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I really like this story and I am definitely grateful to the translator for having so much dedication in translating this story. I mean, as much I can read a bit of Chinese, the translator's English translations had made it so much more easier to understand what was happening. Plus, BC Novels puts up great picture accompaniments to the chapters which makes this Novel all the more better to read.

To the translator, please keep up the good work and I do hope good fortune comes in your way since you're... more>> even willing to share to the English world this great story.

Thank you and God bless! <<less
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Great translations and I really like the story. It's just that, is it wrong to say that I prefer Ling Xiao to be with Fu YuJun?

... more>>

I mean, c'mon! Between the two people who are after Ling Xiao, Fu YuJun has a lot more of interesting character and attitude compared to the Emperor. Besides, as much as dominance and aggression seem great in a relationship, it's better for our MC to fall with someone who cares about his feelings and is compassionate enough to know when to stop when his partner says "No."


As much as the story goes, I really think that I ship the MC with Fu YuJun. <<less
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