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Saiyademon22 rated it
Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, Another Drama
August 31, 2018
Status: --
Personally I like the intention of the author but as you read further the plot becomes twisted and inconsistent for me.

Here are the reasons:

... more>>
  1. She fell in love/like with the ML? (TOO DAMN FAST!!!! As in right after they married w/c is after chapter 20)
  2. They got hitched just like that.............. (no contract, no boundaries or rules or anything, he just pop the question and she said yes, as if she can't do better than him) I understand it was an arranged marriage w/c turned to fall to marriage then a fight about divorce (because during their honeymoon he saw a person w/ the same face as the FL before she died and no questions or investigation of who the women was or is asked, so he asked for a divorce the following day, WHAT A D**K)
  3. The ML is too shameless, unfaithful and down right irritating. He propose a marriage to fend off any bees and butterflies because he was [in love or in lust] with the face or appearance of the FL before she died, but then he CONSISTENTLY flirt with other women in front of not directly at her wife's (FL) face, and then act ignorant and innocent about his actions he tries to explain (explain my a**) that it was never his intention even after he knew the FL previous identity.. (this is not revenge or anything check my first reason, but it seems that he knows that she was reincarnated in his chubby fiancee/ wife's body)
  4. Yes she still quite chubby until you reach 1/3 of the story but still......... there so much drama on the ML part...I don't know if the author is joking with the readers for portraying this type of ML. HERE IS WHY: Later on they act lovey dovey> the next day there is a scandal w/ other women> the ML tries to explain his reason and depend himself > the FL forgives him and accuses the women for clinging to him> act normal and repeat the same cycle all over again.... (First of all it isn't just the women's fault to be that provocative, they have to have seen actions on the MALE!!! part to continue their provocation toward the wife/gf. If a man does not encourage this infatuations or actions on other women then unless they are b**ches or has some screw lose, they'll get the message especially if the man does and act protective of their lover. in other word this ML IS PLAIN TRASH, SCUMBAG & A****LE)
  5. The FL is too soft and the author loses the FL identity and integrity as the story progress, she becomes a lovesick fool like the previous owner of her body. (see the cycle above) at first I was liking how she was determined to prove herself and be independent, show her skills and talent in showbiz but right after they got married she change a lot, she became totally dependent on her husband (the scum) and almost all her actions are that of a jealous and careless women. (remember she wants to prove herself to the world not to prove she is better in front of the ML, that was her first intention and then after that she just fell)
  6. She almost became what readers and author define as cannon fodder, her actions does not match what she is intended to be as a capable, strong, determined and independent female lead she was before.
  7. later on the story is just a sick cycle (see above #4)
In short I just got tired of a weak, soft, jealous and careless women the FL turned out to be, the story should have ended long before it's due and they should have divorce and she should have LIVE her life than become a somewhat of a cannon fodder in other stories.

The ML is a scumbag (see the spoilers). The focal point was how the ML is in love with appearances rather than character. how easily he was swayed w/o finding evidences or truth leaving the FL is horde bit and pieces of what is left for her.

For me I feel sorry to the FL, she DESERVES a better partner, a better story/life and a better use of her real character. <<less
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PV: Honestly I do like that it's not a cookie-cutter/mainstream kind of plot. It feels like its has a lot more room to grow both with the character and world building.


    1. Smart/Strong female protagonist (yes, this is an advantage especially because she was kinda like a normal/average before her rebirth as a zombie)
    1. The baby is a plus (it gives the story a depth were it not just about one OP character w/ a motive. The baby is also kinda cute, though he became a zombie... more>> as well)
    1. Cultivation + modern time (I know there are a few with CN out there w/ the same World theme but this story just hit the mark so well. Like starting w/ a post-apocalyptic setting and merging an introduction to a cultivation w/o all the fuss and redundancy about it)
    1. Fast phase (if you've seen the profile it just within the 300 chapters mark and it sure the hell need to be fast-phased if it wants to give a good story with a satisfactory plot, where it could introduce a new setting, characters and twisted plot, the author mostly gives you a general idea about the world within the early chapters but without giving too much away of the story)

    1. it's a jumble of a lot of things (its hard to get over so much info so fast, the author throw a lot of settings together from different WN and it's a lot to take in especially if there are few chapters)
    1. steady progress? (still early to say on the progress but it is interesting and kinda cool story nevertheless)


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Saiyademon22 rated it
Bone Painting Coroner
January 1, 2018
Status: c100
Note: This story/novel isn't for the faint hearted, naive, innocent and young (specially those who are very imaginative literally). Read this for your own discretion.


A solid 4 stars

  1. PLOT. So if you've read the synopsis you might feel that it has a romantic subplot (w/c it has, but as a SUBPLOT!!!). The story is centered to the female lead, Ji Yunshu, a coroner (they examine dead bodies like a forensic investigator in our time) and how she solve different crime cases (yes, specifically those with dead bodies) using her modern knowledge (Yes, this has a reincarnation tag) while in ancient time. Some might feel this boring or disturbing because of content in the cases she solves which does not just involve politics but also moral integrity and ethics. This is not like other reincarnation story with OP talent/luck, or those w/ cheats. It's pretty linear in structure with a normal person (as in really she had a steady job) but the author has made a lot of twist and turn during the proceedings in court and telling the entire case story (w/c kept us readers on anticipation on what really happened). In short this story synopsis hooked me but the content made me stay.
  2. CHARACTERS. I like the female lead, but not really love her maybe because where still at the beginning so there is room for character development, same goes for the male lead, Jing Rong. The female lead is in a word ordinary, except for her talent in investigation and using her modern knowledge even with limited resources (of course many would love a smart women, who doesn't?). She not someone with low EQ either so that's a plus. As I've said in the plot the FL is not an OP character but really attains her position with hard work!!!! And I forgot there are B*TCHES here as well.
  3. SETTING/WORLD BUILDING. It has room for improvements but the setting given is not that hard to imagine if you've read prior novels with ancient time setting. It not as detailed as I would like but it has enough to be able to visualize what the place is like.
And yes not much for a spoiler because I want people to be encourage to read this first before saying what they want.
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Saiyademon22 rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
June 25, 2016
Status: c30
HELLO!!!! :3

I'll be the most recent review *yeah!!!*

Okay, for some clarifications for those have only started reading Xuanhuan, Wuxia and Xianxia Novels this story might be quite generic (which is mostly all translated stories are), so don't get taken by those bad reviews given in this thread... as far as I am reading through it I would like to say 5 pointers that should be clarified:
1) Yes, Its generic, same MC that has a trash cultivation but eventually become strong due to various reasons (such as a former relic,... more>> amazing cultivation method, sealed power and even reincarnation turned for a better path of cultivation)
Cons: It is still very entertaining, though the synopsis is quite vague, the MC has good temperament, good constitution and also amazing cultivation (hint: the title). His not as cunning because he started as a naive character but he has the talent and determination to get to his dream...
2) IT IS SLOW PHASED, the story started with the very beginning like in most LN (Martial Emperor Reborn, ISSTH, PME, Martial God Asura and Limitless Sword God) ; thus you have to be really patient because the story is slowly unfolding and its not like other LN/WN that relies on fast cultivation, strength, awesome fighting scenes showcasing their battle poweress (which I love)
Cons: You, as a reader can learn the true character of the MC, and grow to love them as they grow and become amazing characters (too cheezy <3 <3)
3) and Yes it not as unique as what some reviews cater it to be. It has the same cultivation method as Supreme Arrow God, which uses the stars but on different Description; in here, they specialized Cultivation and talent based on the "Astral soul" one condenses and links to and then grow from them on until they can fully utilized its power (still vague from this point)
Cons:It is a fresh read aside from reading other trilling Chinese novels, most of which I read are very fast phase and usually involves A LOT of fighting and A LOT of cultivation breakthroughs (the best I read that involves this : ISSTH, THNH & Martial God Asura). this LN is really more on the "Let walk on the park and leisurely stroll" kind of vibe that is why it is considered mildly slow phased.
4) The translation is very good!!! (thanks to Gravitytales; please support them they translated one of my most favorite LNs which are True Martial World, Demon Dairy and BTTH).
Cons: there is none, the translation is smooth and the wordings are better than most :)
5) This is newly translated Web Novel, so there aren't much chapters, GravityTales only started translating it this April so please be patient on reading this
Cons: It is really Okay as of now, the story is linear, the plot is generic, the characters are still on the "I like stage" for me, but,.....

IT IS WORTH READING!! Do not give up on novels based on reviews, really, if not for the fact that I had skim the reviews and thought that its quite faulty I would not have written this review..... Please this novel needs Justice!!! <<less
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I give this a 4.5 stars

I really do love this novel, I've been a fan and reader since the beginning.

... more>> I do love the main character specially Jing Yue (JY), female lead, she is innocent while being bold and naive without appearing too excessive or fake.

note: her past life was not a detailed as other LN/WN with a transmigration tag, there wasn't any grievances in her past life (which I think is a good thing) the story directly started on her life in the current world and focuses on her adventures in this world.

her past background is still vague aside from knowing she is an assassin there wasn't any much info about her which lets us readers see her character development in the story.


The male lead, Xiao Chen (XC), as of now is not bad nor good character, he's still a mysterious character as of now. I do like him because he is very neutral to JY.

He does not act too bad/cold or too good to JY, w/c I really like because we can really follow their relationship without being biased because of his actions. (w/c is the best considering there are people like me which hate hypocritical male lead, hahahaha)


The plot is good but will see if it can get better in future chapters, as of now I'm satisfied with how the story flows and that a lot of things/scenarios are resolve faster, unlike other LN/WN which takes a lot of chapters to finish a scene.

Overall all if you want a steady environment without much actions and focuses on relationship and character development with a hint of romcom and this story is for you. <<less
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Saiyademon22 rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
July 26, 2016
Status: Completed
Okay all I could say so far will be very short for my type of reviews

-A bit two dimensional, not that you'll hate it or love it but good enough that you can follow their character and learn to know and like them as the story goes. Not much a fan of the male MC, because his to arrogant for my taste as the story starts bu latter on he becomes too stand offish later on. The female MC is not that heart-warming character but rather the cool type... more>> that most people would like in a female MC, not too fierce and not too gentle.
-a linear plot, imperial politics, but mostly the battle is at the female yuan (palaces) most of the story follows the general flow of the romance masses, with a mature characters to make it more realistic.
-can't write much cause I had read the translated version. But it has a nice flow and an average used of wording, not too deep or too simple.
-The setting is very amiable well portraited, but not much on the details.. (Better watch more chine historical dramas to be able to completely visualized the setting)
-one of the best story with female romance protagonist, so far aside from Empress with no Virtue, Chu Wang Fei these has one of the best historical drama/romance. <<less
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Saiyademon22 rated it
Princess Medical Doctor
December 11, 2017
Status: c139
I gave this a 3 stars

Please read my note below!!!!!

  1. I'm a sucker for tags with reincarnation/transmigration with female protagonist. (so by the end of the day I would still read this even if it made me almost hysterical because of the story progression and plot, and yes I've pulled almost half my hair because of the Lin Chujiu stubbornness and stupidity).
  2. I'm still in the beginning phase of the story and as we all know CN are known for long chapters (1014 in this CN) and a lot can happen still. I would not like to judge but it's hard not to after what I have been through with this novel so far. I was frustrated, irritated, angry, annoyed, satisfied then disappointed every chapter (and I mean every chapter), this cycle is never-ending and as far as I have read in the raw, this will continue to who know how long (by the end of it I will be dead, I've probably wasted my life emotions on this CN).
  3. The characters. I have a love-hate relationship with LCJ, I don't know if I should love her or hate her. I can't really hate her because by the end of the day she is the one really suffering and being used (whatever the author might say that the male lead (I never wanna mention his name, because I hate the character to the bone) feel towards LCJ. But can't hate to say that she lived two lives!!! I expected her to have that maturity and rationality to use her brains rather than her feelings, because that's just a trap (the ML will continuously use her either with her medical knowledge or live bait, and yes this happened in further chapters). I wish the author made her a BIT wiser and not a stupid young girl she reincarnated into. As for the ML, ONE sentence: He should just f**king die. (And yes can't help to swear, but that's the truth this ML is staining the reputations of every f**king male lead character ever created: he is arrogant beyond being a tyrant; egoistic, to the point that I want to go there and hack him myself; delusional, does he really think that everyone will forgive him because he has power over other people; greedy, as if he can have it all respect, trust and even love without working to obtain it. I cannot think of anymore evil things to say to that man, I'm speechless because I cannot live or feel or read having that kind of character for long, and yes..... did I mention that the author made this person the ML)
  4. Slow romance. really??? this is a f**king scam, the author is just putting two very different, very undesirable characteristic together and pulling strings to make this relationship works. in other story this would probably work using situations to make the characters realize their partners advantages and disadvantages. But in this novel, the author is a sad***, after having a step forward in their relationship the authors makes a situation worse than the previous chapter and take 10 steps back, to make them work together again the author makes the character so stupid as if to believe that their fated to be together and that miscommunication, misunderstanding and cruelty (psychologically) is just an understatement.
  5. by the end of the day, this story really is good because it pulled it readers emotions and imagination into his/her work (literally I would kill that ML if I can). it impacted us even if it's in a negative way such as hating a certain character and just plain aggravated with another. But because this is not the end we can still hope that certain circumstances could change (It needs many MAJOR groveling, doting and spoiling to win me back!!!!)
Note:this book is not for the faint hearted, and I mean that, you need a strong heart to survive a long time of hating, suffering, frustration, disappointment and depression in reading this story.

PS: Yes I think that the author is a sad***, and love to see/hear his/her readers cry because they can't take how the story goes.

PSS: If you don't like this CN, we cannot judge you for that, just see my note above. but for others give this story a chance since it's still very early to drop or stop reading it, maybe when it reaches halfway it will be a lot better (I'm having my hopes up since I keep coming back and reading this story, because as far as I'm concerned it has not cross my line yet, which FYI involves harem (generally unless on certain occasions they're like Emperor's domination) polygamy, rape/ rape become lovers.
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Saiyademon22 rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
September 26, 2017
Status: c74
So I've been reading this novel from the start, I thought that it was a bit similar to the novel "To Be A Virtuous Wife", that is why I started reading it. if you can compare the two there is only a small similarity and everything else is different.


I would grade it as a 3.75 stars and the reasons as follows:

  1. It IS a mainstream story/plot that revolves around the fight for the throne (we all know what the ending is just based from how the story progressed), there is nothing new on the story like the underhanded manipulation of people, information, assassination plot, beautiful couple, smart/cunning protagonist and so on~
  2. the story is very mellow, nothing to great happens. Most information are "locked", and we don't know how that happens (which is fine because this is not a crime/mystery novel, where you would need details..), in the end we mostly only see the results of the actions taken. which makes it less dramatic/exciting for some readers. And the author keep us hanging on the male lead intentions most of the time.
  3. the male lead is..... okay, he's not that too great, but plus points on being two-faced? (I'm not sure on the relationship between the MC but, it a slow romance), shrewd, caring, and shows proprietary to the female lead (I really hate it when male lead's are irresponsible, disrespectful and just bad character TO the MC at the beginning because I think that it's very disappointing if the male lead started to judge using rumors or hersays and then flipping actions after they see the female lead's true face), in short I do not forgive and forget easily...-_-.
  4. the female lead is a alright, but she is still missing that punch trait that would make her stand out among other historical heroines. she has live a better life that is maybe why there was no motive to actually bring out her punch trait (maybe except from a time or two: acting). I know it is common to act in ancient times (based on other novels) but it's rare to see an MC that just lacks that motivation.... but I like that she is both realistic without acting too conservative, she knows that feelings are usually not reciprocated and she does not care about it much, she just... you know living/enjoying life, which is fine as well.
  5. this story is good to read on times where you just want to be lazy or during rainy times, because it has that feeling of nostalgia, it is not a story that is too hard or too soft but just the right amount of intrigue and happy times. the writing of the story was well-made and thought out.
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Saiyademon22 rated it
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor
September 12, 2017
Status: c20
Well for the sake of people who would like to read this and are hesitating to read this, Please read this review, hahahahaha (note:I'm really writing it legit!!!)

This WN is a hidden gem, really!!! If not for having to many free time (AKA can't sleep properly at night) I would have not found this, I have been hooked for 2 weeks on reading WN w/ game elements, such as Rebirth of the Thief who roamed the world, Reign of Hunters, Emperor of solo play and This MC is kickass... more>> and I was looking for other WN, I stumbled on this story a few days back and was hesitating on reading this after reading the synopsis because it was to bland and I thought it was boring or something, then I decided to read some reviews and a lot has given it a good review but still I was too anxious to read it.......... then just a few hour ago since it was raining and school was suspended I thought that I might still give it a shot so I read the first chapter...


the story is very good and is easily understood, what got to me is that I can't seem to help but laugh as I go through the story and because of the characters personality which was both quirky and ingenious (not the good smart way but the bad smart one). I was surprised that I was already laughing on the first chapter, I would not say I was already hooked on the plot because as of now it's too early to tell, but just for the character's personality and their antics I gave it a go...I might edit this review as I go through further in the story so everyone can catch up on it.

I personally think that 4 stars is enough but it might get 4.5-5 stars more in the future reviews.

for other WN w/ game elements I recommend you....


Gourmet from another World, Gourmet Food supplier, God of Cooking, The Tutorial Is Too Hard (some of my favorites with game elements technically but are more in reality than in-game..

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