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SkyVinn rated it
Supernatural Girlfriend
March 14, 2018
Status: c116
This is a good read that has strike quite a nice balance between being light-hearted, dark and serious. The characters while slow to develop are interesting. The thought process of our MC, Goldfish as she is affectionately known is hilarious and her antics will have you laughing. The story revolves around her meeting the ML, Suyang and her exposure to the supernatural which she dabbles in but has never quite committed to (at least for now). It has to be said, she never quite commits to anything except the ML... more>> (and that is a discovery in of itself). In a sense, this story is about how she finally begins to truly live.

The story is episodic in nature and written with a bit of 'murder mystery' style. The twists in each arc are oft unexpected or perhaps does not develop completely the way you expected it to. Kudos to the writer for being able to keep our jaded minds from fully guessing the ending of each arc. Be warned, not all arcs will give you a satisfying ending but to me that is its charm. The fact is each arc has a deeper purpose (develop the story of Goldfish) and not all of it is about having a happily ever after ending and sometimes it is left hanging (no true conclusion). However, there are sufficient signs of the story accumulating towards an end goal so I do expect for a good ending of the story as a whole.

It is parked under supernatural given its dabbling with ghosts but it isn't quite horrifying to me. Nothing that will induce nightmares. Rather, the supernatural helps to bring about the complexities of the human mind and relationships. Some relationships are twisted and others like the main leads are sweet and innocent.

So if you're looking for atypical story that won't bore you with the constant recycling of standard plotlines then this is the story for you. A tinge of romance, a pinch of supernatural, a touch of fun idiocy and a trace of the darkness of humanity (or perhaps the goodness of it) then this is the story for you. <<less
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SkyVinn rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
April 22, 2017
Status: c123
5 stars since its all relative and 4 stars doesn't do justice to the strong points of the story.

There are many fun transmigration stories with a strong female protagonist out there. But this particular story caught my eye not because of its unique story line or main character that exacts revenge with powerful 'bitch-slaps' that brings out cheers from the audience; rather its quite a standard story with no plot-twist or dramatic climax. Rather its a placid story that flows gently by as you watch the events unfold. Hence, what... more>> captivates is the manner in which the story is written. The author creates a plausible story (given its genre) with sufficient humour, political intrigues and 'hot-bloodedness' to keep a standard reader of such genre entertained but it is in the beauty of the description and the deep-love that builds overtime that binds it strongly. There are of course times when the story seems rather ridiculous or the side-characters attitudes too far-fetched or one-dimensional but on the whole it works well. The author clearly understood the constraints of what can be accomplished in a story of 100+ chapters and manipulates the point of view in which the story is told to effectively delve into various characters and build up the tension/mystery etc. I particularly enjoyed the use of the epilogues. This of course feeds the fans with the 'continuation' after 'happily ever after. More importantly, with the image of a crisp winter day after the snow has fallen, painting the world a pure white; pulls the story to a close with its main theme at the forefront - Astory of deep-abiding love [Do forgive me for the rather long and convoluted sentence]. This comment is not meant to detract from the main story which ends well and fitting given the female protagonist disposition - in fact the last chapter I felt truly brings to wrap the idea of a deep love using the imagery of the "Feng finding its Huang".

I do ramble on this idea of deep love and while it is not what most modern people of our day and age would find accepting in real-life, I enjoyed the author's treatment of it. The author does not attempt to re-create the ancient world to fit our values but rather explores the hope and the possibility that an arranged marriage of such times could result in something deep and true especially when idea of "3 wives and 4 concubines" was the norm. The relationship moves from mere curiousity and generic respect to a deep respect and s*xual attraction and finally to the mildly possessive and 'true love' [at least the male's POV]. The female protagonist, as many other reviews state is a wonderful woman that I'm sure we admire even in modern times and her treatment of love slightly differs from the male protagonist. A result of her past experiences as well as her understanding of the 'ancient world' she lives in, but eventually she too finds that there can be such love which is sweet and perhaps a wish of most people - that we find such love ourselves. A few random points to make: The translation is one of the better ones I have seen and it manages to maintain that imagery and tone that I suspect the author intended. Another story of note to have done so is the 'The Wolf Lord's Lady". Naturally will appreciate anyone who can suggest other stories that captured this.


I ended my reading wondering, will she reincarnate a second time round? What of He Heng? After all the story ends far in the future - would there be a modern Qing Ju who remembers her lifetime in Da Long dynasty and the world before that?

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