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Silverblood rated it
Omni Genius
December 20, 2016
Status: c882

Omni genius. As the titile said a genius born from a life and death situation. Turning the mc's life from mundane to game like elements. From cooking, driving, martial arts, medicine... etc

MC is quite ruthless towards his enemies but loving to friends and families. Also is quite a womanizer haha thier is abit of romance but mixed with different situation. He is smart and talented a bit echii in terms but is quite loyal. The guys is also by definition a lucky pervert haha. (Insirt by half haha)

He entagles with powerful people but strives to bring the best out of what he has skill and money wise. He uses his appraisal skill to find treasures in trash to build his empire. And brings up people close to him to increase his skills.

If you are thinking of like "i am a superstar" this like that but a bit more action less comedy more snu snu and more No bulsh*t kind of MC. It might be wise to raise the echii tag to mature in later chapter some semi depictive snuggle events haha

Currently reading the raws through mtls considering its 3000+ its gonna take a while before I give a good enough review.


By the way thanks to the translator for pointing me this good novel :) I look forward to your translation :)
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Silverblood rated it
Fishing the Myriad Heavens
June 15, 2017
Status: --
Truth be told I read this one before it was translated by accident. From what I remember it was promissing. But somehow halfway through it kinda turned dark and lost its earlier innocence.

story wise its about a young man adopted by an old man tasked with guarding the ancestral home of a great clan. Fleeing from the hustle of city life and work power play, return home to the province to a quiet life andacquiring the great power of dimentional fishing :) yup fishing/stealing/kidnapping from another dimension hahaha well I... more>> read it before upto 250+ no romance from what I have read upto a part. Its a good story its just not for me. :)

MC pretty much started out innocent then somehow creating a special restaurant from the meat/animals he gets from the other side from chicken-salamander/lizard to a dragon then to stealing books, skills (breathing to even pill skills), clothes and even kidnapping a celestial (i think she was sorry mtl) even managed to get a three headed smart dog (well this dog kinda tried to take over the 2 dogs the MC was raising turned into a cerberus or as the mtls desscribe it) and somehow in the middle the cooking that I liked disappeared or less focused and moved to cultivation and treating his disciples (I think they where his disciples specially the loli well some of them.) and traversing the underground scene. Even meeting his father and being dragged to his clan affairs while trying to be aloof in the cultivation world. Some of the earlier character disappeared for a while or forgotten.

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Silverblood rated it
Notes Exchange History Alteration
October 22, 2017
Status: c40
its a story simlar to that of older stories. No physical intervention but rather through communication and intervention. It has multiple pov from that of the MC and his father to that of those in the past. If you are looking for fast paced action packed story this not it. It paced normally while tacking history before it happens.

The story runs un the premise of preventing or circumventing world war and conflicts while trying to lessen the tension world wide from the rise of communism, fasicm and extermination. From world... more>> wars, depression and calamities. While trying to eliviate the life of the otherworld through a semi pacifism effort. While building relationship through trade and alliances rather than fear and force.

i am reading ahead through mtls and I am currently hooked. :) story wise its not action packed and more on history and what iff. But the premise itself is good what happens when most of the past disasters never happened from the rise of hitler to world war 2.

i truly love it but I am sure those who believe in communism and probably hate japanese wont like it :) <<less
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