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Shebby rated it
God and Devil World
November 9, 2017
Status: c546
It was exteremely good at first. The begining was a good start, but somehow, someway, it just dropped like a missle to the ground. The morals, the prinples, who you are has changed so much in the story. You still are bais to your own people (Nationalism), you accept women who doesn't even hold your heart, and multiple at that. Just what are you aiming for. You have fallen in the concept of the world that leaves me speechless. What is it that you want. Power! Fame! Wealth! Yes, of... more>> course the world is insanely cruel, others what kill you for a can, A CAN of food. Yet why let it destory who you ARE in the first place. The world doesn't like it, screw it and focus on something else; The world tries to change you, CHANGE it; If it denies you, then deny it by creating a Santuary to savalge yourelf and people that not only understand you, but raises you to be who you want be or who you TRULY are. And lastly, if the world tries to destroy you, fight it to the death. Because it does not define you. <<less
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Shebby rated it
Dragon-Blooded War God
July 17, 2017
Status: c168
This good for passing the time and maybe a little more. It's somewhat on the same standards as MGA (higher standard?) and is quite enjoyable. Just love how much the MC is underestimated, they never saw it coming.
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Shebby rated it
Shen Yin Wang Zuo
January 2, 2017
Status: c314
This is a brilliant story, with a unique plot. Humans are fighting for survival due to demon invaders. The demons out number them by at least 1 to 3; this not including the 72 demon gods (OP) and their emperor (Super OP). The story focuses on how the MC grows from when he was little to become one of the supporting pillars of humanity, along with his teammates. The humor is marvelous; romance is heartwarming and beautiful; Comedy is definitely one of the things to look forward. The journey to... more>> become strong and protect what is precious is always engaging, when you know what your doing that is. (He does) The story is similar to Doulou Dalu in It's own way, but very attracting. Since the plot is unique, It is better than Doulou Dalu to some extent in my opinion <<less
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