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SerialBeggar rated it
Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (LN)
January 1, 2017
Status: v2c2 part2
This is really a poor story. It's your typical Transported to Another World, but the author doesn't take the MC through the expected early motions to figure out why he can understand the language, how money works, how to fight with weapons, how magic works, why a labyrinth exists, why monsters exists, etc. Aside from the inital confusion when he wakes up inside the labyrinth, the MC just carries on almost normally like he overslept on his commuter train and got stranded in a different city.

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For example, the first thing the MC did after getting out of the labyrinth was to, at the advice of the guard, go into the City center to check out the map on the signboard. It was basically a You-Are-Here that conveniently also had a history of the country written on it too. He doesn't wonder why he had no trouble reading it. The next thing he does is go to the City's Library which is conveniently open to anybody who walks in. He doesn't wonder why. He spends the rest of the day there reading. He has no concerns about where to get food, where to spend the night, or that he doesn't have any money.


It's not as if the MC is portrayed as care-free. The concepts of basic survival priority in a totally strange, new environment is just never brought up. As a consequence, world building is also neglected.

Another thing that bothered me was that once the MC decides to go back to the labyrinth for serious (with a companion), he doesn't fight everything he encounters to get used to combat. After a few test fights, he start cherry-picking for boss-type monsters! While his level is still single digits! It makes no sense especially since there haven't been any indication that he has any martial background or has spent any time since he got out of the labyrinth training with his found sword or experimenting with magic.

Everything is so hand-wavy that it's impossible to get immerse into the story.

On top of all this, English is a second language for the Translator. While I truly appreciate their effort, most of the chapters are like reading somewhat cleaned up straight Google Translated gibberish. It isn't pleasant. <<less
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SerialBeggar rated it
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
December 30, 2016
Status: c217
After binge reading this for several days, I've caught up to the current chapter 217. My most generous assessment is that, overall, this story is pretty crappy. You won't miss anything if you pass on this.

The story started to drag when the majority of each chapter is focused on the Labyrinth runs. Frankly, I'm surprised to say it because I like Labyrinth stories. However, it felt like I was listening to a min-maxer muttering about how he should arrange and rearrange the skills in his build and point allotments.... more>> It was interesting early on, but there's no end to it. The MC describes and evaluates almost EVERY INDIVIDUAL FIGHT he has in the Labyrinth. For almost 200 chapters! (O.o)

Perhaps it would have been better if the fights were actually exciting and dynamic, or even had a chance of failure, but they're not. It's obvious that the combat is based off of a typical console game. Everyone does their one thing in every engagement as their turn comes around. The same with the Labyrinth monsters. There are no surprises.

Now, there are parts of this story when he's not in the Labyrinth. These are kind of interesting. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them.

The MC is too fixated with himself and s*x, and unbelievably, holds no wonderment about this strange world he's now in. Any new info he learns is treated like trivial trivia (oh, so it's like that, huh?) and he's embarrassed to pursue the topic as "it'd show his ignorance". This is just an annoying cop-out by the author to avoid world building. <<less
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SerialBeggar rated it
Cook of the Mercenary Corp
May 20, 2017
Status: c34
Oy! Multiple point of views seems to be the gimmick here. It started with a chapter for the MC, then a chapter for each of the leaders of the mercenary troop about their meeting. I thought, OK, everyone is getting their introductions. Then the first small story arc starts with the MC's chapter, followed by a chapter for one of the mercenary leaders and another chapter by the person they interacted with. This 3 chapter set (MC, leader-#, other person-#) was repeated for each leader's scene. When it came to... more>> the larger story arc with more people involved, I gave up when I hit 4 pov chapters rehashing the same scene. Like, WTF? I got the feeling the story was going to take forever to progress, so I put it aside. <<less
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SerialBeggar rated it
Extraordinary – Ordinary – Soap!
February 16, 2017
Status: c15 part1
Ah, this story was nice while it lasted. It showed promise to be a fun read with the cutesy romance. And I was really anticipating seeing how the author would weaponize this rather really unique "Soap" skill that was only thought of as only useful for laundry.

Unfortunately, the second translator said he got a Cease & Desist request, apparently so did the first translator, due to the author vying for a publishing deal.
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