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Siliarius rated it
Versatile Mage
August 24, 2017
Status: c1800

This series has a slow start but it gets better after the first few arcs. The power system is basically a tiered system, each time a magician raises a tier he gains an additional element. There are many different types of elements in the story such as the basic 5 elements fire, water, earth, lightning and wind and also some special elements like ice, spatial and summon. Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages like fire and lightning specializing in destruction as well as elemental defense water defense can weaken fire attacks.

The protagonist has his own cheat skill (called inborn talent in the novel) he gains 2 elements whenever he raises a tier so he can use more skills than other magicians at his tier and eventually more skills than those above his tier. Normally having more elements means requiring more cultivation time but he has a cheat item that negates that.

This is not a novel where the protag solos all the enemies though, there are a lot of battles where he and his friends have to work together to defeat the baddies. Some hiliarious moments occur in battle where he and his friends are in a life and death situation and he and 1 of his friend always say something that doesn't fit the tense atmosphere prompting a tsukkomi retort by another party member.

This novel is not all rainbows and sunshine though, many times the protagonist has to witness several tragedies that he was unable to stop due to being too weak and those tragedies become a pushing force to be stronger. Saying more would spoil the story but I highly encourage to read up to these few chapter checkpoints c120, c327 and c700.

There are some minor plot holes in the story but it appears that way because the author is trying to avoid the generic cliche such as meeting arrogant nobles then beating them up or freeing girls from forced marriages etc etc. Each companion of the MC has his/her own stories some of them appear for only a few arcs then slowly fade away but the permanent party members of the MC have their stories slowly develop along with the MC which I feel is better compared to other series where the MC solos everything and his friends/love interests are just left behind in a safe area.

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Siliarius rated it
The Sacred Ruins
September 13, 2017
Status: c500
This novel is not top 1 at qidian for nothing. Although this novel has a slow start, it slowly gets better as the novel progresses. It has its ups and downs, the cliche offending rich and powerful arrogant pricks then he has to hide and get stronger then when he levels up he does a reverse kill.
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Pros is the way he trolls his opponents, capturing and auctioning enemies off to their families. However I still give a 4 star because the power level gap is really exaggerated. He's at currently level 3-4 and people of level 8-9 want to directly kill him already and he has no op master and friends to help him.

Romance wise also is lacklustre, even those who had the most chances of being waifu no.1 and no.2 either left his current area or left forgotten. Hell even his first time got taken by an enemy lady.

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