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Rakuin no Monshou
February 10, 2018
Status: v4
I have mixed feelings about this lightnovel. It is quite obviuosly japanese with tropes and cliches that come with that. He hides his strength and uses a overly complicated 1 person living 2 lives. I mean why continue to use your gladiator persona? That is never explained. Sure sometimes it makes sense but most of the time it is just stupid.

Then the schemes and plots are very badly explained and even worse executed coming down to luck in the end. Sure the MC uses some inteligence gathering and plotting. But... more>> he can never make sense of it untill it is already happening and he has to save the day with his amazing skills/luck, which he btw wants to keep on hidding. There is alot of scheming, betrayal and plots going on but as the reader we are never 100% sure wtf is going on in the MC's head. Sure it could help build some suspense and mystery, but that would be leading up to the grand unveil where you get the ''aha'' moment. But that moment never comes in this novel. It builds up just to stumple trough the unveiling with luck.

So I would say good for a japanese novel. But it is very clearly a japanese story (with a little bit of discuise from a good baseline). <<less
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Salexe rated it
Martial Arts Master
November 29, 2017
Status: c205
This novel is very good. Just wanted to start off with that. It is very sweet, at times too sweet which makes me wonder when the sour will come. I feel like it could use a bit of sour some resistance, opposition or heck even heartache.

Most of what needs to be said has been said by WinByDying. But I want to add some personel Cons.

1st. The martial arts battles are a little hard to follow since it isnt based in normal fights like MMA. Normally you would never block a... more>> punch with a punch or dodge by rolling around. It feels like a mix of a Karate, or similar asian fighting style, tournement with their footwork. But their techniques and blocking is asian movie inspired. I dont know if they move fast or slow, how their different moves look like or if it is based in relativly normal world view (or movie based).

2nd. It is too easy. Everything is simply going way too good. I feel like it could all fall to down in mere seconds and I both dread it and want it. I feel like it could be a huge motivational boost and also a huge character progresion if it happened. It fells slightly stagnant at the moment and I would dislike it alot if it happened later in the story.

Thats it from me. I very much recommend this story if you are into romance. Not so much for the action. Romance is ahat this novel does best. <<less
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Salexe rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: v2c2
I cant really get behind this novel.

First of the world setting seems wasted at this moment. It spends time to set this gridy post apocalyptic world with lots of new things. Then completly ignore that for a virtual reality story in a new world. I mean I am volume in and the time he has spend in his own world is so little it could be compltely ignored, just like most other VR stories. I know it is probably to set up some future plot, but right now he lives... more>> in a sh*thole playing games all day without a care for rent, social life or anything else. Real life so far is pretty bad even compared to other VR novels.

Secondly. The MC has moodswings and sudden character changes. He is a hardworking young man with a shitty backstory meaning he is quite humble. But boom suddenly he is vengeful and scheming. That change happened so fast and came for a very stupid reason, that most of all seemed like a comic relief.

Well what I did like was the potential world settings, honestly both world settings. The VR world is a straightforward and well rounded fantasy world where stuff could happen. And the thing that sets it aside from other VR novels is the real world, which is extremely underused.

In my honest opinion it is worth a read but only if you still need a kick after you have caught up/finished other VR novels. Nothing unique so far and with similar flaws as many others. <<less
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Salexe rated it
The Overlord of Blood and Iron
August 31, 2017
Status: c22
This would have had so much potential. Seriously it has some good points, not unique but still rather interesting. But why? Ohh WHY? Does he go an become merciful! He knows that he cannot leace cockroaches alive. But he still spares an enemies life. WHY?!? Makes 0 damn sense. It is so weird and character breaking that you know it is just a setpiece. But it could have been done so much better.

Went from very good potential. To being almost dropped in 1 little action. I say almost because I... more>> might check it out latter with more chapters but I have no expectations for this anymore.

The MC got build up and had certain events happen to him. Making him swear never to make the same mistakes again. But now we see him make the exact same mistake again FOR no reason. Seriously there is no point in being merciful at that point NONE!!! Damn it makes me sad when good potential is wasted for no reason. <<less
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Throne of Magical Arcana
August 29, 2017
Status: c114
Honestly pretty good. It is the closest thing to a western fantasy novel I have ever seen translated from chinese. It has slow, but vast, world building. It has an MC that is believable, maybe a little paranoid, but otherwise quite good. It is dark, sometimes, but still a world to fantasise about.
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Rise of Humanity
February 28, 2018
Status: --
Pretty standard stuff here.

- poor MC gets hands on a cheat. Check.

- face slapping for simply the sake of face slapping. Check.

- MC that becomes OP way to fast. Check.

It isnt a bad story dont get me wrong. But it is so average as average can be. Had some hopes about some twist that would have been possible. But it seems like it is content with being average and taking no chances.
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Salexe rated it
The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring
January 19, 2018
Status: c38
The best Japanese novel I have read, probably ever.

I agree it starts out a little forced. But after 3-4 chapters you are hooked on the feeling of real human dileemas. Having tasted the sweet taste of power corrupts, valuing your image to much will cause you trouble, blind trust is a bad thing unless you are willing to die for that person. It feels gritty and real, with major setbacks. An OP MC that is balanced out by a few others being just as OP. Others stupidity isnt caused by... more>> stupidity alone but also traits, or more precisly flaws. This gives a feeling of a smart MC with her own flaws, being able to outwitt her opponents that arent stupid, but simply flawed.

Of course there are some minor things that doesnt make sense, which only happens to further the plot. But these things only happen to the MC and her decision. Things like, why join the army? Why hide her past? Why is she having a different mentality? But these are small matters compared to how well this novel does human psychlogy.

Brilliant work. <<less
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Salexe rated it
Legend of the Supreme Soldier
December 10, 2017
Status: c62
This novel jumps around way to much. It feels like the work of a scatterbrained author who cant keep a thought or a storyline for more the 10 chapters. It doesnt feel planned at all and is simply just notes written down as they come along in the authors mind. I mean we have battles with no conclusions ending a chapter with the MC thinking about how he is gonna win, to simply jump to another story that has nothing to do with previous plot.

I dont recomend reading this since... more>> the writing style is simply bad. <<less
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Salexe rated it
Way of the Devil
December 1, 2017
Status: c50
It is not bad. Not great either but still not bad.

My 2 major problems with this novel is actually some weird problems (in my opinion).

1st. The time is f*cked up. I have no idea how long stuff takes and it feels like you jump back and forth in a timeline. You get told something is supposed to happen within a certain amount of time. And then all this other stuff supposedly happened before it. I have no idea of how long ''some time passed'' is supposed to mean in this... more>> novel. Could be minutes, could be months. This problem is also linked with my other problem.

2nd. It is full of random encounters and actions. Like we have encounters that are no longer then 5 lines of text. It wasnt so bad in the first 30-35 chapters because of a well created community. But then the community changes and it all feels like one big random event. I honestly dont know what the f*ck is going on anymore.

These are my major problems. Of course there ar good things aswell. Like the characters, world, cheat and some relations. Ther are also more bad things then just the 2 problems. But those are common with the genres and almost to be expected. Like plot armor and no real connection with his previous life other then his cheat. <<less
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Salexe rated it
Dominating Sword Immortal
December 2, 2017
Status: c25
I know I havent read alot of the story. But what I have read is showing signs of bad and lazy storytelling. New items and concepts are introduced left, right and center. Time is really hard to tell apart in this story as there is no rhyme or reason to his pace of cultivation. It remains stagnant for months to suddenly leap miles ahead in a week.

I honestly dont have anything good to say other than the translation is a rather high quality and most of the story is mediocre.... more>> Sadly the parts that arent mediocre are bad. <<less
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