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April 11, 2018
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I've started to read cause the anime, and it was just as so great. This was the very first webnovel I've ever read, and since then I'm searching for an another like this.

The things I've liked:

    1. MC is realistic. In other stories MCs are almost Gods, but here he has a pathetic self too. (Around retirement, and he doesn't have lover, money or good friends) And he has humanity too. As a hungarian reader, I'm always very frustrated, when the MC thinks he can kill cause he isn't in his World, or the other hurt his feeligs and pride. He doesn't strike too much upon revenge too. (With Sleeping Moon for example) In other chineese or japaneese or korean stories the MCs main objective is too often the revege. (there is a saying, that with too much revenge you will hurt only yourself)
    1. The dialogues are good too. I've always liked the realistic and funny dialogues between the characters, it brings them alive.

      I espesially love when Ye Xiu and Old Wei speaks with each other, that's just too funny.

    1. The side characters. They are just as good as the MC, they feel alive too. They have sides, personalities, preferences. AND not everybody are good in the game. For example Chen guo or the mathematitcian kid (Sorry, I can't remember your name) with Steamed buns.

      I loved that that Chen Guo didn't start to kiss the MC's ass at the moment when she get to know he is her God, morover she just speaks to him like before (of course after the shock's effect disappeared)

    1. The face slapping and the moments of identity revealing. Altough it isn't centered around this, but we get some good ones. It gaves a good humor source and the writer used the perfect amount so I didn't get tired meantime
    1. This DIDN'T have harem (or harem like setting where the main protagonist don't know that everybody loves him/her) I always feel a little disgust when I read a harem or a reverse harem novel and I don't understand the ones who are in the harem. (Doesn't you want to monopolize the one whom you love?) Altough this didn't have any kind of romance, at least where I am now.
Things I didn't liked:

    1. Too much game elements. Sometimes I felt like my head will explode if I continue the reading because the too much informations. Altough the cause may be that I've never played any kind of RPG or MMORPG
    1. It's a little bit too long. (Seriously, more than 1700 chapters. I don't even like the neverending shounens because they are just too long, and generally they stops around 300-400 chapters)
    1. The MC is just too good in this game, I feel there isn't any aspects of the game he isn't familiar with.

      For example when he went to the Tyranny as a tanker. He was too good to someone who played an another tipe of character for ten years.

      Oh, and he can play for hours in that kind of level. For hours.
    1. It's a little bit repetitive when he goes to grind. Couldn't the writer just skip that part?
    1. It's just too good. I've neglected my social life when I read this. Once my family (parents and siblings) said they tought I've died in my room, cause I shut myself in for nearly ten hours. Oh, and DON'T read this wen you are trying to prepare to the University exam, cause you won't be able to put it down (I did and I almost ruined my entire life because of it...)
Altough there are some bad points too but the good points are just too good, and I have the say there aren't perfect stories.

Oh, and it may be a nearly perfect novel /I gave five star/ but I decided to freeze the reading to wait for translation of the story, cause I hate that when I find a good story but there arent a full translation, and I don't know if the

translator drops theit or not. (Like now the Gravity tales did, and I don't even know where I was the last time when I read it)

I canonly recommend it. Just read it, it will pull you in to it's World.

So last but not least:

Ez egy nagyon jo regeny, csak ajanlani tudom, es csak hajra forditok!!! Alig varom a pillanatot, amikor egyszerre olvashatom vegig az egeszet. Oh, es remelem, hogy akkor nem lesz semmi fontos dolgom, mert nem akarom eljatszani azt, amit az erettsegi alatt vegig csinaltam. lol Nem vette be a szemet az ekezeteket....

Ps.: I'm really so sorry for this long review. I almost died during I wrote it so I can't even imagine what the reader feels. Oh, and the last paragraph is in hungarian.
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