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This is not my cup of tea.

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While the plot itself is good, MC is literally a hindrance in combat scenes from the beginning until where I got so frustrated that I stopped.

1. Despite knowing that she is powerless, she does almost nothing to rectify that. She should've first inform an adult of the situation and not charge in head first with no plans.

2. As a person with memories of the modern world and believes it to be accurate, the fact that she did not use it to her advantage is plain stupidity, especially when she knows that the chances of her getting killed is high.

3. After the almost disaster of the first incident, she did not learn from her past mistakes and try to ensure that at least her safety is guaranteed before going to save others. Almost no character development whatsoever.

4. Having died from an attack by her yandere stalker, she barely showed any signs of trauma. It's clearly not something a person can just simply brush it off.

5. For some reason, the author seems to likes to put her in a 'damsel in distress' situation. Coupled with the fact that everyone else around her seems to be so OP, that when they're put beside her, her weakness became even more glaring obvious.


Having said all that, maybe you'd like this type of story so I strongly suggest you read it first before making any assumptions based on my comment. <<less
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