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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
August 2, 2017
Status: Completed
Almost all the reviews here are screaming that the novel is awesome. I agree.

Okay, sure it gets repetitive, but that's the formula! Just like how Pokemon games usually follow a similar plot.

The love between MC and the male lead is sweet. Sometimes mature, but there hasn't been anything super graphic between them so far... (I dunno, the TL says the next chapter is sorta... kinky...) The MC's always pretty in a feminine way and the ML is usually the dominant possessive type. It's funny since the MC found the ML... more>> through certain aspects of his character.


Smokes, dominantly possessive, over a certain height, and handsome. It's interesting that the ML's soul has being following the MC without remembering that they're lovers or anything. MC only realized at the... 4th story?


The premise behind the story is interesting. I wouldn't mind reading it even if there was no romance. (not a fan of romance novels in general, but whatever) I'm wondering whether we'll get to see the confrontation and the final reveal. We probably will.

I admit that side characters don't get a lot of characterization, but they still get a decent amount.

MTL, but it's of high quality with fast and complete releases.

At chapter 6.10.

Finished the novel! Quality remained consistent, but I had some chapters I liked better. Ending was good/decent. Glad I read the novel. I'm a bit sad some of the side characters didn't stay though. <<less
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The Second Coming of Gluttony
April 19, 2019
Status: c78
An absolutely awesome novel~!

The emotions and characters are interesting. Can't wait for more. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. I feel like this is the best redemption and one of the best character growth novels. It's probably one of my favorite Korean novels now too, haha.

I read 78 chapters in one go (just shows how awesome it is) while listening to Sekai no Owari's LOVE SONG. I feel like the song overall matches the novel really well.
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Rise of Humanity
May 30, 2018
Status: v1c318
A good book! It might seem bland at first, but it gets interesting. It's not the HYPE HYPE HYPE type of book *cough* ATG *cough* but more like Ze Tian Ji with it's slow beauty??? (Well, ZTJ was beautiful, this is... a bit more harsh?)

The MC has no serious flaws, and harem isn't turning out to be a harem. The probably female lead is both sweet and strong, so that's awesome. MC's 'cheat' isn't too ridiculous. The cheat built the foundation for the MC to become unique, but the... more>> MC's talent and comprehension allowed him to progress. Besides, the 'cheat' is hilarious.

The emotions and loyalty towards humanity is strong in this novel. Seriously. Also, there are lots of Chinese monsters lol, it's stressing my imagination. It's cool though!

This book isn't full of idiots. There might be the occasional one, but most of the time I felt surprised by the strategies used. This book isn't very predictable, and I like it! I'd consider it a hidden gem.

Translations are decent; speed's good. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c50
It's such a shame that it's been dropped by the translator.

I find the characters funny and memorable. I also haven't seen this kind of premise before. I really enjoy reading this story...

It's one of my favorite Korean novels.
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SayMrrp rated it
Maria from Hell!
November 7, 2017
Status: oneshot
What an unusual oneshot.

A nice quick-read.

The protagonist is weird and can be considered slightly tsundere and a villainess.
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The Avalon of Five Elements
January 21, 2017
Status: c42
(My first review, whoo! I've finally made an account...)

I was sorta unsure whether I would want to continue reading it in the first few chapters, but it quickly caught my interest. It's been a while since I've found something as interesting as this. The author has a lot of other novels that I enjoyed too.

I'm sure other people have said this, but the characters feel real. Their interactions are also well-written. One of the mc's friends is different from what I feel is common in other novels.... more>>


It's Loulan, a Sand Golem, that I feel is super awesome. His interactions with the MC are awesome. Their first battle together... uwu I dunno, but I feel that he'll eventually die or something... it's just a feeling.


The irony in the story is funny. The fight scenes are detailed. More importantly, the setting is different from most cultivation novels. FWH is labeled as a sequel for WOC (brilliant novel, btw), and you can really understand why it is. Spiritual power went POOF, but they still have elemental power~~~ MC is also untalented, but he's innovative (the tag haha).


I could've sworn there was a reference to WOC too... Was it Wei Sheng who was briefly mentioned? Eh.

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Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
January 4, 2020
Status: --
It's a wild read. I still think it's underrated though.

A bit cliche, but I enjoy the MC's silly personality. It's ditzy, but not dumb. Basically, out of the many ban*l BL world-hopping stories, this one's got some spice. The MC isn't treated as perfect or beautiful, which is refreshing. He feels more unique than the low quality and flat porcelain dolls.

EDIT: Yo, you can't censor a perfectly fine word just 'cause it has -an*l in it lmao *insert laughing/crying face*
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Banished to Another World
July 15, 2019
Status: c200
Wow, the jump between the two translators is big... I'm extremely thankful to both of them, but... warning: the second translator is fast, but the quality is noticeably lower. I appreciate them because they're quite passionate and both languages aren't their first language, so props to them. If only they had an editor...

I sometimes almost forget that this is yaoi... it kinda feels more like kingdom building. The world is quite complex and it's interesting to see how the MC deals with bringing "civilization" to more simple areas. The... more>> pros and cons of development are addressed fairly well, so I enjoying this aspect of the book.

Well, since it is a more "primitive" area at the start of the novel, rape, cannibalism, and s*avery occurs. These hardcore aspects get better though, so don't be too turned off by them.


After the MC builds his own city, he sets up laws that prohibit these among other things.


The characters in the novel are of high quality! The "pets" are adorable, and the various tribe members have special characteristics that help you remember or make you like them a lot despite the huge amount of characters. I like how complex the main characters are, especially the MC, who is both "evil" but not. The "system" he has is also quite complex, unlike most other systems, and is both kind and cruel to the MC. The power system has cool abilities too! Other races exist, and the relations are interestingly complex. It isn't as simple as: dwarves=smithing, etc..

Examples of Abilties:

So far, we've seen a type of earthbending initially similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Mermaids/men can waterbend, and there are various special abilities.


I'm waiting to see what happened to make Yan Mo's life so tragic... <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
Strange Life of a Cat
September 23, 2017
Status: c56
Remember, this is slice-of -life.

This story is great! It's unusual to see an human->animal MC especially in this type of premise. Although there isn't anything crazy like shapeshifting into a human (maybe later? Dunno, no hints dropped), the MC is a bit more special than the average cat. He's still got his average human intelligence though. Not a genius, but not dumb. The family he lives with treats him as a super smart/weird cat. He doesn't show off on purpose though. MC's personality is pretty badass and cool.

The side characters... more>> don't get much focus, but they're interesting enough. All the other cats/animals have some personality and its adorable. I don't have any pets, so I don't know how accurate the depictions of animals are, but it's cute.

There's some action, but it's a slice-of-life, so they're infrequent but good.

Lots of laughs from this. Mystery too. Some sad/serious stuff, but it's all okay.

Remember, no romance tag.


He saves some women though. He's rather popular too. He likes women, but no action so far. Also, some other dude's science poetry was hilarious.

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The Human Emperor
August 19, 2017
Status: c178
So far, it's the best 'Second Chance' novel I've ever read. Well-written and interesting.

I was totally hyped to read it months ago, and when I continued reading, it was still just as good (maybe better) as before. It might be a slow novel (I dunno, I feel it's fine...), but it's good.

MC's currently flawless. Hasn't done anything childishly (at least not on purpose) and hasn't screwed up. That might be an issue for character development, but there's no way he'll be perfect. He hasn't messed up YET, but he doesn't... more>> always perfectly achieve his goals. (20% completion lol). The MC isn't OP yet. He's definitely getting there though. Lots of talent and teachers. Training camp seems to be coming soon! Also, I find the MC interesting as a character even though he hasn't faced any major setbacks. Good portrayal of a character. Hmm, MC's a hardcore patriot (morally righteous too...), so I wonder why it's named The Human Emperor. Well, I guess the racism tag is because the MC fights for his country against its enemies. I don't really think that the story really deserves all the negative connotations of racism. MC interacts fairly with some foreigners (allies).

There's an explanation for why the MC received a second chance. Interesting system.

MC doesn't really have any cheats beyond knowing sometimes vague details of the future and valuable skills (that he has to train in and develop). He does seem to have a bit of plot armor and luck though.

Side characters are interesting. Can't wait to see more of the MC's family. MC's future masters are going to be fun to interact with. Also, the politics are actually not boring. I don't really like political stuff, but the politics are decently understandable and not utterly dull. The MC gets the most focus though. Some side characters might show up less than you like. I don't mind though. The MC's interesting enough for me, and new characters I like always show up. There aren't dumb enemies either, besides the ones that are supposed to be dumb (young kids).

The MC isn't all-knowing. He's encountered some mysteries that he didn't know about. He also hasn't become absolutely dumb because of silly stuff like women issues. There hasn't been much romance.

A really satisfying read. Totally worth the 5 stars. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
Tales of Herding Gods
July 27, 2018
Status: c266
Reminds me of Ze Tian Ji, but less tragic.

The characters are interesting and memorable. They aren't flat. It's difficult to determine who/what group is in the wrong or right, so a lot of the novel feels grey (as in not black or white), which is interesting. It really makes me think.

The MC feels a bit normal (compared to other novels) but at least he's not too weird or ruthless. Unlike the summary, the MC isn't a villain. It's kind of in the gray zone. No clear romance so far. Lots... more>> of mystery in the novel. The cultivation is slightly unique. I feel like most things in the novel are slightly unique. It's kinda like how you see so many stories with the same cliches, but this one is a bit different. It has fewer cliches, and the cliches don't make the story seem similar to others in terms of plot or characters. The faceslapping isn't really shoved in readers' faces.

Overall, not the most exciting book, but it's got it's fun moments. Decently written, will continue reading. <<less
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Night Ranger
December 26, 2017
Status: c146
A really awesome novel! I don't regret reading it. It seemed sorta generic and cliche from its description, but it's an interesting story. The setting and characters are complex and connected. There are lots of mysteries and connections that I can't wait to see revealed.

I was disappointed that MC didn't become a thief (Well, maybe not... thieves are really cliche in this type of novel), but him being a night ranger is cool! Really cool! I can't wait for him to unearth more of the class' potential! MC's OP, but... more>> not godly yet. He's acknowledged as special, but not the most famous.

It's interesting reading about a noble, not a commoner rising up. Oh, and the side characters aren't absolutely annoying in my opinion, but most aren't that interesting. They're just there to fill in the story. Some are fun though. I wanna read more about them, especially the mysterious ones.

Not sure about the romance... hasn't really progressed or even formed. Just a brief mention of the future... and a blushing girl. Meh. I'm not that interested in the romance, especially since it lacks a romance tag anyways.

Will review again after more chapters.

EDIT (Ch. 301) : This story has cemented itself as one of my favorites. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
Legend of Ling Tian
December 28, 2017
Status: c172
The start's kinda random, but it's not that important for the rest of the story. Its purpose was to give the MC an angsty background and an excuse for having random information and skills. So far, it hasn't shown any relevance besides the "Look at my previous-world knowledge! Bwahaha! I'm sooooo advanced! I'm a genius with an angsty past!" effect. If the start is meh, just push through and get to the real start. Okay, I do feel that MCs as genius babies and kids are pretty weird, but at... more>> least this one is... ok. He also turns 5 and 15 fairly quickly due to timeskips. Whew.

The story feels like the author's other novels in terms of style and characterization. If you like his others, you probably won't hate this. I feel that, compared to his other novels, there are more politics and scheming here. The MC doesn't really fight that much, but I think he's coming out more in recent chapters (~100).

Romance..... it's a harem. At least MC gets rid of girls he doesn't like quickly. The harem isn't annoying, but I feel that they aren't really interesting. Just flat with a bit of backstory and relevance to the plot. Tools to move the plot, I guess. I'm waiting for the MC to actually get a real wife or girl he really loves and will marry.

I like how the MC isn't the only strong one. Big fish in the small pond, eh? Glad that was avoided. The pond turned out to be far larger, so I can't wait for the MC to explore it and leave the city. I'm glad that not everyone underestimates the MC. Some treat him as equals and are wary of him.

It's an okay novel. Good read, but not something I'll remember 10 years later. I feel that the author's other works are better. The story has potential though, so I'm hoping it'll improve drastically. I'm waiting for the MC to actually get a friend, not a pawn. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
Martial King’s Retired Life
September 5, 2017
Status: v2c11
Traps are everywhere lol

Nah, not really.

Okay, to business now. This story's really funny. The characters have good reactions and interactions. Gotta love them. Side characters are adorable.

... more>> Might get slightly confusing (on the small details), but overall it's not hard to understand the main points.

MC' like Saitama from OPM. Not too many people know and he usually doesn't use super fancy high class moves. I love it when MC's hide their abilities. Those reveals are always the best. MC's not the honest upright type, but it adds to the funniness and story.

Main girl is kinda confusing, but everyone's thinking it's the martial aunt. Not too much romantic development yet.

The story feels a bit slice-of-life-ish. There's action and good action, but it's mostly focusing on the main story of retirement with some cleaning. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
The Record of Unusual Creatures
December 28, 2017
Status: c102
The slice-of-life tag is strong in this novel. Even if there's action, I feel that it's overshadowed.

Characters are funny, but not too interesting. MC's weak, but powering up gradually. He's not a wimp, but I feel that his intelligence has been lowered on purpose for comedy. Maybe other characters too...

The comedy is probably the most important part of the novel so far. Almost every chapter has to have something funny in it. If you don't like the type of comedy in the novel, it's probably not worth reading for you.

Finally,... more>> I'm just glad that this didn't become a harem novel. I think that the author posted a note mentioning that romance would be late and the novel wouldn't be a harem novel with a bunch of supernatural lolis and stuff like that. Bless the author.

I didn't give it 5 stars (yet?) because it's just starting out and hasn't truly attracted my attention yet. Has potential, but I'm waiting for it to hopefully become really entertaining. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
October 17, 2017
Status: c43
Seems sorta similar to IET's other novels (really epic/fresh at the start, not sure about later).

lol the MC's name reminds me of Qin Yu from Stellar Transformations. *Wiggles eyebrows*

Sure, the MC is OP, but he isn't GOD level yet. Just around his dinky little area he's OP. He doesn't have much variety (sword immortal) but the other characters seem to have various talents.

... more>> As usual, MC helps his family and girls.

I find it different that the story starts a while after MC starts cultivating. That's pretty cool. The MC also doesn't seem to be absolutely s*upid, so I'm good.

Haven't seen any absolutely awesome (alive) male characters for the MC to buddy with. <<less
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A really good oneshot that I want to be a complete series... it's not missing anything though.

Although there might be cliches, the story is still interesting. Not a lot of characterization because it's short, but I can understand the MC well.

Overall, it's really cute and the romance is predictable but heartwarming/adorable.

The premise of the story is slightly different, since the roles of villainess and heroine are different in the otome game.
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SayMrrp rated it
Reverend Insanity
August 26, 2017
Status: c47
Good story!

It's written well enough so that it doesn't feel flat. No one has been a true idiot yet. Some antagonists can do dumb stuff, but it's okay since it matches their character. The characters feel realistic. They might not be extremely interesting, but at least they're real.

MC's not exactly evil for the sake of being evil. It's just that he does what he needs to do and that includes some evil acts. He's probably going to be OP in the future, but his strength is slowly progressing now. He's... more>> got a cheat, but it's not absolutely broken.

The story isn't that dark so far. Sure, there's been murder and...

a mushy corpse

, but it's overall not too dark. Got a bit for sure though. There's been a couple of funny moments, but it's not unnatural.

Interesting cultivation. Cultivate through raising gu, which are usually magical bugs or stuff. <<less
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Return of The 8th Class Mage
July 12, 2017
Status: c57
It might come off as a bit flat and normal initially, but I like it quite a bit~!

The MC feels pretty average (in a good way) and the rest of the characters are decent.

Ah, the MC is quite OP though. RIP.

The funny/quirky moments are nice. I enjoy the moments where the MC flattens his enemies in various ways.
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The MC is a troll~~~

... more>>

Not really a spoiler, but he's clearly a dude that got transported over from "our" world. A hardcore gamer/adventurer who plans out everything almost perfectly. His one fail so far was hilarious though.


He's confident and has the brains to be so. He's the type that helps his people become epic. So far, Wang Lu isn't OP, he's just strong in a different way. Lots of strategic planning and trickery.

His interaction with his Master is hilarious. They're not Master and Disciple in the traditional way.

The important characters are not flat. They're interesting and different.

The sect elders are funny~~~

EDIT (Chapter 254)

It's interesting how the MC's fights. This story is still one of the most unusual stories I've read (in a good way). The side characters have gotten more interesting! Comedy is still golden, even though there are a lot of perverted/sexual jokes. I don't see any r*pe (yet), so it might just be the jokes. Even though the story is pretty light-hearted and funny, the plot can be serious too. I'm seriously hooked and waiting for the next chapter...

The MC isn't really a front-line attacker, more like a meat shield that attacks in a special way. More importantly, he's an adventurer and his schemes and strategies are more OP than his defense.


The MC is a strategist. That's his thing. <<less
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