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Shishin rated it
The Desolate Era
May 14, 2016
Status: v13c4
I'm currently at v13c4

The best things about this novel are, it has the most humble MC. MC has no harem or pervert thought, not selfish, have great responsibility towards his clan, have great loyalty (even enemies have loyalty towards themselves), have great ambition, hardworking, it is hard to find flaw from his personality.

While the bad thing about this novel is the time skip. The time skip is real in this novel, sometime 3 years, 5 years then 9 years. It can't be help because the age of immortals most of... more>> them are hundreds of years. Some are thousands and even reach millions. <<less
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When it comes to 7 deadly sins, I'll read it anyway. Since MC has the power of Glutton, we all know this novel has plot armor at max in the beginning. A good reading for those who just finished some complex novel lol.
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Shishin rated it
World of Cultivation
July 12, 2016
Status: c303
A slow paced novel from weak to strong with a great detail. I do enjoy each chapter like their adventure which with hardship to overcome their weakness. ISSTH, Xian Ni, DD, and here WOC.. My kind of novel and obviously 5 star. Any recommendation like these?
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