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Xia Niangniang
June 12, 2018
Status: epilogue
There is a beautiful poignancy to the characters. Although I didn’t feel much of the chemistry between the main couple, I was still moved by their circumstances and their tragedies. At times I feel that Rui Xuan (the Emperor) is more of a plot device to enhance Mu Yan (the blind concubine) than an actual character.

With how the past happened, the ending was inevitable.

Rui Xuan directly caused Mu Yan’s tragedy, and he has to bear the consequences of his actions. My Yan had to lose his sight, his innocence, his family, his pride, his everything for Rui Xuan’s throne. Isn’t it right that Rui Xuan has to bear the consequences of his actions? Sometimes, love isn’t enough to save a person.

Although the ending felt rushed, the actual events were provoking. There is a beautiful symbolism in something coming full circle. The story starts with an emperor staring at a blind concubine who was unaware of the company, and it ends in this manner, but everything has changed. There is no more Yu Li and no more Xiao Bao, Mu Yan is all alone in his ordinary house. The young Emperor now knows what love is, but he can no longer grasp it, but he also cannot let go.

There is a beautiful bittersweetness to both characters getting what they want, but not really. Do I dream that one day Mu Yan might be willing to let go of his hatred, absolutely, but I don’t expect to happen, as that is against his character. He already has so little, he should be able to keep something of himself.

This is a tragedy of Rui Xuan’s greed. He was greedy for the throne so he blinded Mu Yan. He is greedy for Mu Yan’s love so he cannot let go. Mu Yan is his punishment, someone he wants so badly but cannot have.


Overall, this is a beautiful short story with some beautiful characters and the nature of humanity.
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