also for those who is special snowflake you better dont read this before you cry about sh*t, I read some comment who like to comment about sexist r*pe etc in apocalypse theme story, what a snowflake. Many thing doesnt got explain very detailed in the early chapter, and some crybaby already commented about it, pfft what a noob. If all the information is already out in the open its not a web novel idiot, it maybe isnt a story at all, just read, some thing is not explained because there is time to explain it, stupid. I already read to ch 300 so for those who just read only 20 chapter and complaining sh*t about ranking and stuff, its in chapter 100ish, and for the every character background etc its to far off, so many unexplained information, and if you want to know all of it kill the author, you jack ass. What an asshole, give 1 or 2 star rank not because the story is bad, but because he/she is a snowflake and want to know every f*cking thing at the early chapter! I may only give 4, but this wn is doesnt deserve low rank if you cant understand what a story is, jackass. Try to write one if you can, and yes I already try it, so I can feel the rage if some story got stupid idiot comment. If you are stupid just score it dont comment and mislead every other people who never read it.

Some people also commenting about the lack of 'good' people in the story and everybody is malicious, bad etc... well we dont need sherlock to answer him cause this is f*cking easy, its apocalypse idiot. 80% turn to zombies, and if you are unlucky maybe all in your house except you turn into one, so where is those 'good' guy? Dead, definitely dead, those who survive will of course competing for resource you moron, and how to do that? Asking nicely? Sometimes I ask myself why some people with limited imagination and knowledge start to commenting like they sound so smart even though all their argument is full of flaw. And yeah 1 or 2 zombies is not a problem, but 1 bite you turn to become one, and there is not 1 zombies, every person need to fight at least 4 of them (80%), and dont forget the zombies will swarm, try play zombie game, tell me how you beat them, even using a baseball bat is too much energy consuming for each swing and will you swing another 3 zombie will probably swarm you to death.

Also about the r*pe thing, human instinct remember, the one who become the leader always the strong one, and how many of those strong people is a good guy? Most 'good' guy is weak and they use money or law to influence people to also become good in society, have you ever see strong man politician, maybe 1 in 50. Most strong guy is not so nice you know, especially in country like China, so of course that most of the leader is bad guy, and how to release their stress? Basic need, food, place, and woman, if you dont know this maybe you are a sissy or woman. Also in later chapter there is a good guy, just not in ch 66, actually there is many good guy who become leader, if I count maybe almost half is 'good' guy who dont r*pe woman in first glance. Also another reason why so many bad guys is maybe can be explain by this quote 'In the worst situation people will show their ugliness', basically apocalypse if stressful, using percentage 4/5 of people you know is not alive and want to eat you. And those alive is also 'potentially' zombie in the future, think about that Rorrim. Think with your head next time.

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SnoopyGM rated it
Overlord (LN)
January 19, 2018
Status: v12
When you see a novel with 4, 7 rating and most top review is 5 star you know its good. Some people rate it 3 star or less, its cool they just never read 'real' novel and mostly glorified the mainstream novel with too many complicated sh*t like SAO that have plot make on the go (seriously its should just stop after ALO, after that just clusterf*ck of BS). Anyway Overlord is different, its unique, not because its cool full of action or cool MC, but because all the plot... more>> is only just a build up. Build up of what you say? Of course 'sasugasm', the misunderstanding is the selling point of this novel, its meticulous, its cool, and importantly its funny.

Meticulous, so many detailed thing in this another world, so many secret, so many history and little got explored/leaked, you can feel the size of the information and for those who have adventurous soul, you can feel how good and vast this world and Yggdrasil world is. So many character with different personality that impact the story from many pov, you can feel how 'alive' they are. You cant read the story, maybe little but definitely cant predict all the storyline, its maybe kind of random but then BAM, its buildup to a point you just say wow.

Cool, yes its different world, its so vast and interesting if you play game you can feel how cool and interesting the setting is. When the MC fight you can feel and understand what he think also as a gamer. The fight is cool, every fight have a different sense of cool, but its very good and very logical, not just some kind of willpower bullsh*t but really the real logic, did you can solo 1 vs 1 Boss monster, logically no, but how about level difference of 70lv, definitely it got rekt.

Fun, those who rate this novel 3 or less definitely cant feel the fun part of the story, yes sometimes the MC is kind of stupid and the misunderstanding also stupid, but the whole story is a build up of the funny part of 'sasugasm'. What is sasugasm you ask? Its when the misunderstanding got the whole new point of funny, when the MC is praised as super genius even though he isnt, but how he can get to that point is the whole 'build up' and if you see it that way maybe he is genius in a way (luck).

I cant say too much too spoil the fun, but let me tell you this novel is an unique kind of masterpiece. As a person who read almost 100 different novel western and eastern, this definitely is one of the top that give me new kind of experience. Its unique, most 'top' (mainstream) novel sell how cool their MC or the heroine (s), but here none of that matter, the plot is the most selling point of this novel! Here you cant really say the MC is very cool, or the heroine is waifuable (weebo stuff), but you will feel how interesting the plot and how fun you can have when you read this. So for any kind of people, for any kind of age, I recommend this novel for all of you, feel the plot, feel the story, and got the fun, cause its what the story should be all about! Have a nice read. <<less
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I give this novel 3.0 at the best, I dont know why Im being so generous

The story is about lack of common sense, yes, the MC is lack of common sense and so naive.

The people around him also naive, even the demon is naive, everybody is so simple minded its like no story at all

... more>> Nobody become the MC enemy except the Demon, cause you know demon is evil lol

The only good thing about this is the translator is good and fast

You want to know more? Ok, MC is OP, he is reincarnated from old world and have god like power, in this modern world, every knowledge is lost so you know the rest (in more advance old world he is like the best like god, and in this weak modern world, he is basically the god)

No plot, the author is just make on the go, badly, the jokes always the same (MC is sooooo op), everybody always in awe, the character has no depth

If you want story worth reading, dont read this <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
Dragon Poor
January 16, 2018
Status: c11
It may be too soon to rate this novel, but till ch 11 nothing happen, yes the MC have cheat advance power, yes he is hardworking, yes they belittle him thinking his class is trash, but the essence of the story itself is lame. The MC doesnt look like he have strong interest in his story, its just narrative story about what he do, and other around him do and little about what he think or feel. For 10 ch of story its lame, it cant make you want to... more>> read more, its stale and not exciting whatsoever.

There is not enough background of the story or the MC and people around him, only the description of his power and the situation which is mostly too boring. Maybe it will get better, maybe it will not, but one thing for sure I dont want to read this again. You cant even feel strong feeling in the story either its good, evil, romance, or whatever, its just a narrative beginning that is not exciting enough for people to read further.

The author really really need to learn to write an exciting and interesting story, not just 'promise' it will become exciting but just the exciting part only, there is too many stale and unimportant information in the beginning until ch 11, it bore me out and maybe others.

So those who want to try this one, prepared for at least 10 chapter of boring narrative and nothingness of story, if you can read past that maybe you will find this interesting, or maybe not. <<less
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I already read trough the raws till the lastest chapter (now), I must say it kind of ok story.

The protagonist have some flaw, he is not the leader kind of character, he easily persuaded and not very ruthless, also sometime stupid, but he knows that and he actually realize that and decide to not mingling with other survivor cause he know he will become the one who will be the 'protector' and he know he cant say no cause his personality. So thats kind of bad and good at some... more>> point.

The plus point is definitely the side character, Momo the shiba inu, and there is more (side character) to come, which is give the story some colour (I want that shiba inu so cute lol). The plot is also quite realistic and interesting, I dont see many flaw in this plot except what really happen to the central government.

The minus point is definitely the slow plot, because the short chapter, ch 82 is actually day 5.... what the f*ck... And the protagonist growth is still kind of lame, mostly he just use his cheat power to grow. If he is more smart, he already become so much stronger than he is now, but guess what he is not, he just want to become something like jack all of trades which is stupid in my opinion, cause that can wait later if your enemy is f*cking much stronger than you. What can jack all of trade can do in that kind of situation, nothing except using smart head, but MC is not really this kind of genius type so you know the rest. Also for those who think his power is not OP, you will see later, it is the very definition of cheat power, but the protagonist cant use it correctly and want to become jack of all trades, I just slap my face when know that, so stupid, thats why he cant solo boss character enemy 1 on 1, if he is more smart he definitely can solo vs 2 boss character easy enough. Momo the shiba inu definitely help the protagonist alive, he should die multiple time if not because her. But in the hindsight, the protagonist only a normal office man so what can we hope for that kind of background?

All in all the story is realistic enough to got 4 star in my opinion, the character have solid background that make him what he is now, also he know himself well about his weakness which kind of negate the flaw of the MC. The plot is interesting with many more character beside the MC, and the big question about what will happen next make you want to read more. Its not great enough to give star 5 but at least worth 4 star in my opinion.

I recommend this novel to those who like apocalypse/action/fantasy/cheat/game system setting, but dont hope so much of the MC character, he may grow in the future, but now he is just barely pass ok protagonist in my opinion. <<less
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For me this story is unique,

Personally I want to hate it, the story is slow, MC is strong, smart but never show it to others, and achievement what make him famous, it make bad rumors flowing everywhere.

He is very detailed and patient person, and the story always show that every f*cking time, it making me crazy (and maybe other reader). The craziest thing is the story is slow but it always have the same pace. I never think how the author can make such a boring slow detailed story.... more>> Yes, the story is detailed, you can very much feel what the MC feel, and I must say it very good at that. But the MC although smart and strong is not very fiery and passionate person, he is middle aged kind of thing and always do some mind asking stuff. So that the downside of this, I cant seem to like the MC very much, but I cant say he is wrong, its just the author is too detailed telling all this stuff, making people got bored.

The story itself is quite interesting and plain in a sense, there is no great danger or heroic thing, there is war but normal war, so you cant feel passionate kind of thing in battle. Yes there is many life threatening event but somehow you know the MC will survive, with great deal of plain tactic, no exagrated talent thing.

Maybe the most great about this novel is how the author keep this story going with the same pace and making the reader go crazy by boredom. But I must say he does a good job at this, the chara have dept, the story is unique and realistic, the plot is slow but sometimes interesting. And after you read it more and more you realize it actually a slow pace novel that is quite good, its not great but definitely not trash, its have a good storytelling that most novel dont have, and its make you want to know what happen next to some extend.

I give it 4 cause its a good novel that have anything to become great but somehow the author want to keep the story his way, and it shows in the story, its not trash or very meaningful story, but its a ride to read.

I recommend to read it if you want to follow the story which make many people die from boredom and leave the rest follow just to know the ending, but stop it if you want a great story or passionate story, cause there is not that kind of exiting development in here. The author can make that, but I think he just dont want to make such mainstream story, he just want to write his story. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
Royal Roader on My Own
January 9, 2018
Status: c66
Disappointing, the protagonist is just like a child with this game world cheat.

He said that without this another world he will be like a pig or 'empty husk' in real world, he will 'only' have the remaining money he got from the another world. Guess what that 'remaining money' is worth millions of USD and he already got so much other ability in real word from the cheat he take in another world. He is a greedy pig with no redeeming quality other than playing this 'royal road' and handsome... more>> face.

The author want to make the character likeable with adversity, but instead its just showing the main weakness of the character which is soooooo much greed. He already got so many ability that make most human will consider cheat especially the 'focus' he got in the real world. With that he can become the smartest person in the entire planet, or at smart person by just reading books. But guess what, he said it just said it doesn't worth more than his life in another world the 'royal road'.

If that doesnt show the greediness and stupidness of the protagonist I dont know what does. He do so many stupid thing and never think carefully, until something already happen then that the time he think, stupid, very wasted story on such protagonist.

The story is stale and not exciting enough, the protagonist ambition? Money of course, also he already know so many future thing in this game world so why brother to explain in detail? The detail also stale, not funny enough, not exciting enough, nothing at all. I guess the author should polish his skill more to improve the mood and the plot of the story.

For all the staleness and the boring protagonist I still rate this story 3, because it dont have many mistake, but also nothing worth mentioning. Its not bad enough to become bad story but definitely not great whatsoever. My turning point is ch 66 which show how bad the protagonist character is, if you still can read until that than maybe you will tolerate it.

At those reason I dont recommend this story for those who like protagonist with background/interesting plot/great story telling/character building.

Its an ok story though with good amount of detail about fantasy world setting. Well maybe only that worth mentioning, the other is only average. <<less
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One of the best s*x theme web novel right now

The plot is complicated but still light to read, the s*x scene is good and differ with each one

The protagonist is a villain with a mind of a lone hero, he have the cruelty of a villain but the kindness of a hero

... more>> He want to anything he want to do especially find pretty woman and have s*x with them, but doesnt want to make others hurt or do anything bad unless they do him first

His logic is simple and somewhat stupid, but it was his decision after died a stupid dead and life a boring life before, so kind of make sense, even though he want to be a villain but he cant discard his good personality that sometimes appear

He r*pe woman but also save them in every case, in a way not a bad and acceptable

Each main character and villain have each circumstances and I must say the author make a good job with that, since most s*x theme web novel character except the prota usually is like a mob or got mindbroken or follow the plot like stupid idiot

Also the most important is the translator is good and almost catch up to the raw chapter (72/76) <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
Legend of the Supreme Soldier
January 21, 2018
Status: c607
I read till the finish, well its mediocre at best. Let me tell you the plus and minus:


  • The fantasy setting is quite nice, so many galaxy and secret to be explored, the technology is advanced but you can still see how it got to that advance.
  • There is many character with different pov and different motive.
  • The excitement from reading some part is quite good, like the story sometimes leak the future but not all, so we can like to know what happen.

  • Although the fantasy setting is big, but never be really explored and become to 1 dimensional. For example, MC go to this planet to that planet using xx, he meet enemy, he meet asteroid belt, the distance is xxx. No feeling at all, to monotone, you cant feel the adventures feel in the story, so boring.
  • Almost no growing character in the story, always to simple, only the MC character growing can be seen, the others is like from poin 100 to 101, almost no development, the author create to many mob and even the heroine and villain cant be stick to much in the story. Even the MC itself is kind of lame.
  • The MC definitely is an idiot, really idiot, he do so many idiot thing and almost 99% try to finish problem with violence, if that not idiot what is? The author definitely create plot armor too stupid this one, he always get away, and the enemy is always and I emphasize on this, always attack him also with violence or brute force. Like what...., some understand politics and have great status in the society but still finish problem with brute force, I just cant think how stupid people who read this can say this is good. And even if so, the MC is not very strong itself, yes he become very strong latter but that only because his 'team', but at start its just so stupid, he should died so many multiple time, and he still think to use brute force. This is the single most minus point in the story, the idiot MC, he dont know so many thing, even the common sense. He should be got scammed so many times, and got find out by his enemies by this alone, but no, plot armor in action, he suddenly know danger and got away, and the enemy late in action.
For all those above reason I score this... more>> 3 at best, and normally should be 2, but I give plus to the fantasy setting cause its not easy to make. So I recommend this novel for those who want to read a galactic setting fantasy with mecha, but dont hope too much in it, its not the best, but what is this day. Also dont hope to much to the story, its same as most CH wn, weak, train, strong, meet enemy, train, stronger and loop. The MC is also not that likeable, only ok at best. And below is the spoiler for more:


He start in the some dumpster planet, meet OP machine, train, got away from the planet, go to another place, meet other people stronger, train, kill, train again, go to another place, learn many things but not common sense, smart but stupid at the same time, got chase away, go escape, train, meet new people. There its the summary of first 200 chapter, full of bs anyway. But if you can still read until that maybe its good for you, the rest is not much.Make a team, fight strong power, got away, trap in strage shit, got away, meet strange tribe, help them, become OP organization, after that pretty much kill anyone in the way. Oh yeah this last spoiler is the ending, dont read if you want to enjoy the storyThe MC is actually a secret kid with bloodline of super power, but doesnt know that, and he become the savior of the humankind by kill monster who kill 3/4 human in all galaxy. By killing it he become the savior duh, and they 'forget' all his past crime of killing spree, very logical yeah?

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SnoopyGM rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
January 21, 2018
Status: c300
Pretty dumb novel, I read halfway and think is this story worth it? And read the ending, and nope its trash.

Pretty much full of the mainstream storyline of 90% of china webnovel, fight, train stronger, meet enemy, train again, be stronger, meet stronger enemy, loop till you become god. What you can expect for that summary, well seriously nothing, the fight is full of normal bs china webnovel, the plot is full of plot armor, and the secondary character is not that likeable in the first place. Some scene make... more>> you feel emotional though, like hmmm oh yeah 1 or 2 in 300 chapter.

The author keep repeating the opness of the character and how almost nobody really know it, like all people is idiot. I cant stand with this kind of 'serious' story with no serious dedication of missing commons sense, so many time the MC identity secret almost revealed but ops nope, the MC got plot armor, f*ck it, we know his 'secret' identity not revealed until he is strong enough, if not he already died and the story end, stop with the "what if" situation. My entire point is toooooo many loophole and the author is kind of stupid, if not the story or the character is. Dont really recommend this novel, I got it if its comedy but this novel is not! To much loophole you cant see it with seriousness again, only rage inducing story.

Why not 1? Well I it should be 1 if not because of some emotional scene which only a man can understand, seriously though 1, 5 star is maybe the score. Read it just if you dont have anything better to do, not a really good story, but at least you can spend time reading this. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
Praise the Orc!
July 3, 2017
Status: c43
The people who doesnt like this novel basically have a narrow view.

The storytelling is very good, make me doubt for a second this is a web novel, the level of complexity and mystery is very good, its like reading a light novel. Which mean this web novel author have a very good planning of the story in each chapter and each character. Even at ch 43 there is many question that cant be answered, but thats the way a story should be, if some story tell the answer at the... more>> start there is no point you read till the end right?

The story concept itself is simple, what happen if NPC is also human? Even the monster like goblin have feeling and honor. But of course nobody in the right mind think like that when playing game right, we all just think the game is so realistic and keep killing the "enemy". This novel basically tell that perspective with the most realistic way possible. The MC is stumble upon the game first time, he dont have gamer thinking like normal people, so he can easily think NPC like a human, but others cant.

The story is about how he oppose those normal thinking player and got so many hardship (cause he is alone and enemy everywhere)

I recommend this novel for every people especially gamer, very intriguing and good story to open our mind about games or maybe AI. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
November 17, 2017
Status: --
This is actually very good and solid web novel, so many backstory and setting

The plot is unpredictable and the character is very interesting

Recommended for people who want to read a comedy-serious story

The level itself is like a real novel so it above those most web novel especially the mainstream chinese one, which always full of bs fighting and cultivation scene
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SnoopyGM rated it
12 Hours After
May 29, 2019
Status: --
Lame, the MC is naive, impulsive, and too easy to read. The news system is also not that interesting. Almost nothing is interesting in this novel. The MC way of doing thing is so simple and stupid, if you are a kid maybe you can read this with a glee in your face. But this novel is such a one way plot, almost nothing very interesting in this novel. Plot lame, MC character: naive lame, other side character: nothing interesting, lame. There is one novel that have some similarities with... more>> this, which is "Extraordinary Genius" (same theme, investment from future knowledge etc), that is over the top plot, but more interesting plot, MC and others is much more "human" than this novel. I rate this 3 for 'ok' story, nothing interesting, readable, but boring and stupid wannabe business story. I dont recommend reading this, except if you are a kid or adult loser who dreams got super cheat and can make money. Also the business perspective is not making sense, this novel is just wannabe rich story. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
August 7, 2018
Status: v1c1
I rate this 4 star for the story and the world building. But I stop reading this bcause even though thr author want to make story with 2 main character, it develop into 1 stupid and gulible but strong main and 1 weak but smart and kind of bitch. The strong but stupid is of course the male, and as some people already review its really not very good character.

He is a very high status mercenary but stupid. In many story this already become the side character, its not exiting... more>> and interesting enough. I think the only people who would really enjoy this is either a woman or a beta male, because goddamn this is really a story of side character people with people on the sidelines not caring about the male protagonist. Remember he is a very known mercenary! The female protagonist is intereting and devious by keeping the male and using him as a lackey, its not really shown but yeah the male is her slave.

Maybe what I said is a little overkill but that all true, look at the title, the male is poor, but he is very good, how can he still become poor? Ask the female protagonists. That is how the author want to make this story going.

I rate this 4 because its a good and interesting novel for some people and I rate this objectively, but personally I hate this story waste 3 hour of my time. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
The Record of My Sex Life in a Different World
March 16, 2018
Status: --
What happen if you have an overflowing libido, little writing talent and hobby of all kind of hentai? Lets make a story and fusion it, no not just normal kind, lets do the immoral mindf*ck s*x in all ways possible you can think. That is the real summary of this novel.

In one side only people with nothing to do or like to read hentai will try to read this after the synopsis, so maybe it is justified if the story is that crazy. Read it after you prepare yourself, the... more>> story is as crazy as the synopsis said, the tags also will give you more clue.

As a person who clicked it, I know its bad, but that is why it called fantasy, who can you judge? Its the author fantasy. For that kind of synopsis, it really speak of the story that is only fantasy sex, nothing more. No 'real' story, dont hope much, only and only read this if you have nothing to do or like to read hentai. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
The Book Eating Magician
September 1, 2017
Status: c139
Why reading poor review people always amuse me, their argument is so stupid I can counter it in one sentence. You all know that the one who write it is not your mother right? Many people arguing MC this MC that, story this story that, the other chara is blablablabla. But they just speak because I think they just cant accept the story not because it was bad, but because it doesnt go their way.

The story is kinda bland in the beginning and up until ch 60+ its become more... more>> and more intense, and too intense right now. The fighting is too much and the development is weird because the MC always find new enemy, like he is walking disaster. Even the author write it in the story, thats the only thing thats bad right now I think. MC itself is very greedy and want to become stronger, well who can blame him he just a magician (soldier) in the world where people at war, imagine the cold war and you are soldier but no gun, of course you want to become stronger and stronger and the world itself is very vast many extensive mystery and history unsolved, so MC greed can be justified. And many people asking why dont he use his power to ask question more meaningful, well because he doesnt have your imagination, he is not you, try use your puny brain to imagine if you become him, a magician with no knowledge about power, politics, world etc, just magic. And if he did ask that kind question to his grimore, and the answer is not what he want, what do you think? And the author doesnt need to f*cking write every time he ask the question man, its not a diary, for god sake.

The story itself is interesting, MC personality is good and smart, other side chara also very alive and smart in their own right, the only downside maybe is the MC growth is to fast, but if you think he got a legendary grimore (like a cheat skill) it can be justified. Till now I cannot say it perfect, but I cant find any flaw in all their personality or the story. All the bad review is always about their view, like they dont like sexy onee-san, or his friend (girl) who likes him, but till now they are NOT HIS HAREM FOR GODSAKE, maybe someday but no, not now and that is good, also what your problem man, you dont have a girl who likes you and you blame this story? Grow up, the MC is handsome, kind and strong, what other reason do girl need to like him you dumbass. Many people always say their opinion and views very very selfishly in their comment without giving objective score such a sad people.



MC is very diligent magician but no talent whatsoever, and become so sad and angry to his own talent until the legendary grimore appear because the grimore sense he have so many greed/glutton for knowledge. After that using the grimore he become more and more stronger and help so many people, become important figure and of course fight so many impossible monster and enemy and keep growing. Also the grimore is alive and have personality so he can think and sometimes give advice, but their relationship is like mutual symbiotic that help each other. And so their journey continue to eat more books? Dunno about the real intent of the MC, he just a very kind and want to help people but the situation always make him fight, which in most case because he is the one who make it happens, and many case because author logic meh (coincidence).


If I rate it maybe I gove 4-5 star, 5 for now cause no apparent mistake that can I correct until now. But the more and more ch it come up, the development will be more hard to write and more easy to become stupid, so for now its good but if the author cant keep up his idea in this story it will become bad/downhill so fast. <<less
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