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Skuzze rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Her skin is like jade. That said, it is a cruel novel that seems to think ugly people deserve humiliation and death.

The MC also thinks castration is a good punishment for being rude, most of the enemies so far aren’t even deserving of anything other than being ignored. The author seems childish.
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Skuzze rated it
Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN)
January 10, 2017
Status: c7
The MC apologises to everyone who wrongs him. Every useless thing that nobody really cares about is explained in so much detail that you find your eyes feeling heavier and heavier as you carry on reading.

But the real problem with this novel is how several people have wronged him by either trying to kill or seriously injure him with it ending with the MC apologising when he didn't do anything to apologise for.

The only thing this novel is good for is raising your blood pressure.
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A prime example of a story going nowhere fast.

There is no discernible plot that can be seen yet, all chapters so far up to chapter 18 have been too random, first it's about creating new skills, then it's taking out some unknown terrorist group so quickly that you don't even learn the name of the group, then it's about cooking and now it's about low tier monsters appearing in the real world.
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Dungeon Defense
September 21, 2016
Status: --
Volume 2 is significantly different to volume 1, I picked up the insanity of it instantly. The MC seems to become much more stupid and irrational with no good explanation, making me drop the story.
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Skuzze rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
June 4, 2016
Status: c48
I was interested in seeing why a brand new novel to the site suddenly got good ratings by everyone, after reading some of it, its understandable why. Although it may just be me, but I don't find it as funny as people say it is, the odd joke about how he doesn't care about money, but then surrendering to gain a penny was the first thing that I found genuinely funny.

Worth the read.
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