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Sentar rated it
Demon Hunter
June 8, 2019
Status: Completed
Meh, It was okay. Lots of suspense which carried me through to finishing it. It was pretty standard fare and entertaining for the first four books. However the last two books the pace of the plot slowed to a snails pace and I started flipping through it looking for Su's story to actually proceed.

I kept waiting for Su to have that power moment or touching reunion. Never got it. Instead I spent chapter after chapter reading side characters almost dying. Reunions were a paragraph and unfeeling.

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Personally as Su becomes less human I struggle to keep liking his character

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World Defying Dan God
August 28, 2017
Status: c3019

The first half of the story before he breaks the law of time (don't worry not a huge spoiler) is great! You have a nice harem, unique in the detail of the profession, good character development. Good balance of having friends and foes (not some of the literally MC vs the world). 4-5 stars

In the reset word after he breaks the law of time... the pace of the story speeds up significantly. He obtains things that are made out to be great and powerful... then the author seems to forget them and 20 chapters later he's already broken through a dozen times and it will never be any use. Author spends many chapters referencing an enemy, MC is super worried they will either capture his girls or enslave him... when they finally show up he just snorts at and ignores them because they are so weak and they never meet that character again. None of the girls (I think literally 0) after that event become romantic, he does however go back and hastily clean up all of the ones that he flirted with but never did anything... sometimes 4 at a time. 2-3 stars

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