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Sauda817 rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c100
After the first 100 I got really bored.

Cultivator Re-incarnation in modern word aren't a lot so I was hoping a good story when I started this novel.

After couple chapter, we understand MC won't have any love interest (yes there are many girl how are falling for the MC but he doesn't take any action). He wants to stay away from his previous life but in the first 20 chapter he made contact wit his previous life, why? For modern cultivation novel I was expecting some level-up or use or Art... more>> Martial but all we have are just some random line from time to time (actually it's chapter to chapter) reminding us this is a cultivation novel...

As to some who said because it's MTL so the story miss couple insight, I doubt that. <<less
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Sauda817 rated it
Godly Student
August 21, 2018
Status: c131
Hi folks,

I had some expectation regarding this novel but got my hope crush after 100 chapters.

Not sure if the author did it with intent but as the story progress, it's getting to ridiculus.

... more>> The MC is OP, he's from the immortal world and doesn't see the specular world as a threat. We can live with that.

How can you expect us for the MC to build some enmity with some people & leave it there.

Some might like this kind of story but with no solid content, I can't see any good ending. <<less
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Sauda817 rated it
Omni Genius
May 11, 2017
Status: c69
Pretty laid back novel.

The story building is pretty slowly so we don't have an over-power MC after 60 chapters...

We have here a dense MC who really came from an ordinary life, live an ordinary day even after getting his cheat code.

I like the wait the MC get his stuff but I find it hard to believe that even after what happen you can't see the potential of it. It's like finding a chest full of wealth, you know it's a fortune but you take one germ and buy a pencil... more>> with it...

A lots of potential, stay tune... <<less
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