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So, I read the reviews and gave it a go. After reading through to the latest chapter and rereading the negative reviews one more time, I concluded that-

This novel is not for people who have the following characteristics.

1. Reading comprehension problem : People who starts complaining and jump to wrong conclusion without even properly understanding what was said or doesn't even bother to ask the translator and moderators who seem like very helpful people and tries their best to explain everything both in footnotes and comment sections nicely. I saw... more>> plenty of those people in the comment sections.

2. Impatient reader: People who don't even have the time of the day to properly read through the details and just skims through things and ends up missing important points then goes "Hey!!! Why did this happen! It doesn't make any sense!!"..... did you even read....? And then also those who don't even consider that some points will be explained in later chapters as it is a work with overarching plot so they go "What's with this gap in logic, I am through." This is a very complicated story so I suggest if you don't have time to read it carefully or don't have the patience to ponder over the hints and foreshadowings and other such nuances, don't bother with it.

3. Hater type: People who read solely for the sake of criticizing, these people's attitude at least seems that way. They go like "The MC has grown person's memories why does she make blunders, she should just lock herself up in her room to save herself dammit!!" Even if she did do that I am sure they would say "Meh, it's boring since she doesn't do anything."

Look, an adult isn't always omniscient, and if you ever heard of the term "Character development" you would understand why the author made her a blunder prone little girl initially. Moreover, this girl lived as a child for 8 whole years so suddenly having the memories of an adult would not overwrite her tendencies immediately, yeah her personality might be influenced but it is natural for her to remain flustered for a while. I understand that feeling very well as I suffered from amnesia once and suddenly remembered a few things from the past and it felt like it was something weird and was I really like that? Took me a while to adjust to all that.

Anyways, there are also those people who goes like "why are children so mature? This deserve 1 star!" Ok, I agree with you there, the main cast is too mature for their age, well since their personalities aren't annoying who cares? It's just one of the individualities of the novel, does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

4. Not my taste, 1 star type: Some people doesn't know the basic rule of rating novels so I have seen many novels in this site suffer from atrocious ratings. I was actually going to give this novel a 4 star but gave it 5 considering all the other novels of this genre is inferior to it. Back to the point, just because it is not your taste doesn't mean it's a bad work. So, you don't like this type so why did you even read it? Read the tags properly before you start.

Well, a majority of 1 stars given to this novel were from people I mentioned in the previous 2 categories who either didn't have the patience to see through to the character developments or just plain doesn't like it for no specific reason. Honestly speaking, not a single otome novel in this site have as much research and effort put into them as this work. Most novels usually portray either the author's taste, or stereotypes buttered up in different versions. Yes I am talking about otome novels, because if you are gonna compare a novel you should do so among its peers, I am sure there are plenty of better novels with more interesting plot than this one if we are talking about the entire site. So if you are going to rate it do so impartially and stick to its genre, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is bad. If you read the entire thing and then find points that are still flawed, you are welcome to make constructive criticisms about it. Don't just arbitrarily throw a 1 star or 2 just because it 'does not fit your taste' after reading 5 chapters or a single arc because as mentioned by many others, this one needs to be read till the 3rd arc properly if you want the gist of things.

This is all I had to say about the negative critics I have seen so far. I admit this work is not perfect, in fact no work can be said to be perfect, authors aren't gods and everyone starts somewhere, this is also this author's 1st work but for that she created something far excellent beyond what an amateur can hope to achieve. The extensive world building, lively characters as well as a mystery filled plot, this makes this novel both addictive and interesting, it should deserve nothing below 3 stars considering all aspects of this novel. People's taste may vary but I am rather disappointed with the negative criticisms because they didn't really point out anything constructive and mostly due to the people's personal taste and mindset being one of the above mentioned types.... except for the children's age disparity part which I also agree to. But I would also like to point out the 'flaws' in the MC shown in the 1st arc is for the sake of character development. From a young girl who suddenly remembered a bunch of strange things out of the blue, prone to accidentally speaking things she shouldn't speak of, sloppy at strategizing, this little girl slowly grows up from the various experiences of the 1st 3 arcs finally into a cautious and noble young teen with a rational mind and careful disposition. She no longer makes silly mistakes, has become a crafty liar, good at covering her attitude and expression so people won't be able to tell what she is thinking. I feel satisfied with her development. Also the other main casts also showed considerable development, especially that black haired snarky kid Klaus.

Well, whoever would like to give this series a try, if you're one of those above mentioned people, please don't bother with it, and if you are not, read through to the end of the 3rd arc or else many things will remain unclear and you won't have much idea about the main plot. After that if you like it, by all means continue, if you don't like it by the end of the 3rd arc, just drop it. <<less
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