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Silveus rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
December 31, 2016
Status: c110
This started off pretty poorly, got better, but not good enough.

The story actually is well written and interesting, but it just suffers from several problems.

I have 3 complaints.

... more>> 1st The plot progresses shockingly slowly, massive amounts of information is info dumped on the reader, and is done so in one of the worst ways.

At one point, a petty antagonist character, who has been annoying since they were introduced, wrongs the MC. As readers, we are all like, "Yes, go curb stomp that moron."

so the MC storms off to go do just that, and then on the way, the author decided to just stop the action and write paragraphs about metallurgy from the past. Even better, after explaining thes ancient super metals that make the best weapons ever, the auther then goes. "But they don't exist anymore."

If they don't exist, why tell me about them?

The random placement of the info dump just kills the momentum of that scene.

2nd. The first 50 some chapters, (I forget the exact amount) Are dedicated to the life he MC lives. He reincarnated from modern china into this fantasy world. Of course, being from the real world, he brought ULTRA detailed information about his family's ancient KI techniques.

Guys, Ki Techniques aren't real. You can't be from the real world, and have ki techniques. That's not how reality works.

Okay, moving on from that.

We learn all about his friends, his history, both from before he transfered over, and after. We also learn about his host's history.

This is done through those info dumps I mentioned.

Oh, btw, a solid group of chapters early on are dedicated to a flashback about his girlfriend from this world. She's catastrophically awful btw.

Anyway, the scenario is set, we have an idea of what the MC is, after 50 some chapters. He's an instructor in an academy in the biggest city in the world, he's a highly skilled duelist, since he's got those crazy Haxxors ki skills.

And then he just leaves.

He goes off to reclaim his family lands.

Yup, everything from the first 50 or so chapters, only served to be an info dump, everything else was pointless.

3rd. Before I say this one, I want to point something out. Despite my complaints, this is a well written, serious story. It's not a standard Beta male with his harem of idiots who fawn over him for no reason. He doesn't have a cheat skill, yeah, his ki crap makes him strong, but he also trained it for 10 years.

I don't hate those Beta Male stories where girls just randomly fall head over heals in love with the useless MC. But you need to know you are getting into one of them. And Tales of the Reincarnated Lord is not one of them. Characters behave logically, or at least, emotionally in ways that make sense.

Okay, so...


in chapter 96 (I think) he just rapes his maid. Some people are going to say it wasn't a true rape (whatever that means) or that she knew what she was getting into, being the maid of a noble. But you know what? he still raped her.

It came out of nowhere.

It wasn't in line with his character.

It served no purpose.

It was pointless.

He just casually raped his terrified maid, who was in love with his brother, who died because of him. She was still mourning his brother's death.

This wasn't a deal breaker for me though, I mean, i've read worse things. But it was so out of character and random, that it made me concerned for where the story was going. We're quickly going into brainless harem territory.

Luckily, she didn't fall head over heals with him after he raped her, in fact, she still shivers in fear when she sees him. Its strange that I find that as an improvement.

Then, 10 chapters later, one of his underlings is laughing at him (in good nature) and he want's her to stop, so he steps up, grabs her, and kisses her.

She freaks out after he starts using tongue, and pushes him away. Then she tells him, she maid a vow to a god that she'd dedicate her life to being a scholar and never get married or have relations with a man.

She's a nun.

ONE chapter later, he's constantly perusing her.

Her vow to a god, doesn't matter to our MC.

And of course, she's teetering on the edge.

I know in a few chapters, she's going to realize that her vow to a god, her stronge desire to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a renowned scholar, are going to mean nothing in face of the MC's GODLY physique. She's going to fall for him, and he's going to end up with a harem of brain dead idiots.

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Its so strange to me that there is an entire Genre of stories that are, Girl is in some way a compentent person on earth, then dies and takes over the body of someone who's re****ed in random China Fantasy World X.

Some of them are good, some not so much. This is one that isn't great.

I have 2 main issues with this.

The first is that everyone, EVERYONE, has zero self awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone irrationally assumes they're the greatest thing ever. Even people who specifically know... more>> they're weaker than the guy in the room with them, who know their position is weaker, will still act like they're god. And everyone will Irrationally hate the main character.

The MC, before being possess, was a random girl born to the family's mistress, and who has no talent for magic. So, she's basically an average person.

Obviously, her entire family hates her with an overwhelming passion, they can't stand her existence. Okay, granted, perhaps she's an embarrassment to the family, 4-5 kids are talented, then there's the MC. But why do other, non related people, all hate her too? It makes no sense.

Every character is so stuck up, so self important, and so incredibly incompetent, that the idea that this character who wasn't talented and who isn't killing herself when they cross paths, makes them explode with rage.

Okay, so everyone hates her for her lack of talent, but then as she becomes talented, they still hate her. And, better yet, they refuse to believe she has talent.

Pro tip people, when someone offers you a bet for a billion dollars that is based largely on luck, don't accept it, they're cheating.

Every person just self destructs against her through massive levels of stupidity.

The worst part about this, is that this makes up almost the entire plot. We go from arc to arc of someone looking down on her, exploding into irrational rage, and then walking into an obvious trap. The payout for the reader, would be the satisfaction of watching them crash and burn, but even that fails to be entertaining.

Because the entire scenario is so outrageously stupid, that it looks like a farce.
Because it happens hundreds of times.
Because there is 30 chapters spent explaining how irrationally stupid the enemy character is, and then 2-3 chapters of fallout before we rush right back into it.

God it's bad.

Okay, and reason 2.

The male lead, is devilishly handsome, with jade like skin, shimmering eyes, the complexion of a god, silky smooth hair, and more. Okay, a character needs to be described.

The first time they show up, or when their appearance changed.

this guy gets described every 5 chapters. And for chapters that are a page long, when you use 3 paragraphs to talk about his cheek bones, it gets old fast. <<less
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Release that Witch
December 12, 2016
Status: c174
This is not the best written piece of litature i've ever read. It's not even the best translated web or light novel i've ever read.

The characters are not the most vibrant characters i've ever seen.

The plot isn't the most interesting.

... more>> The antagonists aren't the most interesting.

The world and setting aren't the best either.

And yet, it's by far one of my favorite stories, I look forward to this way more than I do anything else on my reading list.

And I have no idea why.

No individual part stands out as absurdly good, but they all come together almost perfectly, to make just an absolutely enjoyable read. <<less
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Silveus rated it
Shadow Hack
February 14, 2018
Status: c117
A big heaping helping of Meh.

This is my review of Generic Chinese Cultivation Novel #10, 224, Otherwise known as Shadow Hack.

Joking aside, if that line above didn't clue you in, this is generic, it's basically the same exact plot of almost every other CN with cultivation. Our special flavor of the day is an illogical and unexplained hacking system that came out of a computer made from the Dark Ages (Which I am pretty sure is just modern earth) the hacking system evolves out of the computer and becomes a... more>> disembodied cheat system that follows the MC, because the author found having him actually need to interface with a computer to cheat was too difficult for his juvenile writing style.

Lets talk about this hack, because it's the main concept behind the story.

The hacking system uses the MC's shadow to go around killing things so he can get exp which translates into cultivation resources. Eventually, it becomes an advanced AI with scanning features that can act on it's own if it thinks the MC is missing something.

The shadow can learn and get better, but the MC can also manually control the shadows.

Alrighty, lets talk about the MC

He's a generic CN MC, borderline psychotic, and borderline mentally re****ed. This is just standard for CNs, but it's worth mentioning that he goes from being lazy and foolish, to hardworking murder master in a week. Seriously, if all Chinese people can relate to this characters, that means that at least a significant portion of the Chinese population is just waiting for the chance to slaughter all of the people who might have looked at them funny in the past.

And finally, the setting and world.

The world is pretty confusing and poorly explained. We've got the real world, and then the different dimensional worlds. And half dimensional worlds too. Oh, and a virtual world, because why not?

So the MC lives on earth, but becomes a cultivator, and moves to the half 5th-dimensional world. Earth is presumably the 4th-dimensional world? Maybe? Who knows? On the half 5th dimensional world, he fights half dimensional monsters, but occasionally monsters from the real 5th dimension show up, and they're stronger. There's also a 6th, and 7th dimension and I'd guess an 8th and more, but we haven't heard about them yet.

His family is just a normal family, so they can't go to the half 5th-dimensional world, and he needs to spend a boatload of money to go back to earth, so he buys a house in the virtual world, where time is 3 times faster... because of reasons...

So yeah, that made little sense.

Now, here's my real issue with this story.

It's generic, it's bland, it's been done a million times.

The MC is re****ed, but that's standard for CNs, the other characters are likewise, re****ed, but again, that's standard.

The world is confusing and poorly explained, Every CN makes their own random setting with cultivation levels, and they never make any sense, but this one is particularly strange. The power levels go, and I think this is right, Crystal, Black, Silver, Gold, Rainbow. Crystal being the weakest, rainbow the strongest.

Except, there's something above rainbow, because once you exceed rainbow, you can't stay in the 5th-dimensional world, and are forced to go up to the 6th.

Also, monsters follow this system too, but they're just inherently stronger? Maybe? Who knows?

This story isn't bad, but it's not great either. <<less
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Silveus rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
March 14, 2017
Status: c600
In a world flooded with Ultra competent Chinese female reincarnates into fantasy china world as a formerly re****ed child hated by all, This one is by far one of the best.

What we have here, is an MC who is cold, socially awkward, and ruthless in the pursuit of her meager goals. She doesn't want fame, or to be the best alchemist, mage, fighter, cultivator, blacksmith, belly dancer, magus, witch, whatever. She just wants to live with her family in relative peace.

unlike some other novels in the same genre (I'm looking... more>> at you The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss) she isn't really hated, just looked down upon a bit early on. She's not surrounded by tons of people who just irrationally hate her for no reason. And unlike other novels in this genre, she is actually, ultra competent, and doesn't have the mentality of a hormone driven 12 year old.

The MC is socially awkward, she doesn't like talking, she struggles to show her own feelings, and shes content to be her own company. Shes also ruthless, she'll do anything in pursuit of her goals, but she'll only harm others if they show her ill will first, she isn't a psycho. <<less
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Silveus rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
December 12, 2016
Status: --
It started out really good, at least plot wise. It had some issues, and some of those issues might be from the translators, but it was a really enjoyable read at the start.

Then... it kinda went downhill.

The plot got overly convoluted, requiring massive explanations, and they didn't come off well. Again, this might be an issue with the translation. But chapters shouldn't be devoted to explaining some kind of hyper-complicated explanation for why person ABC can do XYZ.

The other issue I had, was power levels increased WAY too rapidly later... more>> on. we went, 5 to 10, to 17, to 25, to 35, to 50, to 100, to 5.34 x 10^49

The levels of relative strength increased so much, that making a comparison between two people was impossible and pointless.

If one dude is a champion fighter, and the other is the strongest knight who bare handedly fights trolls, I can wrap my head around how strong these people are. If you tell me one of them punches time, and the other eats black holes, I have no idea anymore. Worse, everyone increases in power by orders of magnitude in short periods of time, making any guess at who's stronger pointless within chapters. <<less
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part of me wants to rate this lower, just because of how disappointed I was when it completely and utterly squandered its rather solid premise.

Basically, powerful old mage guy spent his whole life trying to master flame magic, then someone develops a spell that lets others see what your aptitude for different types of magic is. He discovers he had really low aptitude for fire, but high in other categories, and then is disgraced (Not sure why exactly) when a younger mage overtakes him.

So he sends himself back in time... more>> to redo his life, focusing on the magic he has aptitude for.

So that sets up a situation where a person has future knowledge and a mature mind, gets to start over.

And then they do ABSOLUTELY nothing with that. He meets a bunch of kids, Girls, HAREM girls who are like, 1/10 his age, and forms a guild and hunts rpg monsters that is basically the setting of a cheep WOW knock off.

the plot goes nowhere.

The one, potentially interesting thing, was he meets up with a girl, who happens to have that spell that lets on see their aptitude. But guess what, she has the spell, its from her father, but in the future he knows, she, nor her father, are the one who developed it. Then, they meet another girl, who strangely enough, is the person he remembers from the future having claimed the spell was her own.

And then we go exactly nowhere with that.

He gets angry and lashes out at the girl who presumably steals it in the future, then when both girls point out hes acting irrationally, he says sorry, and then invites her to the guild, and they never speak of it again.

Okay, besides the squandered potential of this story, its not bad. Its generic, but decent. The big issue, is they go into way too much depth of specific spells and pointless magical theorizing. I guess it's supposed to show how wise the MC is, but instead it comes off as a bore.

like if someone explained an entire match of magic the gathering (CCG), explaining each card that showed up in the match, only to at the end go. "And then I won" Theres no twist, nothing interesting in the explanation.

This is made worse by the fact the chapters are small, with very little content in them. And a large portion of them are wasted on the MC, who is again, in his 80's or something, flirting with 10 year olds. <<less
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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
March 14, 2017
Status: c81
Another cookie cutter, OP MC wish fulfillment reincarnation story.

This is the fast food of the novel world, a cheep greasy burger from the discount menu, its bad, its cheep, and it's bad for you. However, if you happen to like the base components, its acceptable.

The MC is entertaining, and the plot, shallow as it is, is also, moderately entertaining. But its the same, generic op guy who wants to keep a low profile and has no real ambition and is just generally, a decent human being. Also, like in nearly... more>> every single story where the MC tries to keep is super powers hidden, he immediately unleashes them at the first problem.

Its not bad per se, but its not good. Even in this genre, the op beta male MC wish fulfillment fantasy genre, there are better works. <<less
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Silveus rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
November 16, 2017
Status: c190
A lot of people comment on how the start was good, but it went downhill towards the end. I'm not so sure I agree. I think the start was pretty meh, and the ending was also pretty meh, just different flavors of meh.

The biggest issue I have with this, and you'll see it in a lot of other novels, is where the character who knows things, often the MC, just refuses to explain anything.

I understand the idea that others might not believe you, or that explaining things to the minions... more>> isn't necessary or worth the effort sometimes, but that's not what we get here.

We have an MC who won't explain basic concepts, things that he could just be like, "Do this, don't do that." Really simple things, things that would take seconds to explain, and he just refuses to do so. Even though his refusal to explain ends up creating extra problems, that he ultimately needs to face. He's pointlessly rude and obnoxious, for the sake of being rude and obnoxious.

I can't tell you how many times he needed to physically force, or use threats, to get a person or group to do what he wants, all because he couldn't be bothered to say 2 sentences to them.

It's so frustrating, and it's also clearly the author creating conflict for the sake of conflict. We've all seen stories, even tv shows and movies where a person does something illogical purely so that a fight can happen afterward. That describes this entire story. <<less
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Silveus rated it
Stranger’s Handbook
September 8, 2017
Status: --
I don't know why this doesn't have a slice of life tag. Sure, there are things going on in the story, there is some semblance of a plot, and that almost-plot does sort of progress. but it really is just a slice of life. The vast majority of the novel's content is banter amongst the characters.

And this is where the story fails. Not because the vast majority of the story is that simple banter, but because there is actually an almost-plot. The banter is... cute, lets call it cute. The... more>> characters are sort of interesting in a, no person ever in the history of the world has acted like this, but hey, it is kinda unique and interesting. So seeing them interact with each other, is where the fun comes from. There isn't a lot of fun because as I mentioned, the characters seem almost immersion breakingly illogical. Their traits, personality, interactions, are so odd, that it's hard to really believe it's happening. Once you get past that, once you suspend your disbelief, it's an acceptable story.

But beyond the fun, if silly banter, there is a plot, that steadily progresses. Slowly, boringly, but steadily. The problem is, while the slice of life stuff is boring, the plot is vastly more boring. And also illogical now that I think about it.

Like a lot of slice of novels, not a lot happens in each chapter, which is fine, in a slice of life novel. It is not fine, when you are trying to progress a story line.

All in all, it's just boring. <<less
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