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I Reincarnated For Nothing
February 8, 2018
Status: c34
This story is a good one, it is disguised inside the Demon King Vs Hero cliche.

In this story we have a reincarnaed demon with a power that cannot be turned into pure battlepower, making him weak.

Or at least as a demon he could not exploit it completely, if you can't hurt someone, what's the use of knowing their weak point?

... more>> He reincarnates as a hero (And we all know what that means, OP) that is the childhood friend of the original hero.

They go on a journey and escape the human kingdom, as a bit of a spoiler

the human kingdom goes through a coup and is replaced, putting in power a tyrant, making everyone that lives in the human territories downgrade in living conditions, corruption runs rampant.


Now, the only thing that made the old timeline fail it's coup was the hero, our MC interfering indirectly caused the suffering of every human in the realm.


In his past life, the Diaz Kingdom had been held together quite easily. It wasn't as if there wasn't a rebellion caused by the Archduke, but the hero was able to suppress it easily.

Diaz had been peaceful thanks to the hero, and they were able to prosper. This was all before the full-out war with the Demon King's army had started.

'However, it isn't like that anymore.'


He knows it is a concequence of his actions in a way, but can actually see the root problem instead of heaping piles of blame on himself as any self respecting cliche hero would.


In some ways, this was the biggest change that had occurred, because of Artpe. If Artpe hadn't run away with the hero, this rebellion would have never occurred.

If the agitated Maetel, who was next to Artpe, was still inside the castle, the humans that sought to satisfy their own selfish interests and desires wouldn't have been able to take control.

Still, it was as Silpennon had said. This occurred because of the internal politics of the kingdom. This wasn't Maetel's fault. Of course, Artpe wasn't at fault either. This was why they didn't need to feel any guilt.


We also have a realistic view of the world, the demon king being defeated does not mean a happy ever after. This is a conversation had after our MC says that they only need to kill the demon king and the people will be happier.


"Will everyone become happy when we defeat the Demon King?"

In the old tales, the world became peaceful when the hero defeated the Demon King. Of course, these were only old tales. Artpe's view was grounded in reality.

"No. However, if the Demon world loses its leader, people will rush towards the Demon world to conquer it. For a brief time, there would be a need for manpower, and even civilians with no abilities would have a chance to get their hands on a good amount of loot. Of course, it also depends on the ability of humans to defend their newly found peace."


In the real world if you can think, you have the possibility for good and evil, and even then, good and evil are defined by cultures, religions etc, and even between humans those of differing belief clash causing conflict and war. Imagine a completely new race appearing, how many crazies would turn against them to ignore their own suffering?


"You don't have to worry about the Demon race. We just have to kill them all."

"Everyone said that Demons are bad, but.... There are bad people amongst humans, so wouldn't there also be kind Demons in the Demon race?"


Artpe shut his mouth at the unexpected question. Her eyes did not falter. She stared at Artpe with sincere eyes. This was why he was hesitant to give her a rash answer.


In the human world, everyone grew up being educated that 'Humans are good and the Demons are bad.'

The power of indoctrination was scary. Even those that were learned and experienced in the world held absolute hostility towards the Demon race.

'However, she came to hate the humans first.'


So yes, up till now chapter 34 we have had a good run, the chiche is there but without unthinking characters, gthey rationalize, they make judgement of stuff, even Maetel our heroine who has deep unflinching trust in our MC has had her time of doubt, indecicion bettween blind trust.

It all makes a good highlight on their growth since they are still kids, how they will end up, how the world changes, I want to know, I want to read, and I recomend you all to read too.

It is a fun light read, with bouts of serious contemplation about the morality of it all, and to top it all a solid translation. 5 Stars. <<less
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