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Siplex rated it
Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man
July 24, 2018
Status: c132
This novel is pretty much "OK" but there some things I don't like at all:

  1. Hand speed,
  2. Virtual space,
  3. AI companions,
  4. The Custom Great DAO,
  5. The MC need to pretend to be a boy because she would be left without his father military benefits.
  6. The father of the MC being "dead" and the plot to kill him.
  7. The AI controlled guided missile called "The newbie killer" (do you see the problem with this right? I hope you are not blind? Do I have to elaborate with this?)
... more>>

1 - Using your hand speed to control mechas would only happen if were to be inside a game, inside a competitive gaming scene, where using AI that would play for you to be illegal and over all pointless, as it is a game meant for humans against humans.

When you could put out an army of mechas controlled by AI that would overrun the enemy, that don't need to be trained over 18 years, and would offer a constants performance the moment they are born, would not get psychically tired, then, even before the enemy could take 18 years to train ONE new generation of mechas pilots, their capital would had being destroyed by mechas controlled by AI. The hand speed BS is "Not OK"

2 - The virtual space is only use as a training space, but it is also a world on its own, where spoiler alert you can also die inside it, well at least your mind, a well known problem, and yet the pots are in every household and every one with an universal internet red where you can move between planets very far away of each other (with not lag I remain you), and nobody think about this "problem", so the virtual world it is not safe but everyone pretends it is until "uh oh" someone is dead and there is not "defense" against that, if only...

Leaving aside that for now, when the MC goes to the planet were "Anakin" is located (you know who, his mecha panther partner), in this virtual space the MC enters a mecha store where you could buy a mecha with your credit car (amazing right?), do I need you to remain you mechas are regulated up the ass and you can't just walk into a stored and buy a mecha?, and the novel never says if he is buying a virtual mecha or a real one ? then if he can buying is a virtual mecha what it is the point ? mechas are not some kind of game for kids to play with it, they are real weapons for the army, and training pilots for the army it is real serious matter, this makes the whole virtual space look just like a big game where everyone, and I mean every one and their mothers go to play with mechas, there is nothing else to do but mecha mecha mecha mecha, see how many times I said mecha ? btw as a side note "gamers" can also help military personnel to complete "missions" inside this "virtual space".

In resume the novel doesn't know if it is wants to be a game in a virtual space, or a real world were they are at war with another world, well why you would care about that, when you are inside a virtual space playing with your mechas and improving your hand speed, why bother with real wars when you can carry on fake wars in the real space too, after all the real/virtual space is in not shape of form different for the real world, heck when mechas are "damaged" or take "damage" they need to be "repaired" like a game. taking damage inside a training is "ok" but having to repair your mecha when you are outside your training so you can continue training haha, see if you can find that outside a "game", making this virtual game space just "Ok" I can take it it is just game but I am sure it will be not "just a game" later on.

3 - So AI companions or bio-something, they had come with the AI that was granted by GOD Author, they are the personal trainers for the MC, making her so much so op beyond every one expectation, and without everyone realizing it, all this inside her own private personal virtual space, why this bio-something companions are so kind and started to feel emotions for the first time in the short? lives?, well because the MC it is so cute? nup, but because the MC has insane level of tolerance and talent, and perseverance, she never quits, that's what make them "care". I would be real here, if the author wanted to make the MC special then it should had make it special not by giving a overwhelming perseverance that would make the bio-something-companions like her, I doubt they bi0-something has never meet anyone with good perseverance.

What I mean by this ? well by now the MC is 10 years old, and has "friends" I dare to said, the bio-something-companions care more about her, that the MC cares about her "friends" and not taking them seriously and only looking at then are "children" playing with mechas, bio genetic enhanced children at that by the way, that are no way less smart than her or have less perseverance than hers, making her "spacial" trait and the thing that moved number 1, 9, 5 "moved" to tears and concerned about her, making them just something "Ok".

4 - The Custom great DAO, Author "I need to make the MC overpowered but I don't want to make it too overpowered with the most powerful thing, that's I know!" and we get a "Custom" Great DAO, that the MC needs to develop on her own... that's "Ok" until you realized, the motivation of the MC is.... "having babies!" What? Why?, well because she is a woman, and as a woman she only know how to get married and have babies, a bunch of those to take please!, "i am so smart" the author thought, "What s*x would you want your baby Miss?", "Make it... Random".

Then what about her mother? she didn't go thorough out the same hardships as the MC and had a nice healthy baby with S grade potential? now I ask of you, what comes first, the chicken of the egg? why not just adopted one? nup she had a better plan, her plan? well pushing down people for their seed, uusing her strenght, so she needs to become strong enough. I dared to said the motivation of the MC is so cheap and can be solve so easily without so much problems, but no, it is survival of the fittest! now, a war for having the best baby, babies everyone, everyone wants to have those right?.

oh right a Male seed is the one that gives the fetus 99.999999999% of

their true potential!, Females? they are just furnaces, a babies generator machine that you put some seed in, great message there author, by the way if 10 thousand years into the future we can not even choose or change the s*x of people, but we can create premium magic tubes that make us move faster than the speed of sound and are capable to leave after images, then there is something wrong with how the technology has advance.

I know you are read a lot because you are reading this and I like to write a lot, and I think you know that survival of the fittest it is not the survival of the strongest, even the strongest dies if they can't adapt to the changes of their environment, a population with a low amount of genetic diversity will die out if it can't adapt to their environment. This can be a mute point if you consider that 10 thousands years into the future humans can very well control their genetic and become strong (but not their s*x or body constitution for piloting a mecha), but then why not just make everyone strong with those magic tubes

and conquer the whole universe? Not, we can't have that, we can't have female pilots! they can't handle G force, or more like D force, NO EVEN BETTER why not called C force, if you catch my drift haha (so disgusting joke, I am sorry about that)

Well because humans still doesn't know what make the people "strong" nor they know what being strong is? After all, what it is the objective of the human race? Multiply and conquer their environment using the resources they have at hand, but no, if you are weak you are at the mercy of the strong, greedy and powerful!. Then again why would the strong and powerful care about everyone else? haha, let me tell you a secret, if the powerful are always "bad" then how did she make any friends that are also with powerful backgrounds? should not they be also bad? What about how the humans spanned thought out the universe?, if it is the survival of the individual strongest then why everyone else is there? What about the war? why are countless planets with other countless people just living their normal everyday lives without the greedy and powerful bothering them? and making then stand in with their two hands every day at 1 pm for their own amusing?

What about the great custom dao? did you forget about that? this is the great DAO point after all, if you forgot about that then my job here is done, onto the next point.

5 - The MC need to pretend to be a boy: No, she doesn't need to be pretend to be a boy, she is a boy, and she doesn't know how to be a girl, being a boy is the author just being silly and to have something to attract more readers into the novel, the novel as it stands is good enough without the MC being forced into a boy, either way being force to be a boy only works when you are not 10 thousands years into the future may I remain you, where may as well not being any difference between female and males, with that kind of technology.

As for the father military benefits not going to his own child (and I don't mean if it is boy or a girl, I mean when their family stepped with another hidden plot twist for the future aka baby boy number 2, you know "luke you have a sister", is the author not being happy with a 200 chapters novel but a 5 thousands one, heck why stop there 10 thousands years into the future will get the end!), the military benefits are by law theirs, and not something they can't take away becouse the MC is a gurl, forcing the MC pretend to be a boy so they can have them is like I said to have more drama, and I already told you this is just to have more plot twist and what not (here is a secret, a Web novel can be changed as you read them, cool right? I bet you didn't know that don't you)

If such thing were to truly happen, the government would had being well aware that such things are happening very often, maybe too often, and would make their own LOYAL doctors check the baby s*x and to not let their own family tell you "well yes sir, yest this is a totally a boy and I am not lying to you, now give me a ton of money", No government would be that stupid, to put a rule "you can not be a girl to get this big fat check" then, never ever even bother to check the sex, how many cases there had being in the past for the government not get a clue!, do you think the MC it is the first girl being force to being a boy? HECK NO!, I bet we will find in the future the MC will find another case like her a sister to who to hang and talk girly stuff, but why spoil the fun right boys?.

If you argue "But they use their own machine to check for the s*x in the beginning" a machine can be tricked, a physical check is needed to be made by a doctor, and even then if you can argue you can change a girl into a boy physically then what it is the point of having only boys being pilots? when there are boys that can't make into pilots either, discriminating woman pilots is pointless at this point. see! it is the future you can do what every you want about genetics and body constitution and what not.

Oh right, one more thing, remember when MC was a day student because her mother was afraid that she stayed full day they would find she was girl? well **** that!, lets go camping for 6 months to another planet, I am not making this out, I think the author just forgot about that for plot convenience. don't you worry, the author would find a way to allow for that in the future.

6 - The father of the MC being "dead", a God Pilot..., the youngest and most promising pilot..., most talent most courageous, most handsome pilot, puff gone, just like that, due the Greedy and Corrupt Government Officials, yeah right, and nobody knows he has a son, no wait just a few people know about that, yeah right, not in a million years chance this is happening, I would believe he fought another GOD-Level pilot and lost but this method of having the father go missing because a hidden plot, yeah it is not happening, the only reason for this is to have the MC go weary to her surroundings and not believe in anyone, and always be in fear of being watched out by the military, and that bring us the "i want to go low profile" kind of personality motive, then again she wants to be free and strong to push a male and make babies, and life her life as she wants and not being restricted but restricting others with her strength, for what else her strength would be used then?, eh do I need to remain you there billions of billions of people that are just living their every day normal lives? no?, well MC has to be strongest will to live free, everyone else is not living free, everyone else is a slave that doesn't want to raise and broke away from their chains of oppression called THE MAN!.

Oh right, she forgot she is rich and with access to with the best resources in the capital planet of the federation, but not everyone else is just too unwilling, if they truly wanted they could do as those peerless genius, because you know every has peerless genius inside them, and if they don't then they just need to put what they lack of talent with effort!, yup MC just want to live free and without restrictions and avenged her dead father, that's a blood debt! that needs to be paid.

Her mother? well she just wasted her life living as a woman, what about her life in the military?, shhh don't tell her that, she would be sad about it. (but that's the only way for woman to meet with strong powerful man right? for their seed! remember the man seed gives 99.99% of the baby potential long life)

7 -

The AI controlled guided missile called "The newbie killer": haha I knew you where waiting about this point don't you? no need to be anxious, funny thing about this is that makes the WHOLE MECHAS MECHAS MECHAS, and HAND SPEED sooooooo pointless that it make me laugh when I got to this part.

You have a weapon that needs to be piloted by humans using their "hand speed" and a simple AI GUIDED MISSILE, that cost you a fraction of the mecha, that can bring down those expensive machines, very efficiently at that, and it is called "newbie killer", that works with little to no human intervention HAHAHAHAHA, OMG this author like to shoot himself into the foot so hard. Why not... why not just called it "plot killer" and end the novel right there?

Dear reader, if you are wondering what this is all about, let me tell you, if you have a weapon that could bring a mecha, something that cost you billions and worse kill the pilot that costed you 18 years of harsh training and expensive resources, what do you think will happen? you would be filled with those missiles up the ass as soon was you were spotted in the enemy radar, you would not have time to say good bye to your love ones.

Now now, lets move to the AI GUIDED part of the missile, you are telling that, 10 thousands years into the future, you can have a guided missile that can bring down mechas very easily if they are not careful (and can be mistake with any other type of guided weapon of short range plasma shot), but the mechas, the all powerful MECHAS that can't have remotely controlled, can't be piloted by girl and

only have a silly half backed worthless AI assistant with little to no use, and presets (presents (macros) that nobody knows about or how to use, but the MC of course knows, you know, if you thought MC advantage was not strong enough), making the mechas full dependent in their all mighty and mythical hand speed? and their third leg dangling between their legs, well sir, I take my hat off, I can't say anything bad more about those mechas.


Overall review Ok of an Banana.

PD: Number 4 for best AI in any web novel ever 10000 years of a Mecha.

Mecha, Mechas, Mechas. <<less
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Siplex rated it
Shadow Hack
April 22, 2018
Status: c199
The good:

I will start with, This novel plot is very interesting, the shadow hack system is just that, a hack, a cheat, and does everything what you would expect from it, it makes the MC soar into the sky of "cultivation", making the MC so overpowered that in a short amount of time (2 months) nobody under the sky can do anything about it.

The shadow clon and the automatic leveling makes the MC able to fight off the monster that are invading after the meteorite fall that change the Earth.

Sadly... more>> this is the only good thing I can say about it.

The bad:

Good Lord, nobody here has half brain cell, no the MC, no the Fluxers, no the Sages, not the Temples, not the ivory AI Tower, tailor made so the MC could deux vault the plot every time something is slightly bad for him.


The MC goes from chapter to chapter "System what should I do now" whichever the system ALWAYS replay "Use the Absolute POWER Luke" OMG no sh*** Sherlock

Remember the meteorite? Well good for you, because nobody else does.

Remember the monsters that are invading earth? Well fu*** that, let's go to other dimensions to kill each other of out greed, while we are technically still at war with other beings, don't worry Earth is fu*** after all.

Remember how the father becomes a cripple because he was fighting the in the front lines? NO BODY DOES, and where are this "front lines" any way?.

Remember how the MC is in the army? And he was shipped to the fifth dimension so he could get stronger? Fu*** that, here not are any central powers, there is no body guiding humanity to fight the war, every man for himself "ABSOLUTE POWER" is everything, oh right you can't be on this dimension... What? Yes he's you are too powerful, Soo move on to the next dimension, don't let the door hit you in your way out.

What are Monsters and why they hate humanity and are attacking it? HAHAHA what? are you waiting for an explanation? Fu*** that! There's not any, no wait, there is one, Monsters are just mindless creatures, just EXP bags, and loot boxes, so they MC can get some "emotions" from time to time, I don't need to explain what emotions are right? I am sure of you read this you should be sheltering some emotions.

MC don't have or feel any emotions, what so ever. No fear, no happiness, no love (he is above that at what? 14 years age? Sure sure), of course, that would not stop the MC from saying he felt "something" but let's be real, as the reader, if you did not feel any emotion while reading the chapter the MC may as well feel like a block of wood for you, if I tell you, I am very happy after reading this novel, would you believe? The only believe emotion are only cheers when the Almighty System breaks the stablish system know by man, again and again, until you stop caring or stop reading, what ever comes first.

And not to mention the level System is broken beyond salvation, as MC can kill pinnacle fluxer with a finger just because his skills are too over power, sure if you skills are in level 99 and you are level 1 you can kill some one on level 99 because your skill is level 50, right, how if this works again? No time for explanation, here comes our first BOSS, and with my infinite knock back kick I kill him, yup with kicks, he kills the boss, doesn't he gets tired? Nup, infinite kicks, he wins... Just like that.

Then when the MC levels up himself to level 99 NOW all the people he just kill, that where the TOP of that dimension, now they where just trash, trash that you can find any where on the streets, soooo the MC can be put into an slightly disadvantage, but don't worry though, the SYSTEM, the Almighty System of absolute power is here to save the day again.

Oh we also had a virtual world, where you can live and buy everything you need, well not everything, FedEx don't ships to the fifth dimension, and you can even participate in mock battles, and train your skill, but... you know what is the real purpose of the virtual world?, Do you wanna know? The virtual world only purpose is too feed points into the system, yup, that's it, it's only purpose is so the MC has another medium to earn points, with the down side of making more enemy's though, don't worry the MC doesn't care about almost anything.

Sigh, but you know what is the worse part, you wanna know the worse part? Is the endless comments written in forums that discuss how "this time for sure" the MC piss off someone he shouldn't had and this time he is done for, "for sure" this time.

I don't know you, but, when I read a novel, I try to care for the MC and his companions and overall the PLOT, and this kind of BS where first and foremost, the author takes away or stops the plot, to write how this time for sure the MC is really gonna get it, and how all other Fluxers before where just trash, and this new and improved Fluxer (which are for most of their time hidden in a cave to improve their cultivation and nobody should know about them, as they are they most secret and powerful weapon of FluxDestruction and they are the real deal) just to proven wrong shortly after, and where you know, nothing, absolutely nothing is going to happen to the MC again and again, I just stop caring.

Lets give you an example, in CCG you care about the MC you care that he could get hurt, and hope he somehow can make it through intact, you can know his emotions without the MC saying them, and you care about his companions can get hurt, even when you know most of the time not is going to happen to them, and they will be ok because the MC is acting as the lighting road for them, in Shadow hack, the MC companions are just servants, meat shields, as everything he needs is "ABSOLUTE POWER" and the Almighty System, everything els is trash in his eyes.

And in CCG the chat they use to talk meanless stuff doesn't take away from the plot and it is fun to read, I could read 1888 chapters of CCG but I can't even read more that 199 of Shows Whacks

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