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I will say that this will be my first review, because it's my favourite of all the light novels I've read up-to-date (Duke's Daughter, Fiance's Observation Record, By A Slight Mistake).

This is going to be a very long paragraph so~

If you're looking for novels that involve:
1. Damsel In Distress
2. Nonsensical FeMC
3. All targets ends up becoming love interests
4. Cheat - Knows everything that will happen for every single route
5. FeMC with a very bright outlook in life
Please, by all means, do turn around, because... more>> this novel is not about that at all.

First and foremost, Erica is actually a lady that is very intelligent and more than capable enough to protect herself, she based it all from the knowledge of her current life and very limited knowledge from the past life. It is to the point that she eventually saved herself and the targets and also those that are directly involved in the respective cases as well. And during boss fights, she eventually tried her best to help the respective target or fend off the boss if the target is unable to.

*Heavy Spoilers*


For first main arc, had she not made preparations in advance and figure things out she and the first target will be dead by then without accomplishing anything, (and also midst of it due to that that they avoided certain deaths as well) she's just that intelligent. For the continuous main arc, she even protected the defenseless targets for a short while and fending the boss of the arc all by herself, along with a helpful friend that knows of her circumstances well (saying this advance, the friend knows about it because Erica judged that she will need their help in the future arcs, so no point hiding it from them as they are, in fact, more OP than the targets themselves). As for 3rd main arc.... She literally just handled the situation all by herself with only support from the targets. So the guy that said that she's a Damsel in Distress should really re-read the whole thing. And not to mention she went to put an end to some dangerous situations all by herself too (with the secret friends she made along the way of course).... without anyone knowing, saving the target that provides the stuff she needed. I said till this point but don't misunderstand, the targets are aslo powerful and useful in their own way: up to current arc, 3 of the targets are geniuses in their own league, so it's kinda hard to compare among themselves, not to mention someone like Erica who is someone that is reincarnated.


As for the second point, although Erica is reckless in making decisions, it is not without reasons too. And as reckless, I don't mean it like one-sidedly deciding what is for the best for the other party and plunge herself into needless situations. Most of the time she made those decisions are because she is unable to tell others her circumstances. Her deicions, by far, are really logical, even if not for the circumstances that obstructs her from doing so.


As I said earlier, she made those deicisions are either she HAS to do so, or that she can't really tell others about it. The example for the first one would be that moment when she is unable to tell others about what happened in the first arc mainly due to
1. She did not expect that in the first place, as she thought she had avoided that from happening in the first place.
2. How the heck can one tell others about the trouble they are in when they themselves are trapped in a space where they are unable to go to others?!
3. Are you telling someone to just stop in their steps of pursuing someone who is about to break down and inform others about the fact first? If you do that, I think that person will be doomed.
4........ Telling others that you sneaked out and explain things that are not supposed to be explained cuz it is related to it all. Yeah, why don't you do that.

As for the latter it would be her circumstances of being a reincarnated being, she chose to tell the friends that she made along the way rather than the powerful targets are because she don't want them to be worried about her; facts about her death flags and if that happened, she won't be able to completely crush the death flag. Why the friends? Well, why not, when they are considered OP, and also the fact that their very being are to be hidden from the knowledge of the public. Of course with that said, she did not completely disclose the information as well; she just kept part of it hidden and fabricated it.


Thirdly, the sentence itself says it all.


Sorry to disappoint you, but up till the current arc of having 3 targets, not all of them fall for her. One of them just decided to continue become their friends with no romantic feelings involved, at the same time a relationship of benefactor and beneficiary; which to me is really refreshing to be honest. Because in novels such as this, usually the targets ends up being in the harem of the FeMC. So having a pure friendship and at the same time trusted 'business' partner is something that is very new to me.


Fourth, it's not that Erica has completely no cheat. Hey, being reincarnated in and of itself is already a cheat. What I meant by cheat here is the fact that she DOES NOT KNOW all the scenarios of the game. So yup, she's not well-aware of the stuffs that will happen after the ones she knows of.


She stated herself that she is actually very insecure of the scenarios that happens that are out of her knowledge - not as in how her actions will change the scenarios and be unknown to her; the fact that she decided to completely crush the flag into nothingness already imply that she is not worried about the changes to the future, but rather it is actually the fact that she has not cleared the game, not even half of 7 routes. As simple as that.


A FeMC that is liked and loved by all due to how bright and optimistic they are, Ahh~ what a good life, how lucky it is to have a 2nd chance in life~
This is non-existent here.


All that Erica did are to ensure so that the people around won't be dragged into the incident whereby she is supposed to be the victim of it. Yes, she actually placed herself second and put others first. And not to mention, due to what happened in her past life, she's not all that bright about her new life at all. It's to the point the people around her keep telling about how they are unable to figure out what she is thinking at all and how she occassionally showed complicated expressions, despite being 8 years old.

I'm not sure if the word trauma fits the frame, because for Erica, she don't really get close with any people till the incidents happening and by chance she just got close to them. And also, she also don't want to be that involved in romantic relationship as well due to the past, to which it becomes light comedic relief in some occassions.


Erica although is able to one-sidedly avoid the death flags, she evetually chose to compeltely crush it to the point of no salvation for the flags, just for the resaon that she don't want others to get hurt in her place. For someone with her past life experience, the reason is also somehow explained as to why she did all those, even with her life at stake. Do mind that she's not trying to be a Saint.

This novel in fact increased my knowledge in regards to the fantasy theme and some folklores, myths etc by a whole lot (like how Mondaiji increases my knowledge in regards to lores, myths, folklores and so forth).

All in all, this novel is mainly focused on the genre of Fantasy, Magic, Action and Adventure, Romance and Comedy are very subtle. It explains all the working of the world and equipments properly so as to not leave you out of the loop and be confused at the end of it all. For me it is a serious and kind of dark novel, so don't expect it to be all bright, funny, nonsensical and all.

Each and every main arc are interconnected with each other; it can be that A is connected to C and connected back to B, ensuring each arc that they are connected to each other and not ending it just like that. The pattern of the targets appearing are like that as well. They are the 2nd MC of their arc and will be in some way involved with other arcs, whether by mention or appearing or helping out. They are not lacking in appearance at all so you won't forget them as easily (Unless they are not intorduced yet, that is). It occassionally also showed how a small action from Erica in the beginning eventually changed the direction of the plot drastically at the end of it all. <<less
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SereneNight rated it
Godly Empress Doctor
May 16, 2019
Status: --
If one is the type that prefers AT LEAST characters that are cunning, smart, etc; and has AT LEAST common sense that you can just go "oh, this explanation can still be sonewhat acceptable, ", this one of a novel is really what you DON'T EVER need.

As much as my tolerance for nonsensical stories are, this is way beyond what I can accept. All the characters, FL ML side etc, are all bona fide retards. I never thought myself as someone that is bright or so, but this one just... more>> succeessfully made me rolled my eyes nonstop at almost every event except for


the part where FL and a side male chara faces an extremely strong dragon. That is the ONLY part I found nice


Other than that, the main characters' are kind of inconsistent, whereas side characters are basically of the same mold


FL - supposingly an agent in her past life (which we only learn in chapter 3, in just one single sentence. Yup, totally felt like something shoved into my face needlessly). As an agent, they are expected to be calm, collected, smart in all situation, decisive. But this? Pushovef, easily affected by her surrounding, bad at keeping herself in check.

ML - said to be strong, smart, ckean freak, cold, protective of the people he deem as his side and dgaf those that he see as strangers. Reality? Yup, he is strong, and he deemed FL as an outsider. He alnost never think of you ask me. Whatever the 1st side male said he believed then without an ounce of doubt, no matter how ridiculous it is. Clean freak part is shaved off. Able to hold a disguised FL to save her, and even when she's not I disguised... Is my understanding of clean freak different or what? What is even more ridiculous is that, to shut the FL up so that they won't be noticed, rather than covering her mouth with his hand, he kissed her instead. WTH???

All side male except for another almost ML to be - strong, smart, capable. Ends up: idiot, common sense fly along with the air, narcissistic. Yup, almost all. 1 example: the male appeared, FL surrounded by beasts, beasts all fled cuz FL somehow pushes them back. MALE: "OH, AM I THAT STRONG THAT THE BEASTS FLED CUZ THEY SAW ME APPEARING??? WAW" yup, retarded to the core.

ALL FEMALE SIDE - ThE ML LiKeS uS, bAcK oFf YoU b****. He Is OuRs YoU uSeLeSs CrIpPlE. WhO dO yOu ThInK yOu ArE tO hAvE sUcH cLoSe ReLaTiOnShIp WiTh ML AnD cO!?!?!?!

Yup, till date 200 chapters that is all the side female chara


In all honesty up till this point I don't really bother to remember all the characters' name. It's either homonyms of the family name or numbers. Feng Wu - Wu=舞=五=5, the fifth daughter. Yan Yan, Feng Liu - Liu=琉=六=6, sixth daughter; etc (Yi=1 Er=2 San=3 Si=4 Wu=5 Liu=6 Qi=7)

The author don't even bother to properly think up a proper name for their characters. Which is eventually my bottom line, cuz a name signifies the existence. If the name itself is that, one can see how much the author "adore" their work. At the very least a proper title is also still acceptable.


not caring about humans, even a tiger cub's name became TuTu - can mean bumpkin or dirt. Before setting that name, the name ErQue was even considered (meaning almost same as retard, almost the epitome personality of Feng Xun). If named Cutie, Whitie or any of the sort is acceptable cuz it ain't that insulting but those nanmes are really insulting IMO


The romance here felt way so off as if it was shoved into my face for no godd- no good reason.


Misunderstandings flying around everywhere. Arguing nonstop. One event happenes. HEART EFFING THUMPED. WhAt Is ThIs FeElInG.

K I'm out of here.


There's also one part that I forced it down ny throat anticipating that it will get better,


Master sacrificed, every single effing sentence the master is mentioned, my beautiful master. AND the master is in coma (EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, FROM SACRIFICING TO LYING DOWN LIKE A CORPSE FOR A FEW YEARS, EVERY TIME MEET HER MASTER "MY BEAUTIFUL MASTER"

The sane applied to her mother and brother. Everytime they are mentioned, beauty mother and naive sweet innocent little brother. EVERYTIME. NONSTOP. EVEN DESCRIPTION OF HER MOTHER'S PLEADING IS FHE SAME EVERYTIME.


Was reading this far away cuz wanna see if it gets any better but to my disappointment it gets worst -.-

-.- Don't ever read if you cannot stand what is mentioned above. Me, for sure can't so I'm out of here. <<less
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SereneNight rated it
Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor
May 10, 2019
Status: --
As a raw reader, and as what the other reviwers had said, this novel is not the best but it ain't the worst either. At some point I even go "Eh, it feels like I've seen this somewhere before".

With a total of 2k chapters now I've only binged up to 1.4k. And for those that wondered, the first continent saga ends at chapter 1222.

Although it's mediocre, it actually had loads of plot twists at the back. And there's even case where you thought the truth is revealed, it will throw... more>> another bomb on you. Worry not, the twist within twist only happened is countable with one hand.

Even though it's mediocre, how can I bring myself to binge that much? Answer is that, the reason I started it is due to how I have nothing to do, I was taken at first but later on grew bored. And that's when those twists and turns hit me hard.



1. The ML.

2. FL's heart.

Oh, boy these 2, in and of itself really caught me off guard. And it's the only ones I can mention as more than that is spoiling the whole saga.


And of course, the interaction between FL and her companions.... or rather with the ML


before I delve into the interaction. Let me say this. The pre and post of the final major arc for the first continent saga is a real plot twist and tear jerker. It's just that impactful. :') I cried for the whole of those 2 parts very hard. And I'm not the type to cry over stories that easily. When I expect something to work this way, it goes the other.

And so now off to my fave interaction between FL and ML (I'm sure for those that read this will feel the ML here is very different from the one currently, and well I did mention in the first spoiler part so don't be thrown off guard. This is also one of the reason I find this refreshing as it is different from the usual ML troupe.)

Ye QingTang did not look at him and observed the reaction of the guards outside the room. Seeing that they were not behaving weirdly, she then retracted her gaze and closed the door of the room.

"Saintess, by keeping a resident of (some place) like me, I am very thankful for it. But if Saintess wants me to repay the gratitude using this way, this me can only do so as you wish."

Just then, his voice entered her ear.

Paying back for the gratitude? What does he mean?

Ye QingTang was confused by what he had said, and when she turned her head to refute him, she saw....

He is now openly lying down sideways on her bed. The clothing that were neat earlier has now became sloppy as she had roughly pulled him and hjs fair collar bone and neck appeared in front of her eyes


Why did she just throw him onto her bed...

"What are you waiting for, Saintess? This me had already prepared myself."

He blinked intently at Ye QingTang with a gaze that is filled with deep feelings and slightly pulled the clothing hanging on his shoulder.

Ye QingTang: "......"

Please give me a break!

"Stop what you are doing right now"

Seeing how he was about to strip himself in front of her, Ye QingTang dashed towards him and grabbed onto his clothing, wanting to cover him up properly.

In the end....

"What the! Are you guys that thirsty!"

X that had walked over after hearing some sounds from the next door had a very shocked face upon seeing the two person that that are on the bed.

Ye QingTang is currently on top of him and grabbing onto his clothes with a very ferocious face.

*skipping a little*


He grinned while looking at YQT that was wearing a mask.

YQT gained her senses and hit his head and jumped away from him as if he's a plague.

"Stop with that title! Wear your clothes properly before I throw you out of the room!"

"Eh, Saintess don't want this me already? What a pity."

"Call me that one more time, I will hit you until you can't move!"

He lightly laughed: "If you used some other way and caused me to be unable to move, then I will be more than willing to do so."

YQT let out an Augh and closed her ear.

What did she just hear?

Thanks to the mask on her face, or not he will be able to see what extremely red face she had.

"What are your business here? Just spit it out."

He lightly laughed. Seeing how YQT is right now, he then stopped teasing her.


Yeeeaap, the scenario on the above had me squeled and laughed very hard.

A little of a major spoiler,


at one point of the time during the final arc in first continent saga, the ML eventually saved FL's life in exchange for his without FL knowing. Yup, he's very protective of FL and don't even bat an eye in making those that harmed her pay for it. He's also extremely intelligent as well. How? In some sense he's even more intelligent than any other MLs in other series that I've ever read....


Though one do really need a great amount of patience to wait for those to happen, but it's worth it. If not coubting FL personality, the plot and ML itself is a very good deal. <<less
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