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Sibera rated it
My Room Has Become a Dungeon’s Rest Area
April 20, 2017
Status: c26
It has been very enjoyable so far. It's a simple slice of life where the man's apartment connects to a dungeon in another world. Adventures go in that dungeon and he rescues them when they're in danger. So far I have enjoyed the girls in his harem and their personalities. He doesn't seem to be a dense MC ... more>>

(I mean he kissed one of the girls but that was for dungeon purposes).


He does act a little timidly but it's not annoying like some other MCs are. It seems like he will grow later on and he has a purpose to go into the dungeon. (To get a certain Waifu ;)) He is currently expanding his harem. (I think this should have a romance tag too but maybe that's just me) Overall though it has just been fun to read and I can't wait for more to be translated. P.S The releases seem to come out fairly slowly (a couple a month) but the translator is doing a good job I feel. I know that translators have lives and stuff but wouldn't the world be great if translators could translate 24/7. <<less
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