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I find this story pretty enjoyable. It bugs me when people read only a handful of chapters and comment on the story having lack of progress or whatever they expected. Read through the first volume at least, then share your thoughts. The volumes aren't all that long. Ch48 as of this post and we're getting into volume 3 already.

The MC is a former noble, overpowered, slightly yandere daughter-con. I feel like that's a decent enough description of her.

If I have one complaint it's how big of an idiot the Emperor... more>> is.


So much trouble could have been avoided in the prologue turning point if they brought a Theocracy priest over. You know, those people with a spell that can detect lies? That are in residence of pretty much every town/city with an adventurers guild? They are the ones that determine if a request was properly completed by a guild party, so it's not like grabbing one of them for a national level issue is hard..

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Silver Reading rated it
The Student Council President’s Secret Laid Bare
September 27, 2016
Status: epilogue
Good for an ero novel. The other post is a bit misleading in my opinion-

There's not really NTR in this story, the female lead never gets touched by anyone but the male lead and never sees the 'Part' of another guy either. That being said, Exhibitionism is the major point in this novel. She reveals herself or gets put in compromising situations by the male lead here and there for the sake of her own excitement.

... more>>

Female lead strips down to her panties while some boys photograph her in one part of the story (All tents stay pitched and covered) and the male lead watches while growing more annoyed at her fetish (He bangs her hard as payback after). That's about the most NTR-like part of the story in my opinion. Anyone wanting to avoid that part should skip the mid 1/3rd (give or take) of the beauty pageant (Ch5).

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I can't say this story is bad, but when you take a step back and look you'll realize it really isn't great. I'm 670+ chapters in and sort of tired of how things are going. Our MC makes enemies out of just about everyone she comes across. I believe she only has 3 friends she made through her own ability/ luck (that weren't introduced by our male lead).

People don't respect her? Lets hide the fact that she's able to cultivate from them! I mean, it's not like telling them she... more>> can cultivate would improve their opinion of her. They still look down on her after knowing? Lets not tell them she can do Alchemy! It's not like most families would kill to have an alchemist on their side. Lets not even mention being a Space Magic user. It's not like she could make an Emperor want her to marry his son or anything. Oh Wait...

In my opinion the MC is a (smart?) idiot with a Masochistic desire to make enemies out of everyone stronger than her. She balances (?) this with slightly Sadistic moments towards those weaker than her. She relies far too much on the people on her side pulling her out of whatever trouble she gets into, and they always seem to appear at the opportune moment due to her abnormal amount of luck.

Her past life as an assassin (?) only seems to help her when she sneaks around, and most people with a higher cultivation are somehow able to sniff her out pretty quickly anyway. At this point I can't remember her killing anyone with assassin-like moves. (has she?) Regardless of that, our male lead seems to be of the opinion she has little combat experience, so the MC seems more like a thief character than anything else.

Anyone interested in this sort of -Assassin reincarnated/ transmigrated into a useless girls' body- story should check out Stunning Edge or Descent of the Phoenix. Both seem pretty good so far, and the past life they led actually benefits them instead of being useless background filler. <<less
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