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TL;DR: I can't stomach the MC, they rest is okay. But since I don't like the person who all this is about it gets a bad score.

Edit: Dropped the series, I just can't read this. It's like the author believes not using polite speech is villainous, it's honestly idiotic.

I was quite thrilled when I read the description to this novel, I like ones were the protag isn't just a goody-too-shoes. So I hoped for this one to be good since he's the supposed antagonist. To my surprise even though he... more>> uses the justification of being a villain to just squander money (Even the translator says it hurts) and doesn't even do anything remotely villain like. I'm just very annoyed with the protag. The setting is good, nothing new. The writing, nothing to complain about. Main character, can I reroll this MC? Please. No? A'ight then. I can't give this novel a good review because I have to stop reading every once in a while to just stomach what he's doin', don't just do stupid sh*t and say"Because I'm a villain" that's not how things work. I don't like the protag because he's supposed to be evil, but evil people have a reason for doing things and usually don't do unnecessarily stupid things. Lastly the protag isn't even a villain he's just unlikable. <<less
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