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Sdadragons rated it
Womanizing Mage
September 9, 2017
Status: c219
Let me start by just dismissing almost all the reviews with less than 4 stars. Now I'm not saying they suck (but let's be real...), but almost every single review that put this novel with less than 4 stars complains about the same things. 'Character developement sucks', 'It's all just sex' and last but definitely not least, 'Girls fall too quickly, new girl each chapter'. Now don't get me wrong, this novel has a lot of girls and saying that a new girl every chapter (I know it's a use... more>> of hyperbole but fr, there's a certain line of exaggeration that just turns your hyperbole into a lie) isnt that far away from how it actually is... at the start. Emphasis on at the start because the reviews are written like they've read far enough to realise that their exaggeration is just plain stupid. What confuses me more is the fact that reviews complain and complain but even if it were a new girl per chapter, who are they to complain. Let me remind you that the name of the novel is 'Womanizing Mage'. If you came into this novel expecting massive character development and some massive plot where it all comes together at the end with a bow on top then you're mistaken and are an idiot also for expecting so much even after reading the title and genres... so for those with these similar complaints, shut up. Like my review even if you havnt read it yet.

OK, lemme start on why you should real this novel and why it's definantly one of my favourite novels.

Reason 1 - Plot

This novels plot and World is just amazing imo, it's not some over the top plot that can frustrate you and there's no massive info dumps at all as far as I can remember. The world is nice easy to follow and there's no massive suspense, just an easy cruise through the life of Long Yi. It's a wish fullfilment kinda novel and it gives exactly that. Plot is great and it flows nicely, no massive emphasis on levels of power etc, so those here for cultivation and levelling up are going to find this not as enjoyable but it's still great and you'd still enjoy it even though it takes a back seat. Even though this novel emphasises on the harem the girls and s*x ;) it doesn't forget the plot and world, every girl plays her role and every girl has a place where she fits so even if a whole chapter is dedicated to the main character and another heroine that's going to join the harem, the story still progresses, all canon guys.

Reason 2 - Harem/Girls

Those who like harems like I do are in for a treat with this novel, girls here and girls there while still progressing the story and the main character not neglecting stupid sh*t (can I swear? Don't ban my review I'm new), win win right. The girls aren't all basic af but like idk about you but even if they were, I'm fine with that.

Reason 3 - Overall enjoyment

The overall enjoyment of this novel is one of the best reasons to read it. I've read a lot of novels (in my opinion) and I can't say that I havnt gotten bored of reading certain parts of certain novels. When a part comes I get bored and I may put the novel on hold but I can honestly say that this novel is the only one I've never not gotten excited over an update. Every update I look forward to and every part of the novel is enjoyable, I havnt ever gotten bored of this novel and I wish the chapter release per week could increase but it's fine since it's still fun to read.

Reason 4 - Best Reason - Main Character

The main character Long Yi, he is a god. He does not give two shits about people in power and he's not some dumb naive idiot, he's arrogant af but I mean, no one can step to him so it's fine. He's not some wuss who gets nose bleeds and isn't some overly sensitive main character. He gives off the vibe of someone who just doesn't give a flying f*ck about anything but then for some reason he still gets sh*t done. He actively pursues his harem and makes it bigger and isn't some idiot who ditches his harem members to go do something else. Harem members are there and he's almost always got at least one harem member with him at all times. He's not scared to have s*x and will pursue that also, which I like about him cause I hate when it's just built up but main character gets scared and freaks or something happens which stops them from doing the deed which pisses me off more. Reasons to like the main character go on from either his background, his life story, how he carries himself to even his goals and morales.

To finish off if you didn't read the whole review which you know what, you suck, I spent a good, idk I can't remember when I started typing this but like 20minutes? 30? Idk but yes you suck for not reading it all. To finish off, read the novel cause you won't regret it, trust me. Unless you want some complicated plot then get lost or if you're one of those guys who love tragedy, sadistic people need to go too, this is a light hearted novel, take my holy water with you when you go. <<less
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Sdadragons rated it
Joy of Life
February 12, 2018
Status: c158
So I read it up to here and if I’m being completely honest, I regret it. Started out slow and if you think it speeds up, it doesn’t. It’s at a constant pace all throughout and although there are time skips it’s still slow af. Main character is kinda boring, nothing about him stands out to me and nothing I’m particularly fond about but nothing I hate in particular and although I do love a mysterious background, I hate when it is hinted throughout a hundred or so chapters and... more>> I hate when it’s flaunted in my face just raising my frustrations, keeping in mind I’m already frustrated from the slow pace of the story. I’ve continued to read only due to the commitment and my curiosity but it’s become bland with certain enemies that seemed like a tough one for the MC to overcome just being solved with one simple move, two in particular so far that I’ve read. I read a review below and it said something about something the MC did with a girl he liked, I hate when the MC doesn’t get the best girls in the novel so when he doesn’t I usually drop, which is what I’m doing now and I just wanted people to here my thoughts before going into this, he cultivates only to fight 2-4 times throughout the novel and he has so many trumps but doesn’t seem to want to use them, he’s afraid of the emperor and sweats when he meets him but he could easily kill the emperor so idk why he is. His mum leaves him a trump he could use to rule the world and he’s afraid of a little prince smh <<less
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Nine Sun God King
August 2, 2019
Status: --
I’m just reading it because the translated seems hardworking and his review is so straight up that you gotta take his work for it. I’ll edit this later unless I end up just throwing my life and class away to read this novel in a binge
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