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Shikonbel rated it
Peerless Martial God
August 26, 2016
Status: c428
Alright, let's just go ahead and get this out of the way: the translator is incredible. She translated hundreds of chapters at an insane speed, with only a bump here recently due to an illness or something.

However, the translation speed is at this point literally the only good thing about this novel. Some people will try to tell you that this novel is just a great "action" novel with a focus on "fight scenes" and is therefore not for everyone. Similarly, people will tell you that it is like ATG... more>> and MGA, with an arrogant MC whose main focus is to satisfyingly beat the living s*** out of various antagonists.

Let me tell you, this story is in an entirely different league. No, this is not a compliment. ATG and MGA are entire TIERS above this novel, which is one of the worst, most boringly stupid things I have ever had the misfortune to read, and I read Twilight.

The entire thing is filled with fight scenes, and not one of them (especially recently) is remotely satisfying. What is there to be excited about? You don't even meet the villains long enough to actually hate them properly. Killing them is no different than killing air. Air that likes to spew petty insults, but still ultimately just air. The love interests and side characters lack any depth, and the MC is so contradictory I question whether he is even the same MC.

I actually liked the novel at first too, because the initial plot (while somewhat vague) was engaging. There were a lot of points that could be developed, like the MC's background, his spirits, finding his parent (s), learning more about his mysterious love interest (s), political struggles between family members and princes... Unfortunately, and for reasons I can't fathom, the author completely gives up on all these interesting points, just so he can force in another copy-paste fight.


Even when the MC finally finds his mother, whom he has never met before, the interaction is boring, empty, bland, and stupid. You'd think meeting his mother for the first time would be a touching moment or a time for him to finally confront his parents for basically abandoning him his entire life for no apparent reason, but no. Instead, we get some useless, vague descriptions and not a single sentence of actual emotion or character development.

The worst part is that the MC easily accepts the random excuse that his parents ignored him to allow him to grow stronger by himself. In the same chapter, it turns around and says they wanted him to live an ordinary life. Then it again contradicts everything by saying that they wanted him to be ordinary, but then learned he had potential, so wanted him to be strong and left him alone despite knowing he was actually too weak to survive alone, but that was ultimately something they, as two of the the most talented people of their generation, had to do. Just because. Um, what?

Clearly, the author only has half a brain cell, and assumes that the readers have even less.


This is the most repetitive novel I have ever seen. Every aspect is shallow and poorly done at best, from the constantly reused fight scenarios, to the dialogue and word choice. Apparently the author doesn't own a dictionary. It's pure laziness.

Aside from the repetitiveness, the worst aspect of this novel is undoubtedly the MC's hypocrisy and unbelievable arrogance. He is literally making enemies at every turn, then killing them for the exact same f***ing reasons they attacked him in the first place.


It basically goes like this:

Bad Guy Clone 1: Hur dur what a weak trash, kneel before me and I might spare your corpse!

MC: You kill/provoke/ignore/look down on others for no reason, and I take offense to that! I act like a non-descript weakling and you actually believe I am one, and I take offense to that! How dare you tell me to kneel, DIE!

Crowd: Haha, what a weak idiot! The MC will never beat Villain Clone 1!

*insert chapters of drawn out "fight scenes" consisting of a few moves punctuated by random insults, the word 'DIE' in all caps, and lengthy commentary by the ignorant crowd. Inevitably, the MC or his companion (s) win the fight*

Crowd: Wooaaaaahhhh~! Lin Feng won. Look how awesome he is! Besides, Lin Feng is just so powerful that he could kill "talented" Villain Clone 1 instantly!

MC: You (Villain Clone 1) offended me, acted arrogantly, and killed recklessly, therefore you deserved to die! Blah blah weak excuses blah.

Clan/father/sect of Villain Clone 1: You trash dared to kill my disciple/son/relative?! I heard about how strong you are but still can't believe it! Obviously you should have stood there and let them kill you! Now I have to bring a bunch of other people to kill you in front of a crowd, despite the fact that you've become famous for your strength/ruthlessness and everyone knows who and how you are!

Then the MC goes and trains (no interesting description of his cultivation either- everything just gets handed to him. He just keeps leveling up for no justifiable reason) and then proceeds to beat into the ground the latest batch of idiots. MC moves to a new location and repeats the exact same scenario.


The author has the vocabulary of an elementary school student and an ego the size of the entire country of China, with every chapter repeatedly and shamelessly praising the MC as intelligent/strong/handsome/unrivaled/carefree/honest/kind/*free and unrestrained* when he is clearly none of those things. Every time I see these often repeated words, I cringe so hard I'm pretty sure my neighbor's dogs are cringing too. It's just ridiculous and unjustified.

The MC offends then kills/cripples/beats virtually every character introduced in the story for no reason other than "you've offended me", but he still makes these horrific preachy speeches about how and why the latest Villain Clone completely deserved everything he got.

I did my best to stick with it, because I hate leaving things half-way finished, but I really, really can't take it anymore. I have to drop it, because every new chapter I can feel myself slowly dying inside. If I really stuck with this until the end, I'm afraid I'd end up morphing into the MC/Villain Clone #don'tgiveas**t.

To sum it all up:
1) The MC quickly became a preachy, arrogant a**hole who spends all his time killing off other stupid f**ktards. I promise, no matter how promising the beginning looks to you, no matter how much free time you have on your hands, this novel is absolutely not worth it. You'd be better off reading basically anything other than this.

2) Plot: Shallow, repetitive
Side Characters: Unimportant and undeveloped
MC: Arrogant, boastful, an insane killer who believes he's a good man, has the emotional range of a toaster
Antagonists: Clones of the same villains over and over again
Dialogue: Copy-pasted from previous chapters (I swear it's almost word for word)
Cultivation: Barely mentioned, poorly described if at all, sudden jumps in level, no real description of power levels, and skill mastery, technique and philosophical aspects are all non-existent

-End of rant- <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
November 6, 2016
Status: c291
Personally, I really love this novel. As someone who's read a pile of Chinese novels, I've had more than my fair share of common troupes and the typical MCs. There's nothing wrong with those kinds of stories, but when you've read enough of them it starts to get old fast. If you're in a similar position, this novel is like a breath of fresh air.

As the synopses clearly states, the MC Leylin is NOT some heroic good guy, nor is he the recklessly bloodthirsty villain. To describe him in a... more>> few words, he is cold, calculating and extremely rational. Before he acts, he first looks at the benefits and detriments towards himself. If he can help someone without harming himself, why not? If he can avoid offending or attracting the attention of someone far more powerful than himself, he will certainly do so (unless the benefits make up for the risk).

His calculating and rational nature, which prioritizes his personal benefit over anything else results in many of his relationships being short-lived. That being said, the interactions between himself and those side characters are interesting and his departure from them is expected, in character, and doesn't interfere with the movement of the plot.

What this novel isn't:

Looking for significant romance, harems or chasing girls? Too bad!

Want to watch a sidelined hero on his quest for revenge? Not gonna happen. When Leylin needs to take revenge it is usually swift, brutal and resolved within the same book/arc it starts in.

Do you like MC's who look to justify every action, who do bad things and put a good or righteous spin on it? Haha, this isn't the MC for you. Leylin does bad things and he doesn't bother to hide or justify it, because in his mind as long as it benefits him
nothing else is important.
In this kind of dog-eat-dog world where the weak are seen as nothing more than cattle to cater to the needs and desires of the strong, Leylin could care less about running around upholding justice. He understands very clearly the kind of world he is now living in, and he isn't foolish enough or idealistic enough to make it his mission to change it.

Excitedly waiting to watch the MC's super cheat item help him plot-armor his way into godly-ness? No can do.

Leylin's equivalent of a cheat item is his AI chip, which is nothing more than a handy tool for things such as analysis, simulation, memory boost, and for when you need a handy microscope. While it is definitely a useful tool, it is only as helpful as the person using it. If that AI chip were in the hands of someone else it would be completely useless. In particular, the further you read into the story the more clear it becomes that the AI chip is just a tool (in other words, if the AI bothers you at first, don't worry, it starts to fade into the background more as time goes on).

You can say the AI chip is a plot device, yes, but it's a reasonable one. Despite Leylin's coldness, he is actually pretty human, so if you can't wait for him to use some bada** legacy to become an insta-god, just give up right now.


Basically, if you are looking for any of the above, hoping for romance or a sunny MC with a violent side, quests for justice and vengeance and a whole pile of random unidentified cannon fodder just waiting to get swept away by the valiant MC, then all I have to say is you've got the wrong novel buddy.

Now that I've clearly established that Leylin is NOT a good guy (I mean come on, does that synopsis scream "I'm a good guy!", I think not), I have to say he isn't a full-on villain either. He doesn't go out of his way to torment or harm those weaker than himself. If he is capable of helping a friend, and even if that friend is many times weaker than him at the time he is still willing to help provided it doesn't harm himself. He is even willing to help his friends out of the messes they create in some instances. Leylin also treats his servants pretty well, providing on at least one occasion money and a place to live when he leaves them. While he does occasionally conduct experiments on people (don't get me wrong, he isn't a saint, and he doesn't have a problem with killing when necessary), he isn't some kind of madman who just swoops in and decimates entire towns of people.

Leylin and being coldhearted:

There are some people who may think that Leylin is overly coldhearted, and he is pretty cold in an emotional sense. Still, he is at least far less bloodthirsty and violent than some other MC's, like the ones from ATG or MGA, who run around massacring entire sects left and right.

This opinion people have of Leylin likely stems from the fact that he doesn't really have any deep emotional attachments to others. In many reincarnation stories, the MC will at least have attachment to their parents or families, or they'll have close friends or love interests- basically people they are willing to jump in front of a bus for. This novel is different from that. As of the latest chapter (chapter 291), Leylin doesn't have anyone he'd willingly throw himself in front of a speeding train for, and he doesn't expect anyone to put themselves in danger for his sake either. This world, this story, and this MC all run based on cold hard logic and personal benefits.

This "coldheartedness" isn't something that just Leylin has, and is in fact fairly common to some degree or another among all Magi, light or dark. Rationality, logic, and personal benefits are characteristics that are relatively common, and are valued amongst Magi, so Leylin isn't some kind of freak in this point.

I think that some people who start reading this novel don't have a proper understanding of what a cold and rational MC is like (or can be like), and therefore become disappointed when they start reading. Similarly, there may be people who think that "cold and rational" purely applies to Leylin's enemies. Well then, let me be the one to say that Leylin's mentality of benefits and logic applies to everyone he meets.

This doesn't mean he never has friends or relationships, it just means that there isn't as much of an emotional emphasis on things. Generally, his relationships consist of both sides gaining something, and end when one or both sides no longer have anything to gain. It sounds a bit harsh, but in actuality it is quite reasonable. As a reader, it is satisfying when a relationship that has outlived its usefulness ends, rather than having it get dragged on for entire arcs.

This is actually a huge positive point I have to mention here: so far, most problems and good fortune are pretty nicely packaged within their own arc/book. Naturally there are some larger plot points going on in the background, but in terms of more immediate plot you don't have to wait quite as long for things to get resolved as in some other novels.

Again, in a lot of Chinese novels, the MC's moments of coldheartedness tend to stem from an emotional place (protecting loved ones, keeping their face, upholding "justice", getting revenge, etc.), but here there is less emphasis on that, and many conflicts are ones of interest, not emotion. If you are used to these more emotional scenarios and expect that from this novel, then please thoroughly shatter those expectations before reading.


In short:

Leylin is logical, rational, cold, calculating and a bit emotionally distant when it comes to others. He delights in getting stronger and discovering new things. He only moves if it benefits him, and if he's forced into a situation that isn't looking good for him he will do everything he can to manipulate it until it does. He is a cautious person, like Han Li from RMJI- the exact opposite of typical hotheaded MCs.

Leylin is a harsh person (maybe a bit of a b*stard even) in an even harsher world. The tone of the novel is a bit serious and gritty, and the cruel and ruthless aspects of the world are presented in a fairly straightforward manner. People get used, thrown away, killed, tortured, backstabbed, betrayed, and treated like puppets by those around them.

As you can expect from the types of people able to climb to the top in this kind of world, the experts that we've seen so far don't exactly take care of their groups with love and affection in mind, rather, they blatantly make use of those who join them and horde important information and resources for themselves. It isn't a nice world. It's the kind of place where trusting strangers (or heck, even friends), and running around helping others isn't going to get you admiration, and will instead just end up in your death. Affection and loyalty does exist, but it isn't as strongly emphasized or focused on as many other novels out there.

If you are someone who likes your MCs more on the emotional side, who likes fights to be motivated by emotion (like captured family members for instance), instead of logic and benefits, if you like plots focusing on revenge or heaping a combination of insanely lucky chances and horrible misfortune on the MC, then this isn't going to be your kind of novel. It's a novel that might be best for those who have an understanding of the harshness of reality, with maybe a dash of sarcasm thrown in.

If I had to speak of cons, I'd say that I do wish Leylin would form a couple of longer-lasting relationships with others. I'm not necessarily asking for a love interest or best friend or anything (not likely given Leylin's personality), but having some kind of long-term ally or rival of sorts would be nice.


*Whew! Rant (?) over*

For someone like me, who enjoys a character full of cold, harsh logic, who doesn't bother to move purely for emotion, who doesn't spend all his time chasing after or placating his latest harem members, this is really a novel after my own heart, haha.

Besides that, Leylin's personality is pretty straight-forward and he consistently acts in character, so there's no worry he'll suddenly do a total 180 in terms of personality *cough, PMG, I'm looking at you here, cough.*

4.5/5, definitely in my top twenty favorite novels right now. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Martial God Asura
November 17, 2016
Status: c1094
What can I say? This novel is like most actions movies (or superhero movies even). You go into it knowing that the plot will be thin, the side characters will have limited depth, and the MC will be at least 1000 times more OP than the story requires him to be. You just know that it'll be the kind of story you have to leave your brain off for.

I'm going to be perfectly honest; this novel isn't very well written. In that case, why on earth am I giving it... more>> such a high rating?

I... almost don't even know. To put it into words, I suppose it's just interesting. Just like those action movies, no matter what the plot is like and how much you laugh or get annoyed when you pick it apart later, in the moment there are still points that manage to capture your attention.

While the writing has problems and there are plenty of questionable moments, at the very least the tone is good (sort of exciting and light-hearted). Chu Feng does kill people and do some other unpleasant things, but the killing specifically doesn't bother me because I was prepared for that when I read the title (the word asura tends to allude to such things I've discovered). I'm a cynical person anyway, so the lack of justice and the questionable morals means nothing to me since it's all fiction. I actually tend prefer my MC's with a dash of evil/crazy.

The author does a good job with drawing people in. Speaking of the author, Kindhearted Bee is the only author of foreign webnovels that I've seen who has been willing/able to interact with the audience of his translations through a few videos posted to the translation site, which doesn't matter much to the story, but was honestly just a really cool thing to see.

Really, the best way I can describe the draw of the novel is to compare it to an action movie. You know there will be flaws, yet even when the flaws are right there in front of you somehow it just doesn't really matter. Every time I see an update I just have to click it- it's addicting.

It's a casual sort of read, so I'd say it's worth giving a shot. If you like it you'll really like it, if you can't get past the flaws you'll probably never pick it up again. The negative reviews capture all of this novel's flaws well, and the positive reviews prove how entertaining this novel can be in spite of them. Both sides are quite valid. Objectively I strongly agree with many points in the negative reviews, and emotionally I appreciate the positive reviews more. Don't let the reviews get to you too much. There are tons of chapters translated, so just go ahead and read a few to make up your own mind about it. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
September 23, 2016
Status: c172
All right, I think the hype some people give this novel is too much, and similarly those criticizing it so harshly seem to be coming into the story with a bit of bias towards the author.

The author of Ancient Godly Monarch is the same person who wrote Peerless Martial God. As anyone who read the reviews posted on this website regarding the latter novel will know, PMG had potential but ultimately devolved into a horrifying copy-past mess. My exasperation and anger with Peerless Martial God can clearly be seen in... more>> the rant I left on the novel's page. As such, I went into Ancient Godly Monarch with an especially healthy amount of skepticism.

However, after reading up to the latest chapters (172 at the time of this review), I must say that despite the disaster that is PMG, it is best to keep a more open mind when looking at AGM- to be fair, PMG was said author's first webnovel (if I remember correctly). It stands to reason that if the Chinese readers became as frustrated with the author as the rest of us have, the author must have gotten a nice heaping pile of complaints and criticisms. Thankfully, it would seem that the author has taken at least some of these complaints to heart, because AGM has marked improvements compared to his previous novel. With the author's track record, it is hard to say if AGM's quality will be maintained as the story goes on, but for these first ~200 chapters at least I think that the overall quality of the story is surprisingly good.

Is Ancient Godly Monarch one of the best or most well-written novels out there? No. Novels such as Immortal Executioner, Jiang Ye, The Way of Choices, and I Shall Seal the Heavens are, at least in my personal opinion, on a much higher tier. That being said, Ancient Godly Monarch's currently translated chapters shouldn't be any worse than novels like Against the Gods and Martial God Asura in terms of quality. It is an enjoyable read when you want to pass some time.

Improvements in AGM include:


1) Word choice and repetitiveness have both improved in this novel compared to PMG, meeting an acceptable standard for this genre. The wording is good and the tone is all right, if slightly dull. What I mean by that is it can sometimes feel as though there is a layer of mist between you and the emotions of the story, like you can't entirely feel everything that is happening. This isn't too bad or noticeable at first, but if you binge many chapters in a row you may start to notice such a feeling.

2) Characters feel more human and 3-dimensional. Antagonists do generally follow the arrogant young master mold, but I think that the level is bearable, moreover so far there have been far fewer such characters as well. The side characters are decent. They are not especially prominent or anything, but they have interesting personalities at least, so it's nice to see them when they appear.

3) The MC's personality is better compared to the MC of PMG. Qin Wentian is more even tempered, less arrogant, less preachy (thank god), and has a kind heart. For now at least, he is a decent guy who values friendships and has a nice dose of hatred for his enemies, which I can appreciate. Besides that, the manner in which he powers up is more balanced and acceptable. He doesn't rise too many levels too quickly, cultivation makes more sense and feels understandable, and you get the impression that he does a fair amount of work to achieve these things.

4) Although this could also be considered a revenge orientated story, the reasons for antagonists to target the MC make far more sense. Rather than having the antagonists or MC stupidly provoking each other for no apparent reason at every possible turn, the reasons for provoking the MC are virtually all tied to his family. The reasons for them being targeted have not been fully revealed, but from what we've seen they are enough for Qin Wentian's enemies to want to target him. Seeing as how he is the person with the greatest potential and strength among the younger generation, it makes sense that they want to get rid of this potential threat, given the grudges between them and his Qin family. Is this the best and most exciting excuse? No, not really. It is however, a decent enough reason, especially when compared to the ridiculous reasons the antagonists used to attack the MC in PMG.

5) The cultivation is actually really interesting. If the author can continue to explore and expand this point sufficiently, that alone may be enough to carry the story for me. It isn't the most profound system ever, so if you prefer something deeper I would instead recommend one of the quality novels I mentioned above. That said, the concept is quite intriguing and isn't too hard to understand. If you aren't interested in lengthy or philosophical descriptions of cultivation, preferring to keep things a bit simpler, then this is a good choice.


On the downside:


With an MC driven by revenge and taking into account the writing style of the author, it's safe to say that Qin Wentian will kill a fair amount of people, and most of his reasons for doing so will be put with a bit of a righteous skewing. He will likely develop a bit of arrogance, though with his kind and naive beginnings it shouldn't be too extreme I hope. With the world building so far, the scope of this story's world is huge, and Qin Wentian is still only in one of the smallest areas, so I expect we'll be seeing a pattern where he moves to a place --> finds out he's at the very bottom in terms of strength and is probably underestimated --> trains, gets stronger, and tramples his enemies --> moves on to the next area. The key in how boring or enjoyable said cycle turns out to be will lie mostly in the variations in the environment, circumstances and characters, as well as in the level of character development shown by the MC.


All in all, Ancient Godly Monarch isn't a masterpiece, but it is far better than Peerless Martial God and so far remains a fairly enoyable story. I will continue to read this novel for now, maintaining a sense of skepticism towards future chapters, and I'd say that it is an average story that is suitable for passing the time. The translator is very good as well. For now, I'm going to go ahead and give it 3 stars. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Sovereign of Judgment
November 6, 2016
Status: c38
I tend to be a bit iffy on game-based novels, but I think this one is done quite well so far. Although there aren't many chapters of SoJ out yet, I'm already a HUGE fan. I like the premise, I like the writing, I like the main character, and I like the side characters. Just all in all a really enjoyable kind of novel for me.

For me, the most important part of any novel is the MC. Choi Hyuk is a pretty logical, straight-forward kind of guy who loves... more>> to fight and isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. There aren't any preachy bits about ethics either, and the MC is a bit of a mad dog without going the straight-up slaughterer route. He's got pretty good reasoning behind his actions, but really the main focus is fighting, action, blood, and more action.

Actually, in terms of complaints... I really can't think of any, nor do I feel the need to start looking, either.

This is my favorite Korean novel, and it goes somewhere in the top ten in terms of my favorite novels over all. 5/5. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Paradise of Demonic Gods
November 6, 2016
Status: c69
A really enjoyable, straight-forward kind of novel. Cultivation makes sense, the MC is true to character, the MC is driven, focused and hard-working, and power-ups come with a price (the most refreshing thing I've seen in a while). I like the MC's personality and motivation, and I'm a big fan of his master, too. In terms of my hopes for the future:
... more>>

I'm hoping the MC doesn't forgive his Grandmother. So far this is a solid revenge story, so if the ending to all of this turns out to be half-hearted I'd be dissapointed. That aside, I'm also hoping the MC's time remains limited for the sake of tension, and that at the end he asks himself if trading his life and half his emotions for talent was worth it. That would just add some nice depth to his character for me.


There isn't that much in terms of romance, and the comedy isn't exaggerated either, but the action is pretty good and you can really feel the desire for revenge that drives the story. If I have to give a flaw, I'd say the tone can be slightly dry? Something like that. Considering the emotional state of the MC, and the relatively shorter (or shorter feeling) chapters, I'm willing to let that one slide for now.

All in all, it's a story I can't put down, and I'm really looking forward to more chapters. I HIGHLY recommend this novel. Although I don't have many complaints right now, since the story is still in the early stages I'll go ahead and put this as a 4.5/5 stars, rather than giving it an outright 5/5. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Shen Mu
August 15, 2016
Status: v2c1
If I could give it negative stars, I would.

There seemed to be potential, but the MC is weak and the female leads are horrible. I can't stand MCs who let themselves be dragged around pathetically by others... so it wasn't for me.

It actually made me quite sad, because initially I thought that the MC's backstory was really interesting, and I was hoping to find out more about that. Instead, getting stuck with the constant, unreasonable back-and-forth between the MC and the little girl blew it for me.

I don't expect... more>> an MC to be perfect. I just prefer the type who stand up for themselves. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
A Cruel Romance
November 17, 2016
Status: v2c10
The MC is amazingly cruel and vicious, with just a touch of straight-up crazy. The romance isn't anything soft and fluffy, and is planted pretty firmly in the territory of F**ked up. Truthfully, when it comes to romantic stories I'm not a huge fan of them, and I'm also not a big fan of the messed up sort, but there's something so wholly off kilter about this MC that makes me keep reading. It's like I want to see just how far off the deep end he'll go and how... more>> many people he'll end up dragging with him. Although this is a romance, it's the psychological aspects that end up interesting me.


Based on what's happened thus far, I'm not expecting a very good ending for the MC. If the MC ends up in a nice happy romance I might just pass out due to shock. So far, there have been several romantic interests, but nothing has gone nicely, and who will end up the final love interest is up in the air (who knows, maybe a new character will appear to take the position). Although nearly all of the characters are extremely brutal and viscous, I do feel like there is something oddly human about it (maybe it's the way that the MC just can't seem to find the right one, and the damage that war and unbridled violence can do to a person), which is interesting.

With the personalities and occupations of these characters (the MC is in the army, as are most of the other characters, hence war and violence) I figure the story will continue on a darker route, so if you aren't interested in those darker types of stories, or if you prefer your romance without the side of emotional abuse I would recommend trying something else. On the other hand, if you have an appreciation for the darker, more tragic and crazy psychological aspects this could be a pretty fun read.


If you are not okay with emotional abuse, physical violence, killing, torture, a crazy MC, yaoi (this is a BL story), or rape (this one's right there in the tags), then you will not like reading this story.

For this deliciously screwed up story I'll give it three stars. No more than three because I do feel that it gets a bit extreme on some occasions, and it sometimes reads more like a tragedy or psychological story than a romantic one. No fewer because I felt that these aspects were pretty well done despite that. Besides that, I've yet to read another romance story where the MC is involved in a realistically brutal war, (it makes sense why there aren't any though, haha), which is a unique point. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
November 17, 2016
Status: c249
Dragon-Marked War God contains various common troupes of many Chinese novels out there. In that case, why am I giving it four stars? Because I believe this novel does a surprisingly good job with them.

... more>>

1) The love interest - Cons: The female lead is described as being very beautiful in classic "jade-like" terms, She just happens to have a yin body which caused her to be weak and ill until Jiang Chen showed up to cure her. Initially she was a very innocent and naive young girl, which could be a bit annoying at points.
Pros: The MC is very devoted towards this girl, and is both unwilling to let anyone else insult her, and also completely uninterested in any other women (as far as I have read). The girl has good talent, and could be considered roughly on par with Jiang Chen in terms of strength. Her personality also changes slightly as she becomes more familiar with the cruel reality of the world, though it isn't all that developed yet, but she's nice enough. I'm hopeful that she'll have a certain level of importance even as the story goes on. The female lead and the MC meet in a cliche way, but it's tolerable (I hate it when the meeting is annoying, like the MC sees a girl bathing and the girl proceeds to furiously try to trample the MC, for instance).

2) The power-ups - Cons: Jiang Chen tends to power up very quickly, and the majority of his overwhelming strength is due to the advantages given to him because of his powerful technique. The system of cultivation is a pretty typical level system, without any really unique points, and there isn't any focus on laws or philosophical descriptions or anything like that.
Pros: Although he does brute force his way through lots of things, and his power-ups are pretty quick, there is at least some logic behind most of his rise in power. Besides that, his level jumping abilities are about equally due to his knowledge from his previous life as his superior cultivation technique, so while it's primarily brute strength there is some intelligence involved.

3) The reincarnation - Cons: He has tons of knowledge, so whenever a problem pops up or something seems impossible for others, he can easily accomplish things using his past life knowledge.
Pros: The reincarnation part is actually done pretty well, unlike in many other novels. First, he reincarnates into the future and on a different continent, so no worries about him going back into his own past and conveniently knowing literally everything that happens. Another upside is that in this case him being reincarnated actually matters in this story, instead of being just a convenient way to get things started (PMG *cough*). However, the best part for me is that Jiang Chen actually seems to have learned something from his previous life, and strives to correct some of his previous mistakes in this life. For example, in his previous life he went at everything alone, but this time he ensures that he has friends and allies to help support him, recognizing that he can't do everything by himself.

4) Antagonists - Cons: The antagonists are kind of like what you'd expect. Many spoiled young masters and arrogant brats who incessantly harass the MC for relatively minor reasons.
Pros: Later on in the story an antagonist appears whose talent and destiny are fairly close to the MC's, and he apparently remains a relevant villain for much of the story, so if you're sick of antagonists being constantly defeated and forgotten, there's that. As for the cannon fodder types of antagonists, plenty exist, but for the most part their destruction isn't too delayed and is sufficiently interesting to keep me from minding too much.

5) Side Characters - Cons: We don't get too much development for the side characters, and many of them just end up either respecting or hating the MC.
Pros: Jiang Chen's love interest isn't too bad. Jiang Chen's best friend, Big Yellow, is also a pretty hilarious character whose talent is about on par with the MC (he can level jump and everything), and Big Yellow goes with the MC on most of his adventures after he enters the picture, instead of almost immediately fading into obscurity like many other "best friend" characters.

6) Main Character's Personality - Like a lot of MCs in these types of novels, Jiang Chen isn't quite good or evil. He goes far to help his friends, and doesn't hesitate to exterminate his enemies. Jiang Chen has a bit of arrogance too, which is attributed mainly towards his current talent and the mindset he developed in his previous life. That being said, I think it's an acceptable level of arrogance. He is a pretty ruthless guy, and he kills a lot of people, but I've yet to see him straight up murder an entire sect (there is a case where he kills all of the main members of a sect/clan, but he spares those who aren't a threat, like the servants and such, so I didn't think it was that bad).

7) Translation/Writing - The translation is pretty good. I think the earlier chapters were in need of some editing, but once some more editors/proof-readers join it gets better as you go on and the translation speed is pretty good. As for the writing, like many of these novels there is some repetition and wordiness, and there are some flaws in fights scenes and explanations as a result of this. I've seen much worse though, so I wouldn't go so far as to say it's worth dropping because of that.


To sum it up, it's one of those stories where the MC is super OP, aiming for the very top of the world and not shy about admitting it. The things that come along with this kind of story, like an MC with a certain level of arrogance, underdeveloped side characters, and level jumping, are all here in one form or another.

That said, all in all, it's a decent story. Actually, my rating is probably a bit closer to 3 1/2 stars, maybe slightly less than that. However, I'm choosing to give it 4 in light of the fact that despite the cliche aspects I actually haven't dropped it yet. I'd say it's worth reading, and definitely entertaining if you're a bit newer to this genre. If you're someone who's already read many Chinese novels and has a good grasp of the common troupes, you might not find it as engaging, but it's enough to pass the time. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Dragon Martial Emperor
August 15, 2016
Status: --
The best way to describe this novel is dull. As other reviewers have pointed out, it is basically a copy-paste of all the classic genre troupes. Any points that could potentially make it stand out from the crowd have been mostly abandoned by the author.

For example, the fact that the main character was the "King of Killers" in his previous life is a potentially interesting point that became essentially completely useless after just a few chapters. This fact serves no real purpose, and it makes one question what the point... more>> was of even making him reincarnate at all, since it does nothing for the story.

The translation is understandable, but clunky. There are points where it is clear that some of the deeper meaning is lost, and it lacks a certain polished feeling. That being said, there are certainly worse translations out there, so how much you care about this bit is up to you.

Basically, if you are someone who has read a decent amount of these kinds of novels, you are probably better off not wasting your time. If you are not yet used to/jaded about the various classic troupes seen in these kinds of novels, and you don't mind the slightly clunky translation, then go ahead and give it a shot.

Personally, I have already decided to drop this novel, and don't intend to return to it in the future. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
March 28, 2018
Status: --
This novel's premise is no different from any other novel in It's category. You've got all the basic troupes; supposed genius of some sort reincarnated into a "trash" body, inability or difficulty cultivating, member of a troubled yet high ranking family, broken marriage engagement, insufferable female antagonist responsible for the previous body's death, mysterious parents.... the author just threw in the entire bag of classics with no real changes or sense of originality.

All of this should make for a perfectly slightly-below-average novel, if it weren't for a few major flaws.

... more>>

1) The incessant descriptions of the main character's beauty, using the same words over and over. Her beauty must be described at least once per every half a chapter, each time using words like "lazy", "bewitching", "arrogant", "unruly", "cruel [smile]", "breathtakingly beautiful", "waterfall-like black hair", "white dress", "sleeves/dress/hair blowing in the breeze", "condescending/contemptful gaze", etc.

It's just painful. We get it, she's beautiful and wild, that's great. Too bad she doesn't have any brains...

2) The main character is styled as though she is incredibly intelligent and devious, possessing both wisdom and foresight... and this will only ever be said, not shown.

The main character is impulsive and shallow. Her plans are flimsy and poorly thought out, and the author relies on an awkward sense of "mystery" to try and convince the readers the main character does in fact have a really impressive plan... probably.

Frankly, the only reason the main character is able to succeed is because all of her enemies have IQs in the negatives. The MC doesn't succeed, her enemies just trip over their own stupidity. Not a single antagonist thus far has shown any hint of cunning or ability. So, while It's true that the MC is guaranteed to happily face slap all her enemies, it isn't fun or engaging to watch.

There aren't any genuine battles of wits or scheming, and for a novel like this which naturally leans more towards scheming and politics, if the story is severely lacking in this area it will make for a very boring read. I just can't being myself to care, because I know all of these idiots will just self destruct anyway.

3) The characters aren't believable. The MC was a genius medical student in her previous life, which is great but ultimately irrelevant since she's in a brand new world with entirely different types of illnesses, wounds and herbs, and since her ridiculous cheat is just going to give her whatever she needs anyway. Her being a medical student previously is utterly irrelevant.

The fact that she had a past life at all is totally meaningless. She was nothing but a medical student, and now she's strutting around acting overbearing in the face of cultivators and emperors? There is never any explanation or development of character to explain why she is able to behave in such a way. It would have made more sense for the overall story if she were never reincarnated in the first place.

None of the characters, whether the main character or the secondary characters, feel even remotely real or interesting. Everyone is 2d and boring


All in all, these three things take what would already be a very average and bland novel, and make it utterly insufferable. The only reason I don't give it a lower rating is because it has yet to become offensively bad. Still, I don't consider it worth the time.

If you don't mind a bland novel with an arrogant and shallow MC, and side characters stupid enough to self combust, then go ahead.

I will say that the relationship between the MC and the male lead is somewhat cute, so if you can get past everything else you may be able to enjoy that aspect of the novel I guess. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Great Demon King
November 17, 2016
Status: c186
Great Demon King is written by the same author as God of Slaughter. Both MC's are cruel, perverted and shameless. There are many love interests, relationships can feel somewhat casual, and there are plenty of NSFW scenes, (and one non-con scene with a certain girl). Great Demon King is more toned down than God of Slaughter in terms of both violence and the perverted aspects. I personally prefer Great Demon King over the other. The MC here is evil and completely unapologetic about his actions and nature, with an... more>> "I do what I want" attitude.


This is especially the case as the novel goes on. In the beginning of the story, the MC is an underdog in a bad position, so that plus the fact that he was originally a normal person (with evil inner thoughts) in his past life means that for a while there he has to stay more low key. Once the MC starts gaining power he loosens the cap on his inner desires and becomes much more unbridled. I admit that I wasn't a big fan of the story for the first 40-60 chapters or so, but if you get past that part it gets more interesting as time goes on. I will say that the novel isn't a serious one, with a bit more comedy than you might initially expect, and the MC just kind of messes around at some points. If you want a more serious, really evil MC I'd say Leylin from WMW is much better.

The side characters' development is somewhat limited, so naturally even more of the story hinges on the MC and your personal feelings about him and his actions. In other words, if you read a bit and don't like the MC, or the violent or perverted scenes, you will probably struggle with the novel. If you enjoy the excessive violence and/or outright pervertedness, then you will likely find the novel enjoyable.

Because the MC's actions and character are more extreme, how you view the novel ends up being even more closely tied to personal preference than some other, more moderate novels.

I personally am not a big fan of romance, so the MC's casual attitude is a good thing, but on the other hand I feel like there are a few too many perverted scenes, and sometimes the MC comes across as a bit more childish or casual than I'd like. I admit to liking the violence though, and the magic aspect is quite interesting. I look forward to seeing how the MC develops in the future.


For me this novel is closer to 3 1/2 stars, but I'll just go ahead and put it at 4 for now. The translator is awesome and the release speed is good. It makes for a good casual sort of read. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
God Of Slaughter
November 17, 2016
Status: c163
What to say about this novel? Well, first it's written by the same author who wrote Great Demon King, and it bears many similarities to this novel.

The MC is very cruel, vicious, and perverted without an ounce of shame. This is a harem story, so expect many beautiful love interests. There are also lots of NSFW scenes in there, and there is a non-con scene (or were there two? I mean, it was revenge but still) with this one girl, so if you're not interested in that this probably isn't... more>> your kind of novel.


Like the title promises, the MC is a merciless b**tard who kills lots and lots and lOTS of people (I'm talking giant massacres here), usually in especially vicious ways. One of his methods of cultivation directly involves absorbing people for power, to give you a bit of an idea. Shi Yan is also an arrogant guy. Truthfully, in terms of his personality there's really nothing good there. At least he doesn't pretend to be a good guy, though.

Honestly, the "romance" or harem parts of the story kind of kill it for me. I'm not a big romance fan in the first place, so the MC's casual attitude on the subject is a good thing, but on the same token I'm also not too big a fan of just how many of these scenes there are. Usually, my favorite part of any story are the characters, so when most of the side character aren't developed it can be a bit of a letdown for me. That's probably why I wish these girls would have a bit more characterization, even if he never actually invests much in them emotionally, it would at least make these parts a bit more interesting to me.
On the bright side, the MC has no tolerance for betrayal. A beautiful girl leaves him and tries to return? He simply doesn't care. There are two girls which are like this earlier in the story, and when they are rude to him later he literally tells them off to their faces, which was SO satisfying. I hate it when female characters get an automatic pass just because of their looks. If you happen to find one of the female characters annoying, you can rest a bit more easily knowing that she won't constantly stick to him, and may not remain in the story line.

On the one hand the MC is open about his perverted nature, on the other none of his interactions with other women really give you the feeling that he likes any of them, and since the side characters don't get much characterization, the MC's personality and actions really end up carrying the story (no problem if you don't care, a big problem if you don't like Shi Yan).

As bad as it sounds, I'm mainly reading for the unbridled violence, and because I think the idea of absorbing people for power is interesting. Yeah, I admit it, the insane killing sprees are pretty b***ss.


All in all it's an alright novel. I do appreciate how unapologetic the MC is about being evil, and he doesn't spend the whole story as some kind of innocent virgin monk. The MC is really carefree, and his straight-forward "I do what I want" attitude is refreshing. He has relationships with different girls, but so far he hasn't promised anything long-term, and he's pretty upfront about that point. That being said, I personally am not a huge fan of some of the aspects of this novel, mainly the shallow-ness of the side characters and the (in my opinion) slightly excessive pevertedness.

The rating system doesn't allow for half-stars, but I'd say it deserve about a 3 1/2 or so for being so outside the box in terms of evil-ness. If you like the romance parts it can easily go up to 4 stars. It's a good casual read. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
Juvenile Medical God
August 15, 2016
Status: c112
This is a novel set in modern times, with the main character's focus being in medicine/poisons and dealing with matters of the city's 'underground'. There are politics involved, but it is not quite a political novel. There are fights and displays of martial arts, but not too many, and as such, this novel is not necessarily for everyone.

The pace is relaxed, a bit like 'slice-of-life' type novels, but there are still a decent amount of exciting action scenes.

Although a few of the earlier translators didn't do the series justice, the... more>> current translator is perfectly fine, so no problems there.

For a little while, I was personally irritated with the attitude of the female teacher, but as she somewhat fades into the background as time goes on, my irritation has lessened considerably. In addition, there are at least two other female characters who play some role in the latest translated chapters, so it's not really a major concern for me.

In short, I think this is a very decent novel. It may not be for everyone, but I do think it's worth giving a chance. If you do give Juvenile Medical God a try, be aware that the later chapters (up to 112 right now) are better than the middle portion (around chap. 50 or so).

I gave it three stars, purely because the novel is not entirely up to my usual tastes, but is still an enjoyable break from most of the novels floating around out there that I usually see. I may come back and change the rating if the later portions of the story are able to better capture my interest. <<less
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