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Siikalahna rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
February 13, 2019
Status: c82
Gotta say, I hoped he'd grow up during the story, but so far it seems he's doing exactly the opposite. And seeing how there are still hundreds of chapters to go, my wish for him to just die and have someone more qualified to take the MC spot for the story seems to not be happening. What an incompetent pushover individual this MC is... No hope whatsoever.

"But I am still only in my teens." - exactly, you're a teenager, not a newborn baby! So behave like one! All this MC... more>> so far sounds to me is "But I can't do anything about it since someone else said for me to do this and because I don't have brain cells of my own, all I can do is exactly what this totally unrelated individual tells me to, because I'm just a drone hurr durr".

Would've been a 1000 times better of a story, had he already kicked the bucket and someone with at least a glimpse of a backbone would take the position as the MC. Or better yet, not had this idiot to be part of the story in the first place and use one of the other summoned heroes as the MC. They at least seem to be capable of taking action on their own. <<less
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The MC is a bloody idiot throughout the story (at least so far), letting his enemies finish all the prep and then let them escape and keep causing him trouble, because he's so stupid he never managed to grow as a person, even though, supposedly, he is a former hero. For once, in your goddamn life, how about you defeat the enemy (that you encounter the Nth time because you've so far been too stupid to interrupt their prep time despite being right there) before they finish their prep for... more>> escape? No? Too hard for you? Then just die and let someone competent become the MC and maybe we'll get somewhere with this story. <<less
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Siikalahna rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
February 9, 2019
Status: c119
Before I started reading this novel, I read some of the reviews (Those that rated the novel highly as well as those of the opposing opinion) so that I have some information about the novel as I'm diving into it.

The story started with an interesting premise and while it is pretty much a one-gag type of novel, for a while the story seemed to have potential to become something more than what it was. However that potential was not only ignored by the author, but apparently (based on the story)... more>> they decided to go the opposite direction and make it even worse.

I've caught up to the translation and have come to the conclusion, that the main character was, without a single doubt, an utter idiot in the beginning of the story, as well as losing brain cells as the story goes onward. I've lost any glimmer of hope for salvation for this story.

Would've given 1 star, however while the story, the main character and pretty much all the other characters are utter trash, it didn't (at least yet) reach the point of making me drop it. <<less
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Siikalahna rated it
Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
July 28, 2019
Status: v4c6
I used to like this quite a bit in the beginning. The premise was good, and it was going well. However, it has continually been going downhill, and the latest chapters show how much we need the MC to kick the bucket and someone competent to take his place. He's risking not only his subordinates lives, but also everyone else's with his arbitrary decisions that bring nothing but suffering to everyone. Yet he's too dumb to grow up and remains the immature little brat that the majority of these Japanese... more>> MC's seem to be. Very disappointing.

While I generally don't like Chinese novels that much, since the MC and side characters in those tend to be very aggressive and unwilling to forgive, at least they get one things straight.


That is, they don't arbitrary decide to halt their attack, because of one individual whom they've never met nor heard about before, happens to be in the place they're attacking at (at least according to the intel that they got, which is probably an enemy's trap to begin with), and thus not only jeopardize all of their forces that are attacking, but also the whole war and potentially any and all allies that they might have in that world. And all because of that one individual, who doesn't have any worth (as the enemy obviously left them there to be a bait in the first place).

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