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SlowPro rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
December 24, 2016
Status: v5c31
I prefer this over Terror Infinity (Also a good novel) because its more situated on a single person and I feel that the world is more expandable (a lot of things unexplored).

I feel that the novel is more realistic in terms of the world itself and what happens but the interactions feel a bit weird and so do some characters but I like the fact that the main character has little to no knowledge on the actual movie places he goes to as well how the author uses some... more>> elements from the movies to create new events and circumstances that weren't originally there (you'll know after reading a certain volume) as well as the changes that the main character inflicts on the movies themselves.

The main character is kind of an anti-hero as he can't really be considered a villain because of his actions and why he does it but why he does it make it like that to some he is a hero and to others a villain but most of his actions lead to him becoming a hero sort of figure. <<less
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SlowPro rated it
9 Heavenly Thunder Manual
July 29, 2016
Status: c217
9 Heavenly Thunder Manual is quite the interesting novel in my opinion. Despite it's obvious cliche parts which are evident but at the same time necessary it is definitely a good novel to read.

The author in my opinion is very creative and shows himself to be erudite with his writing. Such examples of his creativity are his arc's. One such arc is where he is displaced and is located somewhere he shouldn't be.

Rating this low because of racism, in my opinion is plain stupidity. Yes, despite all regards and... more>> honesty that the name of the countries and people could simply be changed and then that would stop being racist. I would prefer that the editor or translator simply changes the name of the countries to different counterparts such as Kou Country which I believe is the name Chinese gave Japanese to a different name which could be anything in all honesty.

As for how the main character gains revenge, it's quite complicated.... If you read the story you'll understand and notice it's unique and some characters are simply to stupid in some regards and sometimes I find myself dumb from such interactions and conversations between certain characters.

Overall this Novel is without doubt in my belief that it is worthy of at least an average of 3.5 as thats literally the lowest amount of stars I could ever think to give it, with five obviously being the most. <<less
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