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Seregosa rated it
Red Packet Server
September 10, 2017
Status: c200
I'm giving it two stars out of respect of the enjoyment at the beginning. The first few dozen to a bit over a hundred chapters were somewhat enjoyable, even if it often annoyed me at times I got quite a few laughs.

However... This author sucks so damn hard at writing anything resembling a proper story and should put more of his effort on comedy rather than on story, it should be a story where there's almost no plot and everything is just nonsense without any serious scenes, sadly the author... more>> tries and fails.

When I started reading this, I decided that I wouldn't care about the girls nor about the story and just go with the flow, not thinking too much. I managed to do that for quite a few dozen chapters, but then it started to get worse and worse, and the longer the story continues the more you see huge flaws you can't ignore and stuff that just pisses you off until you, in the end, have to drop the novel because it sucks too much.

Let's start off with the "romance". None of the girls are of any real importance, they're pretty much side characters that just happen to have the "harem" label above their head. They appear whenever the author finds a convenient story for them, the MC just avoids them at all other times. Every interaction is way too forced and they just happen to fall in love and then accept that the MC has other girls without giving it a second thought. They're like "oh no, I don't want him to have any other girls, oh well, I guess it's okay", it solves itself without the MC having to do anything about it.

Then there's the plot, it's repeated AGAIN AND AGAIN, some re**** shows up and pisses the MC off by hitting on his girls, harming his friends, threatening his family or just assaulting the MC, the MC acts like an arrogant a***ole all the time and never cares about anything or anyone and pisses these people off, they try to kill or hospitalize him only to get face slapped and almost killed themselves and he just happens to make contacts with big shots everywhere. No matter how much of an ass he is to any girl, they will still love him. No matter who he pisses off, he will at most get injured and then saved.

The most glaring issue that pissed me off the most was the authors inability to write a consistent story with characters that doesn't contradict themselves 24/7. The MC wants to be loyal to one girl, no wait, he now without explanation loves several girls and chats up other girls, oh, wait again, now he wants to be loyal to one girl, but oh, he has a harem, oh well, let's accept it. Then the MC is extremely afraid of getting hurt/killed, when faced with "live" firearms such as guns that he can't defend against, he's scared sh*tless, shaking and not really daring to do anything yet doing it anyway because the author wants cheap sympathy points from girls or whatever, he's also sometimes scared of more "experienced" soldiers that've killed a lot, however, he has no qualm about offending all-powerful deities, cultivators, demons as well as the countless big shots in china that can send assassins or their own forces after him, so, he's playing with death but the author makes it seem as if he cares and are scared. Then he doesn't want to cultivate or get involved in "that mess", however, he has already entered that world and a few chapters later he starts cultivating for no good reason.

Then there's the thing where he wants to, reasonably, hide his secret that he can chat with deities and ghosts, however, he reveals it all the time when the author makes him mentally re****ed. He uses it in front of people so they can see, makes stuff disappear when he's pointing the camera at the stuff, taking stuff out of the phone and then he uses pills and stuff like that to save people, clearly having no intent at all to hide it. Later on it becomes even more ridiculous, like sitting with one of his girlfriends and using that app when talking to her and somehow showing what he's doing and then directly taking stuff out of it and even showing the healing effects of a pill and then he's like "oh, did she see? oh well, it would've been found out sooner or later"... Like, what the fck, you did it right in front of her, obviously knowing she was there, are you even trying? Or the times when he admits it even when he could've lied to someone that wasn't even in a deep relationship with him yet.

He acts like a big shot yet he can't really back it up and then wonders "how could this happen, why are all these people after me?". He's one of the most fake/forced and re****ed characters I have ever seen, there's no consistency at all, as long as it's for a gag (or random story), he becomes a completely different character with different personality and ideals. There's also so many characters introduced, often one to five each chapter, that you can't keep track of half of them. The story doesn't feel connected at all.

The straw that broke the camels back was when one of his girlfriends (by the way, none of the girls are likeable, all of them are boring, shallow, plain and often even annoying) that was a sexy mother type character before turned into a money hungry sl** after one chapter, one of the character stereotypes I hate the most. He shows the girl the healing pill after telling her about the deities and all and becomes mesmerized and attacks him with questions such as "can they be obtained in bulk"... the MC responds "yes" even though it isn't true because he needs to use the cultivation experience to get techniques and stuff that really helps him and cultivation experience as well as pills aren't endless even if he rips off deities. So, the girl goes on a rampage about how they will get rich and how the MC is stupid for not doing it before, somehow the MC actually gets in on it and accepts her reasoning and going on about bullsh*t and how they will sell the pills to rich people for ridiculous sums and get ridiculous amounts of money. So then they start up some weird business and start to sell celestial pills. That's when I couldn't take it anymore and stopped reading, because it was so re****ed I couldn't even believe it, even everyone in the comments commented about how bad of a decision it was, usually there's at least a few that thinks something is good, but everyone thought it was just re****ed.

I mean... sh*t... First of all he doesn't have endless pills or cultivation experience and sorely needs it to buy techniques and other stuff to empower himself. Then if he does sell it, what do they think will happen? People are greedy, it will invite no small amount of huge issues. There's reasons why the immortal realm ("that place") are not selling stuff themselves and want to be cut off from the "modern world", now some jackass is going around selling celestial pills and showing the existence of cultivators, deities etc for money, but I guess he'll just unbelievable get through that with luck too. He was also just earlier warned about revealing the existence of the supernatural and stuff by some super powerful top rogue immortal, yet it seems he goes ahead anyway. Last of all and probably one of the biggest reasons why this is such a fcking horrible idea in all ways... IT'S MORTAL MONEY. He can earn however much he wants to, easily. He can just use his bullsh*t super eyes and buy stuff worth millions of yuans everywhere, because he can see stuff of value even if it's hidden, like being a 100% accurate in stone auctions. Then he can use his superhuman power to do dangerous stuff and earn a lot, he also has friends that he can get money from easily, he can save people from super powerful families and get money... Money is the thing he is least lacking, especially since mortal money, as we all know, is pretty much worthless and easy to earn for a cultivator.

I wanted to like this even though it had a crappy rating. I didn't go in with unrealistic expectations even though I read cultivation chat group, this is a novel that was fundamentally different and I knew that when I started reading. I was thinking that people were just overreacting and took it too seriously when it was supposed to just be comedy. Little did I know that this author is so utterly horrible at writing anything resembling a story that it gets unreadable after a while, to the point that he'd be better off just writing nonsensical comedy stuff without any real story, at least that'd be readable. I usually don't think that an authors intelligence matters that much, that even if they're not that smart they can write a good story with characters that are good and seems smart because they can decide everything that happens, but this author really manages to show that an authors intelligence does matter a lot, because when an author is stupid enough, you get crap like this that contradicts itself all the time, repeats and characters that tend to act so re****ed that they'd be sent to an asylum in a normal world, or just euthanized out of mercy. If you can't even keep track of your MCs personality or keep characters consistent, then you shouldn't write a novel at all.

In the end, although I just about never say so myself, I can't see this as anything but a convenient self-insert power/money fantasy wankfest story. It's one of the worst cases I've ever seen, the author clearly aren't thinking about anything and the inconsistency in the personalities are probably because he feels different every day, wanting to experience a different wankstory. I mean, sh*t. I can't even begin to mention how clear it is that the author doesn't care about writing a proper story. It's fine to write about stuff you find awesome, but keep it good and following the basic rules of character consistency and other parts of story writing. If you just write whatever you want without caring or thinking about what you've already written, you end up with crap like this. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
The Empress’s Gigolo
June 18, 2018
Status: c20
Acceptable, but not more than average. I dislike the excessive interaction with the modern world, hell, I hate the fact that he's even able to travel back and forth, I am especially disgusted with the fact that he's even introducing stuff from the fantasy world to the modern world and not only the other way around. He's kind of living a double life, so this novel is half on earth half in a fantasy world.

... more>>

The comedy is kinda subpar, it's really not that good. The MC himself is a somewhat worthless human being with no talents, no real courage and low intelligence, but he can succeed in life because he's capable of, that's right, pretending to be knowledgeable/amazing by using modern day information or magic world items, none of which has anything to do with him. He didn't even think twice before showing around some magic drugs in the modern world that can instantly (almost) heal injuries and trying to mass-produce and sell them, but of course there'll be no issues, since everyone is flowery re****s in this world and nothing bad will likely ever happen. He can bring over everything he touches at the time of transfer which happens every three days on the dot, I guess he'll start bringing in guns, cars, modern farm equipment and even people later on, geez. The characters are quite flat, I don't feel as if they're living at all, they feel way too 2d. The world is similarly uninteresting.


Overall, this is a novel that isn't worth reading, at least not for me. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's really not a novel that I'd waste my time on and I freaking read 1600 chapters of MGA before I got so fed up with that garbage I quit, so that says something. This novel has similarly flat characters and a MC with sh*t for brains (no offense), but it also a chaotic setting where "everything goes and everything just falls in place without any issues", I can already predict how stupid this story will be later on when he starts bringing more stuff between worlds. Maybe he'll bring an airplane or missile to the fantasy world and qilin or dragon to the modern world. Would be kinda interesting if he managed to bring a bunch of hydrogen bombs to the fantasy world and a lot of top-level fantasy creatures to the modern world, that way both worlds can experience the apocalypse at the same time and maybe this story would take a turn for the better :D <<less
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Seregosa rated it
Law of the Devil
March 29, 2017
Status: c200
No... Really... I don't know what to say, this is one of the few novels that I managed to read chapter after chapter only to drop it all in the middle because... I couldn't take it anymore.

First of all, the comedy. I came here for the comedy, some people claimed it was great. In 150+ chapters, I laughed a few times, yes, that's right, I just had a few quick, short laughs over a few days. The author has no sense of humor whatsoever, he believes that ripping off well... more>> known modern day names is really amusing and adds to the comedy. I can say this, I laughed at two occasions and that was when he decided to name his new fleet as "Mcdonalds" and turn the captain into "jack sparrow". It was somewhat interesting, but then it got really stale. He kept on using different names, Fedex, David beckham, Saddam hussein, gargamel, harry potter, George bush, gandalf, that's to name a few. Seriously? No, it's not funny, you can't just add crappy names and believe it to be really funny, some of the worst jokes I've ever seen. We often see the author trying to be funny, like the mice kingdom led by a transformed, cowardly magician or a stammering, naive magician that is actually super powerful, many things could've been amusing, but it was executed so damn poorly that it made me cringe instead.

Now, let's go for the general plot instead. 150+ chapters in, and he's still a weak little bastard. I kept thinking maybe I should drop this, but the author set up flags all the time only to shoot them down ruthlessly. Like, maybe it will get better now and start for real when he captured this magician... no? well, maybe now when he got some gift from the devil... no? How about now when he's unlocked some secret and got a tutor magical being... no? Well, how about now when he's kidnapped by a super magician into the dangerous north? no... I guess not, well maybe now after he befriends this medusa? Oh, still not. Well, maybe it will pick up after he retrieves this inheritance from the super powerful emperor of past? No... Well, it keeps on going like that, he never really gets going with his training or magic, having a really crappy mentality, sometimes he acts like the 14 year old child he is in that world, sometimes he acts like he should, as a 30-40+ year old adult if we combine both his lives, but it keeps on mixing. We never get a good explanation about his progress or what the techniques actually entail, at most we get to know that this thing is based on the stars or this thing was used by this guy and when you do this it feels hot and you have a mantra which automatically leads the energy around the body, but never do we get a real explanation for anything, he just jumped from not being a magician to being a level 3 magician all of a sudden... There's plot holes all over the place. It seems to have turned into some political bullsh*t story after a while and everything just feels way too forced. The author loves to vary how long his chapters is, sometimes they're shorter than a normal chapter, sometimes they're twice or thrice as long, or more. There's no order or system.

As for descriptions/world building, he is extremely fond of useless and worthless descriptions, spending 50-90% of huge chapters describing small details that will never be useful for the plot or story, completely uninteresting things that is not even remotely related to the overall progress of the story, it's giant info dumps, but we don't even get any good information out of it, it's just trash, like reading a history book. The information can be something like spending 25% of the start of the chapter describing how tall the wall is around the MC, how cool the structure is and then how sunlight shines down on the MC while he stands in the middle of it all... Perhaps we might also get a description in 90% of a whole chapter about how the capital has a white tower, with big walls, with magic cannons that are some type of artifact, how there's a big crystal and some spell formation, how many guards are standing there, who the guards belong to, what the nobles might think about this, who can stay in the tower, what can happen in an emergency... and more, this happens frequently, and it's not limited to descriptions of locations, battles or creatures can be described in the same way. I'm only waiting for the author to start describing what color the underwear of the plebeians on the street are or how this noble fat bloke has hemorrhoids that itch all day or how he lost a front tooth when biting into a chicken leg, that's just about the only thing that's missing.

All in all, 2.5/5 is my grade, it's not unreadable, but it's sure as hell trying to hover at the line between unreadable and readable. If you like political bullsh*t with a MC as weak as an ant that also never really seems to try getting stronger for real, with no reasonable goal or determination, and also a novel that has a plot moving slower than a handicapped snail, with a lot of unnecessary information, plot holes and no humor (even if it's claimed to be a comedy novel), then this is for you. It's possible to read, but I really recommend you use caution and a 10 meter long stick when touching it, this should be on the back of your reading list for when you have absolutely nothing better to read. I'm usually something of a completionist, I can't stand dropping novels when I start reading them past 10+ chapters, just as I can't stop myself from doing a lot of achievements and unnecessary sh*t in games (I almost died from trying to loot all the boxes and containers in the witcher 3 and doing all unnecessary side quests), but I had to drop this novel because it was just too horrible, I felt like I got dumber for each chapter I read at the end and I had to question myself if it was really worth the time and effort to read this novel... the answer was no. It's a rare thing, so I'd like to give this author a medal as one of the few people that wrote something so bad yet with so many small points of interests and flags that had me thinking "it might start for real soon" yet never got started that I read around 200 chapters before deciding to drop it... Respect. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c90
I don't want to say something so cruel, but this novel made me wish I was reading MGA instead, because that novel is actually probably at least several times better than this one, at least MGA kept me reading for a good 1500 chapters before finally giving up in annoyance at the forced and repetitive plot, this kept me reading for 90 half-size chapters before I almost collapsed, vomited blood and died. That'll teach me to not trust reviews and giving it a try thinking that it might be better... more>> than the reviewers made it out to be.

I'm not going to say that he's too OP for my taste. I came here expecting him to be invincible, as the title suggests. Instead we get a MC that relies only on servants/bodyguards and does nothing himself, so I feel like he's rather underpowered instead. Not going to say it's cliché, because which xianxia/xuanhuan isn't cliché as f*ck? Yet we still read them. I expected his luck, no issues for me there. I came here expecting faceslapping all the time and I don't feel like he's too cruel at all, which some people clearly do. I was also prepared to suspend disbelief at the plot being re****ed and not take things seriously.

However, as we got on with the novel, I started to notice that it was getting worse and worse, that I was gradually unable to suspend my disbelief, unable to accept things and the way the author wrote the novel, because it was fundamentally re****ed, all of it.

So, let's begin with the romance. There's nothing much of note there yet, but we all know who will be one of the harem members and maybe a permanent stay throughout the entire novel as she powers up with plot logic more forced than pushing a fat human through a cat door. She's currently 9, but since they first met 3 years ago, she has been clinging to him like a mentally disabled koala. She runs and hugs him, clings to him and forces him to accompany her every chance she gets and he, the mentally 27 year old MC, allows her to do so and can't say no despite clearly not being comfortable with it. I started skipping every scene with her, so it was reluctantly acceptable, but according to other comments, it will get much, much worse. His motivation to get stronger might even become the dreaded "I want to save/protect this girl" bullsh*t that I shiver at the thought of. She's just too clingy and obnoxious, I feel like vomiting when I see her.

Now then, the romance wasn't that bad although it was horrible, but the worst part in this novel is actually the MC and his family, by chapter 90, I was repulsed by and hated both the MC and all his family members. The mc's family members are all trash that get in the way all the time, they have no use whatsoever and is there only to show us how damn filial the MC is, how he's such a kind guy with his family first and foremost in his thoughts! He can't stop babbling about them every time he gets a treasure, every damn time he finds something nice, he instantly wants to bring it back to his family to gift a majority of it to them, despite it having great use to him. They, on the other hand, have no real use for cultivation resources and if he wants to help them, he could do so when such trashy resources aren't useful to him anymore, but nah, he's just gifting all of it to them, he wins pills and stuff from being first in competitions and just grants all of it to the family. Then he complains about his strength and how he wants to breakthrough faster, but he keeps on giving away all of the resources he gets his hand on like some supreme-grade moron. It's like he's someone experiencing a drought and he's almost dying from dehydration, but he keeps on sending liters upon liters of water to other people despite them living in a place without any drought, where they already have all the water they could ever need. It's the actions of a full-blown re****.

His family is also generally obnoxious even other than that. His mother is an emotional wreck that cries and screams 24/7 and can't wait to break down into a mess of tears and snot at everything she thinks might be dangerous. The MC is late to dinner? She'll cry. He's fighting someone? She'll cry. He's going out to gain experience? She'll cry. He's outside with a super bodyguard and essentially invulnerable? She'll cry in worry. God, just die. The father on the other hand isn't crying, but he's just generally useless and pathetic. He's a f*cking doormat to everyone and their dogs. He even forgives his brothers and father who mistreats them greatly and then he gets bloodthirsty and wants to get revenge for them when something happened. Well, he'll just ask his omnipotent son for that though. The sister and brother is f*cking useless and have no personality. What made me more sick is that, during the latest chapters around chapter 90, the family are way too included in the story and they're acting like some f*cking ideal family. Laughing, happy, sugar and flowers, the kids are running around giggling all the time, the MC is filled with warmth and happiness, I can pretty much see everyone skipping across the plains in utter glee and idiocy, like some excessively happy fairytale girl. I just hoped all of them would die so that we don't have to see them anymore and the MC can be more free. The author is really trying too hard to show us how filial and awesome he is according to chinese bullsh*t culture. I can't even believe that he'll be so attached to them, he came over at the age of 17, at that point you'll have already established your ego, personality, morals and everything, you won't be able to accept new people as your parents, it's just as simple as that, they'd be able to reluctantly be considered as an uncle and aunt, but real family such as parents? Nah.

Then there's the thing that he seems to actively seek trouble by dressing in rags. I'm also irritated that some mentally impaired person pops up every other chapter and screams at the MC like a f*cking monkey, as if he killed their whole family. This is even more re****ed than what we usually find, none of them can think at all, they all jump the gun instantly for the slightest thing they find unpleasant. If we put them in real life scenarios, they would kill everyone in front of them at the restroom line because they don't want to wait and feel insulted because they have to. They'll shoot the waiters and chefs at restaurants because they didn't find the food to be delicious enough. They'll torture you to death because you said that you don't like the same tv game they do. They'll murder your entire family because you farted in their vicinity. They'll burn down your house because they didn't find it to be pleasant to look at. If your clothes aren't to their liking, they'll call you a commoner and cripple you. Geez, there's a limit to this garbage before you have enough.

Well, I'd have more to say about this, but I feel like it's not necessary. Suffice it to say that this is a novel no one should read, even people with bad taste shouldn't give this more than 3/5 stars. I'd give this a 1, 5/5, but since it doesn't deserve a 2, I'll just give it a 1. This isn't even good to make you fall asleep, as it's not only boring and tedious to read, it's extremely annoying so that you can't relax and will instead become pissed off. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
July 16, 2018
Status: c191
Well, I finally gave up. I'd say this novel is a 3/5 overall (with rare 4/5 moments), but as some parts are a 1/5 and I actually got frustrated and bored to the point of dropping it (which usually doesn't happen even with average 3/5 novels), it's just getting 2/5 from me.

So, what do we have here? Yeah, I came into this story after looking through all of the reviews and all of the tags. What did I come here for? As you can expect, I actually didn't think many... more>> of the "bad points" mentioned in the reviews were truly bad points for me. I wanted a loner protagonist, I felt it would be interesting with a fairly "average person" who had to work for his sh*t and didn't just get everything for free, I wanted zero romance (or at least close to it), I wanted a rational, cold-hearted MC that didn't get attached to anyone and didn't get too affected with other people, especially not girls, I wanted battles that were somewhat decent and not the regular crap... Did I get what I wished for? Well, in some ways. Let me explain some things in greater detail about this novel.

    1. The MC is a loner. That's true. He's pretty much only cultivating by himself, his personality is also fairly insipid at times.
    2. The MC isn't OP, that's true. However, he's not even average. He's quite frankly underpowered, this will probably change later on, but I guess he'll be the underdog trash again after going to the next realm. It would be okay if he wasn't so damn underpowered that it feels pretty much hopeless at times. I mean, his cheat clearly is heaven-defying luck to let him survive everything and somehow cultivate to become a true immortal or something later on at the end! How the f*ck did he manage that with the one of the trashiest spirit roots in a cultivation place with almost no resources when people with the most heaven defying sh*t ever can't even do the same? Yeah, by overpowered luck (plot armor), which the author conveniently pretends he doesn't have by making him underpowered. It gets a bit annoying when he gets pushed around by everyone around him though, even if he will probably get revenge later on. He's always under people's mercy.
    3. The battles are... Well. The first two were good, it has that going for it! I guess. Those two were honestly great, a lot of skill involved and he made use of pure skill to win/almost win. This, however, quickly changed as we came into the cultivation world properly. As we all know, the MC is greatly underpowered and how will he kill people then? Yeah, with treasures. Lots of shiny treasures. The battles become very, very boring and dull as every battle afterwards is just about who has the shiniest treasure and who has the most magic power to power said treasures. It just becomes a battle of attrition with fancy weapons and explosions.
    4. He's... Well, he can be smart at times. He frequently shifts between re****ed and a smartarse. Not much more to say there, maybe just that it often has to do with girls, but not only.
    5. The author finds it funny to skip over stuff without any warning whatsoever. He likes building up our expectations for something and then pretend it never happened. Skipping over tournaments, skipping over parts where he's supposed to do a certain big task, skipping over so damn much...
    6. The descriptions regarding cultivation levels and techniques, including pills and anything else are pitiful to say the least. We at most know what some things are supposed to do, but not at all how it truly works. We know from very early on about a sh*tload of realms, including realms that is supposed to be above this plane. However, the author explains NOTHING about how they work, NOTHING. We don't even know anything at all about the realm he's in, he's just cultivating and advancing, it took until the MC pretty much reached that layer before we even knew how many layers the qi condensation stage had in total! Even then the author didn't explain anything. He also practices a lot of medicine, but we don't know anything about how it works, how he crafts his pills etc. We seriously don't know anything at all about how anything works... Also, we can't keep track of what the MC knows either, because he'll just learn stuff in time skips and the author never mentions it until it's necessary. Poor writing to say the least.
    7. Too much redundant info dumping going on, but not the good kinds. Not the kind you'd be interested in. No, we get info dumps about useless trivia that will never, ever matter, about other people, about their stuff, about their plans, what they think about, we get fillers with their perspective which absolutely doesn't matter at all. So, in other words, the author info dumps as much as he can for worthless crap that is easy to make up and just write for word count, because you don't even have to think to write garbage about people who will disappear in one chapter or scenaries that doesn't matter.
    8. Okay, let's make this the last point as I don't want to complain too much, it's also the part I hated the most. The WOMEN! I used caps to make sure you noticed how important this part is... Or something. Anyway, getting to the point, he's supposed to be cold-hearted, rational, calculating, cunning etc and not interested in other people, a loner, he's supposed to be logical, right? Yeah, none of that here when it comes to girls. Instead, we get the generic chinese drivel (we all know it should be illegal for chinese people to write romance of any kind as they're too stiff and caught in their cultural ideals which are horrible, like changing personalities completely etc). So, after the first book where no girls showed up, the author had clearly bottled up a lot of sexual frustration and started to release it in great amounts. Jade beauty after heavenly beauty after normal beauty after supreme goddesses. The descriptions are quite honestly quite creepy and disgusting, he has to describe how they smell, look and feel, every part about anything like that, I'm surprised he's not writing about how they taste. This happens chapter after chapter, again and again for seemingly every or every other chapter. The girls are all obnoxious b***hes and the MC is a huge hypocrite that becomes soft the moment he sees a beautiful woman, never wanting to harm them and the author even sometimes finds excuses for not killing a beautiful woman in a way that makes it sounds as if the MC is the ideal chivalrous chinese gentleman to women. It doesn't help that he drools at them, gets stunned by their beauty, smells them and keeps on being horny every time he meets girls like these, having essentially no self-control whatsoever (although the author would disagree and say he has a iron will because he doesn't just jump them and rape every woman on the spot, instead just being generally horny). Where did the calculating, logical and cold MC go? Nowhere to be seen. I can see where this is going and I'm not liking it.
Have you read er gen's works? Yeah, heavily ripped off from this author. This means they're fairly similar, the romance is quite similar, the MC is fairly similar, the events are very similar in many ways... I don't even like er gen's works that much. They're just average. Especially some parts like the romance which is so god damn awful it's ridiculous. Even then it's probably a bit better than this novel.

So, I mentioned a lot of things here, sure, there are more stuff to say, but I feel like I covered the most important things to note before picking this up. It's not THAT bad, but it's not really that good either. It feels like a lot of it was meant for hormone-driven teenagers who doesn't care as long as it's females and feel comfortable with a MC with all the issues I mentioned. It might be a good novel for people who haven't read over a hundred other chinese novels of similar genre. As for other people, I really don't recommend this novel unless you can ignore all the flaws or even like them, unless you don't have anything to read anymore and just wants something to waste your time with despite it being kinda average or at times subpar. Now then, I'm off to read a book with an OP MC who doesn't give a f*ck about women, I feel like I need it after this trainwreck. So much disappointment... <<less
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It's bland, indeed it is. It's a bit heartwarming and it's extremely slow-paced and easy going. The characters are mainly just fluff and cuteness, not much else. The MC is extremely lazy and never shows her power at all, just trying to get more sleep in.

Yet, it's pretty interesting in some ways, it's absolutely nothing new but it's worth a read if you're not going in hoping it'll be serious or that there'd be any proper plot development. It's far, far from the best I've read, but it's good enough... more>> to waste some time, perhaps as an interlude between chinese novels where there's massacre abound. Don't care about that Hikki-NEET-for-life guy, he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. A lot of misunderstandings due to not reading properly and not reading far enough. Preconceived notions such as the MC deliberately leeching off his parents in his past life, when in fact he was locked up somewhere and had to adapt to that lifestyle due to the family being a bit screwed up (if you're not talented enough, you can't show your face to the public, so he just gave up after being locked behind bars somewhere), so how could he feel debt? Seems the guy who wrote that review doesn't know much about emotions or reasonings either, the typical narrow-minded person, sadly there's a lot of people like that.

I'm giving it a 3.5/5, it was pretty much what I expected and allowed me to kill a few hours with some moderately amusing chapters. Just about no huge laughs, but you'd usually have a small smile anyway. The grammar is so-so, it's easy to read but sometimes it can make you take note of the mistakes, the quality seems to vary a lot between chapters, probably because the translator made use of people in the comment section to edit it and therefore a lot of random people edited the translation for different chapters. The thing that irked me the most with this novel was the translator though, no offense. A lot of (*explanation*) type translator notes in the middle of the text, sometimes there's tens of them in one short chapter. Then there's sometimes huge texts at the beginning or the end about whatever the translator fancies, usually a rant about not insulting the different girls in the story or risk having the comment banned, same thing in the comment section at every time someone says something negative about a character. During a few chapters that were somewhat sad, it was as if the translator had a mental breakdown and kept writing annoying texts, linking annoying youtube videos and writing down lyrics to the songs in those videos so that you have to scroll past it, not to mention the unrelated pictures sometimes... When a certain female character was introduced that the translator seemingly loves, the author went on a translator note berserk rampage and wrote pretty much a translator note at every time that character spoke, such as saying the translators opinions or *translating tsundere language*. I think I almost burst a vein when trudging through those chapters, the headache was intense and it totally ruined my attempt at immersive reading.

If you're fine with all that, this is surely a good one to go for, much fluff, much cuteness, no story, many girls, much sleeping and retorting later on from slightly more normal characters. If you want a novel that is FAR better than this with a similar concept of a cute girl and stuff that makes you melt, go for kuma kuma kuma bear or something if you haven't read it, it's my favorite when it comes to cute fluff novels like this. <<less
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Well, this story gets a solid 3.5 from me. It's amusing (and a bit above average), especially the NEETs that help the MC. It's fairly interesting, but the only part one would read this is for comedy, don't expect a good story. It's totally worth reading, especially since every chapter is very short.

I do have a few parts I didn't like though... Actually, scratch that, I have one thing I didn't like. The MC... or maybe the author for writing it like this when it could've been so much better.... more>> The MC is a total wimp, he's challenging the limits of being pathetic and is one of the worst cases I've seen. He's got no balls whatsoever and he's got sh*t for brains. He can only do anything remotely reliable or useful by asking his NEET friends to help him make a detailed plan on what to do. It's a miracle that he can even dress himself with his intellect and decisiveness. The author loves to poke fun at this fact for some reason and seems to believe that a somewhat mentally handicapped MC is amusing. Now, that's still okay, it's for comedy after all, it doesn't matter that much. BUT... everyone walks all over him, he's such a fcking pushover that I can only cringe when seeing it and he doesn't retaliate at all, as if it's natural to get completely disrespected and blatantly viewed as a no-good idiot that should follow their every decision and not question it by his companions. He gets ****ed in the ass by everyone and takes it like a little b***h. Meanwhile, the current hierarchy is as follows: the female dog (literal dog) is on top, Alice the 6-8 year old child is second and much more reliable than him and then in the last place comes the MC and the author likes to remind us of this all the time. Towards the end of the released translated chapters, he also got slaves, so now it will probably shuffle around with him being below them too, they did show their bellies in respect for the dog after all while they barely cared about the MC and the dog treats them as her underlings. Great.

Now, if it stopped at this it would be a bit more acceptable, but then we see a few other things he does. He repeatedly does stupid things, stammers, makes people look down on him, ruins plans due to his ineptitude, almost gets killed in combat due to freezing up (mentally) in battle and other stuff. Like when he got asked if he was from another world, he denies it while stammering in nervousness or when he heard about buying a slave, he hastily asked if it was allowed to beat and forcibly have s*x with them because he didn't think first, he was just curious about how slavery works after all but his ambiguous sentence made him appear as a sad***ic rapist or something. His magic too... He keeps acting like a chuunibyou and trying to invoke magic by yelling "spells" with words like goddess, inner force, anime/manga references, intricate details and sh*t like that, you know, the typical bullsh*t that chuunibyou would think up. He has seen Alice invoking magic and heard her spells and they're all really simple, clearly describing what she wants even if her way of putting it is a bit silly, but it works every time when she tries it, stuff like "big hot fire" or "blue fire" and then some small parts, I think it was what it was supposed to do, like attacking or shooting. The MC once got really tired and couldn't care anymore and just made a simple spell with light magic as the basis, something about a big ball of light to bring light to this location, simple and easy to understand with no unnecessary crap, and voilá, IT WORKED. So, now he would start using simpler stuff to try and invoke magic, right? Because he's got evidence that the reason it's not working has to do with his unnecessary chuunibyou crap, but NO. He keeps on with the chuunibyou act and weird, ridiculous "spells" that can't be understood and is logically flawed, then he's surprised that he couldn't cast any other spells.

The author is taking the stupidity act a bit too far, because if someone is that re****ed they should get imprisoned in an asylum/mental hospital. It's not funny, it just makes you cringe.

If you just ignore the negative parts, it's often pretty funny though, sometimes even making you laugh out loud. For me, it was about 50% cringe and irritation and 50% fun. <<less
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Kar98K Upon Touchdown!
January 22, 2019
Status: c18
I feel like the characters in this novel are quite bland. The motivations are impossible to relate to and his goals just aren't worthy of caring about. In the first place, it wasn't a good idea to write a novel about a real game, much less a FPS game. At least if it's an RPG/MMORPG, you get some proper interactions with other people and events can be kind of funny and interesting (even then, I prefer to limit myself to futuristic VRMMORPGs), but it's different when it comes to a... more>> realistic FPS game. After all, you never see people roleplaying or interacting in an interesting way in FPS games, it's all about yelling and trying to rush to kill others or perhaps camping somewhere, maybe there'll be some minor cooperation between people, some "strategy" if you will. The amount of truly interesting events that could possibly happen in a novel like this is severely limited. This results in a boring storyline that becomes quite unrealistic when the author tries to push things, because we, as gamers, KNOWS how things are supposed to be. There's no trying to trick us with half-arsed explanations. Nope. He's playing PUBG, he can't change things to his liking in order to make things more interesting. Talk about restricting oneself.

Anyway, the story seems to be about reconnecting with his sister or whatever, seems she likes the game. This idea never really struck any chords with me at all. Don't get me wrong, I have a sister, so that's not why. Or rather, maybe that's why I can't get moved by this at all. It's exaggerated and doesn't feel right to me.

Well, we all know what we're getting here. I know that I opt to get out now because this novel has already proven itself to be unworthy of my time after 18 chapters. Maybe you're different, maybe you just LOVE FPS games and are the type that, unlike me, likes watching streams and other people playing games, be it digital games or stuff like soccer/football. Then, just maybe, this might be a decent novel for you. As for me, I never saw the point in watching other people play something I can play myself if I want to. Especially not an overly dramatized version like this where the author pretends that this game is the best in the world, which truly made me laugh with scorn. It can't even reach more than 1/5 for me. I guess it could RELUCTANTLY reach a 2/5 if I didn't hate the game as much (made sure that this didn't matter much in my scoring of the novel though, if it was written in a truly awesome and ingenious way, it wouldn't have mattered what game it was).

Anyway, let's also include a little heads-up for some people who are uninformed about this game and why I think this particular novel is probably one of the worst of its type to bring to a non-chinese audience, I'll place it in a spoiler bubble so that you can read it only if you want to since it's pretty unrelated to the review itself, it's mainly there to show you some facts if you're interested. It's also nice to know why so many people hate this novel merely because they don't like the game and thus why it's not a good choice for other readers than chinese ones, right?


This game, the real one, is a shooter that you can find on steam. It used to be a slightly decent game at the start, at least it was playable. However, this changed with the invasion of the great chinese. Chinese cheaters and extreme racists entered the servers of other countrise en masse. From then on, you'd get chinese people everywhere. They brought along with them high ping which reduced the server performance and gave weird hitboxes for people with low ping, this in itself gave them a massive advantage even without having to TRULY cheat. After that, you'd notice that if you were a foreigner, you'd get chased down by a group of immature chinese twits. God forbid mentioning that you're japanese or korean and absolutely don't have a name that lets this off, otherwise they will, for sure, yell in chinese before running after you and screaming things in broken english, like "china numbah wan", which is to expected from immature brats with inferiority complexes and an upbringing so backwards as to be seemingly a bit reminiscent of what you might find in germany during the holocaust.

Well, it's not really interesting to play a game where so many players:

1: can't speak english after joining servers where english is the primary language

2: are extremely racist

3: cheats like there's no tomorrow, it was never amusing to be instantkilled over and over again by unskilled people, especially not when it's so obviously a cheat by doing this which are truly impossible no matter how "skilled" you are

4: brings down servers with their presence alone thanks to ping.

Other than that, it's also not interesting to play a game where the moderators in charge of it doesn't care about all of this because these chinese people are the ones bringing in the most cash, they don't even want to region lock this cancerous player base even though that'd be the best choice. By the way, you actually have to PAY REAL MONEY to unlock things that you EARN in game. This game wasn't even good from the start, haha. Well, the presence of so many chinese cheaters is because they've pretty much pushed out people from other countries who doesn't want to play anymore because of them and because, since you can earn money for items in game, people are farming it (which is probably a big reason for the excessive cheating). After all, we all have our experiences with chinese cheats and bots in games where they want to earn money. Like farming bots and gold sellers in WoW or in this case, cheating for more in-game stuff that can be sold afterwards.

Note: stating facts doesn't make me a racist, it's not about that. I'm very well aware that a majority of the chinese playerbase are NOT cheaters they are innocent and unrelated to the behavior of these people. They suffer just as much as the rest of the players do because of these cheating racists, perhaps even more so because they get screwed over by these bastards and thus they get hated on by everyone despite having done nothing wrong because the bastards are the ones that show themselves, making a great impact. It's kind of sad.

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The Villains Need to Save the World?
May 23, 2018
Status: c33
This novel... is freaking stupid. I tried to like it, I really tried. I gave it many long chapters, but I found out the sad truth. This novel is a trainwreck. It's extremely boring and monotone, the author really has no talent for writing an immersive and engaging story, it's one of the worst cases I've ever seen and I've read hundreds of novels. I rarely drop novels unless it's a freaking hopeless case or I've read it for weeks and started to tire of the authors way of writing,... more>> but here I just managed to read for a single day before dropping it. A 2/5 in rating is because it's below average but not at the very bottom, unlike some people, I won't give a 1/5 just because I didn't like it. It has to be more than just bad to become a 1/5 :D


Now I guess it's about time for me to explain why I disliked this novel to the point of dropping it. Okay, let's explain what this story is. It's about some random designer dude or something suddenly transmigrating into a 10000+ year old body of a demon god, that demon god had also lost her memories of before 6000 years ago, as if that wasn't bad enough, the MC didn't inherit any memories so she has no control over her powers. Now, we'd expect that she'd be really OP, right? Super OP. I mean, a demon god like her can talk with creator gods of different dimensions and are at the peak. Nope. Power is only relative to the situation, but it turns out that almost every other character is just about as powerful as she is, there are 3 more demon gods by her side and then there's transmigrator "heroes", who, despite supposedly being novices, are just about as powerful as her, a demon GOD. So, her being "OP" compared to normal people plays no role whatsoever, it's just hollow. Especially since she took control of a body of a dead girl for no good reason and is in her body most of the time, which is just at the level of a "demon king" after enhancements a dozen or two chapters in. She almost in that body all the time, even when facing stronger enemies, so she appears underpowered rather than average compared to everyone.

Okay, so I can accept that. Although it does piss me off a lot. But then the writing is just so damn insipid. There's nothing that makes you immerse yourself here. It's surprising how boring it is, the I can't quite explain it properly, but just know that we get no real information on anything and nothing feels real, it's extremely artifical and stuff just happens because the author wants it to, there's no warning and nothing leading up to it, it's as if everything just pops up, way too forced and casual with no real flow and gripping parts.

So, that's something that turns me off, obviously. So, this is tagged with comedy. You'd expect some laughs, some humor, some attempts at being funny? Nah, really, there's nothing like that. This novel doesn't deserve the comedy tag at all. I half-laughed once or twice in 40 chapters (33 normal 7 or so prologue chapters). The author never tries to make it funny. There's no real jokes, unless you call the sexual harassment of other characters and how no one ever acts like they're supposed to (not in a funny way, just that they're stupid, innocent, naive or acts like 10 year old kids, it's not the comedy type of weirdness) "jokes". Not even someone who haven't read a lot of novels before should be able to laugh at this level of crap.

I feel like a big reason for this being marked as a "comedy" novel is the MC and her attitude against girls. The yuri is there and it's hardcore for a non-hentai novel. I like this stuff quite a bit and I have varying preferences, I've seen just about anything in terms of perverted stuff, but this MC is just extremely creepy. Imagine a spoiled, perverted young master that drowns in women and wants to rape every girl he sees, no matter what they think or anything and that's pretty much this MC in a nutshell. Every girl is targeted and he acts in an extremely creepy way, not in a funny creepy way, but just very, very creepy way. Like when two girls are gagged and bound by someone else which she can't untie at the moment, she then treats them as dolls, sleeps with them on her bed, attacks them sexually, force feeds them, is generally sad***ic against them along with all other kinds of weird sh*t. It's to the point where she doesn't consider them women but rather livestock or something like it -.- She even almost said livestock instead of girls several times when she was saving them from another rapist who wasn't really much worse than the MC. Oh, and don't expect to see any males in this story except for the few monsters who doesn't matter. They don't even welcome any males into their places or anything, the MC even said she's afraid of her girls being poached by others so she won't let males be anywhere close.

Oh, there are also lolis everywhere, which is kind of irritating. Don't get me wrong, I love lolis, legal lolis are the best. But in this novel, every demon or similar thing is lolis, three creator gods are lolis, all three of the demon gods on her side are also lolis etc. It's not good anymore when it's overdone. What makes it worse is that the MC, at least for the first 20 or so chapters, dunno about after, treats them like children because they look young. The MC is just around 22 years old, these lolis, all of them without exception, are above 10000 years old. They also act like very young lolis for no reason, very innocent. The MC feels like it'd be a crime to do anything to them, which is ridiculous and ruins the whole idea of having lolis in the novel. They're seemingly just there for "comedy" when the MC denies them their requests for s*x or whatever.


Oh well, so, it's a kinda bad novel. It's not worth reading, really. There are a lot of novels out there that are better than this. Not saying it's the worst novel out there, but it's high on the "bad novel list" for me. <<less
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Well, what can I say. I freaking loved this novel as of chapter 8. Really cute and fluffy, it's also amusing. He reincarnates into a pet dog (super strong demon fenrir) and can fire beams when barking too loudly/excitedly (we're not really clear on if the volume of the barking or the intentions of attacking something affects it). He looks like some kind of a demon wolf, yet everyone but a single swordswoman acts as if it's nothing out of the ordinary or bad, he acts like a harmless pet... more>> after all.

Well, I can't say there's a lot of plot and there's nothing serious going on, but that's what I read this for, the comedy and fluffy feelings, I kept on smiling. If there's something I'm sad about, it's just that there's only 8 chapters translated as of this moment. I really wish there was more, but what can you expect when the translation started less than a month ago. Give it a shot, it's a great way to pass the time... Sigh, now I have to find something else to read, it gets harder to find favorites the more of them you read...


Read some more now and it has still got that same mood, it's great. By chapter 27, we now also have the addition of

a super dragon wife, a homunculus mistress in the shape of a cat and a wolf princess (the wolf showed up earlier but we didn't know its gender)

which is pretty cool. The MC and the first two causes mischief like stealing food and wine etc. It got a bit more lively. Too bad there aren't more chapters translated, haha. But, yeah, don't read this if you want some action or drama, it's just about creating a nice mood and some light jokes that does make me laugh sometimes. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
Ultimate Scheming System
February 1, 2018
Status: c650
... This is... Well... It's pretty funny? For a while. This is pretty much an extremely inferior version of the novel "the strongest system". It's one of those novels which you'd probably enjoy for a few dozen chapters, but as the author screws up more and more, the novel just gets worse and worse as things go out of control and the jokes that were initially amusing are overused and recycled over and over again, but not in a smart and funny way, but the dull way that gives you... more>> a sense of deja-vu as if you've already seen this situation before. You know those jokes you've heard a million times before that're just not funny anymore (and probably feels stupid now) but you laughed to tears when hearing them first few times? Yeah, this becomes like that, but with a feeling of irritation as you get to see it way too many times in a short amount of time.

I couldn't really agree more with Xenon_God. I agree with everything he said and confirm it to be that way. This would normally be a junk-food novel, trash that is sh*t but you still want to consume it because it makes you laugh or something. But this is like going to mcdonalds and getting a stale cheeseburger that has been on warming for the entire day, thus resulting in a dry piece of crap that you can't even swallow without a glass of water and tastes like sh*t instead of greasy goodness.

It could've been better, but the authors inability to be creative and make new situations that feel somewhat fresh ruins it. That he does stupid sh*t like making the MCs motivations (reviving some random person he fell in love with after spending a few hours over a few days with, I swear, if I didn't read everything before that I would think that they'd been together for at least several years as lovers, it was some of the most forced crap I've ever seen, I especially loved the "I still remember her smiles and actions as if it was yesterday" comment, yeah, because it WAS yesterday, you only spent a few days around there) re****ed and childish doesn't make it better. Especially not when he starts slaughtering everyone like a madman after that. That the author is prone to racism (the plain offensive kind that just isn't funny) and mixing up the "real" world with this fantasy world to some extent is extremely annoying and when you get to those parts, it's really time to drop it, don't try to keep giving it a chance.

Oh, let's not even start on the MC. He's the worst f**king prick of a MC I've ever seen. I would've enjoyed this much more if the MC wasn't a re****ed mongrel. Seriously, he's mentally disabled. He acts like a 10 year old child with half-a-brain throwing tantrums everywhere while being the biggest f**king hypocrite this world has ever seen and the most self-righteous bastard ever. He says other people are evil, but he's like a demon from hell that is at least 10 times as evil as everyone else. He actively looks after people to kill for experience and he has the "rule" that if someone offends/crosses him, he'll kill them, their entire family and everyone else related to them, no matter if they're innocent or not. He has no morals whatsoever, he's a f**king extreme psychopath. He does so much stupid sh*t, like offending people he can't afford to offend currently, not thinking about anything, complaining and whining about not progressing fast enough when he reached big realm 4 within a few days of arriving and can just buy any skill, know it instantly and then use some points to fully master it to perfection instantly. He seriously must be one of the most stupid guys I've ever seen. No wisdom or intellect at all. He treats everything like a game, not even the death of a dear one can wake him up even a bit, he just started murdering everyone even more after that in order to get experience (and this is despite being 100% sure of perfectly being able to revive her later). Seriously, every sect should hide from him, if anyone in a sect offends him, he'll proceed to kill everyone he sees that are related to that sect.

The author also has no talent at all when it comes to writing a story other than some laughs here and there. No one has any personality, at all. Everyone are hollow, they're like background character A or B. That girl at the start who the MC somehow fell in love with just has 2 actions that she ever took, she only blushed and ran to hide, nothing else. People are dying everywhere, and I couldn't feel anything. I was even happy when she died, but then he decided to resurrect her... I could feel no attachment or immersion whatsoever, that's just horrible. No worldbuilding either and all skills are rip-offs from other novels, like xiao yan's lotus thing when he fuses fires, he even has the clothes, sword and flames that xiao yan had. Oh, and the novel shouldn't be named "Ultimate scheming system". It should be named "Ultimate psychopath system", "Ultimate re**** system", "Ultimate cheating system", "Ultimate Acting Tough System", Because if there's anything this MC doesn't do and is fully incapable of with his inferior intelligence, it's scheming. He just bashes everything head on with full cheat power from the system.

You should until you start feeling that you're getting sick of it all, which will probably be at most 50-200 chapters. It is indeed enjoyable for a while and it can kill some time and bring a few laughs, but don't read as far ahead as I did, because it's a complete waste of time that will end in extreme disappointment. I gave it a 3/5 (would be better to give it a 2/5) because I enjoyed some parts of it, especially the start and after the massacres that lasted for a few dozen chapters. When you get a few hundred chapters in, the novel isn't even worth 1/5 anymore.

Warning: have a novel ready with a competent, smart and awesome MC after this, you will need it... <<less
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Running Away From The Hero!
January 9, 2017
Status: c6
Wanted to give it a 4.5, but went for a 5 since it's the closest value. Seriously, this is a hidden gem. It's so freaking hilarious. The first few chapters (well, more like first few chapter parts, as every chapter is split into 6 to 13 parts due to their length) weren't that good, but after that it took off and made you laugh almost every time.

He's extremely weak, the most untalented individual alive in terms of natural disposition (can't even use magic artifacts that anyone are supposed to be... more>> able to use, since everyone has at least some mana). Yet he's also just about the strongest individuals alive in terms of cunning, knowledge and skill. He can kill most people before they can even defend themselves and with his bat he's almost impossible to kill if he gets to scheme a bit. He's got hundreds of different plans and tens of escape paths. One of the most careful and hardworking MCs I've ever read about. He's not really evil, more like "gray", yet he's also, in a way, one of the most demonic beings in the world. He has probably made almost every single major power (and most humans that has come into contact with him) in the world despise him and neither heaven nor hell will receive him after he dies. He actually thus far scammed 2 of the most powerful beings, a certain demon king and a certain goddess into making an unprofitable contract for their side, let's not even mention just how he beat the crap out of the goddess as soon as she was summoned...

His iron bat is one of the most powerful demonic weapons in existence, and in terms of just how demonic its application is, it's the most horrible weapons in the world that would make even demon king shudder and piss their pants. You can't faint, your body wants the effects of the enhancements (you can't get hurt no matter how much you are hit, you just get healthier), but you will feel pain beyond your deepest nightmares, enough to make you want to die.

This is the tale of a demonic instructor who considers a day of 4 hours sleep and 20 hour studying to be normal and will make even the most powerful beings in the world turn pale and shudder as if they were swimming in an ocean of ice. As a matter of fact, many of the strongest people were brought up by him, instructed by him, to be who they are, fellow people who walk the gray line of necessity before anything. Justice? Evil? What is that? is it tasty? nothing is ever truly white or black, only gray truly exists, is his teachings. And I actually agree, and has done so way before this novel, no one ever does something for no benefit, no matter if the benefit is something material or something immaterial (such as feelings of contentment for having done something good).

All in all, I loved this novel, it is great. Some people might not like it that much though, his perspective is pretty dark/negative and he always expects the worst outcome, but the narrations are hilarious because of it. <<less
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Ace of the Dragon Division
May 30, 2019
Status: c101
This is truly quite a subpar novel with a heavily inflated rating because of the translator. It's a pathetic novel with extremely many flaws, 4.5/5? No, its a 3.5/5 novel, and we all know what that means on novelupdates. It took me two chapters until I started to lose interest, 5 to want to drop it and 10 to really get sick of it. But as the fair guy I am, I wanted to give it a proper chance, so I read up to chapter 101 despite not enjoying it... more>> at all. There are actually ZERO good parts in this novel, it's quite amazing. Let me tell you exactly why this novel is so horrible and why the scores are so weird and undeserved, but I'll keep it all in a spoiler bubble because I know I will spoil quite a few things, not that it matters in a story like this.

  1. He’s a regular smoker despite wanting to become one of the strongest, likely since the author must be a smoker as well.
  2. He can’t deal with women properly even if the author wants to pretend he’s got balls. The MC is quite pathetic, he has the mind of a hormone-driven virgin teenager, the worst kind. He'll get excited and get boners by merely witnessing a glimpse of some beautiful girl's panties and even get nosebleeds from seeing girls in their underwear...
  3. The “showbiz” in this novel is pathetic, his supposed “wife” is clearly just a pretty piece of meat that everyone wants to "eat" and has no real value other than her face. The paparazzi is also way overdone, we're talking about criminal level stalking and huge groups of hundreds or thousands of people gathering everywhere she goes out of nowhere.
  4. There’re excessive descriptions about how beautiful some people are, especially the mc's wife, it's to the point of making you feel uncomfortable.
  5. The women acts like little kids, yelling about face this, face that and refusing to accept official decisions, that stuff is enough to call the police, they’re technically intruding into his home since they’re no longer officially living there, but he just gives up and lets them live there. They're also ridiculously petty and thinks that everyone should treat them specially because they're beautiful. Doesn't help that the coincidences are way too many and forced, like how a hot police woman happens to stay at his apartment and is one of the ones putting up a fight to not be kicked out, she's in the same line of work as the MC and pretty much the same department, especially later on. The other girl that refuses to leave just HAPPENS to be the BEST FRIEND of his wife. As if that's even possible... Despite this being a novel with the MC only wanting one woman and having no interest in other women at all, the author forces fake romance in and I really mean he FORCES it in. Instead of focusing on interesting stuff, we often have to sit through the bullsh*t pulled by these girls and their conversations with the MC. A good way to waste text and reach word count quotas, but a horrible way to write a novel in.
  6. The police also acts like idiotic children, what’s that about face and wanting to beat someone up because they’re seen with a girl they work with? Are they kindergarteners? This is a normal thing over there, it's not an isolated case.
  7. It’s overall ridiculous in so many ways, I mean, just how out of touch with reality is this author if he thinks that everyone yells about face all the time and will act like kids just because, say, someone they like a little gets close to a man? The police guys actually sat staring at him for dozens of minutes straight when he was invited to a dinner with the girl, are you serious? This isn't just pathetic anymore, this is a leveled up version of pathetic. Just how starved for s*x are these people if they all would do anything just to talk to her? I mean, geez, you'd think she was an immortal above the clouds, yet she's just a kinda beautiful girl with a bad personality. At least this kind of thing is slightly more acceptable in a cultivation novel where some people are indeed way stronger than others and would get arrogant and conceited, but this is just stupid for our modern day society. Doesn't get better when one of these guys, a "SWAT" team member, acted like a kid with mental issues, or easier to understand for most of us, a stupid young master type character in a cultivation novel that only exists to get faceslapped quickly as the author drags things out way too much.
  8. The MC is brainless, he acts like a chinese version of a hot-headed japanese justice shounen protagonist.
  9. The power levels are weird and useless. We never get to know exactly what they represent more than someone at higher ranks being more OP, why are the military people so much stronger anyway? Being way stronger than those top pros who actually WORK to build muscle strength, and not just by a little.
  10. People repeat themselves over and over again and every villain is pretty much a copy-paste, like being offended, unreasonable and outraged at not being given "face" and then starting to threaten the MC to get his way only to fail and then keep on holding a grudge and threatening with lines such as "I warn you, don't go out after 10pm" (this particular one is a favorite of the author, used at least a dozen times in 100 chapters). Every single enemy is truly the same, no matter who they are or where they're from. Be they police, young master, gangster or foreigner, women or male.
  11. The mc's powers gets pretty ridiculous, like using ecolocation to clearly see and hear everything through walls, metal, clothes etc, even the contents of a gas tube, he can also see through flesh all the way to peoples' skeletons and whatever else. He can see this clear as day, including the colors and even things like printed on text and things several hundred meters away. It even, no matter how much info needs to be processed, puts no strain whatsoever on his brain or eyes! Wooh, so awesome. Honestly, if you give such a half-assed explanation and then pretend it's fine, it just makes things cringeworthy... It's not even an issue of being OP, it's just stupid and unnecessary. He also has the power of ants and several different animals mixed in one and gets all their good parts, like being able to lift many times his own weight like an ant, at 10 times his own weight, he can punch out at 1500+kg... So, I guess he'll be able to throw punches with forces above a dozen tons later on, meanwhile, everyone else is just kinda normal, at best being stronger than "normal"...
  12. He has no grasp on other countries, the author actually described britain as "the british empire" and pretended that some made-up princes acts like young masters (kind of) and even that there were some severe public racism going on towards the MC like him being cursed at in various ways and being called a "yellow monkey" repeatedly. The female lead's mother is also a "british lady" but she somehow acts exactly like a chinese mother-type character, complete with all the forcing her kids into marriage and trying to force him to have kids and the worldview that 24 isn't young and her daughter should get married already, this is all despite her LIVING IN BRITAIN. Also, there's this "tevez" guy who is supposedly an "authentic british man" who also acts EXACTLY like a chinese young master and lusts after the mc's wife. By the way, it turns out that there are "rich and influential heirs" from half of britain that lusts after her for some reason even though she was never in the showbiz over there, also, obviously, the class system is (in the mind of the author) similar to the one in china with all of these rich nobodies doing stupid stuff and acting like d*cks to people for no reason just because they have some cash. What the hell? This ignorance is ridiculous. Even the MC pretty much seems to have grown up in britain, yet his values are pathetically chinese. The author shouldn't put in such a setting if he can't pull it off at all, might as well call britain "china version 2" and stop the bullsh*t. I guess I should praise him because there's not too much targeted racism and "china numba 1" bullsh*t, but there's still a fair deal of it, just not as much as in other chinese novels of similar type. Kinda funny how the MC lived most of his live in britain but acts as if china is the only place he belongs in and he's kind of xenophobic in a way, talking about "his country" and stuff like "how dare you come to 'our' country and have me play 'your' game? no, gotta play by the local customs if you come to china!"... Sigh. That tevez guy only exists to give an outlet for chinese racists to feel satisfied about themselves and how "great" their country is.

Let's stop here. I believe that by now, you can see quite a few of the flaws in this story and why you shouldn't read this.


My final verdict is... don't read this, it's not worth it, it's truly a subpar novel whose only purpose is to waste your time and try to write an easy novel with focus on word count. The score does NOT reflect the content, one of the few novels least deserving of a high score like this yet having one because of manipulation of ratings. I hope I just saved you a lot of time. Also, the first 10-15 chapters will give a perfect picture of how the novel will continue playing out, nothing much will change, so don't bother to keep on reading if you decided to give it a try but don't like it after that many chapters. <<less
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Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
June 21, 2017
Status: Completed
Yeah. This is actually a pretty good novel, I'd give it around a 3.5, it's better than average. It's amusing and somewhat interesting, it's surely worth your time to read, I for one really enjoyed it a lot. However, there are some fatal flaws that bring down this novel from a rating of 4 or 4.5, I find it amazing how people keep giving it 5 stars all the time, so I'm going to mention a few flaws instead of going on about how glorious it is like everyone else.... more>> All this might sound like I'm just whining, but there's a lot of good things about this novel too, I just felt like it was unnecessary to mention it since it'd be nothing new and a few things I really disliked should be mentioned for future readers.

First of all, there's a tad bit too many perspectives, which often makes you wonder "is there even a main character in this novel or is there several protagonists?". Well, that's just something I personally didn't like too much (how can I get immersed well into a novel if several main characters are running around since I'm one of those people that imagine myself from the MCs perspective), it's not that much of a big deal since it's written well nonetheless. The second problem is serious amounts of redundant information. Trivia and "facts" (these things are often wrong too, distorted to fit the plot), usually about stuff like history, mythology, stars, fairy tales etc. Often it feels like instead of reading a fantasy novel, I'm reading a history or mythology book... Most of this crap is unnecessary to know and you'll be perfectly fine if you just skip a majority of it, it's just there to fill out space with copy-pasted and sometimes slightly altered information from the internet. It's kind of like reading chinese xianxia novel if you compare the banters of the peanut gallery (about how powerful or weak someone is) or the text about how beautiful someone is, how foolish someone is amongst other things with distorted mythology, history and fairy tales. Both has the issue with overly redundant text that says nothing important except that the author tried to lengthen the novel. Not saying all this information is unnecessary, but a lot of it is. It's quite honestly a pain to read as it is terribly boring, especially since you know that you can't trust that what is written is true.

The third issue is the power levels. They're all over the place, the entire power system is quite horrible. Nothing feels stable at all. Instead of stuff like cultivation, levels or anything else that feels permanent, this novel barely has anything that let's you progressively increase your strength. It's all about gifts, nothing else seems to matter. These gifts can be lost all of a sudden or gained, usually through games. So they can't really get stronger on their own without blessings and if they're unlucky, they will all of a sudden lose all of their power. A weak fool can become super strong in but a few seconds if granted "divinity" and all the same someone strong can become weak instantly if you take it away. Every power just feels borrowed and temporary. If someone with similar gifts show up, bam, you're about equal in strength. Characters told about in legends can become extremely weak due to losing a gift. It's just ridiculous. The value of power in this novel is the most worthless case I've ever seen. What's the point of power if it's not really yours or something that was given but can't be easily taken away or received? If it's all about a gift that can be taken away instantly if you lose a bet? The MC could thrash an opponent completely only for the enemies to get divinity and then be on par with him after just a few hours or maybe in the middle of a battle. It's not a good or interesting system, it's mainly vexing. There's also way too many people that are equal to the MC in power, seeing as how he's extremely OP from the very start, it's one of those novels where the MC should be the strongest or at least become the strongest towards the end, but he gets beaten silly by the last boss and several characters before has been equal or a bit superior to him in strength even though they're just random characters (often he will duel with those guys and then get to a draw and never fight them again to determine who's the most powerful). Powers doesn't really develop that much, he doesn't really get much stronger from the beginning to the end, he mainly learns a few tricks and how to use his power a bit. All in all, it's not a novel I could enjoy if I care about the battles or powers of the characters. Power levels and battles are NOT enjoyable in this novel, it's mainly a "You hit me, I hit you, I throw this at you, you throw this at me, I used some weird power, you died"... Nothing complicated, interesting or well done about it. It's as if they're kids throwing falcon punches at people, it's quite dull. It's by far not the worst I've seen, but it's absolutely not that good.

Then the fourth thing which bothers me the most, romance. This is a real joy killer. It's as if the author has some kind of grudge or trauma against romance that makes any romantic development futile. There's great girls all over the place and there's a few hints that izayoi and kuro usagi have some romantic attraction to each other, although neither seems to realize it, but the closest thing we have to real romance might be the calico cat and the cat girl that was entwining tails or something, probably a date... Don't expect any romance if you read this, you're going to get disappointed if you do. How the tag "Strong love interests" came about is beyond me. None of the girls or izayoi seem to have any real feelings of love towards anyone. It's as if they're all impotent. At most we're seeing some light sexual harassment and teasing. It disappointed me to no end. It's really as if the people, especially the teens that should be in an age where they're really interested in the opposite sex, is completely impotent and incapable of love. Throughout many life or death battles and experiences, no romance has started. It feels like it's quite impossible. I mean, I don't mind if there's no truly romantic scenes or change in characters due to two characters becoming lovers/girlfriend-boyfriend. I just want to know that these two are interested in each other and have a relationship or will have a relationship. Everything could still be the same, attitude, personality, acts, but we'd know that they're actually together. Some might think I'm being ridiculous, but for me it's a very important thing that, in a novel like this with a lot of great girls and one MC, that at least one of them get together. Hell, if there was only one male and one female, I'd still think it's extremely important... It makes it possible to relate to them more and feel like it's more realistic, it gives an entirely different depth to the whole story and characters just by confirming that there's such a relationship... Some novels are written in a way that makes romance unnecessary or actually reducing the value of the story, where there's good reasons for there being no romance, but this isn't one of them, stuff like that should've been a given from the very start when 3 girls great girls and 1 guy was introduced, all in their teens except for the rabbit.

Well, it's a good novel nonetheless, but due to the flaws my enjoyment was greatly reduced and I had to give it a 3.5. Normally that'd give a 4/5 score when rounding it up, but I felt there was too many 5 star ratings even though there exists such glaring and obvious faults. People should know that it's in no way perfect, it's... above average, to some it might actually be really good, but 5 stars is overdoing it, because that would mean that there's absolutely no bad parts and you enjoyed every moment of the novel. There's just a few novels that I've ever read where I can truly say that it was deserving of a perfect score. It'd be great if people didn't give novels 5 stars without considering the cons too just because they felt it was "Great". "Great" should give a 4/5, not 5/5... a 5/5 is something that can't be improved. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki
June 13, 2017
Status: v3 prologue
Just... haah... this isn't really worth reading. If you really want something to kill some time but have read most novels out there, you could give it a whirl. The people giving this 4-5 stars are freaking out of their mind. I don't easily give any grade below 3 stars for average, but this is below average. The only reasons it's 2/5 stars is because of the interesting idea and that it is actually somewhat readable. The grammar/translation is horrible as well, it flows really badly and makes reading this... more>> novel even more of a pain.

First of all, if you read any work by this author, even those written 8 years after this one (seems this author has no desire for self-improvement whatsoever since I highly doubt that people haven't been mentioning these issues to him thousands of times before) be prepared for massive info dumps with redundant, worthless information that goes into great detail. Also remember that most of this information is offensively inaccurate, so don't ever believe that this author has proper knowledge or has checked that the "Facts" he found are correct. I have never encountered another author that is as fcking horrible and reliant upon wikipedia copy-paste information. At least 60-80% of every chapter is just details and information about irrelevant stuff that will never matter to the story and is just annoying to read, it's like reading fact booklets or school books, only that the information is incorrect a majority of the time. You might as well start reading your old school books instead, because those might be more interesting than this. This can hardly be called a novel. It's as if the author is so bad at writing a proper plot and using his imagination that he fills the chapters up with copy-pasted knowledge that he has no fcking clue about but found online just to be able to release chapters fast enough, which is a crying shame because the parts where he actually uses his head instead of relying on "facts" are interesting and good, enough for a 4/5 stars. The story doesn't revolve around the characters and the world in this novel, it revolves around the useless trivia the author adds in. There's no depth or feelings to their personality, everything feels boring and their personalities are thin AF.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind some trivia and facts, in fact I welcome it if it's accurate AND relevant to the story, especially stuff like explanations on the magic systems or other things, stuff that isn't common knowledge. It's just that it isn't in this novel since it's just used to fill out space. Not even chinese novels are as bad as this when it comes to redundant information. I mean, this author uses a whole chapter to describe how a crossbow is made bit by bit, including some made up information. Then he uses a whole chapter to explain how a greenhouse works and how he made one over there in that fantasy world, another chapter about how he was planning to plant potatoes and intricate (and often inaccurate) details about potatoes and how they may or may not be poisonous, including some real life events about potatoes and sickness that he also got wrong, then another chapter is about how he's making compost, managing to lengthen a simple description to half a chapter because he wants to go through every step along with other useless trivia related to it. It's not bad with information, but I question whether or not the author actually understands what a novel is supposed to be. He should just stop writing novels altogether and start writing fact booklets instead, he's clearly more suited towards that, if only he could check the facts properly and not get it wrong. It feels like the author is that one kid that uses wikipedia to make himself sound almighty and omnipotent, knowledgeable of all things, yet doesn't know what the fck he's talking about and actually knows nothing at all, just reading it out aloud from a paper someone else wrote.

Sigh. Well, just go ahead and try it. If the bad translation and worthless information doesn't scare you off, it might be a good read. If you just skip over everything that seems like trivia (it will never be remotely useful to know any trivia/facts/information that he writes out, it won't impact your understanding of the story if you skip over it), it might actually be a great way to kill off a few hours with. Luckily only about 50 chapters have been released, otherwise I would've dropped it before volume 1 was over. <<less
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The first few chapters are quite dull, but it quickly picks up after that and becomes quite the ride of comedy. Don't expect serious scenes, there isn't any. The MC is the most powerful being in the galaxy and most other worlds too, if not all of them. We have never seen him being serious and he keeps getting stronger, which bothers him. Those immortals from xianxia gets beaten to death with one strike, ancient youkai that viewed gods as small fries back in the time they were at their... more>> strongest are the same, he considers them as "small youkai" since they're just considered as small fries of the small fries to him. He once went to a friend to get her back since he was worried about her and he blew her sects main building into the stratosphere only to catch it after picking her up, because they annoyed him when the whole sect including their secret spells and ley lines or whatever and one of the strongest humans on earth managed to delay him for 30 seconds when he was playing around a bit. He got something to let him ascend to godhood, but his body rejected all the powers and blessings of being a god since it was considered as "bad stuff" and instead only took the name, which was likened to taking brand clothes and ripping off the brand name only to throw the clothes into the trash bin because you don't need such ugly power. He can survive and kill in space and even super advanced civilizations can't do anything to him. Gods are beneath him and I wouldn't be surprised if he could fart with more power than an atom bomb.

Even better, his loli evil overlord that he takes care of and makes sure she doesn't destroy the world for some random reason is also around his power level, although she's a fair bit weaker, but as someone who can destroy worlds on a whim and conquered a lot of worlds one may say that she is sufficiently powerful, perhaps number 2 :P That's why... never expect anything serious to happen, anyone that comes and picks a fight will die without a body without any effort at all. The loli is probably the one who displayed the most power thus far though, once she saved a friend and even with most of her powers sealed (she's got some seriously ridiculous seals on her so she can't use most of her power unless the MC releases them, even though that little power is enough to be proclaimed as the second strongest in the world after the mc) she annihilated an entire race from the face of the earth just by saying that they would face extinction.

That aside, not everything is good even though most of it is, hence I didn't give it a 5/5. I did enjoy it immensely and laughed a lot and I'm quite sad now that there's no more translated chapters out currently, which is a great grade from me, but there's 2 things that bothers me and pissed me off countless times. Like the typical japanese (although the author is chinese) douche MC, this guy is incapable of using his power for himself. Although he's the most powerful being in existence, he's living in quite extreme poverty for some questionable reason like "I want to follow the rules of human society". I mean extreme poverty, he pretty much lives on noodles, rice soup and eggs, sometimes getting some vegetables, he helps solve some cases just to get treated to food and he's petty as fck when it comes to money, being greedy as hell. Even buying ice cream when out shopping is too expensive. He's got like 2 pair of clothes that has been washed ragged and the evil overlord can't even get a proper pajama and has to go for the t-shirt style. Now, that'd be fine in itself, but there's so many holes in his logic and he COMPLAINS all the FCKING time about money and how he's poor. The author seems to believe it's extremely funny to make his MC into a pauper, once he almost starved to death and I don't really find it funny. I get pissed off all the time because he's got the stomach to complain about not having any money yet having so many opportunities to earn some. There's so many flaws in his reasoning. Like, he helps governments and stuff but he never gets paid except in rare cases, and when he does he'll jump at getting really low amounts of money even when doing stuff that other people would risk their lives while doing and is extremely important, like getting 30 USD for a days work. He never asks for more though, he even often requests money himself for his services and takes a really low amount. Now, I get that you would want to follow the laws of the human society (not wanting to rob a bank or something), but YOU CAN even while earning tons of easy money. He was once offered a position in the government that works with the supernatural, but he denies for no good reason, something about freedom and stuff, but that's fine, but he could act as a mercenary, right? But no, instead he helps the government without pay. There's also a lot of other ways to earn money, but he never seems to grasp that. Everyone also knows his identity, so there's no need to hide it. Instead of working with stuff that gives real income, he takes small side jobs like driving around snacks from a store or working in a convenience store, which doesn't bring in any money to live on. Once he got his hands on some money, pretty early on, but the evil overlord hacked into his account and bought sh*tloads of otaku stuff. The author seems focused as hell on making sure that the MC never gets his hands on any money and has to live like a beggar, this is the guy that fought naked in galactic wars and destroyed star destroyers and defeated the overlord that conquered many worlds, the guy who can split the very world by just swinging his sword, the guy who is above any and all gods and beings. Sorry, not funny when it's so unrealistic, it's only funny if it can be explained, like hasegawa taizou, the sunglasses guy from gintama. It only serves to piss you off most of the time here since the author keeps bringing it up, with the occasional small laugh like when he was questioned by a cultivator who wondered why the fck he didn't get some cash since it's so easy and his plans started and ended with bank robbing as the only alternative for earning money.

Then the second thing is about school. He keeps talking like a normal human and goes to school, he also forces the evil overlord to go to school even though neither of them have ANY NEED whatsoever for going there (we don't even see any scenes when he's in school, really, so it's a worthless setting in and of itself). They will never need any knowledge they learn later on in life and it's merely wasted time that could be spent better if they didn't go to school. He also tries to make the evil overlord loli get better grades, only to give up all the time because she might destroy the world or something if he pushes her. I mean, they're not even there for knowledge at all. He went to a math test and couldn't remember stuff, so he cheated on it. So... illogical and unrealistic, especially since he could get a real job or work with the government more for some cash that he sorely needs if only he stopped spending his days in school, binding himself down. I do know that the author is only doing that because, although completely and utterly re****ed, he wants some school settings and events like the group he talks with at school and the evil overlords friend to be there where he can get some easy comedy and story. I wish there was a better reason for it though that would make the reader think that it's natural that he goes to school after becoming pretty much the strongest being in the universe.

Well, enough about that. It's a great novel if you can just ignore the glaring fallacies in the story and don't mind that the author keep playing the "poverty" gag even with his identity. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
Perfect World
April 24, 2018
Status: c400
I'll be complete honest here. Don't read this novel. It's a trainwreck. Seriously, don't do it. The only reason I gave it 2/5 is because the translation is acceptable and it somehow managed to make me keep reading for a few hundred worthless chapters.

This author is one of the worst ones out there when it comes to word count. At least 50% of every chapter will be unnecessary and redundant text. Utter garbage. Let me tell you some things about how this author does this. He fills out the space... more>> with adjectives, everything is described in great detail that doesn't contribute a single thing to the story. He makes sure to go into great detail about how divine it is, how it's like this or that, how it's really amazing and how everyone knows it is. He repeats this endlessly.

Every time a girl shows up, even if she was there just a chapter ago, or even more than once in a chapter, he will describe her absolute beauty, how she's so dazzling and heavenly, do note that every girl is like this. Everyone in this world is more beautiful than the most beautiful top models, it might as well be named perfect model world, and the MC will make sure to let you know this a million times and more. Even the MC is described like this, every time he gets an opportunity and every time the MC breaks through or something, the author will never fail to explain how he's divine and his skin is even more beautiful so that even girls are jealous and even more translucent to the point where his skin should be f*cking invisible by now. So, he repeatedly spams about appearances at every possible moment.

But this is what happens with everything. He never fails to mention the reason for something even though everyone reading the novel knows it, like how hateful he was for biting someone's ear or wrestling her, which was mentioned at least a few dozen times, not exaggerating here, seriously. Whenever a fight is going on, the author never fails to mention any background story he can and what the MC did before, several times. He also has to mention all the time that if people knew the MC did this or that or managed to cultivate to this or that level, the whole region would shake and they'd be so amazed! So, we get bombed with information we already know.

Stuff like that happens for every single topic. It's just to inflate the word count. Oh, and then let's talk about the jokes. They're so damn bad after a while. It's on endless repeat, just like the fights and situations. Everything repeats all the time, and it's not just similar situations, no, the author makes sure the dialogues are almost the same, the actions are pretty much identical and all the jokes are EXACTLY the same every time. He never introduces any new content, everything is just endlessly on repeat.

The MC wasn't properly in the focus for the first 70+ chapters, and he never really feels like a proper MC, it feels like we're spectating from the side rather than from his point of view. The first 70+ chapters really wasn't even worth reading. Oh, and the author tries to stuff a lot of random information down everyone's throats, about things that is irrelevant for now and can't even be understood. He also refuses to make a proper cultivation system, and we never know the realm before the MC arrives at it, the cultivation feels really boring, because there's no real outline to it, we don't know anything at all before the MC reaches that realm. It doesn't help things that the mc's powers are never consistent, and if the author wants him to, he will be weaker than he's supposed to be, which often happens for no good reason.

I'm so damn sick of this novel, because it's really one hell of a garbage novel. I could go on and on about the flaws, like how everyone is kinda soulless, how the romance sucks, how the settings for characters are stupid, how there's no way to judge power levels because everything is just flashy lights and explosions from the moment he started cultivating, how the future decisions of the MC really sucks which I read of in the spoiler... This is a trashy novel made by an author with no care for quality, who just sh*ts out words for word count, where the chapters barely have anything relevant in them despite being long and it's one of the worst cases I've seen when it comes to redundant text and repeated material, and I've read MANY novels.

Save yourself your time and read something else instead. "Plundering the heavens" and similar novels are a million times better than this one, and it also has a shameless MC. The MC of this novel is like an extremely inferior version of that MC. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
Plundering the Heavens
April 18, 2018
Status: c242
It's a great novel, like everyone says, he's a little bandit, shameless like no one else and always makes things go his way through force and schemes, in a funny way of course. It's quite amusing, and I don't really have anything much to add since everyone else already wrote about how good it is. Oh, but I might as well say that the "romance" is really shallow, which is great. We all know how bad chinese romance usually is thanks to their ideals and culture, how the relationships are... more>> cringeworthy and the gender treatment is ridiculous, how people lose their personalities when they fall in love for real, how it feels like the romance in each chinese novel is just copy-pasted and how the MC tends to change his goal to the girl for some reason, like saving her, dropping his previous goals, wanting to give his life for her and more (which is not the case here since only xiao mahn has had a similar development, but there he's just going to "take her back from that f*cker" and she kinda became the backdrop, because his main goal is going to be burning down their entire sect, steal everything possible and destroy everything else, heh) etc. This type of "harem" story where he mainly just seduces a lot of people and doesn't spend any real time with them and goes solo nor have any proper romance is the best sort of chinese romance. The amount of chinese novels that have become unbearable after a few hundred chapters thanks to bad romance is innumerable. I've even had to drop a few thanks to it, so I'm always extremely nervous at the start of the romance in a new novel.

Don't listen to that dude who rated this at 1 star a few reviews before mine, I don't know why he even read this. The point in this novel is that he's a cunning bandit that takes no sh*t from anyone, ever, which will cause funny situations, why the f*ck would he "lick his wounds" and come back another day? It's a pure comedy novel where he will always solve all the issues he causes in the name of comedy. He also never gets water over his head or acts like a f*cking idiot like some mcs, this guy knows he's able to handle it, and if he's not sure, it's in accord to his personality where he'd rather live a short life of freedom and doing what he wants and not taking sh*t from anyone than a long life of acting like a coward dipsh*t. He also never stumbles upon any treasures when he needs them to defeat others, he cultivates properly with resources he's managed to steal, with the occasional good luck, but it's not the type that will push him to the point where can fight the opposite party, no, he needs to take some time to do so.

He does develop as a character, but of course he still acts like his old self even at 30, what's the point if the MC acts like another person? We love him for what he is. If there's something that's annoying, it's a character that changes later on and doesn't act consistently with his previous personality. Shi hao from perfect world is an exception because it happened early in the story and we knew it was a growth period. Now for the next thing he wrote, about lolis, I don't know what this guy smoked, but although the MC likes girls that are slightly younger than him (like his "slave"), it's not that he likes lolis... It's just that he's still quite young. Even if he did like lolis, who cares? Nothing wrong with that in a fantasy novel. He has clearly shown a lot of interest in more developed girls as well.

Oh, and for the last part, what the f*ck? Talk about spouting misleading sh*t. He conveniently forgot to mention that this "loli" was a vicious little spoiled rotten brat that stole things from the MC and his fellow disciples (although he took her hostage and reclaimed it along with their bags) and even tortured people. Then she tried to kill the MC and schemed to kill him later on as well. Just as she schemed to kill him by cruel torture, he happened to show up and for his only real "friend", he killed her "brother" and another guy in front of her, both of which were total scumbags. Yes, he killed them in front of her, but she deserved it (she was a real little b*tch), they deserved it and it served to better her personality and make her develop as a character to something better. He then needed to get into a place and took on the shape of another person, and then helped her a lot, saved her from stuff, made it possible for her to go anywhere in the future etc. Who cares if he's "deceiving" her? It's not even as if he's trying to, he's just helping her as he goes along...

So, everything that guy who gave 1/5 stars said is just pure bullsh*t.

The worst parts is probably 1: The release rate. It's around 5 chaps a week, which will make it take 6 years to translate and the chapters aren't even that long. 2: The translator may be good and make a high-quality translation, but has one hell of a bad habit of using pinyin when it's NOT NEEDED. Instead of breakthrough pellet, it's name poji pellet, instead of senior martial brother (or any "title"/"position"), it's shixiong or whatever else. Instead of dao servant or something like that, it was named daotong, the book of ancient chinese er**ic arts was named chun'hwa, essence of life was named jing... There are more examples as well of annoying pinyin. It's worse at the start and gets a bit better later on though, probably because the translator was showered with complaints, earlier chapters have even been edited and a lot of the pinyin have been removed, but all those I mentioned and quite a few more are still present for no reason whatsoever, even if there's a perfectly good translation. Sometimes we don't even get an explanation about what it means, like with zhizi which means aptitude or natural endowment, which for some reason, even though it has a perfect equivalent in english, the translator just refuses to write as "aptitude" -.-'

All in all, one of the best novels out there when it comes to comedy. Laughs everywhere if you can appreciate this type of humor. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
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January 29, 2018
Status: c458
This novel... Yeah, it's fairly good, but it needs more funny moments. I enjoyed it, I'll give it around 4/5. I enjoyed reading it, even if it could get monotone at times and there was a lot of repetitions and unnecessary information. Most of the times, the comedy failed to hit the spot, even if some parts were golden. The starting chapters had a bit more comedy, but even those chapters had some issues, like the MC relying too much on half-arsed luck and schemes to get by (this gets... more>> better after 100-200 chapters). The part about picking up MCs is pretty interesting, especially if you know them from their original novels.

It's definitely worth reading, it has a way to keep you reading without feeling like dropping it despite not being one of the best novels out there. However, I warn you, the translator who took over with qidian around chapter 108 is horrible. The first few dozen chapters were the worst, names and words changed from chapter to chapter until you had no idea what was happening. Even after getting through that phase, names still regularly keep changing even 350+ chapters after that, the translator has no motivation to improve or take feedback at all and refuses to get an editor or/and proofreader to check it and correct all the bad parts.

The translator shamelessly changes the original text and often employs greek mythology, like turning the war god avatar into the avatar of ares, or turning the yellow river into the river of styx, or wind god sect into the aelous sect. The translator even seems to be senile and mixes up genders all the time and definitions can change from one chapter to another to something ridiculous (like a gorge changing to a teapot or a secret treasure trove turning into a secret manual despite a secret manual having nothing to do with anything at all). There's grammar issues everywhere. Words are also used in the wrong way and all too often does the translator use obsolete words (clearly found in a dictionary) that no one knows of and that the translator can't even apply properly or that doesn't work. Something that drove me crazy is that the translator uses "abhijna" as some kind of word (it's used almost every chapter, sometimes several times) without ever even explaining what it means. Searches doesn't bring much of a result either, going by context it seems to sometimes mean cultivation, or knowledge, or spells, or mantras or whatever else, but nothing really fits... The translator also isn't good at making the story flow well, so it's harder to absorb than it should be and I can't read it quickly.

It's hard to explain exactly how annoying it is, you have to read it to understand. I was okay with all the issues with the translation, but after 200+ chapters, I started to get more and more annoyed and after 300+ chapters, I almost started to flip my lid. The translation alone should make me reduce the rating by one star, but I don't feel the novel should get minus points thanks to a bad translation.

So, a good novel, the MC always gets his way and it's well worth the score of 4/5 most of the time. Read it, it's great if you can stand the stuff I mentioned. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
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October 5, 2017
Status: c700
This novel is about as repetitive as "library of heaven's path", but without that special thing that somehow makes it interesting and funny nonetheless, the writing is quite inferior and it's just boring to read all the copy-paste text. First of all, reading a novel by a chinese author set in modern day society is never a good idea, the novel is full of blatant racism and excessive patriotism. I usually don't give a crap when the authors show some small bits of their shining patriotism, like ignorant statements in... more>> xianxia novels or other things, and I can ignore quite a lot, but this author goes on a rampage against people that aren't from china. I guess, in his eyes, everyone but the chinese people are inferior humans that deserve to be insulted as he rants on with ignorance to an extent that is unbelievable, he's probably trying to make up for an inferiority complex or something. That people are actually translating this perfect example of a waste of time is beyond me. <<less
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