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Sketchman rated it
Level Up Just By Eating
June 4, 2017
Status: c25
It's still too soon so say anything relevant, but let's try something.

First off, the translation quality is good. Regarding the plot, it has some potential, at least the opening was somewhat different from your usual low-quality isekai, the comedy is ok (not great, mind you), and nothing extremely annoying has happened (yet).

Regardless, I'm giving it a shot. I'll probably update this review when (and if) the translation gets to 20 chapters or so.

... more>> Edit: So, here I am, back after 25 chapters. Tl;dr: I'll still keep my 4 stars rating.

Regarding the story, the comedy definitively got better (still not great) and so did the character interactions. On the other hand, the plot is (for now) bland. If you are up for a light-heart comedy Isekai (think KonoSuba, but slightly different), it is a good choice to give this novel a chance.

Regarding the translation, both the quality and speed of the releases are great (congratulations for the translator, btw).

I'll probably update this review (again) when the novel reaches 60 or so chapters. <<less
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Sketchman rated it
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
April 6, 2017
Status: --
So, before talking about the story itself, let's get the main debate of the reviews out of the way. It is a story about revenge and it does contain a good amount of savagery/sadism. The MC does accrue a good number of kills with and without torture. It is not "violence-porn" nor anything of the kind.

In my opinion, although I do not mind a little bit more of violence (I kinda enjoy the guilty pleasure of seeing the enemies suffering), the novel contains a good amount of violence. However, the... more>> MC is not a meat-brain, and does not go around killing anyone who stares at him with a weird face (CN novels, I'm looking at you).

Comparing with Nidome no Yuusha, you could say that the gore is way toned down, but so is the chuuni and wangst, which, for me, makes the story more believable. Don't take it wrong, there's still a enormous amount of drama and psychological pain (for instance:

in the middle of volume 2, the MC and companion are talking with an adventurer thinking about revenge, and the MC companion says: "Keep your eye on what you value, revenge is for those who have lost everything"

). But this drama is scattered through the interactions, so the MC (and his companion) don't feel like a "revenge-machine", and the "comedic" scenes feel less out-of-place, you can feel that the MCs are more than a one-dimensional character focused on revenge.

Aside from that, the quality of the translation is good enough. There are some mistakes and awkward phrasing here and there, but it fully readable. The premise of the story is also interesting, and it progresses with a good pace. I'm just taking a star out because some interactions feel kinda forced, although the author has managed to (so far) avoid creating an harem. <<less
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Sketchman rated it
World Record
June 8, 2017
Status: c10
For now, the plot is the generic "special snowflake unique MC with an OP and somewhat secret power lives in a world where everyone has powers".

Although the premise is not very creative, the novel has a slight "one-punch man goes to high-school and is not underestimated" kinda vibe. So, it might be worth to at least read the first few chapters.

The translation quality is medium-good (no systematic errors and the text is easy to understand), and the chapters are short, so it won't take more than 1 hour even to... more>> a slow reader to see if they like the novel. I don't particularly have many expectations, but I'll lurk around to see how the novel goes.

Just one thing, it would be nice if someone who has read ahead (translator?) could add a few more tags and genres. Another (better) summary would also do wonders to make more people interested. <<less
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Sketchman rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c8
As you can imagine by the amount of releases (8 at the moment of this review), there isn't much to go on about, so I'll keep it simple.

tl;dr : Might be worth a shot if you enjoy slice-of-life with a good pacing.


It is an easy-going slice of life, so I'm not expecting great fight sequences nor complex plotlines. What I'm looking for is (i) nice character interactions, (ii) good world building and nice plot, and, if the author is going for a great (not good) work, character development. Don't... more>> get me wrong, I enjoy fight sequences and a complicated plots, and so on, but these things are not what I'm looking for in a So, with that out of the way,

For now, the story seems to go along fine. Although I feel like there's a prologue chapter missing. So, for the first few chapters (3-4), one might feel somewhat lost, as there was little effort made into introducing the environment before we are thrust into the plot (not "plot" mind you). The pacing is still a little unstable, it feels like the author is going for a fast-paced slice of life, but sometime the author goes slightly too fast.

Similarly, it feels like the author is skimping a bit on the world building, but I'm under the impression that this will be fixed in a few chapters, which is nice as I don't personally enjoy the obligatory info-dump chapters that most authors put right at the beginning of the novel, it makes me more invested in the work before having to process a lot of information.

Character Interactions:

it is still to early to talk about the relations between characters, which is the core of a good slice of life. However, the signs have been good until now: nobody fell in love with the MC so far and, going by the style, it seems if someone does fall in love, it won't be without a reason. On the MC side, there are no telltale signs of a dense protagonist (also good). Finally, the interactions so far are nice, specially the slaves. Although we hadn't had time to see any relevant character development, there were a few well-put foreshadows.


The quality is good. Few mistakes and weirdly worded sentences are not frequent. Most importantly, it is easy to understand what is going on, which is (for me) the sign of a good translation.

The translator seems to be going for 2-3 releases per week, which is a good pace.

For now, I'll stick with this novel and see where it is going, and, if you enjoy a good fast-paced light-hearted slice of life, it might be worth giving a shot. I'm not saying it is there yet, but I think it might. <<less
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Sketchman rated it
Kuro no Maou
January 9, 2017
Status: c325
1- In general / Plot
Well, first things off. The novel is entertaining, the characters are (usually) not flat, and the plot is just complex enough for you to have a sense of tension without getting tiring nor being too predictable (although some twists have slightly too much foreshadowing on my opinion). The lore of the world is interesting and it feels nice to read about the world.

2- Chapters
As some reviews have said, there are a few villain POV chapters that do not really add anything, and sometimes... more>> the plot feels too slow. The thing is that these only happen in the first few volumes (up to volume 5 or 6). For me it is clear that the author got (really) better as the chapters go on, and at this point, these early ""failures"" do not really matter as there are (at the moment of this review) 17 complete volumes.

Do note that there are some quite heavy moments (gore and rape), but they do not feel out of place and, although not always well handled, the treatment is usually mature. So these scenes seem more integrated into the plot, and not just some fan (dis) service.

3- Characters
They are enjoyable in a very "game of thrones"-ish way. Side characters (except minor villains) are well developed. The indecisiveness of the protagonist is (mostly) good for character development, and doesn't feel as being simply lack of planing from the author. One thing that kinda gets tiring is that, regarding the heroines, they all get increasingly predictable, not more than in any other harem genre work, but regardless....

Oh, lastly: there are many yanderes. It seems every other woman is one. Regardless of that, they are well written enough (if you discount the fact that most of them have to, in one way or another, fall for the MC).

4- Others
The translation is not great. Although I do not feel well criticizing voluntary work, there are some big English mistakes and awkward wording in every other chapter, and there are far too many translator notes. Regardless of that, these annoyances do not affect the general enjoyment of the novel.

On a personal note, what I think is the lowest point of the novel as a whole is how easily (sometimes) girls fall in love with the MC, and - up to a point -

how predictable it is that some of them will become yanderes, regardless of previous character development. It kinda makes the whole "psycho allure" of the yandere feel lost, as it is overused and the characters circumstances underdeveloped.

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