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Scipo0419 rated it
The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride
February 6, 2018
Status: c20
Dropped at Ch. 20.

Non-spoiler reason: The plot doesn't seem to be going anywhere and the author has no idea what a healthy relationship looks like and it just got sickening.

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I was ready to drop it when the MC's mother dies and the male lead forces himself on her and has s*x with her all night despite her reluctance due to having just lost her mother. The author explains this was "protecting her mind from the shock" which is absolutely garbage. The final straw was in ch. 19, when the male lead literally rapes the MC because he was jealous she became friends with the gardener's apprentice (younger guy). Then Ch. 20? There's no punishment for the MC, he gets away with it with buying her a bouquet of roses and saying 'Sorry' and she says 'No, it was my fault for having a male friend and making you jealous', like what? That's domestic abuse no matter how you look at it, you were jealous so you raped your wife and she's okay with this!?!?!? Who wrote this? An incel? /Endrant


Reviewing as 2 stars because the translation quality was good, and the first few chapters set up what could have been a heartwarming story before the author went insane. <<less
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Scipo0419 rated it
The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, but… (LN)
January 29, 2018
Status: v1c16
Personally, I can't recommend this novel. The Hero is just that disturbing. He poses as if he's giving her a choice but due to his nature, she LITERALLY can't do anything BUT marry him. If she runs away, he'll track her down with his Spirit magic. If she refuses him, he'll destroy the kingdom/world. If she says she loves someone else, then he'll just kill that person and remove the "competition". The kingdom won't help her because they want ties to the Hero and, well, they don't want the kingdom... more>> to be destroyed by "keeping her from him". Hell, even the Hero's childhood friends realize how f**ked up he is and are BEGGING her to just suck it up and go along with it to prevent collateral damage. She. Does. NOT. Have. A. Choice.

TL;DR: "Marry me or I'll destroy everything you know and love."

Giving it a 2/5 because the translation quality, while rough at points, isn't that bad, and the first few chapters were actually pretty funny before it became disturbing and twisted. <<less
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Scipo0419 rated it
Villainess Brother Reincarnation
July 23, 2017
Status: c22
This is my first time writing a review, but mainly it's just me justifying the 3-star rating.

The novel is good, the translations could be better though, but the content of the story just feels lacking. The author will amble off in random directions at times and the main character feels like he's doing nothing but playing match-maker. Even when the author introduced and even slightly hinted at a possible love interest for the MC, it turned into him playing match-maker for her and his friend. Part of me has the... more>> feeling that the heroine will fall for him (or even be his original sister reincarnated, though I would find that awkward as there would have to be a good explanation for her death), but at the pacing of this novel (he's been 10 for the past 22 chapters) I don't see them getting to the school arc where the heroine is introduced for another 100 or so chapters.

Story is interesting, the characters are likable, but the writing, pacing, and lack of a love interest for the MC really bring the story down. <<less
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