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SlightNovelFan rated it
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
March 29, 2016
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In my opinion this story to skim through, but has too many flaws to be read closely (if you spend more than 5min pr chapter, I wouldn’t recommend it) :

1) There are too many people to keep track of both the IGN and RL names. I had to eventually go back and make a list of the characters aliases to keep track of it all... I personally don’t like a story where I’m forced to take notes to understand what’s going on.

2) So, what’s going on with the women? At... more>> one point (around volume 15 I think), his sister claims Dain is his perfect match, however nothing really happens after that.. After 9 years of story telling, I am thoughroughly convinced that the MC is a psychopath (completely unable to feel empathy)..

2, 5) As far as I understand it, in CoM he was a complete a***ole, who bullied and stepped on anyone, completely void of interrest in social activities, yet in one year of doing through (impossible to do and) hellish training schedule, he becomes socially skilled enough to get friends that can overlook his flaws and cause every girl to fall in love with him, somewhat including his sister?

3) The story is all over the place – One chapter can be about 4-5 different people/groups, that then doesn’t appear untill 5 chapters later..? This again leads back to my first point of it being hard to keep track of who is who. The sidestories that gets added along the way, are a bit too randomly thrown in there and jumps all over the place in their progression and completely stops acting when the MC acts on a sidequest. This especially relates to the story of the Priests of Ressurection / Embinyu Church.

4) So after the beginning, what happens to his stat window? It’s just poof, gone.. It really lacks the constant updates and comparasings between monsters stats & the characters that Zhan Long has. Seems to me like a major blunder..

5) Okay, this sort of pissed me off. The MC states at one point that life is 98% about money and 2% desires, friends and one more. I’m sorry, but doesn’t that mean to the MC that his desire for money, makes his life = 100% money? So does he even have a heart, liver, brain anymore or is he entirely made out of won-bills? I suppose this again leads back to the psychopath aspect I stated earlier.

6) You can scim through the entire story and not miss a thing. I read chapter 10-19 this way and I wrote down the events and people, reread it carefully and I didn’t miss a thing. Undetailed and fillers-packed narrating that is straight up dissapointing to read.

There are other points I’d like to make such as his sister's dropping out of a gang with nothing getting mentioned of it later, but people would probably forfit reading this review if I did so.

I liked the story as a timefiller inbetween other releases (currently reading 15 other LN’s), but that was it. I would recommend reading Zhan Long and ARK first, and if you fall inlove with the genre of VRPG, then read this. <<less
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The King’s Avatar
April 1, 2016
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Hands down, I’ve only read the first 180 chapters and probably shouldn’t judge the story just yet, but I cannot help but share my enthusiasm for the best MMO-based novel I’ve read thus far (30 Volumes into LMS, 500 chapters into ZL, dropped ARK after.. Can’t remember).

I’ll start with listing the negative, minor details I found in this story:

1) Who the hell hires an insulting stranger, who basically just hijacked your account for a bit, to work at a Net Café? Isn’t this the same as hiring a sex-offender to... more>> babysit?

2) The game is 10 years old, shouldn’t it be dying out? Also, why isn’t there talk of any other games in this world?

3) As a master-tier player (LoL) this sort of hurts me a bit: Net Café’s mouses and headsets su** and therefore should limit the pro's performance compared to the club's computers... How can Ye Xiu also change computers whenever? Don’t they have special binds? – Like how Wang Jiexi checks Plantago Seed’s settings.

4) Can you actually hit be at the very highest tier of reaction-time, APM and team-battles without proper food and sports? – Although it is somewhat shown after a 15min concentration-period has utterly exhausted him, I still find it hard to believe he can play at a high level for 12+ hours a day. (I guess this is somewhat inbetween good and negative)

5) OT (Off Tank) doesn’t mean that you lose aggro !!!!! AAARGH... It means someone who can also tank outside of their main role (e.g. a mainspec dps/healer monk with offspec tank) – This is probably just me that screams out whenever this pops up though...

Things I like especially about this novel over other LNs’ or just in general:

1) There isn’t any stat system, purely skill-points system in which all are the same unless they have some special encounters. It removes the ‘I wonder what his stats are now’ scenario that LMS has and the ‘What were the gains compared to his old stats again?’ senario that ZL has.

2) It balances perfectly between keeping and dropping side characters in the story as it progresses. I believe everyone that played a mmorpg has experienced that changing parties filters the friendly/active/skilled players from the rest.

3) The story progression is very liniar, and predetermined advantages are carefully explained and compared to each other, such as Tang Rou’s APM compared to Su Mucheng experience.

4) As a former vivid mmorpg-player, I like the repetitative aspect of the story, as I feel it reflects the grindind aspect of PVE. Most mmorpg’s are (at least) 80% grind based untill the later stages, which is clearly shown here.

5) The main-characters are mostly shown through impressionism and only occassionally shown by direct statements where as side-characters are mainly are reversed; my prefered method for skilled narrators.

By the way, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. I don’t think it’s a perfect story, but I’ve been hooked since the beginning and couldn’t help becomming extremely nostalgic towards my former mmo days (Q.Q). <<less
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SlightNovelFan rated it
Peerless Martial God
March 6, 2016
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I'll leave this in note-form, since no one is interrested in reading a fairy tale review:

1.1) Awful narrating, almost written the same way as telegram
1.2) The grammar is awful, very poor translation/proof-reading
1.3) Randomly adds subjects, such as cultivation levels
1.4) The author/translator can say something in one chapter, and then say the exact opposite during the next regarding fact
1.5) The first 10 chapters are god-awful, absolutely 'trash' (as the author puts it). It's like any other novel, just without any of the required descriptions.
2.1) Everyone is... more>> basically a hypocrite
2.2) People aren't getting introduced, considering this is a 3-person narrating. The author skips introduction, unless it's useful for filling a chapter or lack of imagination
3.1) The author requires you to have read prior novels, otherwise you won't understand everything, simply due to skipping through the story and adding things randomly as he goes.

Td;dr The story by no means deservevs to be on any top 20 and is both awfully written and translated. I would not recommend reading it, instead I'd recommend 'True Martial World', 'Chaotic Sword God', 'Martial God Asura' and/or Douluo Dalu if you like this sort of mini-genre in light novels. <<less
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I Shall Seal the Heavens
March 29, 2016
Status: --
Okay, I’ve two negative things to say (subjective opinions!!) about this story, and if you can overlook these, you’ll have a hard time finding a better story. Do please note, that I could not find ANY other flaws, thus cudos to Er Gen and Deathblade!

1) The fights are straight up horrendous; all you get told is that he flies / teleports next to his opponent and they die from a fist. They don’t put up any resistance, because they simply cannot. By no time after the first book, does fights... more>> involve skill, purely surperior strength or items (or OP people helping the MC out when he gets in over his head. Has to be said that they help for legitimate reason). Am I the only one that thinks that were power rules suprime, techinques and martial arts are important? 2) He very quickly obtains a ludicrous amount of broken items which he then unlocks the power to use over time. In the first book, he obtain two items; one (the mirror) which gives him basically infinite money which he neglets to use/abuse and the other a sword which immortals dreads.

2, 5) This isn't exactly an issue, however I find it hard to justify. The cultivation of the MC isn't earned, it simply just drops dead on his head. Examples of this is the story in Patriach Reliance's cave, the time spend in the vulcano (The blood Immortal), the five element-spirit severing etc. It sort of lacks the 'earned' / 'comprehension-based' aspect of cultivation, such as there is in Coiling Dragon. Cultivation is purely based on 1: Eat pills or 2: Receive gifts 3: You're now stronger than your opponents., which I personally dislike.

Outside of those two aspects, I’d rate the story 5/5.

However including those aspects, I’d at best give it 3, 5 / 5, since it is a Light Novel under the genre of Martial Arts and Action. <<less
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SlightNovelFan rated it
Wu Dong Qian Kun
February 24, 2016
Status: --
Honestly, I've got hardly anything but flag for this novel..

It's by far the worst written (or translated) novel I've ever read. Every few sentences there are "*Boom boom boom boom* or stupid comments like in chapter 226 "His eyes turned expectially serious" (this was during a life & death fight against someone of higher martial-rank than himself, was he just brushing balls till then?).

The story in it self is also just another drop in the ocean as other reviewers has stated and the read-threat throughout the story could quite frankly... more>> have been stolen from any other story. This is the second story outside of Perfect World, which I've had to quit reading due to the narating and the story being utterly and completely unreal and it continously on luck and not skill or wits - That is if you can call it luck and not just several ridiculous coincidences.

I'll give this story 2/5 stars and would not recommend reading it unless you absolutely have nothing else to do with your spare time. <<less
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