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The Girl Who Ate a Death God
March 11, 2017
Status: Completed
First of all, don't let the vomit of words from the first chapters discourage you - this novel is every little bit worth it. Though I said that, it's easy to lose sight of who's who.

Story: 4.9/5 - I appreciate the detail on the latter part but it was hard to care for the factions on the first chapters. It also shows a harsh but absolutely accurate depiction of parties involved in a war.
Characters: 5/5 - Complex. Consistent and yet they evolve through a believable pace. Not only for... more>> the protagonist but even for her enemies.
Delivery: 4.5/5 - This isn't a story where their personalities are fed to you. Sure, the MC is described as a voracious eater (lawl, another boring Japanese food trope) but LOOK CLOSELY and you'll see that every meal she takes has a meaning. That isn't explained but it later comes to a point where I cry every time she eats.


Schera, later having the last name Zade pushed on her, was from a poor farming village. Her whole village was driven to desperation, to the point that they would abandon a child (Schera) since they cannot even feed themselves. The (1) Kingdom's taxes were high due to it's war against the (2) Liberation Army/rebel army - both sides having complex characters who are corrupt, pure, apathetic, and everything in between. The Liberation Army was supported by the enemy (3) Empire. To top off the heavy taxation, the Liberation Army disguises themselves as Kingdom soldiers and attacks farming villages for their meager resources in order to finance themselves. Before Schera was r*ped and killed, she saw death on the man who was about to do her and she... ate him.

Schera signed up as a soldier for the Kingdom, along with her scythe that she inexplicably got from somewhere. Her main motivation is food and I have to give the story additional points for her motivations to evolve over time. Although she does her best as a normal soldier, Major, and lastly Colonel, she isn't really loyal to the Kingdom. It just so happens that the Kingdom helps her achieve her 3 objectives: 1, kill as many rebel army people as possible; 2, food and money to buy food; 3, eat together with others (something that she never told anyone).

She directs her troops through instinct, and tactics is entwined with supernatural elements - beautiful, goosebumps-inducing details. Serious business is undercut with her "This is boring. I'm tired. Hungry" mindset and the way all her subordinates have this sudden urge to feed her SOMETHING. Now, this isn't your usual Japanese food trope where everything that the MC makes is delicious and to die for.

There are times when I thought "that doesn't sound yummy" when Schera eats with all her cheerfulness but her taste is directly affected with her emotions. She thinks that shitty military food is delicious because they offered it to her. This is not said in the story but the taste of the food is a direct representation of the circumstances in which they were given: for example there was one guy who made her choose a bean marked with X, that means she will break into safety and he will sacrifice himself and his troops (she did it first on a previous battle). The other bean was also marked with X, they both knew it and he swallowed it down before she could verify. But a promise was a promise and it tasted bitter and astringent.

She doesn't show much and only gets angry if you interrupt her meals but this changes when the best parts of the story are the scenes where she eats with everyone. She's a glutton that never gets full, she'll kill you if you take her food.

Which is why it was absolutely heartbreaking when she stubbornly refused to be served more food (on account of her being a high-rank official), compared to her subordinates. They would offer her their own rations during that siege but she'd rather die than take away the pitiful amount of food from the soldiers and do what the Liberation Army had done. All the while saying that it was delicious.

These all came to a tragic end BUT that's why you'll cheer for the horror genre when they could all, living and dead, eat with each other again. Death keeps her promises.

A special mention to the pale horse that carries Death on its back. That screwed me up.

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SODTranslations rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
January 24, 2017
Status: c367
I understand why some people would rate this so poorly. The MC is a villain. It would be best for new readers to enter this novel with the mindset of accompanying a villain's journey but damnit, it's one of the most intelligently written novels on this site. For most OP artifacts of xianxia/ wuxia/idk his AI chip is literally just a computer. He can store and search data, analyze them via visual scanning (at first he had to eat things before the scan), overall just a reasonably advanced programming for... more>> someone who came from the future. I don't understand why some commenters would look for 'good conflict' when those things do occur.

He kills someone then gets chased by some patriarch

Unless you're looking for hypocritical MCs who are too concerned with face because that's what most MCs, who fights over every little thing, are: hypocrites. For human relationships, do you see a romance genre? No? Congratulations! You can read! Look, I hate harem but I don't go to every harem novel and rage because they contain harem. No romance or friendship means exactly no romance or friendship.

If anything, this novel gets plus points for that. I won't give 5stars normally but this site lowered my standards. The MCs on other novels punish other poeple who do the same thing they do, and they feel righteous for it. WMW doesn't punish, it shamelessly tells the readers that they're the same scum with similar values - it's a question on who's the most paranoid, turtle, intelligent and lucky scum there is. The author thought this through, and I highly recommend this for readers with darker inclinations. <<less
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SODTranslations rated it
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
January 23, 2017
Status: c38
This is a good read when you're desperate. It was fun at first but there's really no thrill or excitement when the MC is clearly going to breeze through life. Her main struggle is figuring out how to act as someone average. She fails on acting, and from then on, you won't really know what her goals are. It would be fine if the ultimate goal is friendship or something cheesy but I don't enjoy the interactions. They're unfunny, pushy, whiny, and just annoying. There are no situations to redeem... more>> that by showing their personal principles, nothing to move you. It's easier to just think of them, MC included, as NPCs. It's sad. I'll read this again someday when there are more chaps to see if there's any character development.

Story has potential, nothing unforgivable or irredeemable. Keeping my hopes up. <<less
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