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I’ll Live My Second Life!
June 22, 2018
Status: v2c24
While quite neat indeed, there is but one grave issue with this work.

The premise. Well, premises, in a way the issues are far too numerous.

To put it simply, too many circumstances, coincidences and unrealistic behavior overlaps to force drama.

The first princess is abandoned by literary everyone, yeah, even her little sister does not do anything either. The list of mistreatment is too long and each point would actually make that character a villain (who is only nice to their allies, yeah, always judge someone on how one treats their enemies... more>> and how they designate them, not just how they treat allies).

Whether it is each and every servant being incompetent and arrogant.

Parents which abandon their child, never considering the consequences since she is also a princess.

A supposedly competent king which just mistreats half of the world, not just ignoring "innocent until proven guilty" (which ofc would be realistic in the setting, albeit possibly not for a competent and prudent ruler) but "guilty and no way to prove innocence" and provoking actions which would make one guilty.

A little sister with a supposedly good personality but doing absolutely nothing to save her loved sister.

An agent who can not say "The target is now the squire you chose" because it'd be a waste of time... and otherwise there would be no story.

By the by no one would be stupid enough to serve the 2nd Queen cold soup, never mind being fired, such an obvious insult can easily cost one their head. Especially one would expect to if one already baselessly villainized her.

Also gotta love the lolicon Count being bludgeoned and no one even asking why a princess would do that, just letting it slide, even though she could have easily justified it for a noble can not do just anything to a servant of a higher ranked noble or well, royalty in this case.

Having misunderstanding, never solved of course and many more other circumstances and coincidences stack is seriously disappointing. I otherwise love this work about a cross-dressing princess (Queen) knight applicant but the background stories are just awfully drama a la "how can I make things even worse?".

There could have been so many much more simple ways to have a queen become a squire in (what is now) her own kingdom without anyone significant knowing and without this leaving her to die or cry to be allowed to go out and buy food because she has no friggin' servant (not that the guards would have allowed her to or reported to their superior who specifically choose them to be a terrible as possible. For ducks sake, what was the author even thinking... ah right "how can I make things even worse?").

I'm very conflicted about wanting to read more since this might also mean to encounter more and utter stupidity. I really like the characters, most of the main ones at least, Mr Husbando not because he is terribly written but more episodes on how Fie was mistreated will really hurt my head, not heart. <<less
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-Current TL needs ED (the description too)

-Very Ecchi (blame/praise the loli)

-For the time being generic but not necessarily bad, will depend on how well future fluff (yuri-ecchi) it will be to make up for it. Personally I am entertained, for now.

-author is Kaburagi Haruka who is known for "controverse" (brutal or s*xual) prologues and general ecchi (not explicit enough for R-18 but very close)

-1s probably caused by TL and...


-loli drinking directly from a Manneken Pis

-loli seemingly seeking breast milk from the protagonist

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Welp, the current rating sure is undeserved (and like pretty much always I refrain from assigning an arbitrary number to my recommendations), I'm quite surprised how rabid my fellow TS fans can be when the Male is not utterly troubled by the change to a her. That the others are more surprised by it and just try to accept it is also something I actually find neat. It is not like one has to be (seriously afraid to be) confined in a hospital and experimented on someway.

Like many works and... more>> pieces this does not necessarily reflect how reality is but should be like and to be frank, I like that reality which should not be too far from real if simply no one would be a blatant jerk due to s*xual orientation and stuff or someone is that free from prejudice that they can perceive what is actually different and what actually matters.

In any event, it is mostly Slice of Life and an enjoyable read. Not necessarily hilarious but neat nonetheless. Now as much as I'd like to say "If you like TS and the description appeals to you, then..." but apparently most have gone with different expectations into this than I did. <<less
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Breaking Off the Engagement… Bring it on!
September 18, 2018
Status: c184
It's a little shame that this Mary Sue Saga is most likely over. She was a good one in a way since this work is not meant seriously or dramatic anyway. Also it is not like she is the sole OP character, after all, her retainers and family are all on the same ludicrous level.

Personally I'm fond of her personality, rather carefree yet caring, very calm indeed and sure fit to be queen regent.

Of course it is also a shame that many are infuriated with her but she just cheers... more>> for others and does not know love. At least some relationships did develop and did not just stay as gag.

Who likes it, likes it and who does not does not, I like it quite much for what it is and I hope that it will continue someday. <<less
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I quite like it and in contrary to how other reviews of what is coming depicts it, I am actually rather interested how it will ultimately turn out since such drama would not necessarily be bad at all, it is all about how it concludes and is written.

This however is in another way a grave flaw since this is not a really a "love comedy" and due to the nature of the work, it not being fully released will put many gradually off. Being kept in suspense for too long... more>> is NG and I will myself stop reading whenever the plot thickens lest I get fed up.

To sum my expectations up for what is apparently already in the raws:


Coupling TS with s*x out of necessity is rather interesting, for a work not focusing on drama but H, how it ends up is not important but that it is exciting. However with a focus on drama, first and foremost the flow must be natural and the ending considered good, happy and not corrupted. I can not tell whom she apparently begs to impregnate her and how but regardless, leaving her other lover afterwards or during would be simply terrible.

Coupling TS with "serious" Pregnancy is something I have also yet to see, heck, just serious pregnancy and out of female pov is apparently rather rare or I am finding the wrong works. Sure, a certain Swan VN maker has more focus on pregnancy and is detailed but is neither serious nor out of female view. I really want to read how Alice deals with weird food cravings, massive mood swings, insecurities, vomiting, reactions from school, leaving school at one point, feeling the pain and ultimately happiness of having given natural birth.

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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu
July 7, 2018
Status: v2 afterword
Main Problem with this work: Just after 2 volumes the number of socio- and psychopaths is too damn high. Not to mention the device which always is nothing but a "bummer" in these works: ... more>>

Mind Control.

What happens twice will happen thrice and even more times, no doubt. This is not comedy, only ecchi and forced action.

A little list of lunatics

That mage dude whose name I already forgot, generally the motives of those lunatics is always the same "My in-group is the greatest one and any disrespect deserves dead!"

Keera Greenwood - The one who wants his little sister to bear his child at all costs, despite not really loving her and considering to kill her after.

Galford - Someone who just loves to make everyone his enemy, ordering massacres and wars which have no escalated, pointlessly being hostile to the one who saved his oh-so-dear town....

Alicia - The knight who lies about wanting to protect and instead wants to eradicate but the most cruel race, and humans are just 2nd place. By the by, having that betrayal foreshadowed is also not really good...


I was here for the comedy&ecchi, not for dung loads of insane hatred without reason even. I started just when the first episode of the anime aired and was interested enough and could waste my time, now I do not think that I could watch the anime further which will probably entail the first two volumes (even if episode 1 covered the first chapter and there are 3 per volume). The end of episode 1 simply repeats to often and is revolting,

Ironically enough, it is not like there was much to laugh about, with the sole gag being who summoned him. Otherwise, er... sure there were light (and not ecchi) moments but I could not name anything one could find hilarious. Soothing at best and ruined by mind control, discrimination and lunatics.

Nothing much to say about MC and his two Slaves, I do not dislike 'em and would go so far and say that they deserve a better work. The premise of a misunderstood Maou who is acting arrogant but is actually a nice-awkward guy sure is compelling, for me at least but the direction is utterly disappointing. They do not even view him as Maou! <<less
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This work is a good example of a protagonist not only being too lucky "one time too many" but "countless times too many". Basically the author should have stopped at the time when she gotten the 2nd OP skill to quadruple her defense and be fine with common skills (like Poison Resistance). Yet she got an OHK and sure counter (shield just eating enemies, weapons and attacks alike, turning them into magic) and a seemingly OHK AOE, at the very same time. After that...

The cute comedy and fluff is overshadowed... more>> by having the reader over and over again and yet accept how lucky the protagonist is, along with her friend I am afraid. While the protagonist herself is cute and quirky such is shown less than how much doom she brings. I'll try to read further but I think I will just hope that the anime adaption cuts much of the OPness apart from the one mention.

Mind you, I sure am not averse to OPness but the problem here is that there are not one but countless too many sources of OPness while e.g protagonists like Mile (Average Abilities, also other FUNA protagonists), Yuu (Only Sense) or Yuna (Kuma) also have wits instead of just luck (+few and connected sources of OPness, with Yuu actually not being OP which makes up for the more frequent luck). <<less
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Hakai Me no Yuuri
September 18, 2018
Status: c112
Very enjoyable but the first chapters are not for thee who is with a faint heart. However it is certain that this is not written for shock but because it is an important turning point in her immortal life.

To keep it spoiler-free: It's all about the difference between experience and the lack of.

Now how she is able to find happiness is also very sweet, even though the mature parts are less so due to a certain bed yakuza~ (it's actually quite funny).

There is only one Afterstory left to be translated... more>> and I sure am looking forward to it.

I really like this TS story which is not much TS and more like a sugary sweet but also sometimes bitter adventure with the above mentioned message.

Please don't be scared off by the first chapters, the bitter makes the sweet even better and it's not meaningless edge, I assure you. <<less
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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
July 20, 2018
Status: --
Main Concerns:

-Very Game-like, like very very. You must be very fond of status windows to the point of having a fetish because oh boy/girl/spider, those are so long and big and will repeatedly...! Nvm.

-Relatively short chapters (when Kumo is simply the best).

... more>> -Literary as much "Other Viewpoints" (and without Kumo) as Kumo's Viewpoint (when Kumo is simply the best).

-So many different Side Stories (without Kumo and when Kumo is simply the best).

-Kumo is simply the best.

-To be frank I am not really interested in the villains and how "circumstances" conveniently don't allow for a swift resolve. A problem which literary all works with "Gods" have but welp, there would be no story if for once they were competent but I do not care, for I read this because of Kumo. The story I do not really feel compelling at all, kinda standard "evil" and standard subversion of expectations.

-Too many "details" take away from Kumo

-I want more Kumo <<less
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November 6, 2018
Status: c51
Well, never mind the ~30 chapters of "grinding" (info dump), since the chapters are short anyway and never mind the first TL group as well...

but the problem remains that there are leaps and bounds in logic and story telling that it does not only feel unnatural, it most certainly is. There is just too much to retort to, with such thick plot armor is just silly and the characters acting way too good to her. I think that if she is not a prime example for Mary Sue, than no... more>> one else is and

I sure have read about a lot of characters which swiftly became OP (or started as such), building questionable harems, currying favor from everyone at the tender age of 3-5, however the mental gymnastics one has to do here are literary on Olympic levels albeit her being older than that. And one has to do those constantly. <<less
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Harassing Thief Girl
November 2, 2018
Status: c66
I fairly like this, a lot. Instead of becoming hero or demon lord while retaining memories. MC is reincarnated without proper memories and as one of those who for a good reason are fed up with the demon AND hero party. Surely, MC is OP in certain and many ways but is helpless against the OPness of the hero and the demon lord. The only advantage are his wits (which they lack) and that makes the comedy (or breaks it), which is obviously the focus, fairly enjoyable.

While it is odd... more>> for a 8 year old to be in a s*xual relationship with other women and being dominant at that, it is not really explicit anyway. Only early it is used a lot to assemble the cast which was ultimately charmed by Ellis through her cuteness and subverting their expectations by showing her devilish side.

The work itself is currently following to intervened lines apart from the character arc, on one side there is the city-building and getting in the way (or exploiting) the warring parties. Both are made out to be quite enjoyable, dialogue and not info dumps, all one needs is an open mind. <<less
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Tilea’s Worries
July 7, 2018
Status: v3c7
To keep it short: Too dark to be funny

To explain a little:

... more>>

Half of a capital is massacred,

good guys/girls die pitifully,

little sister is basically no more, not that one had the chance to get to know her anyway,

other minds&bodies being taken over,

grim foreshadowing of MC at least sharing the body with the cruel demon lord

I wish I did not read in the author's notes what other dark works they wrote but never finished and that they in-cooperated characters


Regarding the comedy: Imho not hilarious and any lesser, like soothing, effect is ruined by the grim story, characters and settings, not many jokes, gags and skits, mostly only Chuu2 references and well, those misunderstanding which I indeed did not find that funny either.

As much as I like Tilea and worry about her (pun kinda intended though not intended to be funny), I do not think that I can not read any further. Seriously, I like her being a kind&brave airhead but I wanted to read this for light comedy, not dark one. If I want to enjoy the suffering of others, I know other (and more visual) works which characterize the victims way better. <<less
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