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Sigh Berian
Sigh Berian rated it
The World Online
June 28, 2018
Status: c159
How is this rated so highly?

I love kingdom building novels but this is just so bad. There is zero character development, there is zero strategy, zero mind games, zero descriptive fights, zero emotions, however, there are a lot of unnecessary micromanaging, and really unnecessary descriptive math.

All the characters have one trait (if any) that separates them. They are all one dimensional. I have never read a novel with less character development than this one.

MC is the smartest one. When there is a fight apparently it's a really genius idea for... more>> the MC to suggest having the players fight the enemy players on the battlefield of players & NPCs vs players & NPCs, no seriously, everyone hails that idea as genius. That's the level of strategy and mind games in this novel. <<less
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Sigh Berian
Sigh Berian rated it
Castle of Black Iron
April 23, 2018
Status: c545
This novel is basically "WE WUZ KANGZ" - the Chinese Edition. I usually don't care about Chinese patriotism and I believe everyone should love their country and culture, but this author is smoking something crazy. Not only does this author steal achievements made by other peoples and cultures and just write them off as Chinese, but he basically just lumps all the white people together, and completely erases all the other Asians.

The setting is basically a world like Earth, but huge. The world goes through an apocalypse, the story begins... more>> after 900 years after the apocalypse. On this Earth, the Chinese are everything. Everything good, noble, smart, amazing, is Chinese. The Chinese in this world are the only ones who have bloodlines that can be awakened to give them power from ancient Chinese warriors (apparently only the Chinese came from ancient ancestors, everyone else just basically appeared out of nowhere with no bloodlines). Even if I was a Chinese nationalist, I would be ashamed by this author's thick skin.


I mean in what world would there be a business in a majority white country that can get away with creating a line specifically for the Chinese to skip waiting?


All of this is already sick to get through, but I was still enjoying the novel because it had some very cool and exciting moments. It got really good after chapter 50, and had some really exciting moments, but they were only just barely enough for me to continue reading this novel. However, chapter 525 broke the camels back and I just could not continue with the story. I mean the story was leading up to such a climax, and then the MC

gets a major power up only for the author to backtrack and nerf him and basically just make the last 150 chapters useless.

There is just no excuse for that.

Also, starting from chapter 350 it said that there was an editor for each chapter, but it really didn't feel like it. JUST an insane amount of grammar mistakes.

If I could go back in time, I would definitely NOT read this. <<less
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Sigh Berian
Sigh Berian rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
April 11, 2018
Status: c130
I see a lot of people giving this a 1 star and only reading up to chapter 20-30. Although, I agree with them that the beginning was pretty boring and the MC then almost made me give up this novel, but after, I forget what chapter, the novel picks up and introduces cool stuff and goes into great detail, and overall just get better and better. So for those reading the first dozen chapters, bear through them until the MC establishes his city and it gets more and more interesting... more>> after that.

I actually miss-clicked and gave it 5 stars instead of a solid 4 that I think it deserves. There are some things that would make this story more interesting. For example, less otaku stuff, a bit less "Japanese food, the greatest" stuff, more character development (making them more realistic instead of anime characters that they are modeled after), less appeal to 15 year olds, and more appeal towards 18+ year olds. Those are the negatives that made the review 4 stars instead of 5.

Some positives are: World building in detail, kingdom building, MC's powers, side character development shown in detail. Translation quality is also pretty good. <<less
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Sigh Berian
Sigh Berian rated it
Epoch of Twilight
April 11, 2018
Status: c100
The first 10 or so chapters got me really hooked. The MC is interesting, the world building is interesting, the premise is interesting, the pace is interesting. However, after like chapter 15 it just kept going downhill. So many wasted opportunities. I think that every time the author had to chose a direction to take the story, he always chose the worst one.

Like I said, the first 10 chapters got me really hooked that I even pushed through the pain to read up to chapter 100, but I just can't... more>> do it anymore. Like why make a game-like level up system and not have him level up from killing mutated animals? Why set up the character to be a police officer, and then instead of him joining the police, he goes and does boring hunting at some landfill? Why oh why would the author only focus on bland 2 dimensional characters in a world full of scientists, military, politicians, and conspiracy theorists etc.?

Just a complete waste of a great premise. <<less
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