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Shaiole rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: c196
The only reason I started reading this was the cover. Harem you say? Then why doesnt the cover have a single female in it? I was curious.

For a novel written mostly in first perspective, it has a lot of characters. The author did not fail making them. Too be honest, at first I even thought, all characters were great exept the dull MC.

But I was proven wrong.

... more>> Reads a volume, reads another volume and before I know it, I reached the end of translated novels.

If you look at the volume titles, you'd think that it suppose to end at 9.

Now I have no Idea when the hell would the MC beats the OP antagonist. Character building... yes there is that. Wimpy MC turns shameless. Well not yet exactly, but we are getting there. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
January 2, 2017
Status: c58
Don't get me wrong, I love this novel. However there are many points about this novel that are not so great. But it may be the reason why it is unique and great. Other reviews already said how great this novel is, I don't see why I should focus on the good points.

When I first started reading it, it was very confusing. Info dumps here and there. Unlike your average CN novel where chapters are full of "fluff" where you could totally skip a few pharagraphs and chapter but still... more>> understand what is happening, this novel is the opposite. I need to carefully read it to not miss out any detail. Chapters are very long, but also informative.

Also, It is written in the first POV, but the scene sometimes shift to a place where the MC isn't present. This sometimes confuses me plus all the chinese terminology. However, I totally understand why it is so. The prolouge is like the ending where he reminise the past. The style is a bit spoilerish, but its not anything bad. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

The romance is... well idk? Bad. At least in the 58 chapters I have read, the romance is no good. But this isnt even a romance story so who cares. At least, this is still so much better than some other novels where MCs are picking up peerless beauties a smooth as jade as if they grow on trees. The only love I like seeing is loyalty between the MC and his servant/friend. No homo.

Many many poems. Sadly, because of translating to a different language, it couldnt be help despite the translator trying his best, some meaning are lost in translation. However, it is still nonetheless amazing.

This novel has a unique story telling. The characters are well implemented. The pace is nice as it doesnt drags on. The strategies used are witty. Since the chapters are very long, these 58 chapters could entertain you for a while. The translation is great and fast. About a chapter a day for a large amount of text per chapter as of now. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Chen Yue Zhi Yao
August 2, 2016
Status: v2
One of my first favorites. Sadly it takes months for a chapter to be done because the translation site focuses on BL stories. I forget the story everytime a new one comes. Sad. But I never regreted reading it. Even if updates are the slowest it can get

It's very funny. That's all I can say because its been about a year since I read the last chapter... I guarantee many laughs
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Shaiole rated it
The Legend of Sun Knight
August 2, 2016
Status: Completed
Best chinese novel I had ever read. Compare to WN and Xianxia Novels, the fanbase is small but doesn't mean it's bad. It is a rare hidden jem among hidden gems. I don't think anyone will regret finishing it.

Reasons why this novel is my favorite:

Unusual comedy that will make you laugh.

... more>> Awesome characters. 12 knights with their own quirkiness. 12 assumed personalities, 12 weird personalities

Shamless MC. I love the main character. He is evil, shameless and funny but needs to show a compasionate, smilling and graceful appearance in front of everyone.

like other CN, it also has... kinda...

An arrogant narcistic antagonist like character (the MC is already it.)

Some beauty with jade-like white skin (again the MC is already it! Dammit! He has smooth silky jade white skin. HE!)


You don't have to wait 4yrs+ for updates because its completed. consider yourself lucky. I think I started reading this 4 yrs ago and that time it was at around v3? Many thanks to the translation team with their quality translations and PDFs <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Gate of Revelation
August 2, 2016
Status: c248
At first, it was totally different from the sypnosis. I was like huh? Did I read the right novel? Plane crash you say? Is this cage of eden?

The story doesnt start until like ch 50. That is when I liked reading it. Never thought it would be so interesting. Characters have life in them. Dungeons are different each time. It is not the best story out there but I can say that you wont get bored with this one because it is not repeatative and it gives a new perspective... more>> of the tropes. It's a mixture of VR, isekai, 4th wall stories.

One of the novels I read everytime there is an update. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Assassin’s Chronicle
August 15, 2017
Status: --
It's pretty good. It gives a different and better feeling compare to other transmigation CN.


Assassin MC has the habit of an assassin. Clever, scheming, natural actor.

Although MC was an assassin, he is not heartless.

Plot and pacing so far seems pretty decent.

MC is not OP in magic (so far).


A bit hypocrital. MC assassin who only killed those who deserve death cringes me.

I feel that some side characters are stupified.
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Shaiole rated it
I Am Supreme
August 29, 2017
Status: --
Read 158 straight. I could not stop for some reason.

The novel is sad, and revolves around angyst. Since the MCs brothers are dead, you don't actually see their interactions like the sillyness in TTNH. However, the feeling of brotherhood is still there, even stronger.

Despite the novel's theme, comedy is still present.

... more>> This novel will make your heart bleed and laugh.

I don't think the novel is for everyone. I mean you suddenly read at the first few chapter that some eight brothers are dead and why should you care? You don't. Your heartstrings will only get pulled as the story goes. After the story introduces their identities.

I think I like this better than other author's works. It's strongest point is that the MC does not have knowlege of the future. MC is careful, cunning, responsible and sorrowful.

(Edit) since I caught up with the translations, I noticed that the pace is too slow. Although chapters come with 1-2 chapters per day, I feel like the author overdid it with descriptions. Because of this reason, I temporarily dropped other novels of author.

ITS VERY COMMON FOR CN NOVELS TOO DRAG ON AND ON. This one is no different. I suggest to read it in chunks than to read it as soon as it comes out. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang
July 14, 2016
Status: Completed
I'm never good at reviews but ill try to promote this novel because I like it so much but there are too few people that had read it.

I can say that this novel is not for everyone but it is for me. I could say that it is one of my favorites.

I want to say a few things about this novel.

... more>> It is not for kids. It's so emotional. Not erotic, but emotional.

Tragedy makes the story as it is. It is sad, but read it. It is about 2 smart people that love each other, but somehow, some people and events get in the way. Their love gets tested every single time. And this is what makes them stronger. The tests could have taken their lives.

Family or love?

Country or love?

Reason or love?

A tale of two hearts and two minds. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
July 28, 2018
Status: Completed
It could be read for free in only two weeks so I read it.

It was terrible. Unless you have a lot of free time, I dont recommend the novel


... more>> Profanity and dirty jokes would appears in every few chapters.

Around 70% of the characters including NPCs and Bosses were sluts or dirty/cheating men.

Dirty jokes that comes out of no where.

r*pe tag here happens a lot. Whether for a villain/ side character / and even the MC gets r*pe (ya know, aphrodisiac plots)

Boring Fights and Loots:

I found my self skipping dungeon fights. Mid chapter to the end.

I did not have trouble with reading this part with other novels... not sure why this is different

Harem and Romance:

I don't really despise the harem. Parts of the harem were ok. The two Female leads was ok. The others were just terrible - (one night stands, secret mistress, aprodisiac plots, seducers)

Also: wtf happen to Lin yu?! She was the love of the MC from his previous incarnation BUT she never appears in the story. The only reason why I kept on reading is that I wanted them to meet. Just a meeting!!! They dont even need to get together. But no, he is satisfied with his harem and forgets about his previous love but not his revenge.

"Let's just destroy the japan and Korea's server" - Nationalistic pride

Characters that makes no sense:

An 18 yr old acts like a ten-year-old because she is flat chested?!

A development team that has perverted tastes that it appears in the designs of NPC.

A fatty that has a lot of men under him and can order them to 'gang bang' a seductress/slutty villain to surrender. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
The Human Emperor
October 13, 2018
Status: c459
A person who reads CN expects no filler! That's hard to find...

Well gotta admit... a lot of things got stretched out for word count and the author tries to empower women by turning them into pretty dinosaur fairies. War strategy details lacks more detail.

But overall it was an enjoyable read. I liked how the determination and character of the MC is portrayed. The story so far heads to an interesting plot. 4.5 stars for chapters 1 - 459.
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Shaiole rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
July 14, 2016
Status: V3c0
I sometimes think that jappanese webnovels are better than chineses webnovels. This might not have many chapters translated, but you could already see how good it is.

Like most jp novels, it has: summoning hero, harem, kingdoms and stuffs. So cliche and overused right?

This might not have the most original concept, but it is surprisingly great.

... more>> Why?

World building.

OP MC. Mentally. He uses his brain.

Harem? I hate harem.... but there are some novels with exemptions. This is one of them.

Characters are not 2D.

Its fun to read. Start reading it so we could suffer together waiting for the next chapters.


Only up to the prolouge of volume 3 is translated. And the original is not yet finish. What has been translated, although good, is only something like the prelude of the main story.

Character names sometimes change in spelling. I recommend to read the footnotes so that you dont get confuse. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Reverend Insanity
January 25, 2018
Status: c89
Bad points:

The MC is too selfish and evil for my taste. He does not love, nor care about anyone, like the 500 year old dude he is. While this is good in short term, I have no plans of reading hundreds of chapters focusing only on the MC and disregarding all characters.

As far as I know, all characters are either pawns, cannon fodders and enemies.

... more>> As some reviews has said: this is not some anti-hero shit.

The MC is your typical evil villan mastermind.

Good points:

Once you have pass the bad points, this novel is actually good. They uses witts and logic. The world building is commendable. Although side characters are meant to be discarded, the author showed their personalities and characteristics (unlike random arogant young masters in novels of most CN). <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Hidden Marriage
December 21, 2016
Status: c32
Loving it

A rising gem.

I have only read like 30 chapters and I'm loving it. The story is never boring. I like that this isn't about reincarnation. The protagonist is the one who suffers and the one who rises up.

Cutess overload.

Little bun and Big bun is probably the best part. You will get to see how they show their love towards our female MC.
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Shaiole rated it
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
August 4, 2016
Status: c42
40 chapters are what are currently translated.

Transport MC to stone age. The theme wasn't that very exiting for me to start reading.

40 chapters and nothing much seems to be happening EXCEPT for world building. Not much fighting yet.

World building- yes... the author did a nice job. I wasn't bored in anyway. I loved how the main character uses some of his knowlege helping the tribe.

I couldn't help but smile when the other characters were happy. I feel sad when the other characters are sad.
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Shaiole rated it
Invisible Dragon
August 4, 2016
Status: Completed
Try writting a story. A short story, a novel, any story.

Then read this. You will be amaze how large the difference between your own writting and this.

You will be inspired in ways you can't imagine.

You dont need to read all of this before understanding how this story differs from others.

Warning, spoiler will spoil you a lot. It basically sumarises half of the story

... more>>

plot: invisibe dregon battles poweful enemis, but since invisible dragon is inbisible aders kent si him. So inbisible dragon defeats dem.


I did not copypaste sa spoiler but the story basically goes like that. And more.

Worst story ever- the end- <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Mushoku Tensei (WN)
December 14, 2016
Status: Completed
A novel spanning about 20+ volumes. It tells us about a story of a reincarnated person. I will be as vague as possible to prevent spoilers.

It is not a perfect story. It shows us the story of a person. It may not be the best story there is. It has its ups and downs. Some parts may feel dull and boring. It is lacking that action feel in the beginning and middle parts. It may annoy your morals-it being harem and all.

Like I said it is not a perfect story.... more>> Even after finishing that 20+ volumes, you may feel that it ended to fast. The battle isn't finish yet. This novel is about the life of Rudeus Greyrat. It is not about the world, not his decendants. It tells us about about the story of his birth till his death. Why should you read this super duper long novel?
The best point about this novel is not the story, not the action, not the sexy time but the character development. Some might hate the harem tag. Don't worry, this isn't one of those novels with dense boys the magically gets all the girls. <<less
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So only 35 chapters in. Not much to review.

Potential and style seems to be great. I recommend.

It seems to focus more on farming, medicine and possibly politics (coz you know, tags are such spoils, the Amnesiac ML is probably a royalty or a general, at least a high ranked official).

PS: the antagonists (relatives) are very annoying, s*upid and lazy.
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Shaiole rated it
Rise of Humanity
March 29, 2018
Status: v1c193
It's a good novel. However, some parts are boring as well. For me, I find the the first hundred chapters were boring, but I kept reading because some said it would get better.

Some reviews has over exagerate things about this novel (both good and bad reviews). All I can say is that the first parts were boring, but it does gets better. The author sure took his time building up the world. After the 100 chapter mark, I did not find myself forced to click the next chapter anymore


Chapter 1-100... more>> 3 stars

Chapter 100-200 5 stars <<less
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Shaiole rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
February 9, 2018
Status: Completed
Others have already pointed out the good and best parts of the novel, so I'll not repeat them. Instead, I'll tell you what different and what others may find lacking. (The bad points)

The story is not character centric. As a passive FL, most of the things is just her observing the scemes of the imperial family, while being slowly pulled into it. In other words, not much action from the main couple. A lot of things happens and their attitude is like: 'lets wait and see'.

The interactions of the... more>> couple is unromantic. I did not feel the romance until... maybe at the latter half. However, this is very realistic, as it was an arranged marriage.

The ending is lacking. It's like giving you the result, but not the process. Some things arent just explained.

Overall, it was a smooth read. Since it is finish, you can read it in one go and not be confused with people's relationships and names. If it wasn't, it would be hard to remember everyone names and roles.

I sugest you read it. Translators have done a good job putting the chinese terminology so readers will understand <<less
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The Founder of Diabolism
April 28, 2020
Status: Completed
This is more than just a gay drama.

This a novel where you can ask 10 people their who their favorite character was, you would get varying answers. I think the strongest point of this story is the characters. The plot is good but the way of storytelling might be confusing for some, because author interchanges past and present. Expect very long flashbacks because you will be reading two timelines as you go on.

If you are homophobic I suggest you just watch the live action drama which limits the romance to... more>> "deep friendship" or bromance.

This a masterpiece, I just hope less people will shy away from this story because of the BL genre. I mean people can tolerate stories with racism, sexism, rape, violence, torture because they are just stories.

It just happens that in the main character in this story, found out that he liked the guy who trusted him after everyone shunned him. I dont see anything wrong with that. <<less
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